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<February 2019>
box scoreNYK 103@ DET 1205:00 pm
DET by 7.5 o/u 206.0NYK 99 @ DET 107Blowout
box scoreCLE 106@ WAS 1195:00 pm
WAS by 10.0 o/u 222.0CLE 106 @ WAS 116
box scoreDEN 110@ PHI 1175:00 pm
PHI by 5.5 o/u 230.5DEN 112 @ PHI 118
box scoreCHI 125@ BKN 1065:30 pm
BKN by 8.0 o/u 226.0CHI 109 @ BKN 117Blowout
box scoreMIL 122@ DAL 1076:30 pm
MIL by 5.5 o/u 224.0MIL 115 @ DAL 109Blowout
box scoreGSW 117@ PHO 1077:00 pm
GSW by 16.5 o/u 229.5GSW 123 @ PHO 106
box scoreMIN 117@ NOR 1227:30 pm
NOR by 6.0 o/u 230.0MIN 112 @ NOR 118
box scoreMIA 96@ SAC 1028:00 pm
SAC by 3.5 o/u 220.0MIA 108 @ SAC 112

Central Standard Time

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NYK 103 @ DET 120Blowout

  290.34DeAndre JordanC  NYKC29:23140111021.0005.80052313.90-0.27-1.431.80-1.12-2.492.444.080.24-0.19
  490.02Mitchell RobinsonC  NYK 15:041106103.6005.71470223.70-0.79-1.43-0.04-1.12-2.494.330.98-1.432.18
  66-0.27Mario HezonjaSG/SF  NYK 32:38807120.273111.00020316.10-1.32-1.430.33-1.122.43-1.32-3.451.282.18
  97-0.68Dennis Smith Jr.PG/SG  NYKPG34:503122820.60015.579194334.802.730.58-1.512.062.43-1.322.88-11.43-2.56
  98-0.71Luke KornetPF/CX  NYK 3:333111001.0001.00000012.50-2.20-0.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.320.840.012.18
  109-0.80Allonzo TrierSG  NYK 30:02713210.3339.00002116.20-1.50-0.43-1.14-0.67-0.03-1.32-1.970.01-0.19
  113-0.85Lance ThomasSG/SF  NYK 13:13401110.2867.00000223.50-2.03-1.43-1.88-1.12-0.03-1.32-
  116-0.86Damyean DotsonSG  NYKSG23:561012200.5008.50021318.30-0.97-0.43-1.51-0.67-2.49-1.320.31-1.660.99
  161-1.17Kadeem AllenSGGLG NYK 14:59714200.5006.00021223.30-1.50-0.43-0.78-0.67-2.49-1.320.24-4.590.99
  163-1.18Isaiah HicksPF  NYK 3:33100100.0000.50020011.00-2.56-1.43-2.25-1.12-2.49-1.320.03-1.662.18
  164-1.20Kevin KnoxSF/PF  NYKSF35:26712200.25081.00023314.80-1.50-0.43-1.51-0.67-2.49-1.32-2.781.28-1.38
  166-1.31Noah VonlehPF  NYKPF3:23000000.0003.00000139.30-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.32-
   0.00Totals   240:001037392265.44978.634411323
  12.12Andre DrummondPF/C  DETC33:1329020213.80015.83361424.102.38-1.435.12-0.67-0.034.337.520.870.99
  340.25Reggie JacksonPG/SG  DETPG26:462042600.57114.00001224.100.792.58-1.511.15-2.49-1.322.070.010.99
  62-0.24Blake GriffinPF/CX DETPF28:542626400.46213.800153233.601.850.58-0.040.24-2.49-1.32-0.290.70-1.38
  76-0.39Zaza PachuliaC  DET 11:53402002.6673.00000310.80-2.03-1.43-1.51-1.57-2.492.440.910.012.18
  81-0.46Langston GallowayPG/SG  DETSG19:50511310.4005.00000110.80-1.85-0.43-1.88-0.21-0.03-1.32-0.570.012.18
  83-0.49Luke KennardSGP  DET 28:311223301.308131.00021422.40-0.620.58-1.14-0.21-2.490.56-3.381.280.99
  87-0.53Khyri ThomasSG  DET 19:36511010.5004.0000038.80-1.85-0.43-1.88-1.57-0.03-1.320.170.012.18
  96-0.68Ish SmithPGP  DET 18:201114200.33391.00042229.90-0.79-0.43-0.78-0.67-2.49-1.32-1.972.54-0.19
  123-0.90Glenn Robinson IIISG/SF  DET 13:51513000.6673.00002215.50-1.85-0.43-1.14-1.57-2.49-1.320.910.01-0.19
  137-0.97Jose CalderonPG  DET 2:54001100.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  145-1.04Svi MykhailiukSG  DET 9:13311200.2504.00001023.30-2.20-0.43-1.88-0.67-2.49-1.32-1.380.010.99
  165-1.24Thon MakerPF/C  DET 8:09001000.0001.00001110.50-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.710.010.99
  173-1.65Bruce BrownSGP  DETSF18:50001100.0002.0002036.60-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.32-1.45-4.592.18
   0.00Totals   240:0012013462436.48886.793291227
Kyle: Drummond with a Barbara Walters.
Josh: It's a surprise, but his minutes look like they will change as often as his underwear, assuming he keeps up an average level of personal hygiene. He is worth holding, but it may not be forever.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Jordan's minutes have been good with the Knicks so far, but as the season winds down, and they play in more blowouts, Jordan will likely see his minutes reduced and possibly will get rested on occasion. This might be a good time to consider selling high on Jordan.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Jackson's minutes were shorter here because of the blowout. He remains a good add in most leagues if available.
