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<November 2018>
ViewMIA 91@ IND 995:00 pmFinalIND by 5.0 o/u 214.0MIA 104 @ IND 110
ViewTOR 116@ BOS 1235:00 pmFinalBOS by 2.0 o/u 218.0TOR 108 @ BOS 110
ViewUTA 107@ PHI 1135:00 pmFinalPHI by 3.0 o/u 216.5UTA 107 @ PHI 110
ViewBKN 115@ WAS 1045:00 pmFinalWAS by 6.5 o/u 224.0BKN 109 @ WAS 115
ViewNYK 124@ NOR 1296:00 pmFinalNOR by 11.0 o/u 227.0NYK 108 @ NOR 119
ViewPOR 96@ MIN 1126:00 pmFinalMIN by 1.5 o/u 225.0POR 112 @ MIN 113
ViewSAC 104@ MEM 1126:00 pmFinalMEM by 6.5 o/u 212.5SAC 103 @ MEM 110
ViewCHI 104@ MIL 1237:30 pmFinalMIL by 14.5 o/u 225.5CHI 106 @ MIL 120Blowout

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MIA (91) @ IND (99)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  110.91Josh RichardsonF 91INJ  MIAY40:432874210.625161.00013219.12.225.68-0.78-0.67-0.03-1.343.820.65-1.37
  320.16Bam AdebayoC 59  MIA 19:12806322.4297.66731119.5-1.33-1.45-0.04-0.212.452.48-0.48-1.011.01
  45-0.13Tyler JohnsonG 25X PHO 29:391025411.273111.00021420.5-0.970.58-0.410.25-0.030.57-3.471.281.01
  55-0.22Wayne EllingtonG 25  DET 17:33931120.30010.00000118.3-1.151.60-1.90-1.132.45-1.34-2.720.032.20
  62-0.30Hassan WhitesideC 81  MIAY28:3512017002.40015.00003425.2-0.62-1.454.07-1.59-2.512.48-1.730.03-1.37
  70-0.38Rodney McGruderG 6  LACY31:291115110.45511.00001124.1-0.79-0.44-0.41-1.13-0.03-1.34-0.320.031.01
  93-0.61Justise WinslowF 42  MIAY22:41516610.2508.00002217.7-1.86-0.44-0.041.17-0.03-1.34-2.800.03-0.18
  161-1.34Kelly OlynykF 41  MIA 16:28006110.0007.00002021.9-2.75-1.45-0.04-1.13-0.03-1.34-5.200.03-0.18
  162-1.35Goran DragicG 68  MIAY33:40801310.3758.50043115.2-1.33-1.45-1.90-0.21-0.03-1.34-1.23-3.30-1.37
    Dion WaitersG 13  MIA                       
    Dwyane WadeG 43  MIA                       
    Ryan AndersonF 1  MIA                       
    James JohnsonF 28  MIA                       
   0.00Totals    240:0091145121105.37693.700101616
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  100.93Tyreke EvansG 34  IND 25:2423510201.462131.00061129.51.333.641.46-0.67-2.510.57-0.243.781.01
  170.63Cory JosephG 8  IND 30:041222530.6258.00001313.5-0.620.58-1.530.714.94-1.341.920.031.01
  310.16Myles TurnerC 97  INDY28:041217413.36411.75042023.7-0.62-0.440.340.25-0.034.39-1.89-0.39-0.18
  40-0.06Domantas SabonisF 81  IND 24:5415012300.700101.00013424.3-0.09-1.452.20-0.21-2.51-1.343.580.65-1.37
  51-0.18Bojan BogdanovicF 80  INDY32:551626010.600101.00024120.40.090.58-0.04-1.59-0.03-1.342.001.28-2.56
  84-0.53Darren CollisonG 78  INDY24:15410240.1437.50022118.3-2.04-0.44-2.27-0.677.42-1.34-3.63-1.64-0.18
  86-0.54Thaddeus YoungF 82  INDY26:24606011.4297.00002215.4-1.68-1.45-0.04-1.59-0.030.57-0.480.03-0.18
  116-0.79Victor OladipoG 46X INDY29:31824501.25012.00002021.4-1.330.58-0.780.71-2.510.57-4.210.03-0.18
  149-1.19Doug McDermottF 1  IND 18:29310100.3333.00002212.2-2.21-0.44-2.27-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.640.03-0.18
    Wesley MatthewsG 32  IND                       
   0.00Totals    240:0099144722106.44481.867151914
Watch 12 teams Josh: Well, well, well, what do we have here? I have been very disappointed in how Tyreke has been used this season, but we finally got his minutes back up with a nice, productive line. The reason I am not labelling him as a must grab guy is that even playing this well, he still played just 25 minutes. At some point, McMillan will realise that he is better than Joseph and Collison, so if you have a roster spot, you could consider it now.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: It's flier time! As much as I'd like to say that this is just a flash in the pan for Evans, he can't sit on wires after a performance like this because of the chance that it could lead to him playing this type of role, or even larger, going forward. Don't be surprised if he flounders again next game, but if you have someone worth dropping for a flier on Evans in standard leagues, I'd be taking a shake.
Kyle: 7 threes and 41 minutes in a regulation game? Sign me up.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: This was a nice game for Joseph, but even in big minutes, he doesn't offer consistent production. He might be worth looking at streaming in 14-team leagues, but I wouldn't drop anyone for Joseph in standard leagues.
Josh: This is more like it from Turner, but he does have a decent history against the Heat. He is still a hold, but I wouldn't think that this is some sign that he will vault back into top 30 discussion.
Kyle: Games like this shouldn't be hard for Turner to reach, and games like these are all we need to get good value from Turner. Hopefully this is the start of an up-Turner for Myles because he's been getting dropped in some 10-team leagues.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Adebayo is probably best viewed as a streamer for blocks in 14-team leagues. As long as Hassan Whiteside is healthy, Adebayo won't get enough minutes to be of use in standard leagues.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: That's six straight games with at least one block for Tyler Johnson. He's had streaming value for 10-team leagues while Dwyane Wade has been out, but TJ's minutes and opportunity will take a hit when Wade returns.
