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<December 2018>
ViewCLE 110@ TOR 1265:00 pmFinalTOR by 11.5 o/u 210.5CLE 100 @ TOR 111
ViewDET 86@ CHA 985:00 pmFinalCHA by 4.0 o/u 220.5DET 108 @ CHA 112
ViewATL 114@ NYK 1075:30 pmFinalNYK by 2.0 o/u 233.5ATL 116 @ NYK 118
ViewIND 114@ BKN 1065:30 pmFinalIND by 3.0 o/u 209.5IND 106 @ BKN 103
ViewORL 80@ CHI 906:00 pmFinalORL by 3.0 o/u 202.0ORL 102 @ CHI 100
ViewMIL 120@ BOS 1076:00 pmFinalMIL by 1.5 o/u 223.5MIL 112 @ BOS 111
ViewMIN 98@ SAS 1246:30 pmFinalSAS by 3.5 o/u 219.5MIN 108 @ SAS 112Blowout
ViewMEM 99@ SAC 1028:00 pmFinalSAC by 2.0 o/u 212.5MEM 105 @ SAC 107
ViewUTA 120@ POR 908:00 pmFinalPOR by 2.0 o/u 213.5UTA 106 @ POR 108Blowout
ViewNOR 104@ LAL 1128:30 pmFinalLAL by 5.5 o/u 234.5NOR 114 @ LAL 120

Central Standard Time

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CLE (110) @ TOR (126)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  190.63Larry Nance Jr.F 68  CLEY30:1116012212.8577.80053217.30.10-1.452.16-0.650.002.464.170.24-1.35
  320.27Jordan ClarksonG 60  CLE 32:422044401.429141.00042223.20.802.63-0.760.27-2.430.56-1.032.53-0.17
  73-0.25Collin SextonG 69  CLEY28:071705310.353171.00051630.70.27-1.45-0.40-0.190.00-1.34-
  92-0.41Rodney HoodG 10  PORY17:46600210.50041.00020012.7-1.66-1.45-2.22-0.650.00-1.340.171.262.18
  113-0.53Jaron BlossomgameF GLG CLE 30:04512011.5004.0000208.5-1.84-0.43-1.49-1.570.000.560.170.00-0.17
  126-0.65Matthew DellavedovaG 1Q CLE 18:20811600.6005.50021316.0-1.31-0.43-1.861.20-2.43-1.340.98-1.651.01
  131-0.70Alec BurksG 3  SAC 28:35916211.3758.40050015.5-1.14-0.43-0.03-0.650.000.56-1.25-5.582.18
  138-0.74David NwabaG 1  CLEY14:17621000.4005.00000315.0-1.660.59-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.580.002.18
  145-0.77Cedi OsmanF 54  CLEY22:091203000.5008.80051321.6-0.61-1.45-1.13-1.57-2.43-1.340.310.241.01
  158-0.87Ante ZizicC 6  CLE 17:491106100.5569.50022428.5-0.78-1.45-0.03-1.11-2.43-1.341.13-1.65-0.17
    Tristan ThompsonC 30  CLE                       
    Brandon KnightG 3  CLE                       
    Kevin LoveF 95  CLE                       
   0.00Totals    240:001109402055.48181.767301223
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  11.60Kawhi LeonardF 100  TORY32:173726110.75016.917121126.83.790.59-0.03-1.110.00-1.346.844.671.01
  80.98Fred VanVleetG 60  TORY37:411415821.600101.00010210.7-0.26-0.43-0.402.122.420.561.940.632.18
  230.50O.G. AnunobyF 3  TORY22:102138001.64314.00001526.30.971.610.70-1.57-2.430.563.650.001.01
  420.09Lorenzo BrownG NOTE FA 16:19711330.5006.00001319.5-1.49-0.43-1.86-0.194.84-1.340.240.001.01
  69-0.19Delon WrightG 23  MEMY32:56804311.33391.00020314.8-1.31-1.45-0.76-
  83-0.37Pascal SiakamF 88  TORY37:2715210320.35317.33331120.0-0.080.591.43-0.192.42-1.34-3.26-3.931.01
  96-0.46Norman PowellF 1  TOR 26:121103310.7147.50022314.6-0.78-1.45-1.13-0.190.00-1.342.61-1.65-0.17
  134-0.71Chris BoucherF GLG TOR 2:01201001.00011.00020036.2-2.37-1.45-1.86-1.57-2.430.56-0.721.262.18
  155-0.83Greg MonroeC 2  BOS 14:01903000.6005.75041123.3-1.14-1.45-1.13-1.57-2.43-1.340.98-0.391.01
  178-1.06Malachi RichardsonG Q FA 2:01000000.0000.000001 -2.72-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.340.020.002.18
  204-1.39C.J. MilesF 1X MEM 16:55202000.1676.00001320.5-2.37-1.45-1.49-1.57-2.43-1.34-2.880.001.01
    Serge IbakaC 86  TOR                       
    Marc GasolC 96  TOR                       
    Kyle LowryG 97  TOR                       
    Danny GreenG 55  TOR                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012694321104.52791.80826823
Kyle: Leonard was awesome Friday, but he's going to sit out Saturday for the second game of their back-to-back set. The Raptors keep saying this won't be a season-long issue, but I don't want to worry about Kawhi resting in the h2h playoffs or in the final weeks if I'm fighting for a playoff spot.
Stream 12 teams Josh: For now, he is an ideal candidate to fill your stream spot, but when Lowry is back at full strength, his value will likely dip.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: FVV continues to have nice streaming value in all standard leagues with Kyle Lowry out.
Must Add 10 teams Josh: Another monster from Nance. Each big game gives me a bit more confidence on how Drew will handler him when Thompson and Love return, but this is likely the best stretch of the season for Lazza, so a sell high could
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Nance shouldn't be on the wire in any standard leagues.
Josh: Hello there! This is the jedi I've been waiting for. He started strong, faded terribly after a death in the familt and is now coming back, but he is still jsut a deep league guy when everyone is healthy. I do like his dynasty upside though.
Kyle: OG got a spot start with Pascal Siakam shifting up to start at center. OG had a great game and would have played more if he wasn't in foul trouble. Kawhi will be out Saturday, and it looks like Danny Green and Kyle Lowry will be out, too. That should give OG another spot start and make him a good stream for the day.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: He is inconsistent, but at the moment, Drew is giving him big minutes and he is delivering and can be a standard league guy.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: If you need good points with some threes and modest assists, Clarkson has value in all standard leagues.
Kyle: Wright got a spot start with Danny Green out, and he could be in line for another spot start Saturday if both Danny Green and Kyle Lowry remain out.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Still a standard league guy, but you have to know his limitations.
Kyle: Sexton fouled out. Even when he starts getting big minutes again, Sexton will likely only be a streamer for points in most leagues this season.
Kyle: Siakam shifted up to start at center with both Serge Ibaka and Jonas Valanciunas out.
Josh: He is dealing with a foot issue, so given his history, we will want to watch this.