Josh: No foul trouble, but limited to just 15 minutes. The line is still good enough for 12 team leagues, so he is worth having in a lot of cases.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Robinson is settled in as the backup center behind Jordan, and that means Robinson's minutes will remain limited most nights. Robinson is a lot like Richaun Holmes. He'll put up production, but his ceiling will be limited. And with such low minutes, Robinson is probably best viewed as a streamer in most leagues. If you need blocks, though, and can put up with Robinson's lack of contributions elsewhere, he's essentially a must-roster from the specialist perspective.
Josh: He took Vonleh's minutes and was okay, but he has no guarantee of minutes, so he is a deep league guy.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Hezonja played big minutes with Vonleh getting very few. I like Hezonja's upside the rest of the way, but for Hezonja to get big minutes, Vonleh would need to be minimized nightly. It's also important to consider that the returns of Mudiay and Ntilikina could siphon minutes from Hezonja. Hyper competitive leagues might already want to consider Hezonja as a flier in 12-teamers.
Kyle: Galloway started at SG but played a limited role. I would not go chasing Galloway. If anything, I think this signaled that coach Casey is likely planning on keeping Kennard on the bench so that Ellington can start at SG when signed.
Josh: Came off the bench, but played more than Galloway because he is actually an NBA calibre player. Ellington's arrival is probably gooing to kill Kennard's 12 team value, but he is a nice 14 team add just to see what happens. Casey is not as big a fan as what I am, apparently.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Kennard played nice minutes and had a decent game, but the fact that he came off the bench makes me think that coach Casey is planning on Ellington starting at SG once signed. Kennard is fine to grab as a flier in 14-teamers and deeper if you're a believer, but I don't trust Casey's wing rotation at all.
Kyle: Thomas was ahead of Calderon in the rotation but may not be in the mix every night after Ellington is signed.
Josh: It's going to be a party in New York, but could Mudiay come bak and screw it up?
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Smith Jr. continues to excel in a larger role on the Knicks. Double check and make sure he isn't on the wire for some weird reason.
Josh: The minutes roller coaster continues and they were good here, but the productiion wasn't. He is far from a must roster guy.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Trier got big minutes but didn't do much with them. Trier will likely spend the season stuck in a timeshare of sorts at SG that will keep his minutes and production erratic, especially when Mudiay and Ntilikina return.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Dotson was back in the starting lineup with Wes Matthews bought out. It appears Dotson is going to be stuck in some kind of timeshare with Trier at SG the rest of the way, and when Ntilikina returns, he could edge in on minutes there, as well.
Kyle: Calderon was behind Khyri Thomas in the rotation before garbage time.
Kyle: Svi made his Pistons debut and had a decent showing in his limited action. When Ellington is officially signed, Svi may not even be in the rotation nightly, but he's fine to watch in deeper leagues in case his role grows quickly.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Knox is getting tons of minutes but isn't doing much with them. He has situational streaming value for points and threes, but that's about it for standard leagues.
Kyle: Maker made his Pistons debut and played off the bench at PF next to Pachulia. We'll probably see Maker in the rotation often, but not all nights, and his minutes will be short as long as Griffin and Drummond are healthy.
Josh: Started the game and benched after three minutes, never to return. Fizdale is the worst and I don't see a reason to roster Vonleh in 12 team leagues.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Vonleh's minutes got punched in the face Friday, but considering it's Fizdale, we could see Vonleh back up to 36 minutes in the next game, so I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from this beyond the fact that Vonleh's minutes and production are too inconsistent to consider rostering for more than situational streaming in most leagues.