Stream 12 teams Josh: Good scoring night on strong shooting, but I don't see Bogdanovic, despite his solid role, as someone who is a roster at all costs type of player. He offers very little (read: nothinf) outisde of points and threes.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Ellington's minutes took another hit, and he might be out of the rotation again when Dwyane Wade returns.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: His hot start to the season is fading and he is barely clinging onto 12 team relevance. He just isn't as good as those first few games indicated.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: McGruder continutes to start and get big minutes, but his production has taken a steady trend downward. If there's a free agent with higher upside on the wire, I'd likely be taking a flier and letting McGruder go.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Not cosnistent enough, there are plenty of over options on the wire you can use in 12 team leagues over Dazza.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: Collison went from playing 35+ minutes in the last two games to playing just 24 here, and it's all at the whim of coach McMillan. If Collison's value is going to fluctuate so much, I wouldn't consider him more than a streaming option in most leagues.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Just isn't good enough for standard leagues and if you added after his first few games, I'm sure you came to this conclusion on your own.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Winslow can be streamed for assists and his potential to breakout in games where he gets a ton of minutes, but he bottoms out hard, making it difficult to consider Winslow must-roster in even 14-team leagues. Maybe give Winslow a longer look if you're punting FG%.
Josh: A bad night at the office. I am not, however expecting a return to top 10 value like he had last season.
Kyle: Oladipo's shot wasn't falling, which happens, but he only took 12 shots in 30 minutes, which is somewhat concerning. It was great to see Tyreke Evans and Myles Turner get more shots, but if that becomes a trend, so could Oladipo's offensive production being down. It's something to watch.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Olynyk won't get enough minutes from game to game to be considered more than a stream option in most leagues.

TOR (116) @ BOS (123)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  120.89Kawhi LeonardF 100  TORY42:3231015430.44025.818112030.72.75-1.453.320.254.94-1.34-1.331.08-0.18
  200.58Serge IbakaC 85  TORY34:292124011.533151.00030319.40.980.58-0.78-1.59-0.030.571.421.902.20
  340.07Delon WrightG 43  MEM 25:31712221.4297.00000111.7-1.50-0.44-1.53-0.672.450.57-0.480.032.20
  360.05Danny GreenG 53  TORY30:071135011.40010.00000613.6-0.791.60-0.41-1.59-0.030.57-
  370.01Pascal SiakamF 88  TORY39:141609420.54511.66762616.40.09-1.451.080.252.45-1.341.26-2.05-0.18
  69-0.37Jonas ValanciunasC 88X MEM 19:041105101.62581.00012123.4-0.79-1.45-0.41-1.13-2.510.571.920.65-0.18
  79-0.46Kyle LowryG 99  TORY42:351412720.25012.87584318.8-0.26-0.44-1.531.632.45-1.34-4.212.12-2.56
  134-1.02O.G. AnunobyF 3 OUTTOR 9:21510000.6673.00002121.9-1.86-0.44-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.930.03-0.18
  158-1.28Fred VanVleetG 54  TOR 22:07001210.0006.00001213.0-2.75-1.45-1.90-0.67-0.03-1.34-4.460.031.01
    Jeremy LinG 7  TOR                       
    Marc GasolC 96  TOR                       
   0.00Totals    265:0011684320124.43397.828291323
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  12.16Kyrie IrvingG 100  BOSY38:3343321131.69226.66763337.04.881.60-1.533.474.940.578.94-2.05-1.37
  81.09Gordon HaywardF 72  BOSY39:031515540.50081.00062314.6-0.09-0.44-0.410.717.42-1.340.353.78-0.18
  230.55Jayson TatumF 96  BOSY37:322127121.61513.75043421.30.980.580.34-1.132.450.572.91-0.39-1.37
  330.15Al HorfordC 95  BOSY35:141119202.5569.00001212.8-0.79-0.441.08-0.67-2.512.481.170.031.01
  47-0.17Aron BaynesC 1  BOS 17:46604401.33331.00040312.1-1.68-1.45-0.780.25-2.510.57-0.642.532.20
  117-0.80Marcus MorrisF 64  BOS 33:041117000.5008.66732315.4-0.79-0.440.34-1.59-2.51-1.340.35-1.01-0.18
  138-1.10Jaylen BrownF 58  BOSY25:20714001.27311.00002223.1-1.50-0.44-0.78-1.59-2.510.57-3.470.03-0.18
  139-1.10Terry RozierG 43  BOS 19:50403100.3336.00001015.9-2.04-1.45-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.34-1.310.031.01
  155-1.24Marcus SmartG 50  BOS 18:38505100.40051.00014322.8-1.86-1.45-0.41-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.560.65-2.56
   0.00Totals    265:001239462596.52889.833241823
Josh: If you bought low to begin the season, you must be feeling pretty good about now.
Kyle: We got our second Uncle Drew game of the season. After being a buy-low player earlier this season, we may be at a sell-high point for Kyrie.
Josh: Minutes restirction is a thing of the past and that sound you hear is that buy low window slamming shut.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Anybody worried about him anymore, or are people still coming up with narratives about Hayward not being the same player he was? Make sure Hawyward wasn't dropped in any 10-team leagues.
Josh: He's a fun guy.
Josh: Back after a one game absence and continuiing to turn back the clock.
Kyle: Ibaka returned from a one-game absence with knee soreness and played 35 minutes, so it appears he should be good going forward.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Green left the Raps' previous game with a lower back tightness but was back in action and played 30 minutes, so it appears he's healthy. Green went through a lull recently but should be better overall going forward. If he's available in any 12-team leagues, see if he fits your roster needs, and he can be streamed in 10-team leagues.
Josh: With Anunoby going down and the game going to overtime, Siakam's minutes pushed up, but finally, finally, the two opointers stopped falling. You still love this line, but the efficiency was bound to dip.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: There's no reason he should be sitting the wire in any standard leagues.
Droppable 10 teams Kyle: Morris was back in action after sitting out the previous game with an illness. He was OK and got big minutes, but I'd be trying to trade Morris before he continues posting a bunch of lackluster lines like this and his value dries up.
Kyle: Anunoby left the game with a sprained wrist and did not return. If he's out, it just makes Pascal Siakam's role more secure and bloated.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I don't think this guy is ever going to be a good fantasy player. There are just too many holes in his game and with Hayward in business and Marcus Morris rolling, his minutes could continue to be threatened.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Brown can do a little bit of everything, but he can't put the package together on the same night well enough to have consistent standard-league value.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: People have a rosier view of Rozier than they should. He is on way too many teams.

