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<November 2018>
ViewCHA 132@ PHI 1336:00 amFinalPHI by 5.5 o/u 227.0CHA 111 @ PHI 116
ViewWAS 108@ ORL 1176:00 amFinalWAS by 4.0 o/u 221.5WAS 113 @ ORL 109
ViewDET 124@ ATL 1096:30 amFinalDET by 5.5 o/u 228.0DET 117 @ ATL 111
ViewIND 110@ MIA 1027:00 amFinalIND by 2.0 o/u 207.0IND 104 @ MIA 102
ViewBKN 112@ DEN 1108:00 amFinalDEN by 8.5 o/u 215.0BKN 103 @ DEN 112
ViewBOS 115@ UTA 1238:30 amFinalUTA by 5.5 o/u 204.5BOS 100 @ UTA 105
ViewMIN 110@ SAC 1219:00 amFinalMIN by 2.0 o/u 234.5MIN 118 @ SAC 116

Central Standard Time

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CHA (132) @ PHI (133)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  150.59Jeremy LambG 76 QRCHAY24:231733121.500121.00021122.40.311.61-1.01-
  210.47Kemba WalkerG 100 PCHAY40:163037910.31029.900100132.72.571.610.362.68-0.04-1.28-7.113.322.10
  370.08Dwayne BaconF   CHA 22:341521110.7147.75040615.3-0.040.58-1.70-1.06-0.04-1.282.52-0.342.10
  47-0.10Cody ZellerC 9INJ 7g CHAY24:451404020.6258.66760616.9-0.21-1.49-0.67-1.532.28-1.281.81-1.902.10
  52-0.15Miles BridgesF 5  CHA 28:25519102.3336.0000038.3-1.78-0.461.05-1.06-2.362.42-
  55-0.20Michael Kidd-GilchristF 4  CHA 26:4812012200.3758.85770416.3-0.56-1.492.08-0.59-2.36-1.28-1.171.492.10
  60-0.23Nicolas BatumF 69  CHAY16:44512220.5004.00001011.8-1.78-0.46-1.36-0.592.28-
  78-0.49Willy HernangomezC 9  CHA 20:211434102.4449.50061524.5-0.211.61-0.67-1.06-2.362.42-0.39-4.680.95
  82-0.57Tony ParkerG 3  CHA 13:47402210.4005.00000014.3-1.95-1.49-1.36-0.59-0.04-1.28-0.530.012.10
  83-0.57Marvin WilliamsF 59  CHAY14:35311110.3333.0000028.1-2.13-0.46-1.70-1.06-0.04-1.28-0.600.012.10
  136-1.18Malik MonkG 5  CHA 27:281223400.21119.66730129.1-0.560.58-1.010.34-2.36-1.28-7.47-0.952.10
  138-1.21Bismack BiyomboC 12  CHA 4:54101100.0000.50021415.1-2.48-1.49-1.70-1.06-2.36-1.280.04-1.560.95
    Devonte' GrahamG   CHA                       
   0.00Totals    265:00132164925105.391110.75040433
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  12.20Joel EmbiidC 100Q PHIY39:0342118404.61118.864223431.04.66-0.464.150.34-2.366.113.665.08-1.36
  71.23Ben SimmonsG 100  PHIY41:0322081323.60015.66763419.81.18-1.490.714.552.284.262.81-1.90-1.36
  410.05Robert CovingtonF 90INJ 6g MINY30:02713104.25081.00020511.9-1.43-0.46-1.01-1.06-2.366.11-2.651.232.10
  46-0.10Dario SaricF 57  MINY40:161849201.462131.00025418.80.482.641.05-0.59-2.360.57-0.241.23-3.66
  69-0.34J.J. RedickG 85  PHI 36:411722400.438161.00011118.70.310.58-1.360.34-2.36-1.28-0.880.620.95
  80-0.52Amir JohnsonF   PHI 5:41402101.6673.00000120.8-1.95-1.49-1.36-1.06-2.360.570.890.012.10
  91-0.62Wilson ChandlerF 3  PHI 15:44825101.7504.00021114.7-1.260.58-0.32-1.06-2.360.571.67-4.340.95
  93-0.64Landry ShametG 1  PHI 18:31310111.1676.00000312.8-2.13-0.46-2.04-1.06-0.040.57-2.730.012.10
  99-0.72Jonah BoldenF   PHI 10:57514100.5004.00001418.0-1.78-0.46-0.67-1.06-2.36-
  117-0.97T.J. McConnellG 7  PHI 3:44002100.0001.00000110.6-2.65-1.49-1.36-1.06-2.36-1.28-0.670.012.10
  143-1.33Markelle FultzG 19INJ 5g PHIY23:18705400.4005.50062516.3-1.43-1.49-0.320.34-2.36-1.28-0.53-4.68-0.20
    Mike MuscalaF 2  PHI                       
    Jimmy ButlerG 100OUT PHI                       
   0.00Totals    265:00133125833315.48493.756411633
Kyle: This was an overtime game, bloating the production a little, but it's still awesome to see Embiid playing 39 minutes. His 42 points were a season high.
Josh: Lamb suffered a groin injury in the fourth quarter and never returned. He had been putting together a nice line, but if he has to miss time, Monk and Brodges will get the chance to earn more minutes. Monk would be the guy I would add, but he's not a must add.
Kyle: Lamb left the game with a right groin strain and did not return. He was was having arguably his best game of the season before leaving, so this stings. If you're down in your standings in a 10-team league and need to more games to win this weekend, Lamb could be out a few games, so it may be best to drop him and stream in another option.