Kyle: Coach Drew rode his bench a lot, leaving his starters wanting for minutes Friday.
Kyle: Powell got good run off the bench with Danny Green out and Delon Wright getting a spot start.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Blossomgame got a ton of minutes, and he's apparently worth having on watch lists in case his role grows and sustains unexpectedly.
Kyle: Lunch Meat was back in action after sitting out the previous game to rest a sore knee.
Kyle: Coach Drew rode his bench a lot, leaving his starters wanting for minutes Friday.
Josh: When you can't top 15 minutes when both JV and Ibaka are out, things aren't going well.
Kyle: Monroe moved back to the bench with Siakam getting the start at center and OG Anunoby starting at PF.
Josh: Extra minutes without Noah, but the efficiency has really dipped of late.

DET (86) @ CHA (98)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  390.13Bruce BrownG   DET 15:20711303.6005.00000513.8-1.49-0.43-1.86-0.19-2.434.360.980.002.18
  56-0.07Blake GriffinF 99  DETY36:502307501.50016.77892425.31.33-1.450.330.74-2.430.560.60-0.14-0.17
  78-0.31Reggie BullockF 10INJ 3g LALY36:391132310.4449.00002212.5-0.781.61-1.49-0.190.00-1.34-0.430.00-0.17
  84-0.37Andre DrummondC 100  DETY37:4517016031.44418.25044426.70.27-1.453.62-1.574.840.56-0.89-6.21-2.53
  98-0.46Reggie JacksonG 71  DETY27:451216410.30010.83362222.4-0.61-0.43-
  117-0.55Jose CalderonG   DET 20:15622300.4005.00000110.5-1.660.59-1.49-0.19-2.43-1.34-0.580.002.18
  140-0.75Jon LeuerF   DET 5:31501000.66731.00010126.4-1.84-1.45-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.340.910.632.18
  159-0.88Stanley JohnsonF 2  NOR 21:56312220.1676.00003315.5-2.19-0.43-1.49-0.652.42-1.34-2.880.00-1.35
  198-1.24Zaza PachuliaC   DET 4:44201110.3333.00020034.8-2.37-1.45-1.86-1.110.00-1.34-0.65-4.562.18
  199-1.27Luke KennardG 17  DETY18:36001000.0003.0000006.8-2.72-1.45-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.34-
  205-1.44Langston GallowayG 9  DET 14:39002000.0004.00001014.5-2.72-1.45-1.49-1.57-2.43-1.34-2.950.001.01
    Thon MakerC 4  DET                       
    Wayne EllingtonG 36  DET                       
    Ish SmithG 11  DET                       
   0.00Totals    240:00868412185.39082.636221422
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  90.89Kemba WalkerG 100  CHAY34:162242522.52917.00003025.91.152.63-1.490.742.422.461.420.00-1.35
  120.80Marvin WilliamsF 52  CHAY31:552476221.50014.60052525.31.505.70-0.03-0.652.420.560.53-2.67-0.17
  380.18Michael Kidd-GilchristF 2Q CHA 22:561205020.57171.00041318.9-0.61-1.45-0.40-1.572.42-1.341.052.531.01
  95-0.44Willy HernangomezC 3  CHA 19:451106200.55691.00011223.5-0.78-1.45-0.03-0.65-2.43-1.341.130.631.01
  141-0.76Cody ZellerC 15D CHAY21:24308200.50021.0001269.2-2.19-1.450.70-0.65-2.43-1.340.090.63-0.17
  146-0.78Miles BridgesF 30  CHA 23:49704100.6673.75041010.7-1.49-1.45-0.76-1.11-2.43-1.340.91-0.391.01
  149-0.79Jeremy LambG 80  CHAY30:151116110.27311.80052322.3-0.78-0.43-0.03-1.110.00-1.34-3.480.24-0.17
  196-1.24Nicolas BatumG 71Q CHAY36:15204401.2504.0002147.2-2.37-1.45-0.760.27-2.430.56-1.39-4.561.01
  207-1.65Tony ParkerG 2Q CHA 19:25602201.1258.66763031.2-1.66-1.45-1.49-0.65-2.430.56-4.36-2.04-1.35
    Malik MonkG 4  CHA                       
    Frank KaminskyF 8  CHA                       
    Dwayne BaconG   CHA                       
   0.00Totals    240:009812431975.44075.714281623
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Maybe I was wrong on Marvin. He has been excellent of late and is worthy of adding in all 12 team leagues.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Stream him while he's hot and getting big minutes.
Kyle: MKG has put up a couple decent games, but his production is erratic. He's only worth looking at as a situational streamer and for deeper leagues.
Josh: Brown does the little things well, like contribute in defenseive numbers and that makes him someone to watch long term, because if the offense ever comes around, he could be a dynamic fantasy option. He isn't that yet, though.
Kyle: The Shark smelled blood in the water and gobbled up a career-high three blocks.
Josh: The ludicrous shooting wasn't sustainable, and sustain, it did not. Still solid, but he doesn't look as hot of an add as he did two days ago.
Kyle: This is what most nights will look like for Bullock, with maybe a tad fewer minutes. He's best regarded as a threes streamer in most leagues.
Josh: Always good to see a big Willy performance. He has been terribly inconsistent, so I wouldn't overreact to this.
Kyle: Zeller fouled out. He's had a poor couple games, but I still like him in standard rotisserie leagues for his percentages and think he's streamable in standard h2h leagues.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Woof. The decline is real.
Kyle: Yuck. Huge minutes. Limp production. Batum is just a stream option in standard leagues.
Josh: Doing absolutely nothing in a very small starting role.
Josh: And he wans't even playing the Raptors!
Kyle: The Celtics used small lineups with forwards playing center, and Maker was playing well, so he got a couple extra minutes.
Kyle: Monk has been out of the rotation for back-to-back games. That's not good for his value.