UTA (107) @ PHI (113)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  210.58Joe InglesF 89 PRUTAY32:331422231.50012.00001216.0-0.260.58-1.53-0.674.940.570.510.031.01
  50-0.18Derrick FavorsF 75  UTAY24:4613060111.0005.50060212.4-0.44-1.45-0.04-1.59-0.030.574.16-4.972.20
  53-0.20Donovan MitchellG 100  UTAY33:473112041.37135.57171346.42.75-0.44-1.53-1.597.420.57-5.65-4.341.01
  102-0.71Royce O'NealeF 2  UTA 16:372011101.0001.0000144.8-2.39-1.45-1.90-1.13-0.03-1.340.850.031.01
  113-0.77Thabo SefoloshaF   UTA 10:532061001.0001.0000107.4-2.39-1.45-0.04-1.13-2.51-1.340.850.031.01
  114-0.78Jae CrowderF 42  UTA 30:07906000.2867.83360112.8-1.15-1.45-0.04-1.59-2.51-1.34-2.050.872.20
  123-0.88Rudy GobertC 100  UTAY28:2012010101.50010.50043520.9-0.62-1.451.46-1.13-2.510.570.43-3.30-1.37
  127-0.96Alec BurksG 3  SAC 11:26401200.5002.66730212.3-2.04-1.45-1.90-0.67-2.51-1.340.11-1.012.20
  144-1.15Dante ExumG 1INJ  UTA 18:18702400.4297.50022121.7-1.50-1.45-1.530.25-2.51-1.34-0.48-1.64-0.18
  152-1.21Ekpe UdohF   UTA 1:50000000.0000.00001021.9-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.031.01
  163-1.45Ricky RubioG 88  UTAY31:231313410.5008.44493519.1-0.44-0.44-1.150.25-0.03-1.340.35-8.92-1.37
    Kyle KorverG 7  UTA                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010743915104.46688.568371325
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  150.81Joel EmbiidC 100  PHIY26:142317223.35020.88991434.51.33-0.440.34-0.672.454.39-3.892.751.01
  220.57Jimmy ButlerF 100  PHIY37:302823720.80015.40053219.52.220.58-1.151.632.45-1.347.71-5.59-1.37
  43-0.09Mike MuscalaF 1  LAL 31:33934011.4297.00001417.8-1.151.60-0.78-1.59-0.030.57-0.480.031.01
  97-0.63Amir JohnsonC   PHI 14:101125300.4449.50021427.8-0.790.58-0.41-0.21-2.51-1.34-0.40-1.641.01
  98-0.66J.J. RedickG 83  PHIY33:431612110.5569.71473416.20.09-0.44-1.53-1.13-0.03-1.341.17-1.42-1.37
  105-0.72Ben SimmonsG 100  PHIY35:591008811.4449.40053214.3-0.97-1.450.712.09-0.030.57-0.40-5.59-1.37
  109-0.75Landry ShametG 9  LAC 14:17621100.5004.00001322.9-1.680.58-1.90-1.13-2.51-1.340.190.031.01
  111-0.77Furkan KorkmazG   PHI 10:302031001.0001.0000013.4-2.39-1.45-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.340.850.032.20
  148-1.16Wilson ChandlerF 2  LACY21:37205000.3333.00002315.1-2.39-1.45-0.41-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.640.03-0.18
  159-1.30Markelle FultzG 18X ORL 14:27603200.4005.50041017.7-1.68-1.45-1.15-0.67-2.51-1.34-0.56-3.301.01
    Jonathon SimmonsG 1  PHI                       
    Tobias HarrisF 99  PHI                       
    James EnnisF 1  PHI                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011311412575.50082.625321627
Kyle: Embiid's minutes were a little muted by foul trouble, but he still had a nice game.
Josh: I hope you bought low on Jim after his Sixers debut. Although, this shooting won't last.
Kyle: Butler got it rolling in his second game with the Sixers, and the opportunity to buy low on the prospect of his role being more limited on the Sixers has passed. Butler will be the same player on the Sixers. Hopefully he stays healthy all season.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Big minutes from Muscala, but some of those came because Joel Embiid was in foul trouble.
Josh: Minutes till remain low, but the production is solid. Unless Gobert gets hurt, I don't really see any upside in Favors though.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Favors has played well in his relatively limited minutes. I'd consider him a streamer for blocks and FG%, but Favors' low ceiling keeps him from being a must-roster player in standard leagues.
Josh: A big night, but it took an astronomical 47% usage rate to get there.
Kyle: Mitchell has struggled with his shot a lot, but percentages usually balance out over time or at least come back closer to historical norms. The Don is worth considering a buy-low target, especially if you're punting FG% and aren't really concerned about whether or not he completely rebounds there.
Kyle: Redick swung his leg through on a shot attempt and literally kicked Ricky Rubio in the face. Redick was only assessed a flagrant 1 when the play was reviewed. It was pretty outrageous and is worth watching. Redick is excelling with his move to the starting lineup. Hopefully he can stay healthy playing big minutes because the Sixers don't have as much legit depth after trading it for Jimmy Butler.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: That's three ugly games in a row for Crowder, and when he bottoms out, there's not much to hang your hat on rostering him in standard leagues. I'd probably be holding firm with Crowder in 14-team leagues, but he'd be sent to the wire in my 10-teamers, and I'd drop him for the right free agent in my 12-team leagues. With that said, if he does get dropped, watch him closely, When his shot is falling, he'll have streamable 10-team value.
Kyle: That's a second straight sub-par game for Gobert. It might be worth throwing a low offer out for him. If you have him rostered, don't worry. Gobert will be fine.
Stream 14 teams Josh: Still on a minutes limit, but he is not, especially with these teammates, going to come near approcahing standard league value.
Kyle: Chandler remains on a minutes restriction of about 20 minutes, and it's unclear when he'll be cleared to play without restrictions.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Fultz's minutes have dropped to 21 and 15 in his first two games coming off the bench after the Jimmy Butler trade. Fultz can be dropped in 14-team leagues, but keep him on watch lists. The Sixers are going to continue giving him opportunities to grow and improve on the court.