Kyle: Walker left the game with mid-back tightness but was able to return and play 40 minutes.
Josh: Talk about out of the blue. Bacon stepped it up at the expense of Nic Batum and Marvin WIlliams, but he hasn't been a rotation player in general. The bench unit, including Bacon, got the Hornets back into this game after trailing big, so Borrego experimented.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Bacon wasn't in the rotation before Friday, but coach James Borrego rode the hot hands, benching Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams in favor of playing Bacon and Miles Bridges. It's hard to know if this means any big changes are coming soon, but it at least shows that Borrego isn't afraid to bench a big contract (Batum) if his bench guys have it going. Bacon can be added to watch lists, but I wouldn't add him in anything but the deepest of leagues.
Josh: Foul trouble limited him. Some people have a limited tolerance for Covington, so I'd seek out who manager and try to swing a trade and I'd also keep my eye on the wire. Some people are impetuous.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Saric's shot is falling, and he's getting more minutes with Mike Muscala (face) out. If Saric was dropped in any standard leagues, he's worth rostering for at least the short-term in 10-team leagues and larger.
Kyle: Zeller had a nice game but fouled out in 25 minutes trying to guard Joel Embiid.
Josh: The minutes are encouraging, but it was a weird game, rotation-wise and I'm not grabbing him outside of deeper leagues, where he is already rostered.
Kyle: MKG's production has been erratic. I'd leave him on the wire in standard leagues. He's worth a look in deeper leagues if you need rebounds.
Josh: He was a victim of the Baconator getting hot and leading the Hornets back into the game. I'm not overreacting to this.
Kyle: Batum played a season-low 17 minutes Friday as coach Borrego rode Dwayne Bacon's hot hand. Batum is making too much money to get shafted like this often, but it's a little concerning to see Borrego limit his minutes to this degree on any night.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Hernangomez couldn't buy a bucket inside the arc, but he banged in 3 three-pointers in just 20 bench minutes. He's putting up some nice production in limited minutes and should be watched in 14-team leagues, especially rotisserie leagues where his good percentages help.
Droppable 10 teams Kyle: Williams isn't playing enough or doing enough in the time he does play to warrant rostering beyond very deep leagues, and there's no reason to believe his value will improve anytime soon.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Could see a larger role if Lamb is out. He sure took a lot of shots, so if FGA are a caregory, you'd be happy. He will be better than this and he could push his playing time up.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Monk's shots weren't going in, but he took a ton of them. He got a few extra minutes with Jeremy Lamb leaving with a groin in jury and the game going to overtime. Coach Borrego gave everyone minutes Friday, and he's showing a willingness to shakeup his rotation mid-game. If Lamb has to miss time or Batum gets benched anymore, Monk should benefit and could be a great stream in the short-term.
Josh: At this point, we just have to hope he gets traded sooner rather than later.
Kyle: The TimberBulls have lost 5 straight. What's the breaking point for T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor with this mess? At least coach Thibodeau is playing Butler insane minutes in the games he does play.

WAS (108) @ ORL (117)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  120.72Bradley BealG 100  WASY41:462744621.47621.75043425.62.052.64-0.671.282.280.570.04-0.34-1.36
  170.55Kelly Oubre Jr.F 65  PHO 25:111924020.60010.83360218.50.660.58-0.67-1.532.28-1.281.880.882.10
  260.34Jeff GreenF 29  WAS 24:241423001.80051.00040011.5-0.210.58-1.01-1.53-2.360.572.452.452.10
  320.23John WallG 44X WASY42:2019071221.42921.50023224.40.66-1.490.364.082.280.57-1.44-1.56-1.36
  51-0.14Otto PorterF 95  WASY23:11823120.4297.00001114.3-1.260.58-1.01-1.062.28-1.28-0.460.010.95
  114-0.94Markieff MorrisF 28INJ 12g WASY26:00715300.3758.00003317.5-1.43-0.46-0.32-0.12-2.36-1.28-1.170.01-1.36
  131-1.12Dwight HowardC 51INJ 6g WASY26:051208000.7508.00024220.5-0.56-1.490.71-1.53-2.36-1.283.30-4.34-2.51
  135-1.18Tomas SatoranskyG 59  WAS 7:34000100.0001.00001011.0-2.65-1.49-2.04-1.06-2.36-1.28-0.670.010.95
  145-1.43Austin RiversG 21  HOU 23:292011001.0001.00013416.3-2.30-1.49-1.70-1.06-2.36-1.280.82-2.17-1.36
    Chasson RandleG   WAS                       
    Sam DekkerF 1  WAS                       
    Trevor ArizaF 78  WAS                       
    Thomas BryantC 51  WAS                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010811352483.51282.684191818
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  91.00Nikola VucevicC 97  ORLY30:3821114312.62516.00002225.61.01-0.462.77-0.12-0.042.423.590.01-0.20
  180.51Jerian GrantG 1  ORL 22:5613232111.00051.00011212.2-0.390.58-1.01-0.59-0.040.573.940.620.95
  220.42Mohamed BambaC 37  ORL 17:221512302.8758.00001522.5-0.04-0.46-1.36-0.12-2.362.424.790.010.95
  330.17Aaron GordonF 98Q ORLY42:202037400.42914.83360017.10.831.610.360.34-2.36-1.28-0.950.882.10
  390.07Evan FournierF 76  ORLY36:421534621.35317.00003223.7-0.041.61-0.671.282.280.57-3.080.01-1.36
  65-0.26D.J. AugustinG 42  ORLY25:041122410.4005.83362016.7-0.740.58-1.360.34-0.04-1.28-0.530.88-0.20
  75-0.46Terrence RossG 52  ORL 29:441217320.45511.50024223.2-0.56-0.460.36-0.122.28-1.28-0.31-1.56-2.51
  89-0.62Jonathon SimmonsF 2  ORL 14:58601010.33361.00020220.0-1.61-1.49-1.70-1.53-0.04-1.28-
  112-0.92Wesley IwunduF   ORLY14:36401100.33331.00021214.5-1.95-1.49-1.70-1.06-2.36-1.28-0.601.230.95
  141-1.23Jarell MartinF   ORL 5:40000000.0001.00001115.4-2.65-1.49-2.04-1.53-2.36-1.28-0.670.010.95
    Khem BirchC   ORL                       
    Isaiah BriscoeG   ORL                       
    Jonathan IsaacF 44  ORL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011713412686.51286.842191518
Stream 14 teams Josh: Oubre played well, but it better used as a stream option. He is too inconsistent and offers little apart from scoring.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: Oubre had a nice game, but his role and production are too inconsistent to consider him a must-roster in standard leagues. Oubre should be viewed primarily as a streaming option in standard leagues when the Wizards are healthy.