ATL (114) @ NYK (107)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  51-0.03DeAndre' BembryF 4  ATL 28:021225310.6258.00002214.7-0.610.59-0.40-0.190.00-1.341.870.00-0.17
  58-0.07John CollinsF 96  ATLY32:5617016400.46715.75041222.20.27-1.453.620.27-2.43-1.34-0.21-0.391.01
  66-0.15Kevin HuerterG 17  ATLY34:171621111.500121.00023119.10.100.59-1.86-
  67-0.16Trae YoungG 90  ATLY28:0915031010.5569.71472120.6-0.08-1.45-
  75-0.25Kent BazemoreG 37  ATLY29:522236110.43816.71472129.11.151.61-0.03-1.110.00-1.34-0.96-1.41-0.17
  93-0.43Dewayne DedmonC 68  ATLY27:36915200.50061.00021611.8-1.14-0.43-0.40-0.65-2.43-1.340.241.261.01
  107-0.50Alex LenC 18  ATL 21:071227300.38513.00001127.3-0.610.590.33-0.19-2.43-1.34-1.850.001.01
  152-0.81Jeremy LinG 7  TOR 20:421105400.6258.50023222.5-0.78-1.45-0.400.27-2.43-1.341.87-1.65-1.35
  185-1.14Daniel HamiltonG NOTE FA 3:48000000.0001.00000112.7-2.72-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.720.002.18
  188-1.14Vince CarterG 2  ATL 13:31006100.0003.00001112.2-2.72-1.45-0.03-1.11-2.43-1.34-
    Jaylen AdamsG   ATL                       
    Taurean PrinceF 67  ATL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011410542941.47391.750241618
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  300.30Emmanuel MudiayG 30  NYKY34:093231410.60020.71473330.92.911.61-1.860.270.00-1.343.86-1.41-1.35
  460.00Kevin KnoxF 39Q NYKY36:362436110.47117.83363225.01.501.61-0.03-1.110.00-1.34-0.140.88-1.35
  47-0.01Enes KanterC 55  PORY24:251005111.5569.00000116.9-0.96-1.45-0.40-
  70-0.21Lance ThomasF   NYK 18:50602120.7504.00001310.7-1.66-1.45-1.49-1.112.42-1.341.720.001.01
  86-0.38Noah VonlehF 13Q NYKY36:3511010211.38513.50021216.4-0.78-1.451.43-0.650.000.56-1.85-1.651.01
  94-0.44Luke KornetF 1  NYK 11:21712200.7504.00000214.2-1.49-0.43-1.49-0.65-2.43-1.341.720.002.18
  132-0.71Tim Hardaway Jr.F 62X DALY38:231514500.40010.66790222.6-0.08-0.43-0.760.74-2.43-1.34-1.18-3.062.18
  135-0.71Courtney LeeG 1  DAL 10:14002011.0001.00001212.2-2.72-1.45-1.49-1.570.000.56-0.720.001.01
  166-0.96Damyean DotsonG 39  NYK 15:36202010.2504.00001113.0-2.37-1.45-1.49-1.570.00-1.34-1.390.001.01
  197-1.24Frank NtilikinaG 3Q NYK 13:51001400.0002.00002411.7-2.72-1.45-1.860.27-2.43-1.34-1.460.00-0.17
    Mario HezonjaF 26  NYK                       
    Allonzo TrierG 9Q NYK                       
    Dennis Smith Jr.G 60INJ 2g NYK                       
    Mitchell RobinsonC 62  NYK                       
    DeAndre JordanC 94  NYK                       
   0.00Totals    240:001078352083.48884.708241222
Must Add 12 teams Josh: He is a must add player. There will be some rough nights, but he looks to have joined Hardaway as the Knicks player whose minutes are safe. What an amazing occurence.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Mudiay's production has been great, but I don't trust his ability to keep a big role for the long term. Wins matter, and Mudiay keeps getting his butt handed to him.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Started out with 17 in the first quarter and faded from there, but the line itself is still strong and he has been scoring well. A better fnatasy points than fantasy categories player, he still needs to be rostered in 12 team leagues.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Knox is getting a ton of minutes and is putting up good production in points, threes, and rebounds if you need help there. He can't be trusted to put up a good FG% though.
Kyle: Bembry had a good game, but his role and production are inconsistent and based used in 14-team leagues and deeper.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Huerter was solid again and he is developing into a nice fantasy asset who I think should be on a 12 team roster.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Huerter is probably a luxury stash for teams high in the standings in 10-team leagues, but he should be rostered in 12-team leagues considering how many minutes he's getting and the potential he's showing to be a positive contributor across the board.
Josh: The shots went in! I believe his efficiency will improve as the season goes on and he shuldn't be on any waiver wires.
Kyle: That's Trae's 10th double-double already in his young career.
Josh: Continues his strong form, which will likely drop when Prince returns. He is a 12 team guy for now.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Keep streaming Bazemore as long as Taurean Prince is out.
Josh: He is a low end 12 team guy with limited upside. But, it is looking like KP won't be back at all this season, making Vonleh;s role more secure.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: The Karma Chameleon puts up some fun lines, but his production comes and goes like the Culture Club, so he's best looked at as a rebounds streamer who "maybe does some other stuff" from game to game.
Kyle: Dedmon fouled out.

IND (114) @ BKN (106)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  21.42Victor OladipoG 46X INDY35:482659620.57114.83361323.21.853.661.061.202.42-1.342.090.881.01
  41.32Myles TurnerC 96  INDY36:5915112315.53813.00001117.8-0.08-0.432.16-
  160.66Bojan BogdanovicF 79  INDY35:261732410.62581.00040313.00.271.61-1.490.270.00-1.341.872.532.18
  180.63Thaddeus YoungF 82  INDY30:502111122.563161.00022528.80.97-0.43-1.86-1.112.422.462.161.26-0.17
  72-0.23Domantas SabonisF 80  IND 18:311702030.63611.75045545.20.27-1.45-1.49-1.574.84-1.342.76-0.39-3.70
  130-0.70Darren CollisonG 80Q INDY29:45611310.3336.50020310.9-1.66-0.43-1.86-0.190.00-1.34-1.32-1.652.18
  153-0.81Aaron HolidayG 1  IND 12:18200401.3333.00001215.3-2.37-1.45-2.220.27-2.430.56-0.650.001.01
  161-0.90Cory JosephG 8  IND 19:30800200.5008.00001221.7-1.31-1.45-2.22-0.65-2.43-1.340.310.001.01
  170-0.96Doug McDermottF 1  IND 20:53202100.3333.0000026.8-2.37-1.45-1.49-1.11-2.43-1.34-0.650.002.18
    Wesley MatthewsG 34  IND                       
   0.00Totals    240:00114112924108.53782.833181126
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  170.65Rodions KurucsF 11  BKNY34:222443011.54511.800100419.71.502.63-1.13-1.570.000.561.200.492.18
  430.07Jarrett AllenC 90  BKNY29:2610052011.00031.0004108.6-0.96-1.45-0.40-0.65-2.430.562.472.531.01
  64-0.12Jared DudleyF   BKN 27:401036421.5006.25041413.9-0.961.61-
  88-0.39Joe HarrisG 53  BKNY31:071334200.6258.00003215.6-0.431.61-0.76-0.65-2.43-1.341.870.00-1.35
  125-0.64DeMarre CarrollF 10  BKN 20:201634000.50012.50022432.20.101.61-0.76-1.57-2.43-1.340.46-1.65-0.17
  147-0.79Rondae Hollis-JeffersonF 24  BKNY20:201315210.4449.66763331.7-0.43-0.43-0.40-0.650.00-1.34-0.43-2.04-1.35
  148-0.79Spencer DinwiddieG 68  BKN 32:271511910.33312.75084226.5-0.08-0.43-1.862.580.00-1.34-2.66-0.77-2.53
  165-0.95Ed DavisC 8  BKN 18:342010000.3333.00002311.9-2.37-1.451.43-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.650.00-0.17
  201-1.31D'Angelo RussellG 92  BKNY25:44313900.1258.00004120.5-2.19-0.43-1.132.58-2.43-1.34-4.360.00-2.53
    Allen CrabbeG 29OUT BKN                       
    Treveon GrahamF   BKN                       
    Caris LeVertG 42  BKN                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010616412853.45872.706342023
Josh: Another doouble digit rebound game with over two blocks. He has been incredible after a terrible start to the season and doing it on low usage, as well.