CLE 106 @ WAS 119

  270.38Collin SextonPG  CLEPG37:392733400.556181.00042222.902.031.58-1.140.24-2.49-1.322.212.54-0.19
  350.25Larry Nance Jr.PF/C  CLEPF33:0110119630.20015.75041321.30-0.97-0.434.751.154.89-1.32-6.41-0.390.99
  440.16David NwabaSG/SFX CLESG29:081728220.54511.75043121.500.260.580.70-0.672.43-1.321.19-0.39-1.38
  480.04Jordan ClarksonPG/SG  CLE 31:412426310.33318.909112031.101.500.58-0.04-0.21-0.03-1.32-3.984.03-0.19
  84-0.50Marquese ChrissPF/C  CLE 22:431338000.50010.00003222.70-0.441.580.70-1.57-2.49-1.320.380.01-1.38
  85-0.51Ante ZizicC  CLE 16:26601001.7504.0000019.70-1.68-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.490.561.720.012.18
  108-0.80Deng AdelC  CLESF35:58512002.2508.0000129.90-1.85-0.43-1.51-1.57-2.492.44-2.780.010.99
  139-0.99Kevin LovePF/C  CLEC6:29401100.20051.00020136.00-2.03-1.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.32-
  142-1.02Channing FryePF/C  CLE 3:25001000.0000.000001 0-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  168-1.53Matthew DellavedovaPG/SG  CLE 23:30003500.0007.00002315.20-2.73-1.43-1.140.70-2.49-1.32-5.140.01-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:0010612522163.37596.880251416
  91.14Jabari ParkerSF/PF  WAS 23:297111931.5006.00000410.40-1.50-0.431.802.514.890.560.240.012.18
  101.05Bobby PortisPF/C  WAS 27:283046210.667181.00022330.902.562.58-0.04-0.67-0.03-1.325.311.28-0.19
  200.56Bradley BealSG  WASSG37:2025261320.450201.00056330.801.670.58-0.044.332.43-1.32-0.813.17-4.93
  260.39Jeff GreenSF/PF  WASPF26:101528401.57171.00052217.40-0.090.580.700.24-2.490.561.053.17-0.19
  320.28Thomas BryantC  WASC18:531306011.66791.00010120.40-0.44-1.43-0.04-1.57-0.030.562.670.642.18
  54-0.11Trevor ArizaSG/SF  WASSF36:101423130.35714.66731118.40-0.270.58-1.14-1.124.89-1.32-2.57-1.020.99
  114-0.86Tomas SatoranskyPG/SG  WASPG36:06914300.40010.00002213.50-1.15-0.43-0.78-0.21-2.49-1.32-1.170.01-0.19
  120-0.89Jordan McRaePG/SG  WAS 1:242010001.0001.00000029.10-2.38-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.320.840.012.18
  150-1.06John JenkinsSG/SF  WAS 1:24000000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  153-1.08Chasson RandlePG  WAS 17:00202300.2504.00001212.00-2.38-1.43-1.51-0.21-2.49-1.32-1.380.010.99
  157-1.11Wesley JohnsonSG/SF  WAS 14:36201001.3333.00002119.80-2.38-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.490.56-0.640.01-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:00119124835104.50092.938161619
Josh: A nice game, but the minutes are low and the opponent was trash. I'm not adding him everywhere, but he is a 14 team type of guy for now.
Maybe Add 14 teams Kyle: Parker played a fair number of minutes off the bench in his Wizards debut, and he's OK to grab as a flier in most leagues, though I'd probably only go chasing him in 14-teamers and deeper at the moment.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: What a way to start his Washington career. It goes without saying that he won't be this good and that usage is sky high, but Portis should be rostered. His next game is at CHicago, so look out for a lot of shots, whether they go in is another thing.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Portis was incredible in his Wizards debut, and he should continue to play big minutes off the bench the rest of the way. There's even a chance he'll get a run as the starting center at some point.
Kyle: Beal had one of his occasional outbursts in assists with 13.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Green's minutes were a little short here, but he appears to have the starting PF job claimed for the rest of the way and should be on someone's roster in all standard leagues.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: His second big game in a row on great efficiency? Is he figuring it out? Maybe, so he could worth a look, but the peripherals will still continue to lag behind.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Sexton got big minutes again and put them to good use. He's worth considering as a flier pick up in standard leagues, but this production came with Love limited to 6 minutes and Osman still out, so I'd temper expectations going forward.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Surely, your wire has a better option on it than Bryant, who gets stiffed by Brooks three out of four games.
Kyle: The production was good, but the minutes were short. Coach Brooks said before that game that changes to the starting lineup are possible going forward, so a time might come when Portis gets a look at starting over Bryant. Bryant is going to likely remain best viewed as a streamer as long as the Wizards are technically in contention for the playoffs.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Finally starting and pisted a huge line. Will he keep the role when Thompson is back? Surely, he has to and he shouldn't be on any wires.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Nance was in the starting lineup and should be grabbed as a flier or at least streamed for the time being in all standard leagues, but with Thompson still due to return, and Love only playing 6 minutes in this game, it's hard to trust that Nance's minutes and value will remain consistent. This might be a small sell-high window to try and take advantage of.
Josh: Started at shooting guard and power forward in consecutive games. Scored well here, but is a deeper league guy.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Nwaba had a strong game, but he's usually not a great per-minute producer for fantasy. Deeper leagues will want to take a look at Nwaba since he's in line to play a lot the rest of the way, but even in big minutes, we probably won't see Nwaba have more than situational streaming value for standard leagues.
Josh: I like Clarkson as an add with the state of this roster.
Kyle: Clarkson got big run and produced, but his production and minutes will be much more in question when Osman is healthy, Love is playing big minutes, and Knight potentially enters the rotation.
Watch 14 teams Josh: He has been one of the worst players in the NBA over the past few seasons and still has Zizic, Love, Nance, and Thompson around, but this was encouraging and makes him at least a guy to watch.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Chriss made his debut with the Cavs and played well, but these kind of minutes likely won't come often, especially when Osman and Thompson are back, and Love's minutes are up.
Kyle: Zizic moved to the bench behind Nance, and it's hard to know if Zizic will even be in the rotation most nights when Thompson is back in action. The Cavs have a lot of different options to look at and players to try and build or maintain value for. Zizic might just end up hard pressed to even get on the court at some point.
Kyle: Adel got another spot start and ate up a ton of minutes, but when Osman returns, Adel may not even be in the rotation anymore.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Satoransky just had a weird game. He played 36 minutes, so I wouldn't worry at all. Sato should remain rostered in all standard leagues.
Kyle: Out of the rotation with Johnson making his debut.
Josh: It's awesome to have him back, but I hope you kept him in IR because six minutes doesn't cut it. I would wait a couple more before activation if you can.
Kyle: Love was back in action but only played 6 minutes, and he's still expected to sit out Saturday's second game of the b2b.
Josh: I can't believe he was in the rotation.
Kyle: Very deep leagues may have interest in Johnson now that he seems to at least be in line for rotation minutes.