Josh: Perfect shooting accoutns for the elevated performance.
Josh: One of the best blocks specialists, but offers very little else usually. Today, was an exception, as he couldn't miss and added nice scoring. He is still more of a 14 team guy.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: This was a nice game from Bamba, especially, the 15 points, but he remains just a stream option for blocks in standard leagues.
Kyle: Wall has played 41+ minutes in each of the last two games, both regulation contests.
Josh: Back to another stinker for Porter, Oubre played solidly, but it is still no excuse for only 23 minutes for Porter. Brooks has a real issue with Porter at the moment and it is definitely concerning. I am definitely not dropping Porter, though.
Kyle: Porter was shafted for minutes again Friday, the fourth time this season that coach Brooks has decided to play Porter 25 minutes or less in favor of rolling with someone else. I'd probably be trying to trade Porter to see if I can get good value back. Usually, I'd expect the starter to reclaim their consistency, but the Wizards have a lot more ironic depth on the roster this season to waste minutes on.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Ross' strong form continued and as long as Jonathan Isaac is out, Ross has some solid value for even 12 team leagues, especially if you need points.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: Ross's minutes will come down when Jonathan Isaac returns, but as long as Isaac is out, Ross is worth streaming for points and threes.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Morris has crapped the bed in three of the four games since Dwight Howard returned to action. I'd try to trade Morris and see if I could get back a better long-term option, but if a trade isn't, possible, I'd at least be considering Morris as a drop candidate for the right free agent.

DET (124) @ ATL (109)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  100.96Stanley JohnsonF 2  DET 24:142247230.50016.66730329.51.182.640.36-0.594.60-1.280.61-0.952.10
  250.39Langston GallowayG 1  DET 23:571651201.55691.00010216.30.133.68-1.70-0.59-2.360.571.100.622.10
  280.30Andre DrummondC 100Q DETY32:3523011114.66715.42973526.71.35-1.491.74-1.06-
  44-0.04Glenn Robinson IIIF   DETY18:341221210.57171.00021119.7-0.560.58-1.70-0.59-0.04-
  49-0.11Reggie BullockF 31  DETY23:321333400.5569.00001217.5-0.391.61-1.010.34-2.36-
  63-0.25Ish SmithG 3Q DET 23:061021301.4449.00000416.1-0.910.58-1.70-0.12-2.360.57-0.390.012.10
  66-0.28Reggie JacksonG 59  DETY21:151022310.4449.00001419.4-0.910.58-1.36-0.12-0.04-1.28-0.390.010.95
  72-0.39Zaza PachuliaC 1  DET 11:46406020.33331.00022220.6-1.95-1.490.02-1.532.28-1.28-0.601.23-0.20
  76-0.46Blake GriffinF 100  DETY25:57619920.20010.33331219.6-1.61-0.461.052.682.28-1.28-4.07-3.730.95
  86-0.60Jose CalderonG   DET 22:26501400.50041.0001048.2-1.78-1.49-1.700.34-2.36-
  122-1.02Bruce BrownG   DET 5:20002000.0001.0000017.7-2.65-1.49-1.36-1.53-2.36-1.28-0.670.012.10
  124-1.05Khyri ThomasG   DET 3:39310000.3333.00001045.2-2.13-0.46-2.04-1.53-2.36-1.28-0.600.010.95
  137-1.18Jon LeuerF   DET 3:39000000.0002.00000122.6-2.65-1.49-2.04-1.53-2.36-1.28-1.380.012.10
    Luke KennardG 7  DET                       
   0.00Totals    240:00124204430106.47497.632191031
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  41.26Jeremy LinG 10  ATL 21:361923430.55691.00070223.80.660.58-1.010.344.60-
  340.17Omari SpellmanF 3  ATLY26:4114210010.500101.00021119.0-0.210.581.40-1.53-0.04-1.280.391.230.95
  50-0.14Dewayne DedmonC 61  ATL 26:251319000.50081.00041417.4-0.39-0.461.05-1.53-2.36-1.280.322.450.95
  68-0.34Taurean PrinceF 77  ATLY21:43615020.40051.00012014.6-1.61-0.46-0.32-1.532.28-1.28-0.530.62-0.20
  73-0.42Miles PlumleeC INJ 1g ATL 17:291404101.8758.00021124.1-0.21-1.49-0.67-1.06-2.360.574.79-4.340.95
  84-0.57Trae YoungG 86  ATLY23:131604500.44491.00086134.00.13-1.49-0.670.81-2.36-1.28-0.394.89-4.82
  85-0.59Kent BazemoreG 60INJ 1g ATLY21:45803101.50061.00022117.4-1.26-1.49-1.01-1.06-2.360.570.251.23-0.20