Kyle: Where are all these rebounds coming from? That's three straight games with a double-double, and he also recorded at least 4 blocks in each of those games. Congrats to anyone that bought low on Turner or grabbed him off the wire earlier this season.
Watch 14 teams Josh: I think this guy is going to be good and this was a career-high, but I don't see the season long value in him for this season. I'm pretty confident he will remain a rotation player when Crabbe returns, but he won't have this sort of opportunity. He is a future top 100 and perhaps top 75 player.
Maybe Add 14 teams Kyle: Kurucs got wild, and with the Nets having won 4 of his first 5 games as a starter, it's possible they'll stick with him there even when Allen Crabbe is healthy enough to be back in the rotation. While I don't expect his minutes to maintain, it is possible he'll exceed what I think is likely. He's OK to grab as a flier in deeper leagues and may be worth streaming in standard leagues on the small chance he commands a bigger role going forward.
Josh: Keeping the good times rolling. Thad started slow, but is in a groove at the moment and is a 12 team guy, and not just as a steals specialist.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Ride him while he's on this hot streak, and sell high if you can.
Josh: That sure is a lot of minutes for Jared Dudley.
Kyle: The Dud really ties this box score together. He has strung together a nice few games, but it won't sustain.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: As droppable as it gets in 12 team leagues. Think of him as American Nic Batum.
Droppable 10 teams Kyle: Collison has struggled since Victor Oladipo returned, and he's probably rostered in more leagues than he should be. He's quickly falling into only being a consistent 14-team player, but he'll still have streaming value in standard leagues.
Josh: I think RHJ is going to be the guy I have no idea on all season. I do know his upside is limited, but he can be a 12 team guy, it just likely won't be on any of my teams.
Kyle: RHJ had a good game, but his minutes were limited because coach Atkinson decided to roll with the hot hands in Dudley and Kurucs.
Kyle: Holiday got a few minutes with Tyreke Evans out.
Josh: A bad night. Let's move on to the next one.

ORL (80) @ CHI (90)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  51.20Nikola VucevicC 97  ORLY36:4119119404.421191.00020324.60.62-0.434.710.27-2.436.26-1.631.262.18
  410.10Jonathan IsaacF 58  ORLY19:37513030.5004.0000049.3-1.84-0.43-1.13-1.574.84-1.340.170.002.18
  48-0.01Evan FournierG 70  ORLY34:232453600.53315.75044327.51.503.66-1.131.20-2.43-1.341.34-0.39-2.53
  127-0.68Jerian GrantG 1  ORL 14:12402400.5004.00000012.8-2.01-1.45-1.490.27-2.43-1.340.170.002.18
  163-0.91Wesley IwunduF   ORL 21:43310010.2504.00001410.5-2.19-0.43-2.22-1.570.00-1.34-1.390.001.01
  177-1.06Jarell MartinF   ORL 3:42000000.0000.000000 -2.72-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.340.020.002.18
  193-1.19Aaron GordonF 96  ORLY37:0214012401.23517.600100226.3-0.26-1.452.160.27-2.430.56-6.38-5.342.18
  194-1.19D.J. AugustinG 48  ORLY33:48803200.22291.00043318.5-1.31-1.45-1.13-0.65-2.43-1.34-3.552.53-1.35
  206-1.63Terrence RossG 49  ORL 27:55203000.09111.00000217.9-2.37-1.45-1.13-1.57-2.43-1.34-6.590.002.18
  208-1.90Mohamed BambaC 26INJ 4g ORL 10:57102000.0003.25040119.8-2.54-1.45-1.49-1.57-2.43-1.34-2.21-6.212.18
    Michael Carter-WilliamsG   ORL                       
   0.00Totals    240:00808472045.32686.66724822
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  71.07Lauri MarkkanenF 90  CHIY36:453246301.600201.00042532.52.912.63-0.03-0.19-2.430.563.862.53-0.17
  450.02Shaq HarrisonG 1  CHI 21:35404113.5004.00001211.6-2.01-1.45-0.76-
  59-0.08Justin HolidayG 26  MEMY36:4111010111.273111.00051118.6-0.78-1.451.43-
  81-0.33Wendell Carter Jr.F 38X CHIY24:441008000.6258.00000516.3-0.96-1.450.70-1.57-2.43-1.341.870.002.18
  99-0.47Ryan ArcidiaconoG 2  CHIY33:06403800.25041.0002027.4-2.01-1.45-1.132.12-2.43-1.34-1.391.262.18
  118-0.55Kris DunnG 63  CHIY35:501208720.28614.66762326.2-0.61-1.450.701.662.42-1.34-4.15-2.04-0.17
  143-0.76Robin LopezC 41  CHI 22:541414201.8336.42971222.1-0.26-0.43-0.76-0.65-2.430.563.36-7.231.01
  171-0.96Chandler HutchisonF X CHI 16:44204100.2504.00000012.0-2.37-1.45-0.76-1.11-2.43-1.34-1.390.002.18
  189-1.16Antonio BlakeneyG   CHI 11:41103010.0004.50020121.0-2.54-1.45-1.13-1.570.00-1.34-2.95-1.652.18
    Wayne SeldenG 1  CHI                       
    Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotG   CHI                       
    Otto PorterF 85Q CHI                       
    Zach LaVineG 92Q CHI                       
   0.00Totals    240:00905502356.44075.73126721
Kyle: Vucevic was back in action after missing the previous game for personal reasons.
Josh: This is much better than the ridiculous 6 FGA game from Wednesday.
Kyle: The Marksman was back to filling up the bucket Friday after scoring just 8 points in his previous game.
Josh: Foul trouble limited him.
Kyle: Isaac is a luxury stash in standard leagues due to his erratic production, but he had foul trouble in this game. I'm reluctant to give up on Isaac in any standard leagues in fear of the damage he could do on someone else's roster during the h2h playoffs, but if you're struggling to stay in contention for a playoff spot and need to stream in more consistent production in 10-team leagues, Isaac proabably shouldn't be viewed as more than a streamer.
Josh: He just brings the defense and with LaVine out, Harrison should play most nights and provide deep league value.
Josh: Foul trouble limiting him again. It appears like he isn't learning and I don't think his coach is helping, so while I like him, it's getting close to considering him as a drop guy.
Kyle: Carter continues to have issues with foul troubles on a nearly nightly basis. Similar to my feelings about Jon Isaac, I'd be holding WCJ strong in 12-team leagues, but he may be a luxury stash in 10-team leagues if you're struggling to stay in contention for a playoff spot.
Buy Low 14 teams Josh: At least he reobunded well. He is shooting a putrid 39% from the floor in the last month. It will improve, so he is a buy low candidate.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Gordon has been struggling in a big way, so now would be the time to see how low he might be available for.
Kyle: Ross continues a spiral downward as he settles into being just a threes streamer.