Josh: An uncharacteristically good shooting night from the field was offset by an uncharacteristically bad night from the line. He is still a hold, despite his struggles this season.
Kyle: Rubio couldn't hit his free throws, and he literally got kicked in the face by JJ Redick. It was a weird game for Ravishing Rick.

BKN (115) @ WAS (104)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  91.00Spencer DinwiddieG 69  BKN 31:182534830.61513.66791423.21.691.60-0.782.094.94-1.342.91-3.091.01
  280.31Jarrett AllenC 91  BKNY31:4816012012.45511.75080618.50.09-1.452.20-1.59-0.032.48-0.32-0.802.20
  41-0.07D'Angelo RussellG 92  BKNY29:472313620.50016.75084231.91.33-0.44-
  87-0.55DeMarre CarrollF 11  BKN 24:171116200.300101.00041021.2-0.79-0.44-0.04-0.67-2.51-1.34-2.722.531.01
  92-0.60Joe HarrisG 54  BKNY25:02915110.33391.00022219.2-1.15-0.44-0.41-1.13-0.03-1.34-1.971.28-0.18
  95-0.62Rodions KurucsF 10  BKN 20:47913000.5008.00000015.6-1.15-0.44-1.15-1.59-2.51-1.340.350.032.20
  100-0.69Shabazz NapierG 2  BKN 18:20804101.2867.80050120.3-1.33-1.45-0.78-1.13-2.510.57-
  103-0.71Jared DudleyF   BKNY22:25513010.5004.00002410.8-1.86-0.44-1.15-1.59-0.03-1.340.190.03-0.18
  125-0.89Ed DavisC 10  BKN 14:54305100.33331.00011412.0-2.21-1.45-0.41-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.640.651.01
  132-1.00Allen CrabbeG 29X BKNY20:23612000.25081.00010116.7-1.68-0.44-1.53-1.59-2.51-1.34-2.800.652.20
  145-1.16Dzanan MusaG   BKN 0:59000000.0001.00000041.1-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.720.032.20
    Caris LeVertG 41  BKN                       
    Rondae Hollis-JeffersonF 24  BKN                       
   0.00Totals    240:001159471983.42290.789381124
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  180.62Dwight HowardC 43X WASY27:2025017111.69213.700102624.71.69-1.454.07-1.13-0.030.574.48-2.46-0.18
  240.50Kelly Oubre Jr.F 48X PHO 27:531814110.8336.87580217.50.45-0.44-0.78-1.13-0.03-1.343.422.122.20
  66-0.36Bradley BealG 100  WASY38:042016201.42119.75041419.90.80-0.44-0.04-0.67-2.510.57-1.57-0.391.01
  90-0.59Tomas SatoranskyG 69  WAS 11:57401101.6673.0000028.7-2.04-1.45-1.90-1.13-2.510.570.930.032.20
  106-0.72Otto PorterF 80  CHIY28:55806210.300101.00022020.7-1.33-1.45-0.04-0.67-0.03-1.34-2.721.28-0.18
  108-0.73John WallG 37X WASY37:551611711.31619.75043421.80.09-0.44-1.901.63-0.030.57-4.72-0.39-1.37
  122-0.86Markieff MorrisF 22  OKCY20:07402210.4005.00002120.0-2.04-1.45-1.53-0.67-0.03-1.34-0.560.03-0.18
  131-1.00Jeff GreenF 32  WAS 23:12601200.40051.00022211.8-1.68-1.45-1.90-0.67-2.51-1.34-0.561.28-0.18
  141-1.11Troy Brown JrF 2  WAS 1:18001000.0001.00000026.7-2.75-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.720.032.20
  150-1.20Austin RiversG 4  HOU 13:24003000.0003.00000116.2-2.75-1.45-1.15-1.59-2.51-1.34-
  153-1.23Ian MahinmiC   WAS 9:55305000.0003.75041120.2-2.21-1.45-0.41-1.59-2.51-1.34-2.22-0.391.01
    Bobby PortisF 69  WAS                       
    Jabari ParkerF 72  WAS                       
    Trevor ArizaF 58X WAS                       
   0.00Totals    240:001043471854.42587.794341323
Must Add 12 teams Josh: He will be the major beneficiary of the Caris LeVert injury and needs to be rostered in all leagues. HUge improvement in his efficiency this season as well.
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Dinwiddie should be rostered in 12-team leauges, and he's worth riding as a flier in 10-team leagues to see where his value lands with Caris LeVert out.
Kyle: Howard's not blocking many shots, and his scoring is limited, making him mostly a rebounds and FG% specialist this season. After this big game, I might be trying to sell high on him.
Stream 12 teams Josh: Whenever Oubre has a big game, quickly glance to the fg% column and you'll see it is crazy high. As it was today. Don't fall for it outside of streaming.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: This was a nice game from Oubre, but it was preceded by three straight stinkers. His minutes aren't consistent enough to make him a standard league player. Leave him on the wire in most leagues.
Josh: Good to have him back after missing the last two games due to illness.
Kyle: Allen missed the last two games with an illness but returned with a vengeance.
Stream 12 teams Josh: Better than Crabbe, but still not a must roster 12 team player.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Harris' value is floundering. I'd either be trying to trade Harris or coming to terms with the idea that I should maybe drop him for a better flier off the wire. Most of Harris' value this season will be as a streamer for threes.
Kyle: Deeper leagues may want to put Kurucs on watch lists in case his role grows as the season progresses. He saw time here with Rondae Hollis-Jefferson out.
Kyle: It gives me petty pleasure to know that Dudley has been starting this whole season yet isn't rostered in a single fantasy league. Kenny Atkinson would suck at fantasy basketball.
Josh: At least he played 29 minutes. It's been rough for Porter and the longer we go, the smaller the chance of him turning it around. I'm not so much worried about the shooting than I am the minutes.
Kyle: Porter's value continues to ebb and flow. I'd be trying to move him for a less frustrating player whose role is more secure.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Morris got off the a hot start this season but regressed to his usual production. If you can trade him, great, but I also wouldn't worry too much if I had to drop him to grab a better flier off the wire.
Kyle: Davis returned to his bench role with Jarrett Allen (illness) back in the starting lineup.