DEN 110 @ PHI 117

  81.15Nikola JokicPF/C  DENC35:19271101030.500221.00044233.502.03-0.431.442.974.89-1.320.812.54-2.56
  300.33Trey LylesPF  DEN 23:471314512.500101.00022023.10-0.44-0.43-0.780.70-0.032.440.381.28-0.19
  310.31Jamal MurrayPG/SG  DENPG35:412325601.450201.00031026.601.320.58-0.411.15-2.490.56-0.811.910.99
  420.19Mason PlumleePF/C  DENPF36:241008610.7147.0000169.40-0.97-1.430.701.15-0.03-1.322.600.010.99
  86-0.51Will BartonSG/SF  DENSF38:141408700.375161.00022421.00-0.27-1.430.701.61-2.49-1.32-2.501.28-0.19
  100-0.72Juan HernangomezSF/PF  DEN 12:564020001.0002.0000036.60-2.03-1.43-1.51-1.57-2.49-1.321.650.012.18
  107-0.79Malik BeasleyPG/SG  DENSG35:201223000.45511.00002215.70-0.620.58-1.14-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.360.01-0.19
  133-0.96Monte MorrisPG  DEN 12:40700100.6005.50020019.80-1.50-1.43-2.25-1.12-2.49-1.320.98-1.662.18
  160-1.15Torrey CraigSG/SF  DEN 9:39000000.0001.0000024.40-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.710.012.18
   0.00Totals   240:001106403553.48994.923131219
  21.66Jimmy ButlerSG/SFP  PHISF35:422207530.44491.000140118.701.15-1.430.330.704.89-1.32-0.438.862.18
  120.98J.J. RedickSGP  PHISG32:543463300.73315.85773028.203.264.59-1.14-0.21-2.49-1.325.981.50-1.38
  380.23Tobias HarrisSF/PF  PHIPF32:291428310.50012.00000216.30-0.270.580.70-0.21-0.03-1.320.450.012.18
  55-0.12Joel EmbiidPF/C  PHIC33:2315012114.23517.87584332.30-0.09-1.432.17-1.12-0.036.21-6.342.14-2.56
  56-0.13James EnnisSG/SF  PHI 14:37623210.6673.0000009.00-1.680.58-1.14-0.67-0.03-1.320.910.012.18
  78-0.39T.J. McConnellPG  PHI 14:114012101.0002.0000006.20-2.03-1.43-1.88-0.67-0.03-1.321.650.012.18
  99-0.72Furkan KorkmazSG  PHI 12:184020001.0002.0000027.20-2.03-1.43-1.51-1.57-2.49-1.321.650.012.18
  110-0.81Boban MarjanovicC  PHI 14:37402001.5004.00001115.10-2.03-1.43-1.51-1.57-2.490.560.170.010.99
  158-1.13Mike ScottPF  PHI 16:00200100.2504.00000211.00-2.38-1.43-2.25-1.12-2.49-1.32-1.380.012.18
  171-1.62Ben SimmonsPG/SFP  PHIPG33:491204600.50010.66739126.40-0.62-1.43-0.781.15-2.49-1.320.38-1.02-8.48
   0.00Totals   240:0011710422375.50078.906321712
Kyle: Butler was a perfect 14-of-14 from the line.
Kyle: That's a second straight triple-double for Jokic and his 11th on the season, second only to Westbrook.
Kyle: Redick was back in action after missing the two previous games.
Josh: Thriving in the last week with Millsap out, but it is almost definitely not going to last.
Kyle: Lyles had a another wonderful game, but Millsap has been sidelined and is expected back soon.
Josh: Has not missed a step since returning from injury.
Josh: First game in Philly produced the sort of muted line we should come to expect more of.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Harris made his Sixers debut. The minutes were good, but his production was down as expected. Sell high if you still can, or just accept him for his new value.
Kyle: Plumlee got another spot start with Millsap out. Stream Plumlee as long as Millsap is out, and watch this situation closely in case the Nuggets decide they're better off sticking with Plumlee as the starter at some point.
Kyle: Ennis made his Sixers debut and was slotted right into the limited bench role he should play the rest of the way.
Kyle: McConnell's role may be reduced going forward if the Sixers continue to fill out their bench, but I'd expect this to be the bottom of his value. It'd take the team getting an unexpectedly nice option in free agency to kick McConnell from the rotation entirely.
Josh: That's a better performance, but still lacking for fantasy. He is a name I am watching if I have him, because he may not be a top 100 guy this season.
Kyle: After getting his minutes limited in the previous game, Barton was given all he could take Friday. Barton's role will likely continue to be a little erratic from game to game as long as the Nuggets continue to use their depth consistently.
Josh: Had the backup centre minutes ovoer Bolden, but we have to remember that it was against Denver, his favourite team to oplay against. Still, his deep league appeal is improved if he has this job every night, but he has zero upside because he just won't play enough minutes with Embiid around.
Kyle: Bob made his Sixers debut, but I wouldn't count on him being in the rotation more than half the time.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Murray is back, Morris can be dropped.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Morris saw his minutes shortened with Barton getting more run in this game. We're also getting reports about Isiah Thomas' nearing return, which will very likely leave Morris out of the rotation a lot of nights.
Kyle: Scott made his Sixers debut, and I'd expect him to stick in a limited bench role most nights.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: I'd be considering making a buy-low stab at Simmons. People are going to overreact to this production with Harris was added to the mix.