  105-0.83Kevin HuerterG 36Q ATL 28:54206300.2005.0000037.4-2.30-1.490.02-0.12-2.36-1.28-
  107-0.84Alex PoythressF GLG ATL 10:55312000.3333.00000511.7-2.13-0.46-1.36-1.53-2.36-1.28-0.600.012.10
  108-0.89Vince CarterG 1  ATL 6:06201100.5002.00000014.0-2.30-1.49-1.70-1.06-2.36-
  144-1.34Alex LenC 17  ATLY7:57202100.2005.00002137.5-2.30-1.49-1.36-1.06-2.36-1.28-2.020.01-0.20
  147-1.72DeAndre' BembryF 13  ATL 17:28803000.3336.50081225.7-1.26-1.49-1.01-1.53-2.36-1.28-1.24-6.250.95
  148-1.96Tyler DorseyG   ATL 9:48201100.0003.33360024.5-2.30-1.49-1.70-1.06-2.36-1.28-2.09-7.472.10
    John CollinsF 96  ATL                       
   0.00Totals    240:001097531762.45679.750401621
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Is this the old Jeremy Lin? It's close to Charlotte and 16-17 Nets Lin type production and if he gets low 20s in minutes, he is a 12 team guy. He also got extra run here because it was a blowout and Trae Young played just 23 minutes.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Lin should be on watch lists in most leagues given his potential, but I'd probably only be streaming him in 14-teams right now. Most of his recent good games have come in blowouts. The Hawks will have plenty of those going forward, but it says something that Lin's minutes and production is mostly coming when they're losing big and playing against end-of-benchers. I'm excited by what he's done but skeptical of what is to come.
Watch 12 teams Josh: This is two good games in a row for Stanley. Has he found his shot? I doubt that, but the bench role is suiting him more than starting and he is a watch list guy.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Johnson put up an insane line in just 24 bench minutes Friday, and had a nice line last game, too, but he doesn't usually produce like this and was playing against probably the worst team in the league. Context matters, as much as I, the biggest Stanley Johnson fan in Wisconsin, would like to anoint Johnson the next Kawhi Leonard, that's not what's happening here. It's fine to take a flier on Johnson in deeper leagues, but he'll likely disappoint in the next game.
Josh: The shooting is unsustainable, but Galloway has his role back with Luke Kennard out and has a little value in deeper formats.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: I wouldn't trust this production to keep up for Galloway, but he's worth streaming through this hot streak to see how far he can fly.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Two straight double-doubles for The Wizard. Until John Collins is back, Spellman has some intrigue.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: Spellman has posted back-to-back double-doubles in his last two starts. He's also hit threes and blocked shots and done so in somewhat-limited minutes. Add him to watch lists everywhere, but once John Collins returns, it'll be hard for Spellman to hold standard-league value, so he's probably best left on wires there, unless you want to stream him in for a few games and see if he can continue to produce. Just don't drop a good long-term option for Spellman.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Len was brutal, so Dedmon saw his minutes climb back up. I still worry about his upside with Len around, but he can be useful.
Josh: Foul trouble limiting Reggie' minutes. He is a back end 12 team guy with zero upside.
Kyle: Jackson had four fouls in just 21 minutes, and this game was a blowout. I wouldn't read too much into his low minutes or the production from this game.
Josh: Did Plumlee just overtake Len? I doubt it, but that is two straight games where he has played.
Josh: Griffin had one point in the first half and the Pistons still killed Atlanta. Don't worry too much about this.
Kyle: The Pistons decimated the Hawks, so Griffin was able to rest down the stretch.
Josh: His value is going to tank hard at some point this season. I don't think this is it, but it's worth monitoring.
Watch 12 teams Josh: If the pendulum is swinging away from Bazemore, it is going to swing toward Huerter. He isn't an add yet, but is someone to watch.