Josh: Don't even think about rostering Crabbe in 12 team leagues. Outside of threes, he gives nothing, and he isn't even giving that.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Crabbe got another chance to start and try to break out of his slump, but he faltered and isn't worth rostering in most leagues until he can prove it.
Josh: Started strong and faded. He is a 12 team guy for now, but I think taht is going end when Markkanen and Portis return.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Parker tried to build the revenge game narrative but really just reminded everyone what he should be doing every game and hasn't been.

NYK (124) @ NOR (129)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  140.84Emmanuel MudiayG 35  NYKY22:491926022.66712.50021029.20.620.58-0.04-1.592.452.483.66-1.641.01
  270.33Trey BurkeG 7  DAL 25:452411111.76913.60051317.21.51-0.44-1.90-1.13-0.030.576.06-2.681.01
  300.27Tim Hardaway Jr.F 58X DALY38:053048220.39123.800103221.92.582.620.71-0.672.45-1.34-2.980.46-1.37
  73-0.40Mitchell RobinsonC 56  NYKY24:19707111.5006.50021515.6-1.50-1.450.34-1.13-0.030.570.27-1.641.01
  74-0.40Allonzo TrierG 9  NYKY32:181112501.364111.00021219.1-0.79-0.44-1.530.71-2.510.57-1.891.281.01
  78-0.45Enes KanterC 76  POR 15:07805010.60051.00022421.1-1.33-1.45-0.41-1.59-0.03-1.341.011.28-0.18
  81-0.50Kevin KnoxF 33  NYKY20:501135210.4449.00012426.4-0.791.60-0.41-0.67-0.03-1.34-0.40-2.26-0.18
  91-0.59Damyean DotsonG 31  NYK 18:32602020.3758.00001223.3-1.68-1.45-1.53-1.592.45-1.34-
  96-0.63Noah VonlehF 13  NYK 27:27406201.4005.00001410.5-2.04-1.45-0.04-0.67-2.510.57-0.560.031.01
  128-0.96Frank NtilikinaG 2X NYK 14:48402200.3336.00000519.5-2.04-1.45-1.53-0.67-2.51-1.34-1.310.032.20
    Lance ThomasF   NYK                       
    DeAndre JordanC 93  NYK                       
    Mario HezonjaF 24  NYK                       
    Dennis Smith Jr.G 58  NYK                       
   0.00Totals    240:00124114415106.49098.708241331
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  61.22Anthony DavisF 98  NORY40:2343117511.64025.667152229.54.88-0.444.070.71-0.030.576.54-5.16-0.18
  160.66Jrue HolidayG 86X NORY35:5324341011.500181.00034323.11.511.60-0.783.01-0.030.570.751.90-2.56
  38-0.01Nikola MiroticF 66  MILY27:0312210101.364111.00020218.8-0.620.581.46-1.13-2.510.57-1.891.282.20
  61-0.28Julius RandleF 94  NOR 30:1519011210.70010.62583419.40.62-1.451.83-0.67-0.03-1.343.58-3.71-1.37
  77-0.43E'Twaun MooreG 14X NORY30:061312100.54511.00000513.0-0.44-0.44-1.53-1.13-2.51-1.341.260.032.20
  82-0.51Darius MillerF 3X NOR 29:40316501.1676.0000007.2-2.21-0.44-0.040.71-2.510.57-2.880.032.20
  89-0.58Wesley JohnsonF NOTE FA 12:07511011.5004.00002320.4-1.86-0.44-1.90-1.59-0.030.570.190.03-0.18
  142-1.14Elfrid PaytonG 73 OUTNORY8:07001010.0003.00001217.5-2.75-1.45-1.90-1.59-0.03-1.34-
  143-1.15Ian ClarkG 1  NOR 14:48401300.12581.00020221.3-2.04-1.45-1.90-0.21-2.51-1.34-4.381.282.20
  157-1.28Frank JacksonG 9  NOR 11:38611000.6673.50023221.0-1.68-0.44-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.340.93-1.64-1.37
    Stanley JohnsonF 2  NOR                       
    Solomon HillF   NOR                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012910542755.48599.719321525
Kyle: Davis scored a season-high 43 points because he felt like it.
Watch 12 teams Josh: Um, what? Apparently locked in as a starter, anybody could use this sort of performance, but the red flag here is the 23 minutes to go with 67& shooting. If he plays 22 a night, he is a deep league guy only.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Mudiay had a nice game, but the Knicks don't have any idea what they want to do at PG, and we could see any of about five players getting the bulk minutes at PG next week, so I'd only look at Mudiay in deeper leauges.
Josh: Back from the wilderness to post a crazy looking line. It'll take more than this to convince me to add him.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Burke might be worth grabbing as a flier in 14-teamers to see where this goes, but for the most part, I'd just be adding him to watch lists to see if any of this sticks.
Josh: Huge bounceback after last game;s stinker and it was interesting to see him with 30 minutes compared with Mirotic;s 27. I wouldn't expect it to hold every night.
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: Moved to the stating lineup, but is more of a 14 team guy than 12. Fizdale said after the game he was going to stick with this starting lineup, but if we've learned anything this season, it's that we can't trust a single thing Fizdale says.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Trier got the start at SG with Damyean Dotson moving the bench. He played a ton of minutes and had a decent game. If you have someone to drop in 12-team leagues, it's OK to take a flier on Trier, but he's probably best suited for 14-teamers given the Knicks changing their roster so much.
Josh: I'm not at drop territory yet, because he is just as likely to play 36 minutes with Fizdale's flip-flopping in the next game, but this was troubling.
Kyle: Rough game from Kanter. He might be a sell-high player still, but he also should be a lot better than this most nights. I wouldn't panic too much, but there's not much upside with Kanter this season as he's unlikely to earn back a starting role.
Josh: Foul trouble limited his minutes. If you want ineffieicnt points and not much else, Knox is your guy, sort of.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Knox got the start at PF with Noah Vonleh moving the bench. He had a decent game. If you have someone to drop in 12-team leagues, it's OK to take a flier on Knox, but he's probably best suited for 14-teamers given the Knicks changing their rotation so much.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Vonleh moved to the bench so Kevin Knox could start at PF. If you took a look at Vonleh while he was starting, it's probably safe to let him go.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: I know that Ntilikina has his growing pains on offense, but I still think it's bizarre that any coach would decide to play Emmanuel Mudiay or Trey Burke over him.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Returned to action and fractured his finger, but the good news is that he is only day to day, so don't drop, and do add him.