Josh: Back on the bench with Vucevic returning. Back to the waiver wire as well.
Kyle: Bamba returned to his usual bench role with Nikola Vucevic back in action and starting.

MIL (120) @ BOS (107)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  220.54Giannis AntetokounmpoF 100  MILY33:073018503.61513.765174331.82.56-0.430.700.74-2.434.362.83-0.92-2.53
  260.35Thon MakerC 4  DET 15:031243110.8005.00000314.2-0.612.63-1.13-1.110.00-1.342.540.002.18
  49-0.01Khris MiddletonF 99  MILY33:372149510.40020.50022429.30.972.631.060.740.00-1.34-2.37-1.65-0.17
  65-0.14Tony SnellG 1D MIL 18:2815321001.0006.00003521.0-0.081.61-1.49-1.11-2.43-1.344.910.00-1.35
  71-0.21Eric BledsoeG 97  MILY29:391614210.77891.00015420.90.10-0.43-0.76-0.650.00-1.344.240.63-3.70
  85-0.38George HillG 3  MIL 22:56713300.50041.0002039.1-1.49-0.43-1.13-0.19-2.43-1.340.171.262.18
  136-0.71Brook LopezC 86  MILY23:33315102.2005.00002212.8-2.19-0.43-0.40-1.11-2.432.46-2.140.00-0.17
  142-0.76D.J. WilsonF   MIL 12:47415001.5002.50021413.0-2.01-0.43-0.40-1.57-2.430.560.09-1.651.01
  144-0.77Sterling BrownG   MIL 24:58207400.2005.0000008.6-2.37-1.450.330.27-2.43-1.34-
  150-0.79Malcolm BrogdonG 50INJ 8g MILY25:521009400.273111.00043226.2-0.96-1.451.060.27-2.43-1.34-3.482.53-1.35
    Ersan IlyasovaF 6  MIL                       
    Pat ConnaughtonG 7  MIL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012016552636.51380.786282030
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  280.33Jayson TatumF 98D BOSY31:482035221.33315.87582427.40.801.61-0.40-0.652.420.56-3.332.14-0.17
  310.27Daniel TheisF 1  BOS 24:05915120.60051.00020210.4-1.14-0.43-0.40-1.112.42-1.340.981.262.18
  330.26Jaylen BrownF 59  BOS 30:062137240.57114.28670224.10.971.610.33-0.657.27-1.342.09-10.152.18
  55-0.07Marcus SmartG 51  BOSY29:09803420.25081.00040214.2-1.31-1.45-
  97-0.46Robert WilliamsC 1INJ 7g BOS 8:034000021.00011.00021115.2-2.01-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.432.460.841.261.01
  108-0.50Kyrie IrvingG 100  BOSY38:471519700.35020.00001123.0-0.08-0.431.061.66-2.43-1.34-3.930.001.01
  110-0.51Semi OjeleyeF   BOSY16:401013010.5006.75041322.3-0.96-0.43-1.13-1.570.00-1.340.24-0.391.01
  128-0.69Brad WanamakerG   BOS 1:44000210.0000.000000 -2.72-1.45-2.22-0.650.00-1.340.020.002.18
  137-0.73Terry RozierG 45  BOS 19:26401410.14371.00020117.2-2.01-1.45-1.860.270.00-1.34-3.621.262.18
  172-0.96Guerschon YabuseleF   BOS 4:375000001.0002.50020026.5-1.84-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.341.65-1.652.18
  183-1.14Gordon HaywardF 67  BOSY35:351113000.23113.80050018.1-0.78-0.43-1.13-1.57-2.43-1.34-4.960.242.18
    Aron BaynesC 1  BOS                       
    Marcus MorrisF 64  BOS                       
    Al HorfordC 96Q BOS                       
   0.00Totals    240:00107103622133.38591.75036516
Josh: And he wans't even playing the Raptors!
Kyle: The Celtics used small lineups with forwards playing center, and Maker was playing well, so he got a couple extra minutes.
Josh: Got the bulk of the centre minutes and should do as long as Horford is out. Theis is more of a 14-16 team league guy.
Josh: Great game, especially late, but it's not fooling me in to adding him in standard leagues.
Kyle: Brown moved back to the bench after getting a spot start in the previous game. He played big minutes and had a good showing, but Brown is best considered a stream option in most leagues.
Josh: Back in business, thankfully.
Kyle: Snell is playing well of late, but his production won't last.
Josh: Marginally limited by Hill for the second straight game. I'm not worried, but I'm watching it.
Josh: A matchup against Lopez and Maker doesn't exactly play into Williams' strengths, but only eight minutes is disappointing. When Horford is back, WIlliams mayh not even be in the rotation. He is clearly not a must add, even if I think he will play better next game, assuming Horford is out.
Josh: Surprise starter at centre, he isn't likely to be any sort of fantasy option in most leagues.
Kyle: Semi got a spot start at center for some reason. He was OK in his limited minutes, but he'll likely go back to a bench role in the C's next game.
Kyle: Lopez fell into another bad matchup with the Celtics starting a frontcourt of Gordon Hayward and Semi Ojeleye, and that limited his minues. Lopez remains a hold in standard leagues, and if he gets dropped, I'll be adding him.
Josh: Continuing to provide serviceabke play in Ilyasova's absence, which for deeper leagues, is something to act on.
Kyle: Wilson looks like he'll have some streaming value for very deep leagues while Ersan Ilyasova is out.
Josh: Low minutes for the second straight game. Worth watching.
Kyle: Brogdon's minutes have been down of late, and if that persists, he might fall into being just a streaming option in standard leagues.
Josh: Started and disappointed. I've been holding Hayward, but we are a third of the way through the season and there haven't been many improvements. I'm a bit worried.
Kyle: Hayward finally got moved back into the starting lineup, but several players were out, and things didn't go so great, meaning it's hard to know if Hayward has a legit chance at sticking in the starting lineup going forward.