IND (110) @ MIA (102)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  140.61Victor OladipoG 100  INDY36:4322151040.40922.60051330.01.18-0.46-0.323.156.92-1.28-2.15-2.510.95
  350.13Bojan BogdanovicF 74  INDY29:371632120.6679.50022317.50.131.61-1.36-1.062.28-1.282.59-1.56-0.20
  360.09Cory JosephG 8  IND 31:501425200.8577.00001311.0-0.210.58-0.32-0.59-2.36-
  42-0.01Darren CollisonG 78  INDY36:241703412.60010.62581117.40.31-1.49-1.010.34-0.042.421.88-3.460.95
  59-0.22Domantas SabonisC 85  IND 24:0217011101.8577.62582422.80.31-1.491.74-1.06-2.360.574.01-3.46-0.20
  81-0.56Doug McDermottF 1  IND 15:113120101.0001.0000115.8-2.13-0.46-1.36-1.53-0.04-1.280.820.010.95
  95-0.66Myles TurnerC 96  INDY23:58806002.4449.00003521.9-1.26-1.490.02-1.53-2.362.42-0.390.01-1.36
  113-0.94T.J. LeafF   IND 7:07201000.5002.00000012.3-2.30-1.49-1.70-1.53-2.36-
  140-1.23Tyreke EvansG 39  IND 18:15800110.300101.00024535.7-1.26-1.49-2.04-1.06-0.04-1.28-2.581.23-2.51
  146-1.53Thaddeus YoungF 81 EJECTINDY16:53304110.5002.25043117.5-2.13-1.49-0.67-1.06-0.04-1.280.11-5.90-1.36
   0.00Totals    240:0011073920105.54479.586291826
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  400.06Kelly OlynykC 21 LRMIA 21:162034200.7508.71471123.50.831.61-0.67-0.59-2.36-1.283.30-1.290.95
  48-0.11Derrick JonesF 5  MIA 25:301012111.6676.50020111.2-0.91-0.46-1.36-1.06-0.040.571.74-1.562.10
  64-0.26Rodney McGruderG 9  MIAY33:531134510.36411.00002315.9-0.741.61-0.670.81-0.04-1.28-1.800.01-0.20
  71-0.39Hassan WhitesideC 91  MIAY33:2711020104.6258.20054517.6-0.74-1.494.84-1.06-2.366.111.81-8.08-2.51
  97-0.69Wayne EllingtonG 8  MIAY23:43312210.2504.0000158.7-2.13-0.46-1.36-0.59-0.04-1.28-1.310.010.95
  98-0.70Josh RichardsonF 92  MIAY28:401820620.35317.80056536.40.480.58-
  110-0.90Bam AdebayoC 33  MIA 7:053010001.00011.00011214.3-2.13-1.49-1.70-1.53-2.36-1.280.820.620.95
  115-0.95Tyler JohnsonG 23  MIA 33:061532501.41712.50045223.5-0.041.61-1.360.81-2.360.57-1.02-3.12-3.66
  116-0.95Justise WinslowF 72  MIAY27:471112510.30813.66733325.8-0.74-0.46-1.360.81-0.04-1.28-3.22-0.95-1.36
  118-0.98Duncan RobinsonG GLG MIA 5:33001000.0000.000000 -2.65-1.49-1.70-1.53-2.36-
    Dwyane WadeG 30  MIA                       
    Dion WaitersG 4  MIA                       
    Goran DragicG 57INJ 12g MIA                       
    James JohnsonF 26  MIA                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010214382766.45080.593272327
Kyle: Oladipo was questionable with a tweaked knee but was able to play and looked fine in his 37 minutes.
Josh: Joseph playing this much is limited what Evans can do, but a good line from Joseph looks like this and it takes 86% shooting to get there. He is a deep league guy.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Joseph has been playing a lot of minutes, but this was the first time he scored in double-digits in eight games. He doesn't offer enough consistent production to be considered as anything more than a stream option in most deeper leagues.
Watch 14 teams Josh: Was putting up his best line for the year before hurting his ribs. It doesn't appear too serious, but there is no way to rely upon him doing this consistently.
Kyle: Olynyk scored a season-high 20 points in just 21 minutes before he took a knee to the ribs on a flying drive to the basket by Tyreke Evans that forced Olynyk to leave the game. He was back on the bench to end the game and said that he should be fine going forward. Olynyk's role is too erratic to consider him anything more than a stream option in standard leagues.
Josh: After a few real stinkers, COllison got a ton of minutes and put up a good line. I am not buying it and I would leave him on the wire in standard leagues if he was dropped.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: This was Collison's first good game in his last four. His minutes have been down, and with it his production and fantasy value. Collison got 36 minutes Friday, with Thaddeus Young ejected, more minutes were available up and down the rotation that won't usually be there.
Kyle: Jones got some unexpected run with the Heat having several players out due to injury and their replacements limited by foul trouble. Leave Jones on the wire in most leagues. He's not a regular part of the rotation when the team is healthy.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Sabonis was great again, even in limited minutes, and he shouldn't be on the wire in standard leagues.
Kyle: Is this just what we should expect from Whiteside again, dominant rebound and block games? I hope he's really back, but Whiteside has a mercurial personality, so this could combust.
Josh: Another disappointing performance. He is barely a top 100 guy this season and things are going backwards. I'm not dropping yet, but it's gooing in the wrong direction and I don't think he is a buy low player.
Kyle: Foul trouble limited his minutes Friday. He's been frustrating to roster in standard leagues so far this season, but there remains plenty of upside and plenty of evidence in his game log that better days should be ahead for Turner. He's a firm hold, and if you don't want him, I'd trade him. Someone should at least be enticed by his blocks.
Kyle: Ellington was in foul trouble and couldn't hit a shot, limiting his minutes despite getting a second straight spot start with Goran Dragic and Dwyane Wade out. When the Heat are healthy, Ellington might be out of the rotation again, so I wouldn't roster him as anything more than a short-term streamer for threes in most leagues.
Josh: Huge minutes with both Dragic and Wade out. Don't rely on it.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Johnson played big minutes Dragic and Wade out and Ellington and Richardson in foul trouble. I wouldn't consider Johnson anything more than a streaming option in 14-team leagues.
Watch 12 teams Josh: This sort of performance is more like what we can exppect from Winslow. It's fine, but it's hardly in the must grab territory like his first couple of showing suggested.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He just isn't being used correctly by Nate McMillan We can't change that, so all we can do is move on.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Evans just doesn't look like he's going to get things going anytime soon. I'd be considering him as a drop candidate in standard leagues. But if you do drop him, keep an eye on his role, and continue to consider him a streaming option.
Droppable 10 teams Josh: Young was ejected for a flagrant foul. His production hasn't been great regardless. I don't think he is a ten team league guy anymore.
Kyle: Young was assessed a flagrant-2 fouyl after his elbow grazed Kelly Olynyk's face, resulting in an immediate ejection for Young. It didn't look dirt, and Olynyk sold it well.
Kyle: Wade had a kid earlier this week, and the Heat told him to take as much time as he needs. He is not expected to play Saturday.