Kyle: Payton returned from his ankle injury to suffer a broken finger. He left the game and did not return.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Whoa. Out of the rotation. Drop him in most leagues.

POR (96) @ MIN (112)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  57-0.24Meyers LeonardF   POR 13:401025000.6676.00000117.8-0.970.58-0.41-1.59-2.51-1.341.840.032.20
  64-0.33Al-Farouq AminuF 42  PORY29:57518120.14371.00021112.0-1.86-0.440.71-1.132.45-1.34-3.631.281.01
  83-0.51Jusuf NurkicC 69X PORY23:0813011001.6258.75044224.1-0.44-1.451.83-1.59-2.510.571.92-0.39-2.56
  85-0.54Gary Trent Jr.G   POR 5:44821000.6005.00000035.3-1.330.58-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.341.010.032.20
  101-0.70C.J. McCollumG 90  PORY30:401811210.50016.50023226.30.45-0.44-1.90-0.67-0.03-1.340.67-1.64-1.37
  107-0.73Zach CollinsF 17  POR 23:31518000.4005.00001210.3-1.86-0.440.71-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.560.031.01
  110-0.76Nik StauskasG 2  CLE 15:23802100.8005.00002124.5-1.33-1.45-1.53-1.13-2.51-1.342.590.03-0.18
  115-0.79Evan TurnerG 3  POR 21:07001420.0003.0000239.6-2.75-1.45-1.900.252.45-1.34-2.220.03-0.18
  120-0.83Caleb SwaniganF   SAC 5:44000110.0001.0000007.4-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.13-0.03-1.34-0.720.032.20
  126-0.93Wade Baldwin IVG T FA 5:44201100.5002.00000014.4-2.39-1.45-1.90-1.13-2.51-1.340.110.032.20
  130-1.00Anfernee SimonsG   POR 13:25703100.4297.50020023.8-1.50-1.45-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.48-1.642.20
  160-1.33Damian LillardG 100  PORY36:351616500.27818.83365228.40.09-0.44-0.040.71-2.51-1.34-5.550.87-3.75
  165-1.56Jake LaymanF 3  PORY15:22401000.2005.50040017.8-2.04-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.34-2.14-3.302.20
    Seth CurryG 29  POR                       
    Skal LabissiereF   POR                       
    Enes KanterC 76  POR                       
    Moe HarklessF 23  POR                       
    Rodney HoodG 11  POR                       
   0.00Totals    240:00968481661.42088.700201814
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  130.85Robert CovingtonF 69X MINY23:221445030.7147.00001515.1-0.262.62-0.41-1.594.94-1.342.670.031.01
  190.60Andrew WigginsF 83  MINY37:122335421.429211.00022128.21.331.60-0.410.252.450.57-1.491.28-0.18
  260.34Jeff TeagueG 56X MINY37:121322721.50010.50021114.0-0.440.58-1.531.632.450.570.43-1.641.01
  52-0.20Taj GibsonF 34  MINY20:591204500.60010.00000221.0-0.62-1.45-0.780.71-2.51-1.342.000.032.20
  58-0.25Karl-Anthony TownsC 100  MINY33:331429111.40015.00003223.6-0.260.581.08-1.13-0.030.57-1.730.03-1.37
  63-0.31Derrick RoseG 44X MIN 33:571707600.53813.75042021.70.27-1.450.341.17-2.51-1.341.34-0.39-0.18
  71-0.38Dario SaricF 51  MIN 27:01917211.33391.00023421.0-1.15-0.440.34-0.67-0.030.57-1.971.28-1.37
  72-0.39Tyus JonesG 33  MIN 11:014012101.0002.0000008.0-2.04-1.45-1.90-0.67-0.03-1.341.680.032.20
  88-0.57Gorgui DiengC 1  MIN 14:27603110.7504.00010113.5-1.68-1.45-1.15-1.13-0.03-1.341.76-2.262.20
  136-1.07James NunnallyG NOTE FA 0:38000000.0000.000000 -2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.032.20
  146-1.16Josh OkogieG 13  MIN 0:38000000.0001.00000069.5-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.720.032.20
    Anthony TolliverF 1  MIN                       
   0.00Totals    240:00112124328114.50092.727111216
Josh: Foul trouble killed his minutes but the production was still nice.
Kyle: Covington got into foul trouble, limiting his minutes, but he still put up a good line.
Josh: Okay, did Butler leaving really invigorate an actualised version of Andrew Wiggins. Early returns suggest yes. He has top 50 upside and I can't believe I am saying this, but there is an outside chance he gets there. What a couple of games.
Kyle: Wiggins keeps getting steals and blocks. It looks like he's becoming more of a complete player this season.
Kyle: Teague played 37 minutes even with Derrick Rose back in action. It looks like Teague's value will hold up after the Jimmy Butler trade.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Dario Saric's arrival has killed whatever low upside value he had.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Gibson and Dario Saric appear as though they'll be in a timeshare. I wouldn't consider Gibson more than streaming option in 14-teamers.
Kyle: It was a poor game, and it sucks it he's on your squad. If he's not on your squad, see if you can buy low on him.
Josh: The efficiency has keot up at a ludicrous pace, but in true Rose fashion, he posted a triple zero. He is a must roster guy, but I can see that changing.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Rose sat out the previous game with knee soreness but returned Friday and played 34 minutes off the bench. Make sure he's not sitting on the wire in any standard leagues.
Josh: Sometimes maybe good... you know the rest. It was bound to fall off after three strong games in a row.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: More minutes than Taj, if this rotation continues, he could be worth looking at, but for now, I don't see it.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Saric appears set to be in a timeshare at PF with Taj Gibson, and I wouldn't consider Saric more than a stream option in 12-teamers.
Josh: Minutes were back up, but the production isn't doing enough to be rostered outside of 16 team leagues, but I would enquire with who has him in dynasty if they are viewing the last two weeks as a permanent regression.
Josh: I'm not at drop territory yet, because he is just as likely to play 36 minutes with Fizdale's flip-flopping in the next game, but this was troubling.