CHI 125 @ BKN 106Blowout

  61.26Lauri MarkkanenPF  CHIPF38:2531418002.61118.83363326.002.732.584.38-1.57-2.492.443.760.87-1.38
  220.51Zach LaVinePG/SGP  CHISG37:242613520.58817.71471123.801.85-0.43-1.140.702.43-1.322.95-1.430.99
  450.15Otto PorterSF/PF  CHISF33:391844100.7789.00002213.800.442.58-0.78-1.12-2.49-1.324.220.01-0.19
  57-0.14Robin LopezC  CHIC17:511205210.7508.00002523.70-0.62-1.43-0.41-0.67-0.03-1.323.410.01-0.19
  69-0.29Kris DunnPG/SGX  CHIPG30:221415901.45511.75043421.90-0.27-0.43-0.412.51-2.490.56-0.36-0.39-1.38
  71-0.35Wayne SeldenSG  CHI 25:051130200.6676.00001111.80-0.791.58-2.25-0.67-2.49-1.321.790.010.99
  75-0.38Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotSG/SF  CHI 13:52814010.28671.00030225.40-1.32-0.43-0.78-1.57-0.03-1.32-2.051.912.18
  115-0.86Shaq HarrisonPG  CHI 9:39002311.0003.00002121.90-2.73-1.43-1.51-0.21-0.030.56-2.190.01-0.19
  124-0.90Ryan ArcidiaconoPGP  CHI 17:30005500.0002.0000107.20-2.73-1.43-0.410.70-2.49-1.32-1.450.010.99
  127-0.93Cristiano FelicioC  CHI 15:05504001.2504.75041218.90-1.85-1.43-0.78-1.57-2.490.56-1.38-0.390.99
  149-1.06Brandon SampsonPG  CHI 0:30000000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  151-1.06Antonio BlakeneyPG  CHI 0:38000000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
   0.00Totals   240:0012514502755.54185.792241621
  190.57Caris LeVertSG/SF  BKN 14:561102450.45511.50020133.50-0.79-1.43-1.510.249.81-1.32-0.36-1.662.18
  250.40Allen CrabbeSG/SFNOTE  BKN 21:171951010.58312.00000323.700.623.59-1.88-1.57-0.03-1.322.000.012.18
  460.10Jarrett AllenPF/C  BKNC29:1212010001.50081.00040314.10-0.62-1.431.44-1.57-2.490.560.312.542.18
  470.07D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  BKNPG32:242311620.381211.00063234.601.32-0.43-1.881.152.43-1.32-3.103.80-1.38
  50-0.01Joe HarrisSG/SFP  BKNSG31:231932500.538131.00022321.300.621.58-1.510.70-2.49-1.321.261.28-0.19
  94-0.66Ed DavisPF/C  BKN 12:57205200.00011.0002026.10-2.38-1.43-0.41-0.67-2.49-1.32-0.711.282.18
  95-0.66DeMarre CarrollSF/PF  BKN 26:29714510.3758.00003317.50-1.50-0.43-0.780.70-0.03-1.32-1.240.01-1.38
  104-0.74Treveon GrahamSG/SF  BKNPF23:58620100.4005.0000018.80-1.680.58-2.25-1.12-2.49-1.32-0.570.012.18
  128-0.93Rodions KurucsSF/PF  BKNSF18:52311000.3333.0000006.70-2.20-0.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.640.012.18
  141-1.00Rondae Hollis-JeffersonSF/PF  BKN 16:30406200.2867.00001020.40-2.03-1.43-0.04-0.67-2.49-1.32-
  172-1.65Shabazz NapierPG  BKN 12:02001100.0005.00002324.50-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.32-3.660.01-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:0010613332691.41594.938161121
Josh: Blocked two shots, which is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. He is on a real tear shooting the ball of late and fantays managers must be loving it.
Kyle: Markkanen has been working the boards hard recently, and he may continue to improve there with more mintues at center likely coming his way.
Josh: It's so good to have him back and this return is fantastic. Of course, you need to add him if he is on the wire still.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: LeVert returned and matched his career high with 5 steals ... in just 15 minutes. The Nets will take things slow getting LeVert's minutes up, but he looked fearless going to the hoop Friday. Double check he's not on any wires, and buy-low if possible.
Josh: A nice scoring niht, but he is more of a 14 team guy for threes streaming.
Kyle: Crabbe had a great game in limited minutes, but I think this is the best we're going to be able to hope for most nights going forward. As the Nets continue to get healthy, it's going to be hard for Crabbe to see more than the mid-20s in minutes most nights. He's a streamer for threes in most leagues.
Josh: Solid debut for the BUlls and his shot was miraculously back. He looks to have solid second half of the season.
Kyle: Porter made his Bulls debut and fit in as you'd expect him to, being himself. Hopefully he gets encouraged to be more aggressive on offense with the Bulls.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Harris' minutes were still good, and he remained in the starting lineup, but both are more at risk going forward with LeVert and Crabbe healthy. I'd sell high on Harris before he becomes just a threes streamer again and starts losing a few minutes.
Josh: Started and was okay, but Markkanen got a chunk of centre minutes too. Lopez is only a deep league guy.
Kyle: Lopez appears to have been limited by foul trouble, and both teams went small. Even with Portis gone, I wouldn't expect Lopez to carry too large of a load. When Hutchison returns, I think we may even see Markkanen get a stretch as the starting center with Portis ar PF.
Kyle: Selden moved to the bench with Porter making his debut. Selden's role will become even more limited when Hutchison returns, but it was good to see Selden get this much run because it bodes well for Hutchison's prospects when he returns.
Josh: He will be out of the rotation when Dinwiddie returns and if this is what happens when LeVert is back for just 15 minutes, you can cut now.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: With LeVert and Crabbe healthy, Napier was almost out of the rotation. He still might have situational streaming value until Dinwiddie returns, but there are plenty better fliers to have on your roster in most leagues.