BKN (112) @ DEN (110)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  230.42D'Angelo RussellG 90  BKNY26:062334520.50014.75082231.41.351.61-0.670.812.28-1.280.54-0.68-0.20
  240.42Jarrett AllenC 94  BKNY30:381809215.50014.50080324.00.48-1.491.05-0.59-0.047.960.54-6.252.10
  56-0.20Spencer DinwiddieG 79  BKN 29:481216601.27311.83360219.2-0.56-0.460.021.28-2.360.57-3.290.882.10
  67-0.30Joe HarrisG 59  BKNY26:361124010.66761.00013414.9-0.740.58-0.67-1.53-0.04-1.281.740.62-1.36
  77-0.49Rondae Hollis-JeffersonF 32  BKN 17:49813211.2229.75040225.3-1.26-0.46-1.01-0.59-0.040.57-3.36-0.342.10
  79-0.49Ed DavisF 7  BKN 16:05206010.5002.0000065.2-2.30-1.490.02-1.53-0.04-
  88-0.62Allen CrabbeG 32INJ 2g BKN 23:11822000.4297.00000012.7-1.260.58-1.36-1.53-2.36-1.28-0.460.012.10
  94-0.66DeMarre CarrollF 25  BKN 14:08912000.33361.00041026.0-1.08-0.46-1.36-1.53-2.36-1.28-1.242.450.95
  104-0.83Caris LeVertG 56INJ 14g BKNY31:261712511.42914.44490224.00.31-0.46-1.360.81-0.040.57-0.95-8.422.10
  128-1.08Jared DudleyF INJ 2g BKNY24:13414101.2005.50022313.6-1.95-0.46-0.67-1.06-2.360.57-2.02-1.56-0.20
    Rodions KurucsF 5  BKN                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011212422179.40988.66742824
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  31.31Nikola JokicC 100  DENY33:1237121312.63622.800106540.73.79-0.465.18-0.12-0.042.425.290.54-4.82
  300.27Monte MorrisG 11  DEN 22:071516210.63611.00000220.8-0.04-0.460.02-0.59-0.04-1.282.660.012.10
  62-0.24Jamal MurrayG 98  DENY40:261602510.357141.00062519.20.13-1.49-1.360.81-0.04-1.28-2.443.67-0.20
  70-0.37Malik BeasleyG 26  DEN 22:05823100.6005.0000029.5-1.260.58-1.01-1.06-2.36-1.280.960.012.10
  96-0.67Trey LylesF 4  DEN 21:081003201.4297.66760019.0-0.91-1.49-1.01-0.59-2.360.57-0.46-1.902.10
  109-0.90Juan HernangomezF 7Q DEN 13:48202000.5002.0000016.1-2.30-1.49-1.36-1.53-2.36-
  119-0.99Torrey CraigG 1  DENY9:12311100.2005.00000222.7-2.13-0.46-1.70-1.06-2.36-1.28-
  125-1.06Paul MillsapF 89  DENY26:5211011001.5008.50063221.2-0.74-1.491.74-1.53-2.360.570.32-4.68-1.36
  127-1.07Mason PlumleeC 11  DEN 14:48403200.5002.50040410.6-1.95-1.49-1.01-0.59-2.36-1.280.11-3.122.10
  133-1.15Gary HarrisG 90  DENY36:22402401.091111.00021514.8-1.95-1.49-1.360.34-2.360.57-
    Will BartonG 84  DEN                       
   0.00Totals    240:001105542035.46087.735341228
Josh: He's back!. He had one FGA last game, it's safe to say he corrected that issue.
Kyle: Pretty, pretty, pretty ... pretty good. Was anyone really concerned? Annoyed? Absolutely, because you know Jokic has games like this in his back pocket if he wants to get buckets.
Josh: The low minutes are annoying, but the production is very nice.
Josh: Morris has had a couple of good games this year but they coinicide with very high shooting percentages. He can be left for deeper leagues.
Kyle: Morris had a good game, but it was his first in a while. If he wasn't of use in your league before this game, I don't think anything changed.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: I was worried about Shabazz Napier limiting Dinwiddie's bench role enough to make him irrelevant in standard leagues, but with DeMarre Carroll back in the rotation, Napier didn't see the court. I still think there's a chance Jared Dudley will be tossed from the rotation in favor of Napier at some point, but that's not now, so Dinwiddie's role appears more secure than I thought it would be, at least for now.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: With Carroll back, and the way Atkinson is running the rotation, RHJ is tough guy to hold. I thought he could take a step forward, but it's looking more unlikely by the day.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Hollis-Jefferson just isn't getting the minutes, and even with DeMarre Carroll back in the forward rotation, coach Atkinson opted to keep Jared Dudley in the rotation and starting while removing Shabazz Napier.
Josh: Season debut and he produced well. His return could be the end of standard league hopes for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.
Kyle: Carroll returned to action Friday, and with Carroll back in the rotation, Shabazz Napier didn't see the court.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Make sure Lyles is on watch lists in case Millsap's role gets reduced in favor or Lyles playing more as the season goes on.
Kyle: LeVert sonned Gary Harris, dribbled past him and sunk a floater from the free-thow line with 0.3 seconds left to win the game.
Josh: Why this guy keeps starting is beyond me.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Millsap is outsie the top 100 this season. I don't see him getting back in. That makes him close to a droppable guy in ten team leagues. Age waits for no-one (exceot for LeBron.)
Kyle: Gary couldn't hit a shot. Well, I guess he did hit one. Just chalk it up to a crappy game.