MIN (98) @ SAS (124)  Blowout

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  31.39Robert CovingtonF 72X MINY30:401327161.5569.50021415.7-0.430.590.33-1.1112.110.561.13-1.651.01
  440.05Taj GibsonF 36Q MINY23:359071021.0004.5002029.1-1.14-1.450.33-1.11-2.432.463.28-1.652.18
  102-0.49Jerryd BaylessG 1  MIN 12:00710310.5006.00001225.8-1.49-0.43-2.22-0.190.00-1.340.240.001.01
  104-0.49James NunnallyG NOTE FA 4:196210001.0002.00000122.3-1.660.59-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.341.650.002.18
  105-0.49Dario SaricF 50  MIN 20:06705410.40051.00033020.5-1.49-1.45-0.400.270.00-1.34-0.581.90-1.35
  109-0.50Josh OkogieG 11  MIN 26:00803111.3336.80051215.6-1.31-1.45-1.13-
  122-0.59Tyus JonesG 26  MIN 25:481000300.57171.00021015.2-0.96-1.45-2.22-0.19-2.43-1.341.051.261.01
  123-0.62Karl-Anthony TownsC 100  MINY28:551316410.26715.80051327.8-0.43-0.43-
  151-0.79Andrew WigginsF 83  MINY29:201506000.27311.900102326.2-0.08-1.45-0.03-1.57-2.43-1.34-3.483.40-0.17
  160-0.89Gorgui DiengC 1  MIN 19:05602110.3339.00001223.2-1.66-1.45-1.49-1.110.00-1.34-1.990.001.01
  182-1.11Derrick RoseG 47XOUTMINY15:53402101.12581.00021027.5-2.01-1.45-1.49-1.11-2.430.56-4.361.261.01
  187-1.14Anthony TolliverF 1  MIN 4:19000000.0001.00000010.2-2.72-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.720.002.18
    Keita Bates-DiopF 1  MIN                       
   0.00Totals    240:009863919115.39883.839311219
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  100.89Bryn ForbesG 11  SASY29:472234701.583121.00051022.11.151.61-0.761.66-2.430.562.013.161.01
  290.33Marco BelinelliG 11  SAS 25:471756210.54511.00002121.80.273.66-0.03-0.650.00-1.341.200.00-0.17
  350.23Davis BertansF 9  SAS 22:531555110.50010.00001320.8-0.083.66-0.40-1.110.00-1.340.380.001.01
  360.19Patty MillsG 12  SAS 22:35623531.2867.00002017.2-1.660.59-1.130.744.840.56-2.060.00-0.17
  50-0.02Rudy GayF 71  SASY18:571425210.6258.66731423.6-0.260.59-0.40-0.650.00-1.341.87-1.021.01
  76-0.29LaMarcus AldridgeF 99  SASY22:421019401.400101.00012423.7-0.96-0.431.060.27-2.430.56-1.180.63-0.17
  82-0.36Jakob PoeltlC 25  SAS 27:091206100.6679.00001315.9-0.61-1.45-0.03-1.11-2.43-1.342.690.001.01
  106-0.49Derrick WhiteG 56  SASY24:50703410.50061.00012314.7-1.49-1.45-
  119-0.56Quincy PondexterF   SAS 5:075102001.0002.00000016.9-1.84-0.43-2.22-0.65-2.43-1.341.650.002.18
  176-1.05Dante CunninghamF   SAS 4:19303000.5002.50020128.9-2.19-1.45-1.13-1.57-2.43-1.340.09-1.652.18
  180-1.06DeMar DeRozanG 100  SASY31:351205800.50010.50044321.6-0.61-1.45-0.402.12-2.43-1.340.38-3.30-2.53
  192-1.18Drew EubanksF   SAS 4:19101000.0000.5002008.8-2.54-1.45-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.340.02-1.652.18
   0.00Totals    240:0012419503673.52987.722181622
Josh: Another great shooting night, paired with high assists, an unlikely combo. I am not getting excited by it.
Kyle: Forbes has strung together a couple good games, but his minutes and production are too inconsistent to consider him more than a stream option in most leagues.
Stream 14 teams Josh: Nothing more than threes streamer.
Kyle: Belinelli has been playing well lately, but he should still only be considered a threes streamer in most leagues.
Josh: A threes stream er as well, with inconsistent playing time.
Kyle: Bertans has streaming value for threes in deeper leagues,
Josh: Great to see him playing more minutes than Saric! /s Nothing to see with Taj fantasy wise outside of deep leagues.
Josh: Foul trouble limited him, but the line was still nice.
Kyle: Bayless made his season debut. I wouldn't expect him to be a consistent part of the rotation, but coach Thibs loves his vets.
Josh: It was looking nice, but it didn't last. He still can be a 12 team guy, but as long as Thiba is going to cling to Gibson, Saric could be limited.
Kyle: I'd look at Saric as a streamer for 12-team leagues, but until he claims the starting PF job, Saric will be too limited by his timeshare with Taj Gibson to hold consistent value for standard leagues, especially 10-teamers. If you're high in the standings and think Saric's role will improve as the season goes, he may be worth a luxury stash.
Josh: Second consecutive start, but isn't putting up the numbers to make him a 12 team guy.
Josh: Will be out of the rotation whe both Teague and Rose are healthy.
Kyle: After a good start to the season, Wiggins is falling into streaming value for standard leagues.
Josh: I would expect Rose misses some time, but he is officially day to day.

MEM (99) @ SAC (102)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  110.84Mike ConleyG 97  MEMY32:122377511.44418.00002131.21.335.700.330.740.000.56-0.890.00-0.17
  140.67Garrett TempleG 4 PLACY37:561734221.66791.00023320.10.271.61-0.76-0.652.420.562.691.26-1.35
  210.55Jaren Jackson Jr.F 64INJ 4g MEMY24:161216213.62581.00012621.6-0.61-0.43-0.03-0.650.004.361.870.63-0.17
  61-0.09Kyle AndersonF 42INJ 4g MEMY33:051006210.7147.00001312.1-0.96-1.45-0.03-0.650.00-1.342.610.001.01
  79-0.33Shelvin MackG 1  CHA 25:331111421.36411.66732125.3-0.78-0.43-1.860.272.420.56-1.92-1.02-0.17
  116-0.55Wayne SeldenG 1  CHI 16:01622300.4005.00000216.3-1.660.59-1.49-0.19-2.43-1.34-0.580.002.18
  120-0.57Marc GasolC 96  TORY37:401228502.250121.00046320.5-0.610.590.700.74-2.432.46-4.222.53-4.88
  121-0.58JaMychal GreenF 9  LAC 27:14809100.5008.00001319.6-1.31-1.451.06-1.11-2.43-1.340.310.001.01
  186-1.14MarShon BrooksG NOTE FA 2:39000000.0001.00000118.2-2.72-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.720.002.18
  195-1.23Jevon CarterG   MEM 3:24001000.0001.00001229.5-2.72-1.45-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.720.001.01
    Chandler ParsonsF 5  MEM                       
    Joakim NoahC 23D MEM                       
    Tyler DorseyG   MEM                       
    Bruno CabocloF 1  MEM                       
    Justin HolidayG 26  MEM                       
    Jonas ValanciunasC 86  MEM                       
    Delon WrightG 23  MEM                       
    Avery BradleyG 23INJ 4g MEM                       
   0.00Totals    240:009916442478.46380.900101825
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  150.66De'Aaron FoxG 93  SACY32:561422851.36411.66763421.8-0.260.59-1.492.129.690.56-1.92-2.04-1.35
  370.19Willie Cauley-SteinC 82  SACY36:4112013410.5569.66730012.1-0.61-1.452.520.270.00-1.341.13-1.022.18
  400.12Buddy HieldG 92  SACY38:202867110.37524.80052231.72.204.680.33-1.110.00-1.34-3.790.24-0.17
  63-0.10Nemanja BjelicaF 31  SAC 35:381126312.308131.00012418.7-0.780.59-0.03-
  90-0.40Iman ShumpertG 2  HOUY20:391120110.4297.75040118.0-0.780.59-2.22-1.110.00-1.34-0.50-0.392.18
  100-0.47Kosta KoufosC   SACY15:19408002.2867.00000119.7-2.01-1.450.70-1.57-2.432.46-
  114-0.53Justin JacksonF 2  DAL 22:24803000.60051.00020216.3-1.31-1.45-1.13-1.57-2.43-1.340.981.262.18
  154-0.82Bogdan BogdanovicG 65  SAC 27:211431410.3339.62582022.9-0.261.61-1.860.270.00-1.34-1.99-3.69-0.17
  179-1.06Yogi FerrellG 1  SAC 10:42001400.0003.00000112.1-2.72-1.45-1.860.27-2.43-1.34-
    Harry GilesF 11Q SAC                       
    Marvin Bagley IIIF 80  SAC                       
    Harrison BarnesF 84  SAC                       
   0.00Totals    240:00102154125105.37588.72429915
Josh: #RevengeGame
Kyle: Temple has put together a few good games, but he remains best looked at as a streaming option in standard leagues.