MIL 122 @ DAL 107Blowout

  71.19Giannis AntetokounmpoSF/PFP  MILPF30:4229117501.684191.00023333.902.38-0.434.020.70-2.490.566.121.28-1.38
  390.23Malcolm BrogdonPG/SGP  MILSG26:101806310.64314.00001126.000.44-1.43-0.04-0.21-0.03-1.323.620.010.99
  400.21Brook LopezC  MILC26:432026201.571141.00022228.700.790.58-0.04-0.67-2.490.562.071.28-0.19
  410.19Eric BledsoePG/SG  MILPG27:271843501.53813.00002224.800.442.58-1.140.70-2.490.561.260.01-0.19
  64-0.24George HillPG/SG  MIL 21:39402220.5004.0000028.40-2.03-1.43-1.51-0.672.43-1.320.170.012.18
  77-0.39Sterling BrownSG/SF  MIL 28:191025300.5008.00001314.40-0.970.58-0.41-0.21-2.49-1.320.310.010.99
  92-0.66Pat ConnaughtonSG/SF  MIL 18:11403010.4005.00000012.50-2.03-1.43-1.14-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.570.012.18
  93-0.66Ersan IlyasovaSF/PF  MIL 19:01804100.50041.00042518.50-1.32-1.43-0.78-1.12-2.49-1.320.172.54-0.19
  119-0.89Trevon DuvalPG  MIL 0:532001001.0001.00000010.00-2.38-1.43-2.25-1.12-2.49-1.320.840.012.18
  140-0.99Tony SnellSG/SF  MILSF19:32401200.3336.00000114.00-2.03-1.43-1.88-0.67-2.49-1.32-1.310.012.18
  146-1.04D.J. WilsonPF  MIL 21:23514102.1676.50041218.60-1.85-0.43-0.78-1.12-2.492.44-2.85-3.320.99
   0.00Totals   240:0012210512545.54394.833121221
  230.45Trey BurkePGNOTE  DAL 26:381835520.5569.83363024.000.441.58-0.410.702.43-1.321.120.87-1.38
  430.18Dwight PowellPF/CX  DAL 20:171238210.50061.00032420.10-0.621.580.70-0.67-0.03-1.320.241.91-0.19
  63-0.24Dirk NowitzkiPF/C  DAL 17:43623021.2229.00000122.20-1.680.58-1.14-1.572.430.56-3.520.012.18
  72-0.35Maxi KleberPF  DALC24:361123202.4449.50021319.30-0.790.58-1.14-0.67-2.492.44-0.43-1.660.99
  74-0.36Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PFP  DALPF25:54933101.4297.00001113.50-1.151.58-1.14-1.12-2.490.56-0.500.010.99
  89-0.57Ryan BroekhoffSFNOTE  DAL 18:37625200.3336.00000214.10-1.680.58-0.41-0.67-2.49-1.32-1.310.012.18
  106-0.78Devin HarrisPG/SG  DAL 16:30311301.2504.00001213.20-2.20-0.43-1.88-0.21-2.490.56-1.380.010.99
  117-0.86Jalen BrunsonPGX  DALSG24:03513300.3336.00001012.70-1.85-0.43-1.14-0.21-2.49-1.32-1.310.010.99
  131-0.94Daryl MaconPGGLG DAL 3:072000001.0001.00000014.00-2.38-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.840.012.18
  135-0.97Tim Hardaway Jr.SG/SF  DALSF27:071212210.41712.50023125.60-0.62-0.43-1.51-0.67-0.03-1.32-1.09-1.66-1.38
  136-0.97Justin JacksonSF  DAL 4:23310000.3333.00000029.90-2.20-0.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.640.012.18
  147-1.06Courtney LeeSG/SF  DAL 4:23001100.0001.00000010.00-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.12-2.49-1.32-0.710.012.18
  159-1.13Luka DoncicPG/SG/SF  DALPG26:422033200.50014.42972131.200.791.58-1.14-0.67-2.49-1.320.52-7.29-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:0010722372365.41487.650201415
Josh: Huh? He barely played last game and now leads the team in scoring after Doncic. Clearly outplayed Brunson so he is a name to watch, butg I get the feeling his minutes will be inconsistent.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Burke got big run in a blowout, but he is unlikely to have more than backup minutes regularly on the Mavs. He's fine to get on watch lists in most leagues, but I wouldn't chase him in standard leagues at the moment. Deeper leagues can take a flier, but he might not even be in the rotation a lot of nights.
Josh: Low minutes, but the production is there and he is a 12 team guy, but that doesn't mean he fits your team.
Kyle: His minutes were short in the blowout, but the production was good.
Kyle: Short minutes in a blowout. I'd be patient. The opportunity is there, and we got 2 blocks and 2 threes. He should be on someone's roster in most leagues.
Josh: Extra minutes as Middleton was managing his load and the game was a blowout.
Kyle: Brown had a good game. He got some extra run with Middleton out and the game becoming a blowout.
Josh: Low minutes in the blowout, he isn't much of a 12 or 14 team guy anyway.
Kyle: Hardaway moved into the starting lineup but saw his minutes short because of the blowout.
Kyle: Jackson got some run in garbage time for his Mavs debut. I wouldn't expect him to play more than a middling rotation role on the Mavs.
Kyle: Got a spot start with Middleton resting.
Josh: Still a sizeable role, but when Mirotic arrives, that should change.