Kyle: Rough game from Kanter. He might be a sell-high player still, but he also should be a lot better than this most nights. I wouldn't panic too much, but there's not much upside with Kanter this season as he's unlikely to earn back a starting role.

SAC (104) @ MEM (112)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  250.35Buddy HieldG 92  SACY27:321624321.500121.00023224.50.090.58-0.78-0.212.450.570.511.28-1.37
  48-0.17Willie Cauley-SteinC 81  SACY34:491108230.5569.33332515.0-0.79-1.450.71-0.674.94-1.341.17-3.93-0.18
  49-0.17De'Aaron FoxG 93  SACY36:0623141020.47117.75086331.21.33-0.44-0.783.012.45-1.34-0.08-0.80-4.94
  54-0.22Iman ShumpertG 2  HOUY31:291235100.44491.00010621.6-0.621.60-0.41-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.400.652.20
  56-0.24Nemanja BjelicaF 32  SACY28:10826310.28671.00021313.4-1.330.58-0.04-0.21-0.03-1.34-
  68-0.37Bogdan BogdanovicG 65  SAC 23:501222210.50010.00002021.4-0.620.58-1.53-0.67-0.03-1.340.430.03-0.18
  75-0.42Troy WilliamsG   SAC 18:39828001.3758.00001020.5-1.330.580.71-1.59-2.510.57-
  119-0.82Harry GilesF 8X SAC 7:084030001.0002.00001417.8-2.04-1.45-1.15-1.59-2.51-1.341.680.031.01
  137-1.09Marvin Bagley IIIF 82  SAC 20:12701100.3333.83362116.0-1.50-1.45-1.90-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.640.87-0.18
  166-1.58Frank Mason IIIG   SAC 12:05301100.3333.50023024.1-2.21-1.45-1.90-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.64-1.64-1.37
    Yogi FerrellG 1  SAC                       
    Alec BurksG 3  SAC                       
    Harrison BarnesF 84  SAC                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010412422392.46380.750242124
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  21.58Jaren Jackson Jr.F 63X MEMY31:292716042.68816.66761526.12.04-0.44-0.04-1.597.422.485.39-2.051.01
  71.13Garrett TempleG 4  LACY28:571435230.83361.00010213.6-0.261.60-0.41-0.674.94-1.343.420.652.20
  44-0.09Shelvin MackG 1  CHA 27:14922820.37581.00013215.8-1.150.58-1.532.092.45-1.34-1.230.65-1.37
  46-0.17Kyle AndersonF 42X MEMY30:43207221.2504.0000156.8-2.39-1.450.34-0.672.450.57-1.390.031.01
  65-0.35Marc GasolC 96  TORY34:5819215200.58312.60054421.00.620.583.32-0.67-2.51-1.342.08-2.68-2.56
  99-0.68Wayne SeldenG 2  CHI 29:441000201.41712.00000118.2-0.97-1.45-2.27-0.67-2.510.57-
  112-0.77MarShon BrooksG NOTE FA 13:47610201.25081.00010122.4-1.68-0.44-2.27-0.67-2.510.57-2.800.652.20
  121-0.84Omri CasspiF INJ  FA 8:40612000.6673.50020116.4-1.68-0.44-1.53-1.59-2.51-1.340.93-1.642.20
  164-1.53Mike ConleyG 97  MEMY34:281913600.43816.50084228.50.62-0.44-1.151.17-2.51-1.34-0.90-6.63-2.56
    Avery BradleyG 21  MEM                       
    Dillon BrooksG X MEM                       
    Justin HolidayG 35  MEM                       
    Jonas ValanciunasC 88X MEM                       
    Chandler ParsonsF 4  MEM                       
    Delon WrightG 43  MEM                       
   0.00Totals    240:00112114024115.50685.625241323
Must Add 10 teams Josh: I shouldn't have to say this, but apparently I do, he is a must roster player. The Grizzlies got him as a steal at pick four and his defesive stat accumulation is going to become the thing of legends. Strap yourselves in for ten year of top 25 fantasy finishes (although, perhaps not starting this season)
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Jerry scored a career-high 27 points and sprinkled in 4 steals and 2 blocks. Why is he still available in some standard leagues? Bite the bullet on the bad games early this season. If he's doing this already, he'll be all the better later. Don't sell high on him unless it's a no-doubter.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Temple generally alternates good games with crappy ones but has put together back-to-back good games, so there may be back-to-back crappy games coming. #BuyerBeware.
Kyle: I'm starting to fear that Joerger will find a way to screw Hield out of key rotation minutes when Bogdan Bogdanovic is fully healthy. It might be smart to sell high on Hield. #Don'tDieOnThatHield
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Keeps maintaining value, somehow. With Dillon Brooks out, I don't see the minutes going anywhere in the long term and you could do worse than rostering Mack. WATTBA.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: In general, I'd be letting someone else bother with Mack unless it's a deep league and he fills an obvious need.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Forget points and Anderson is a gem. Starting to get a lot more comfortable.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Anderson only scored 2 points, trash performance there. But he had 2 steals and 1 block and played 31 minutes. If you have him rostered, hold him. Is it really a surprise that Slow Mo is taking his time putting it all together? Hopefully it's worth the wait, but I am trying to wait where I can.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: I really wish I had targeted Fox in drafts more. He's been great this season.
Kyle: This was a decent game from Shump, but his starting job should be at considerable risk with Bogdan Bogdanovic getting close to shedding his restrictions.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: His production is not going to equal what we saw earlier in the year, but this sort of line is fine. In a ten team league, I'd probably find better value in streaming his roster spot, though.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Bjelica seems to be trending toward 14-team value more than standard-league value. He's a drop candidate for the right free agent.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Once he is back at 30 minutes a night, the top 100 beckons. His second strong game since returning from knee surgery.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Bogdanovic was still on a 25-minutes limit, but he was pretty good regardless. He should be grabbed in all standard leagues before next week.
Kyle: Williams played really well in his limited minutes. He had a stretch in short succession where he had a chase-down block, a three, and a fastbreak layup.
Kyle: Casspi returned from a five-game absence, but he isn't expected to have much more than a limited bench role.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Keep him on watch lists, but pack his Bagleys, because he shouldn't be on standard-league rosters.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Holiday has collected all the balloons (minutes) in the city and is holding on for dear life as he tries to find success while in peril of the balloons popping as he reaches new heights. He's playing a ton of minutes and getting a bunch of threes and steals, so don't let him sit on the wire for the time being. Just be ready for the balloons to pop at some point.