Kyle: Fox continues to impress, doing so with a season-high 5 steals Friday.
Josh: Had some fouls, but his night was mainly derailed by poor coaching. Still put up a strong line, showing his immense upside.
Kyle: JJJ fouled out, but still had good production in limited minutes.
Josh: Not rostered in anywhere enough leagues, Anderson should be on a 12 team roster.
Kyle: It's good to see Anderson playing over 30 minutes in each of the last two games, and if he got dropped in any standard leagues recently, I'd likely be adding him.
Josh: Joerger inexplicably started Koufos over Bjelica, but went but to Bejlica in the second hald. He was solid, but isn't a lock to remain a 12 team for the rest of the season.
Kyle: Bjelica moved to the bench with Kosta Koufos getting a start at center for matchup reasons. There's a good chance Bjelica will be back in the starting PF spot next game. He remains a good streaming option in standard leagues as long as Marvin Bagley III is out.
Kyle: Shumpert was back in action after sitting out the 3 previous games with a hip bruise.
Josh: Why did he start?
Kyle: Koufos started against Memphis and Marc Gasol, his former teammate. This seems like it could very likely have just been a spot start for Koufos.
Kyle: Jackson was back in a bench role with both iman Shumpert and Bogdan Bogdanovic healthy.
Josh: Extra minutes without Noah, but the efficiency has really dipped of late.
Josh: A lot of minutes, some (me) may sahy too many, and did not a lot. He is better off as a 14 team guy.
Josh: Nice to see him back, the minutes will push back up in the games to come.
Kyle: Bogdan was bacn in action after sitting out the previous game. with a sore foot.
Kyle: Wright got a spot start with Danny Green out, and he could be in line for another spot start Saturday if both Danny Green and Kyle Lowry remain out.

UTA (120) @ POR (90)  Blowout

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  130.68Ricky RubioG 87  UTAY26:592442811.66715.00005133.11.502.63-1.492.120.000.564.460.00-3.70
  240.46Kyle KorverG 7  UTA 25:501834210.583121.00010121.50.451.61-0.76-0.650.00-1.342.010.632.18
  53-0.05Rudy GobertC 100  UTAY29:3311011302.44491.00033320.1-0.78-1.451.79-0.19-2.432.46-0.431.90-1.35
  54-0.07Dante ExumG 1INJ 9g UTA 21:01801810.5717.00000314.9-1.31-1.45-1.862.120.00-1.341.050.002.18
  57-0.07Jae CrowderF 42  UTA 24:201641010.6679.00011119.20.102.63-1.86-1.570.00-1.342.69-2.281.01
  89-0.40Derrick FavorsF 73  UTAY23:571004102.6676.50040314.5-0.96-1.45-0.76-1.11-2.432.461.80-3.302.18
  91-0.40Joe InglesF 89  UTAY27:481525710.54511.25041122.1-0.080.59-0.401.660.00-1.341.20-6.211.01
  103-0.49Georges NiangF   UTA 4:186210001.0002.00000220.8-1.660.59-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.341.650.002.18
  115-0.54Ekpe UdohF   UTA 4:182030101.0001.00000010.4-2.37-1.45-1.13-1.570.00-1.340.840.002.18
  124-0.63Thabo SefoloshaF   UTA 9:345110001.0002.0000039.3-1.84-0.43-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.341.650.002.18
  167-0.96Royce O'NealeF 2  UTA 10:07002200.0001.0000014.4-2.72-1.45-1.49-0.65-2.43-1.34-0.720.002.18
  174-1.01Raul NetoG   UTA 4:19200000.00001.00021019.5-2.37-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.340.021.261.01
  203-1.39Donovan MitchellG 100  UTAY27:56307411.10010.50024223.8-2.19-1.450.330.270.000.56-5.85-1.65-2.53
   0.00Totals    240:0012016423576.55385.588171521
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  250.45Damian LillardG 100  PORY34:021944232.43816.50024028.40.622.63-0.76-0.654.842.46-0.96-1.65-2.53
  60-0.08Jusuf NurkicC 92  PORY26:4010010412.5569.00021218.9-0.96-1.451.430.270.002.461.13-4.561.01
  62-0.10Evan TurnerG 3  POR 23:341206301.7508.00002219.6-0.61-1.45-0.03-0.19-2.430.563.430.00-0.17
  74-0.25C.J. McCollumG 92INJ 4g PORY30:121204230.333151.00022327.4-0.61-1.45-0.76-0.654.84-1.34-3.331.26-0.17
  101-0.47Meyers LeonardF   POR 15:33933200.6005.00002020.8-1.141.61-1.13-0.65-2.43-1.340.980.00-0.17
  129-0.69Nik StauskasG 2  CLE 13:58403110.3336.00000018.4-2.01-1.45-1.13-1.110.00-1.34-1.320.002.18
  169-0.96Seth CurryG 4  POR 15:54310000.3333.0000018.7-2.19-0.43-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.650.002.18
  173-1.00Jake LaymanF 3  POR 5:47301000.0000.75040014.1-2.19-1.45-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.340.02-0.392.18
  181-1.09Caleb SwaniganF   SAC 5:47000100.0001.0000017.5-2.72-1.45-2.22-1.11-2.43-1.34-0.720.002.18
  190-1.17Zach CollinsF 5  POR 21:20405100.2508.00001319.5-2.01-1.45-0.40-1.11-2.43-1.34-2.810.001.01
  191-1.18Wade Baldwin IVG T FA 5:47500000.6673.50021140.6-1.84-1.45-2.22-1.57-2.43-1.340.91-1.651.01
  200-1.29Moe HarklessF 12  PORY18:39412101.3333.25040211.8-2.01-0.43-1.49-1.11-2.430.56-0.65-6.212.18
  202-1.33Al-Farouq AminuF 37  PORY22:47514000.100101.00021124.1-1.84-0.43-0.76-1.57-2.43-1.34-5.851.261.01
    Rodney HoodG 10  POR                       
    Enes KanterC 55  POR                       
   0.00Totals    240:009010421786.40287.556181416
Josh: Afer a dismal night Wednesday, Rubio came out strong.