BOS (115) @ UTA (123)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  61.25Jayson TatumF 98  BOSY36:132123450.50014.83361422.11.010.58-1.010.349.23-1.280.540.880.95
  130.70Terry RozierG 42  BOSY36:092256300.538131.00030118.01.183.680.02-0.12-2.36-
  200.49Marcus SmartG 39IN BOS 33:1313431020.4449.50021214.9-0.392.64-
  270.30Marcus MorrisF 71  BOS 27:011625220.455111.00042124.80.130.58-0.32-0.592.28-1.28-0.312.45-0.20
  290.27Al HorfordF 96  BOSY28:321314312.60010.00002219.1-0.39-0.46-0.67-0.12-0.042.421.880.01-0.20
  380.07Gordon HaywardF 85IN BOSY25:401311710.33391.00061322.4-0.39-0.46-1.701.75-0.04-1.28-1.873.670.95
  102-0.76Aron BaynesC 2  BOS 14:55502100.66731.00011113.5-1.78-1.49-1.36-1.06-2.36-1.280.890.620.95
  106-0.84Semi OjeleyeF   BOS 8:06310000.5002.00000111.2-2.13-0.46-2.04-1.53-2.36-
  120-1.00Jaylen BrownG 53  BOSY29:54914101.23517.00000425.8-1.08-0.46-0.67-1.06-2.360.57-
  121-1.02Guerschon YabuseleF   BOS 0:17000000.0000.000001 -2.65-1.49-2.04-1.53-2.36-
    Kyrie IrvingG 100  BOS                       
   0.00Totals    240:00115172831113.44388.90922820
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  21.65Joe InglesF 89  UTAY35:012755711.714141.00021319.52.053.68-0.321.75-0.040.575.001.230.95
  81.10Rudy GobertC 100  UTAY36:0117015202.75081.00050312.20.31-1.493.12-0.59-2.362.423.303.062.10
  110.74Jae CrowderF 36  UTA 30:102046411.53315.00001322.80.832.640.020.34-0.040.571.320.010.95
  57-0.20Derrick FavorsF 67  UTAY21:3914161001.0005.60050314.3-0.21-0.460.02-1.06-2.36-1.283.94-2.512.10
  61-0.23Ricky RubioG 87Q UTAY37:031716700.538131.00024420.70.31-0.460.021.75-2.36-
  87-0.61Donovan MitchellG 100  UTAY33:502112520.35714.769135131.41.01-0.46-1.360.812.28-1.28-2.44-0.41-3.66
  126-1.06Alec BurksG 28  CLE 21:12510100.3333.66731116.8-1.78-0.46-2.04-1.06-2.36-1.28-0.60-0.950.95
  129-1.08Royce O'NealeF 5  UTA 14:04204000.5002.00002112.2-2.30-1.49-0.67-1.53-2.36-
  134-1.18Georges NiangF   UTA 8:13000100.0001.00001110.5-2.65-1.49-2.04-1.06-2.36-1.28-0.670.010.95
  139-1.22Dante ExumG 2INJ 6g UTA 2:47001100.0002.00001146.3-2.65-1.49-1.70-1.06-2.36-1.28-1.380.010.95
    Kyle KorverG 12  UTA                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012313452944.55877.800301621
Kyle: Ingles bounced back from his three-game stretch of poor shooting to post a great scoring line with contributions across the board.
Kyle: Every Celtics player's line should be prefaced by the fact that Kyrie Irving (personal) was out for this game. With that said, it appears Tatum took his second-half benching from last game to heart, because he was great Friday.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He probably should be rostered in 12 team leagues, even if his upside isn't that high. He is outplaying Favors in minutes every game and I don't see that changing.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Crowder actually made good on the revenge game narrative. Nice work Jae! He should be on someone's roster in 10-team leagues, though his production may not fit on a stacked roster.
Josh: Took advantage of Kyrie Irving's absence. Don't buy into it.
Kyle: Kyrie Irving was out, giving Rozier a spot start, but Irving will be back next game. Make note that Rozier is a great stream option when Irving is out, but with the Celtics backcourt healthy, Rozier won't have consistent value for standard leagues.
Josh: Took advantage of Kyrie Irving's absence. Don't buy into it.
Kyle: Just like Rozier, Smart benefited from the absence of Kyrie Irving. Smart won't get these minutes or production when Irving is healthy.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: It won't last, but while it's happening, you can utilise this elevated level of production.
Kyle: Morris continues to produce. Ride the wave, and sell high for a better long-term option if you can.
Josh: He is getting back. It's a slow road, but he should be rostered in all leagues while he works his way back. Playing in the back to back was huge.
Kyle: Hayward played in both games of the Celitcs' back-to-back set Thursday and Friday. Hopefully this was a threshold of sorts the Cetlics wanted him to pass over in his return to a full compliment of minutes.
Josh: Yea boi! Seriously, though, this shooting won't stick, but the signs of an early turnaround are here.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He just isn't good enough as a fnatasy player to justify holding him. He will shoot better, no doubt, but the upside is so low for standard leagues.