CHI (104) @ MIL (123)  Blowout

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  51.25Justin HolidayG 35  MEMY29:122063430.58312.00001319.30.804.66-
  290.27Wendell Carter Jr.F 38X CHIY24:371204411.7508.00001317.0-0.62-1.45-0.780.25-0.030.573.500.031.01
  59-0.25Antonio BlakeneyG   CHI 20:451822100.57114.00001133.70.450.58-1.53-1.13-2.51-1.342.160.031.01
  67-0.37Jabari ParkerF 72  WASY33:452138300.47419.00004223.70.981.600.71-0.21-2.51-1.340.000.03-2.56
  94-0.62Cameron PayneG NOTE FA 3:29200010.00001.00020010.4-2.39-1.45-2.27-1.59-0.03-1.340.021.282.20
  104-0.71Ryan ArcidiaconoG 2  CHIY29:13312310.1676.0000019.6-2.21-0.44-1.53-0.21-0.03-1.34-2.880.032.20
  118-0.82Chandler HutchisonF X CHI 23:00304110.0003.7504039.6-2.21-1.45-0.78-1.13-0.03-1.34-2.22-0.392.20
  124-0.88Shaq HarrisonG 8  CHI 18:47507100.4005.50020014.6-1.86-1.450.34-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.56-1.642.20
  133-1.02Zach LaVineG 88  CHIY33:491515411.30020.66734134.9-0.09-0.44-0.410.25-0.030.57-5.47-1.01-2.56
  135-1.05Robin LopezC 39  CHI 19:54501101.4005.50021116.1-1.86-1.45-1.90-1.13-2.510.57-0.56-1.641.01
  154-1.24Cristiano FelicioF 1  CHI 3:29000000.0002.00000026.7-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.34-1.470.032.20
    Denzel ValentineG X CHI                       
    Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotG   CHI                       
    Wayne SeldenG 2  CHI                       
    Otto PorterF 80  CHI                       
    Kris DunnG 57  CHI                       
    Lauri MarkkanenF 86X CHI                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010413362283.43694.692131215
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  31.43Eric BledsoeG 97  MILY30:002534631.76913.66733024.51.691.60-0.781.174.940.576.06-1.01-1.37
  41.25Khris MiddletonF 99  MILY33:0723210820.600151.00032323.51.330.581.462.092.45-1.342.991.90-0.18
  350.07Brook LopezC 87  MILY29:301445002.50010.00002017.3-0.262.62-0.41-1.59-2.512.480.430.03-0.18
  39-0.06Giannis AntetokounmpoF 100  MILY31:3723213403.53315.55694230.91.330.582.570.25-2.514.391.42-6.00-2.56
  42-0.08Tony SnellG 1  MIL 17:011112020.7147.00002122.5-0.79-0.44-1.53-1.592.45-1.342.670.03-0.18
  60-0.28Malcolm BrogdonG 49  MILY28:371334300.41712.00000117.8-0.441.60-0.78-0.21-2.51-1.34-
  76-0.42Pat ConnaughtonG 9  MIL 22:46207410.2504.0000027.5-2.39-1.450.340.25-0.03-1.34-1.390.032.20
  80-0.47Thon MakerC 3  DET 17:51933101.30010.00000318.9-1.151.60-1.15-1.13-2.510.57-2.720.032.20
  129-0.98Matthew DellavedovaG 1  CLE 3:29001100.0000.000000 -2.75-1.45-1.90-1.13-2.51-1.340.020.032.20
  140-1.10Sterling BrownG   MIL 10:14000100.0001.0000014.2-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.720.032.20
  147-1.16Christian WoodF 11  NOR 3:29204000.2504.00001050.5-2.39-1.45-0.78-1.59-2.51-1.34-1.390.031.01
  151-1.20Ersan IlyasovaF 5  MIL 8:50101001.0001.50021113.9-2.57-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.510.57-0.72-1.641.01
  156-1.25Jaylen MorrisG NOTE FA 3:29001000.0001.00001022.7-2.75-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.720.031.01
    Pau GasolC 5X MIL                       
    George HillG 3  MIL                       
    Nikola MiroticF 66  MIL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012318552888.50593.647171614
Josh: Oh yeah, baby, he is coming. A lot of people panicked on Bledsoe, but the steals are back, the shooting is good and we are going to see strong numbers, despite the lowish minutes.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Holiday has collected all the balloons (minutes) in the city and is holding on for dear life as he tries to find success while in peril of the balloons popping as he reaches new heights. He's playing a ton of minutes and getting a bunch of threes and steals, so don't let him sit on the wire for the time being. Just be ready for the balloons to pop at some point.
Kyle: Blakeney got minutes and shots in a blowout. Leave him on the wire.
Josh: Started strong and faded. He is a 12 team guy for now, but I think taht is going end when Markkanen and Portis return.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Parker tried to build the revenge game narrative but really just reminded everyone what he should be doing every game and hasn't been.
Kyle: Connaughton should have some extended short-term value with Donte DiVincenzo missing the next couple games.
Watch 14 teams Josh: With The Muppet John Henson out for three months, Thon has a chance to almost save his NBA career. Hitting threes and blocking shots will help, but he is more of a desperation deep league guy for now.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Maker should be the primary backup at center the rest of this season as long as he plays well while John Henson (wrist surgery) is out for the next 3+ months.
Stream 12 teams Josh: This guy may be the best point guard on the Bulls, Kris Dunn included. If you need steals there literally isn't anyone better to go to.
Josh: God bless your fg%. LaVine is single handledly killing it. Some respite will likely ocme, but that efficiency which punctuated his hot, top 20 start to the season was going to regress and we are feeling it deeply now.
Josh: Got back into the rotation with Donte DiVincenzo out and did not cover himself in glory.
Josh: At least he played 29 minutes. It's been rough for Porter and the longer we go, the smaller the chance of him turning it around. I'm not so much worried about the shooting than I am the minutes.
Kyle: Porter's value continues to ebb and flow. I'd be trying to move him for a less frustrating player whose role is more secure.