Kyle: Exum took advantage of extra run in the blowout to post a season-high 8 assists.
Josh: A strong shooting night, but I don't feel good about relying on him to be a 12 team guy.
Josh: His disappointing (relatively) season cotninued.
Josh: Limited minutes due to the blowout, but that buy low window has closed.
Josh: Sometimes maybe good... He wasn't good and the shooting was always bound to regress.
Josh: A brutal shooting stretch for Mitchell, who hasn't gotten to 20 percent in either of the last two games. His other numbers have been solid, so perhaps his manager is frustrated and you can pull off the ol' sneaky buy low.
Josh: He is dealing with a foot issue, so given his history, we will want to watch this.
Kyle: Coach Drew rode his bench a lot, leaving his starters wanting for minutes Friday.

NOR (104) @ LAL (112)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  200.56Anthony DavisF 99  NORY39:2130120501.52223.62581226.72.56-0.435.080.74-2.430.561.63-3.691.01
  52-0.04Darius MillerF 3  NOR 31:431133410.40010.00000212.0-0.781.61-
  68-0.18Jrue HolidayG 91INJ 3g NORY37:3918261003.42119.00015224.70.450.59-0.033.05-2.434.36-1.63-2.28-3.70
  77-0.30Solomon HillF   NORY14:35201021.3333.0000027.8-2.37-1.45-1.86-1.572.420.56-0.650.002.18
  87-0.38Julius RandleF 94  NORY33:372108201.60015.60053322.90.97-1.450.70-0.65-2.430.562.90-2.67-1.35
  133-0.71E'Twaun MooreG 14INJ 3g NOR 31:421022220.22218.00000421.6-0.960.59-1.49-0.652.42-1.34-
  139-0.75Tim FrazierG 1  MILY12:10204200.5002.0000037.1-2.37-1.45-0.76-0.65-2.43-1.340.090.002.18
  156-0.83Kenrich WilliamsG 9  NOR 10:48203010.3333.00001214.1-2.37-1.45-1.13-1.570.00-1.34-0.650.001.01
  162-0.90Jahlil OkaforC 8  NOR 13:09805110.5717.00021325.7-1.31-1.45-0.40-1.110.00-1.341.05-4.561.01
  164-0.91Frank JacksonG 10  NOR 9:32001010.0002.0000008.0-2.72-1.45-1.86-1.570.00-1.34-1.460.002.18
  184-1.14Andrew HarrisonG NOTE FA 5:44000100.0000.0000117.9-2.72-1.45-2.22-1.11-2.43-1.340.020.001.01
    Elfrid PaytonG 76  NOR                       
    Cheick DialloF 13  NOR                       
   0.00Totals    240:001048532786.431102.500161224
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  61.09Ivica ZubacC 23  LACY32:1616011022.80010.00001519.60.10-1.451.79-1.572.422.465.060.001.01
  270.35Kyle KuzmaF 90 PLALY37:232333110.53315.80050219.41.331.61-1.13-1.110.00-1.341.340.242.18
  340.25LeBron JamesF 100  LALY38:45220121420.40020.66792328.21.15-1.452.164.892.42-1.34-2.37-3.06-0.17
  80-0.33Tyson ChandlerC 2  LAL 15:44203012.5002.0000118.0-2.37-1.45-1.13-1.570.002.460.090.001.01
  111-0.51Lonzo BallG 54X LALY26:091225200.50010.00002219.3-0.610.59-0.40-0.65-2.43-1.340.380.00-0.17
  112-0.52Brandon IngramF 49X LALY32:431807210.42914.75082125.10.45-1.450.33-0.650.00-1.34-1.03-0.77-0.17
  157-0.87Josh HartG 28INJ 3g LAL 19:52621000.4005.00001012.7-1.660.59-1.86-1.57-2.43-1.34-0.580.001.01
  168-0.96Rajon RondoG 62  LAL 21:51804900.30010.66732125.7-1.31-1.45-0.762.58-2.43-1.34-2.73-1.02-0.17
  175-1.05Kentavious Caldwell-PopeG 43  LAL 15:17512000.3336.00001219.3-1.84-0.43-1.49-1.57-2.43-1.34-1.320.001.01
    Reggie BullockF 10INJ 3g LAL                       
    Lance StephensonG 6  LAL                       
    Alex CarusoG 13  LAL                       
    JaVale McGeeC 77  LAL                       
   0.00Totals    240:001128482874.46792.720251217
Josh: Well, well, well, what a night. A surprise starter, Zubac flashed the potential I saw in him prior to being drafted, but he has been lost the last two seasons. I am not doing anything silly here, givn JaVale surely can't miss too much more time with his illness, but this was a nice performance.
Kyle: Zubac got the spot start at center with JaVale McGee out, and Zubac shined with a double-double and complimentary defensive stats. Outrageous! Unfortunately, when McGee is healthy, Zubac likely won't be in the rotation.
Kyle: Wow. 30 and 20 from Davis.
Josh: Big scoring night, even with Ingram backk, but the other stats were alittle lacking. You still may be able to execute a sell high for a top 50 player.
Kyle: Kuzma didn't care that Ingram and Rondo were back in action. He still got his buckets.
Kyle: LeBron recorded his third triple-double of the season to try and woo Anthony Davis.
Stream 14 teams Josh: A lot of minutes with Mirotic out, but he is a streamer only for three.s
Kyle: Miller moved back to his usual bench role with Randle back in action and starting.
Josh: Back in action and back doing what he was doing before the injury.
Kyle: Randle was back in action after missing the previous game with an ankle issue.
Josh: Rondo's return impacted his minutes. They shouldn't have, but they did. Don't drop Ball, but be prepared to be frustrated.
Kyle: Lonzo's minutes got pinched a bit with Rondo back in action, and this will be a situation to watch closely in case coach Walton messes things up.
Josh: Back in action and posted a solid line. He is a 12 team league, but I'm not sure I would rush to add him in ten team leagues.
Kyle: Ingram was back in action after missing the previous 7 games with a sprained ankle. It's good to see him go right back into the starting lineup and big minutes.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: He is well and truly done in 12 and probably 14 team leagues.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: If you were streaming Frazier for assists, he's fine to drop.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: Unsurprisingly, Ingram and Rondo came back and killed his value. He is a drop.
Kyle: Hart returned to his more limited bench role with Ingram back in action and starting at SG.
Josh: An assists streamer. You can replace you Tim Frazier with Rondo
Kyle: Rondo was back in action after missing the previous 17 games. He got 22 minutes at PG to Lonzo Ball's 26, and I'd expect Rondo to continue coming off the bench behind Ball the rest of the way.
Josh: The ludicrous shooting wasn't sustainable, and sustain, it did not. Still solid, but he doesn't look as hot of an add as he did two days ago.
Kyle: This is what most nights will look like for Bullock, with maybe a tad fewer minutes. He's best regarded as a threes streamer in most leagues.
Kyle: Born Ready never left the bench.