GSW 117 @ PHO 107

  130.96Klay ThompsonSG/SFX  GSWSG36:092546213.52917.75042224.101.672.58-0.04-0.67-0.034.331.40-0.39-0.19
  330.25Stephen CurryPG/SG  GSWPG35:332037711.35317.83362525.500.791.580.331.61-0.030.56-3.240.87-0.19
  60-0.21Shaun LivingstonPG/SG  GSW 15:584031021.0002.0000015.30-2.03-1.43-1.14-1.12-2.492.441.650.012.18
  61-0.22DeMarcus CousinsPF/CXBNGSWC26:421815421.63611.50064327.700.44-0.43-0.410.242.430.562.74-4.99-2.56
  79-0.41Kevin DurantSF/PFX  GSWSF34:262118300.54511.800104223.600.97-0.430.70-0.21-2.49-1.321.190.47-2.56
  80-0.42Andre IguodalaSG/SF  GSW 20:36314601.3333.0000118.10-2.20-0.43-0.781.15-2.490.56-0.640.010.99
  88-0.53Jonas JerebkoSF/PF  GSW 17:35705200.50061.00010215.40-1.50-1.43-0.41-0.67-2.49-1.320.240.642.18
  90-0.57Draymond GreenPF/CP EJECTGSWPF25:431304301.7147.75044320.80-0.44-1.43-0.78-0.21-2.490.562.60-0.39-2.56
  138-0.98Kevon LooneyPF/CX  GSW 17:04405210.3333.50041314.20-2.03-1.43-0.41-0.67-0.03-1.32-0.64-3.320.99
  152-1.06Alfonzo McKinniePF  GSW 1:27000000.0000.000001 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  155-1.10Quinn CookPG  GSW 8:47202000.2504.00000019.10-2.38-1.43-1.51-1.57-2.49-1.32-1.380.012.18
   0.00Totals   240:0011710493059.50681.714351823
  150.91Kelly Oubre Jr.SFQ  PHO 34:1225012430.47419.77890225.501.67-1.432.170.244.89-1.32-0.07-0.162.18
  210.55Deandre AytonCP  PHOC33:0823012031.50020.75043428.401.32-1.432.17-1.574.890.560.74-0.39-1.38
  240.41Mikal BridgesSG/SF  PHOSF37:271945320.38513.83361316.900.622.58-0.41-0.212.43-1.32-1.830.870.99
  67-0.29Josh JacksonSG/SF  PHOSG33:061918510.42119.66732325.600.62-0.430.700.70-0.03-1.32-1.62-1.02-0.19
  103-0.74Elie OkoboPG  PHOPG20:30301410.16761.00010311.90-2.20-1.43-1.880.24-0.03-1.32-2.850.642.18
  121-0.90Tyler JohnsonPG/SGNOTE  PHO 27:30510220.11191.00022516.40-1.85-0.43-2.25-0.672.43-1.32-5.071.28-0.19
  122-0.90Dragan BenderPF/C  PHOPF18:10206500.2005.00001412.60-2.38-1.43-0.040.70-2.49-1.32-
  129-0.93Richaun HolmesPF/C  PHO 14:521004000.8005.50041419.90-0.97-1.43-0.78-1.57-2.49-1.322.53-3.320.99
  167-1.52Jamal CrawfordSG/SF  PHO 21:05100000.00051.00011011.60-2.56-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.32-3.660.640.99
   0.00Totals   240:0010764823121.386101.767301128
Must Add 12 teams Josh: He has been excellent in Phoenix and is really blossoming and is a must roster player
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Booker was out, but if Oubre is still sitting on any wires, I'd find a way to add him. Beyond that, if you already have Oubre rostered, I'd consider trying to sell high on him for the right price. His improved value has been buoyed by an abnormally high steal rate.
Josh: Another offensive night and Kokoskov actually played him more without Booker, which is something he hasn't done in the past. I think Birdges should be rostered in most 12 team leagues.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Bridges picked up his scoring in this one, and he should be on someone's roster in all standard leagues for his elite steals if nothing else. With that said, Bridges' minutes will take a hit when Booker and Warren return.
Josh: MInutes are creeping, despite Kerr saying he would only play 25, he got to 27.
Kyle: The Warriors couldn't eclipse the Suns without letting Cousins go past his planned minutes limit, which is great to see.
Josh: He's at risk when Booker and Warren return, but for now, Jackson is a great stream player.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Jackson should be on someone's roster in all standard leagues at the moment, but his minutes and production will take a hit when Booker and Warren are healthy. It might be worth trying to sell high if you could.
Kyle: Okobo remained in the starting lineup ahead of Tyler Johnson, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that change in the next couple games.
Josh: Very inauspicious for his first game in Phoenix. I don't like his upside and I don't l\think he is a must roste rplayer. I prefer OUbre and Bridges over him.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Johnson came off the bench in his Suns debut, but he still played good minutes and is OK to grab as a flier in 12-teamers and deeper to see how things develop. He shot poorly in this game, which will bounce back. I wouldn't be surprised to see him start with Booker when Book returns, too.
Kyle: Bender got another spot start with Booker out but will likely be out of the rotation when the Suns get healthy.