MIN (110) @ SAC (121)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  51.26Karl-Anthony TownsC 100  MINY39:3639219101.556271.00074434.84.140.584.49-1.06-2.360.573.244.28-2.51
  310.26Derrick RoseG 82  MINY34:362136510.438161.00043424.31.011.610.020.81-0.04-1.28-0.882.45-1.36
  74-0.44Anthony TolliverF   MIN 18:23621010.4005.00000211.0-1.610.58-1.70-1.53-0.04-1.28-0.530.012.10
  90-0.62Jimmy ButlerG 100OUT PHIY41:121308820.25012.700103118.7-0.39-1.490.712.212.28-1.28-4.00-2.24-1.36
  101-0.76C.J. WilliamsG GLG MIN 10:58401010.5004.00001318.4-1.95-1.49-1.70-1.53-0.04-
  103-0.82Tyus JonesG 5INJ 6g MIN 25:36703310.2508.75041117.0-1.43-1.49-1.01-0.12-0.04-1.28-2.65-0.340.95
  111-0.91Taj GibsonF 52  MINY29:37909200.36411.50021317.6-1.08-1.491.05-0.59-2.36-1.28-1.80-1.560.95
  132-1.12Josh OkogieG 3  MINY27:21602100.28671.00022314.6-1.61-1.49-1.36-1.06-2.36-1.28-1.951.23-0.20
  142-1.27Gorgui DiengC 2  MIN 8:24303000.5002.50022123.5-2.13-1.49-1.01-1.53-2.36-1.280.11-1.56-0.20
    Andrew WigginsF 88  MIN                       
    Dario SaricF 57  MIN                       
    Robert CovingtonF 90INJ 6g MIN                       
    Jeff TeagueG 86  MIN                       
   0.00Totals    235:431087522061.41392.806311722
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  160.57De'Aaron FoxG 93  SACY33:1016141012.4297.750120114.70.13-0.46-0.673.15-0.042.42-0.46-1.022.10
  190.50Kosta KoufosC   SAC 19:24609230.7504.0000028.2-1.61-1.491.05-0.594.60-1.281.670.012.10
  43-0.04Nemanja BjelicaF 32  SACY27:231428112.46213.00004524.7-0.210.580.71-1.06-0.042.42-0.240.01-2.51
  45-0.10Willie Cauley-SteinC 86  SACY28:362515100.68816.50041526.11.70-0.46-0.32-1.06-2.36-1.285.07-3.120.95
  53-0.15Iman ShumpertG 4  SACY31:491742210.313161.00031222.90.312.64-1.36-0.59-0.04-1.28-3.861.840.95
  54-0.17Yogi FerrellG 1  SAC 9:06812010.75041.00010319.4-1.26-0.46-1.36-1.53-0.04-1.281.670.622.10
  58-0.22Buddy HieldG 90  SACY33:2015310300.42914.00002519.1-0.041.611.40-0.12-2.36-1.28-0.950.01-0.20
  92-0.63Marvin Bagley IIIF 62  SAC 16:18602002.28671.00021021.7-1.61-1.49-1.36-1.53-2.362.42-1.951.230.95
  100-0.74Frank Mason IIIG   SAC 14:50603300.50021.00043218.1-1.61-1.49-1.01-0.12-2.36-
  123-1.04Justin JacksonF 3  SAC 6:15001200.0002.00000112.7-2.65-1.49-1.70-0.59-2.36-1.28-1.380.012.10
  130-1.10Troy WilliamsF   SAC 19:49803100.30010.66730322.7-1.26-1.49-1.01-1.06-2.36-1.28-2.58-0.952.10
    Harry GilesF 6  SAC                       
    Bogdan BogdanovicG 75  SAC                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012112492576.45395.793291229
Kyle: Towns collected season-highs in points and rebounds. His production has been relatively inconsistent, but that will hopefully iron out once the drama leaves town.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Solid, but inefficient. The shooting was going to drop off as he was tracking at insane rates comapred to his career. As long as Teague is out, and perhaps after he returns, Rose is a 12 team guy.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Rose continues to start at PG with Jeff Teague out, and one has to wonder if Rose's good play might lead to coach Thibodeau keeping Rose in the starting lineup even when Teague returns. That's just speculation, but it wouldn't be too crazy with how Rose has played.
Josh: Started off horribly, but bounced back. He has to be rsotered and while at some point, Joerger may go to Marvin Bagley III more often, Bjelica is a 12 team guy for now.
Kyle: Bjelica bounced back after a couple poor games and did so in a revenge-game matchup against the T-Wolves.
Kyle: That's back-to-back 20+ point games for WCS.
Josh: Why is Iman Shumpert taking this many shots? He will lost playing time when Bogdan Bogdanovic is back at full speed (he rested today), soi there isn't much to see here.
Kyle: Shumpert had a pretty good game, but once Bogdan Bogdanovic is up to speed, Shumpert's starting job will likely be gone, and Shump will be moved into a more limited bench role.
Josh: At this point, we just have to hope he gets traded sooner rather than later.
Kyle: The TimberBulls have lost 5 straight. What's the breaking point for T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor with this mess? At least coach Thibodeau is playing Butler insane minutes in the games he does play.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: I don't think he is worth having in standard leagues He doesn't have the best fantasy game and the minutes are going to be limited for most of the year, if Joerger's history is anything to go by.
Josh: This guy could very well be out of the rotation when Bogdanovic is fully healthy, and rightfully so.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Okogie got a spot start with Andrew Wiggins (quad) out. He's worth having on watch lists, but Okogie has only seen big minutes when the Timberwolves have been dealing with injuries. There's a chance he could find himself out of the rotation some nights if the Wolves get healthy.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Saric's shot is falling, and he's getting more minutes with Mike Muscala (face) out. If Saric was dropped in any standard leagues, he's worth rostering for at least the short-term in 10-team leagues and larger.
Josh: Foul trouble limited him. Some people have a limited tolerance for Covington, so I'd seek out who manager and try to swing a trade and I'd also keep my eye on the wire. Some people are impetuous.
Kyle: The Kings didn't want him playing both games of a back-to-back so quickly after his return from knee surgery, but he's expected to play Saturday.