MIN 117 @ NOR 122

  41.36Karl-Anthony TownsCQ  MINC32:483248312.600201.00044231.002.912.580.70-0.21-0.032.443.832.54-2.56
  160.62Andrew WigginsSG/SF  MINSF35:2723110702.58817.66732322.601.32-0.431.441.61-2.492.442.95-1.02-0.19
  370.23Isaiah CanaanPG  MINPG31:231222520.44491.00021118.90-0.620.58-1.510.702.43-1.32-0.431.280.99
  52-0.05Gorgui DiengPF/C  MIN 11:12908111.5006.75040227.30-1.15-1.430.70-1.12-0.030.560.24-0.392.18
  82-0.46Dario SaricPF/C  MIN 24:54913110.33361.00042115.50-1.15-0.43-1.14-1.12-0.03-1.32-1.312.54-0.19
  105-0.75Luol DengSF/PF  MIN 31:16805000.4449.00000211.40-1.32-1.43-0.41-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.430.012.18
  112-0.85Taj GibsonPF/C  MINPF23:06904002.5008.33331317.60-1.15-1.43-0.78-1.57-2.492.440.31-3.950.99
  118-0.86Jeff TeaguePG  MIN 16:511204500.8577.00023125.50-0.62-1.43-0.780.70-2.49-1.324.15-4.59-1.38
  144-1.04Josh OkogieSG  MINSG29:50315011.1119.00002314.50-2.20-0.43-0.41-1.57-0.030.56-5.070.01-0.19
  148-1.06Anthony TolliverSF/PF  MIN 3:13000000.0000.000002 0-2.73-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
   0.00Totals   240:001179492268.50591.727221520
  31.50Anthony DavisPF/C  NORC24:493209203.73315.909112334.502.91-1.431.07-0.67-2.494.335.984.03-0.19
  111.05Jrue HolidayPG/SG  NORSG36:072714931.381211.000104131.902.03-0.43-0.782.514.890.56-3.106.33-2.56
  140.92Tim FrazierPG/SGNOTE  NOR 31:501229820.6258.00000211.50-0.620.581.072.062.43-1.321.860.012.18
  180.60Kenrich WilliamsSF  NORPF36:581946201.600101.00031113.100.622.58-0.04-0.67-2.490.561.931.910.99
  360.25Julius RandlePF/C  NOR 24:001208131.364111.00043425.70-0.62-1.430.70-1.124.890.56-1.902.54-1.38
  59-0.20Frank JacksonPG  NORPG21:19403220.5004.0000027.30-2.03-1.43-1.14-0.672.43-1.320.170.012.18
  91-0.65Stanley JohnsonSG/SF  NOR 19:39602010.4297.00000413.90-1.68-1.43-1.51-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.500.012.18
  101-0.73Cheick DialloPF/C  NOR 8:52202001.5002.0000018.80-2.38-1.43-1.51-1.57-2.490.560.100.012.18
  154-1.10Darius MillerSG/SFX NORSF29:40512300.20010.00000313.20-1.85-0.43-1.51-0.21-2.49-1.32-
  156-1.10Ian ClarkPG/SG  NOR 6:46310000.3333.00001023.10-2.20-0.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.32-0.640.010.99
   0.00Totals   240:0012294527117.47391.964281121
Josh: What a line, but he played just 25 minutes and sat out the enitre fourth quarter. Let's see if there is any blowback from this. He also won't play Saturday and the Pelicans have a couple more back to backs in the coming weeks, which is frustrating. I'm not sure if 25 minutes a night is the new norm, and we'll get a better idea next game.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Well, this was not good, but the fact that Davis was sat in the 4th quarter of a competitive game might blow back on the franchise. Can you imagine being in the stands and watching the team refuse to put in the best player in a winnable game? I'd sell high on Davis for fear that these short minutes might become a nightly horror, but I'm not sold that Davis will be this limited if the NBA is going to enforce him being in the lineup, they hopefully won't tolerate this baloney.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Frazier started the second half over Jackson and had a great game, but I wouldn't count on Frazier having more than a limited bench role most nights the rest of the way.
Josh: Blocks and assists? Which Andrew Wiggins is this. His form, outside of shooting, has been improving of late.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: I'd see if I could sell high on Wiggins after this performance.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Another big load of minutes and a solid night. Moore's return will have an impact, I assume, but Williams is a 12 team guy for now, just to see where this goes.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Williams is fine to grab as flier for the time being to see where things go, but I think the explosion of minutes and his percentages will come back to Earth sooner than later. His minutes are not guaranteed going forward despite this hot stretch.
Josh: Weird that he came off the bench, but I guess it makes more sense with Okafor out. His value should be fine and he was limited here due to fouls.
Kyle: Is Randle going to have his role limited like Davis to facilitate giving other players development minutes? I'm afraid they will. I'd consider selling high on Randle.
Josh: Started with every point guard out, except the returning Teague, but he won't have long term value.
Kyle: Canaan got a spot start at PG with Bayless out and Teague limited in his return, but this value will fade.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Watch Saric closely in case he steps into a starting role or even just big minutes consistently off the bench.
Josh: I doubt Johnson is an every night part of the rotation when Moore is back.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Johnson got decent minutes off the bench in his Pelicans debut. I'd expect him to be in the rotation most night, but Johnson will probably play a limited role so the Pelicans can try to decide whether or not to make him a qualifying offer.
Kyle: Big minutes from Deng again, but he didn't do much.
Josh: Made his return off the bench, but he will be back starting soon, so grab him if someone dropped during the injury.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Teague was back in action but limited in his return. Grab him if he fell to the wire in any standard leagues.
Kyle: Miller remained in the starting lineup and played good minutes. He's a streaming option for threes in most leagues and could have his role jerked around the rest of the way, or might end up playing a ton of minutes if the Davis rest charade continues to parade its absurdity.

MIA 96 @ SAC 102

  51.35Hassan WhitesideC  MIAC28:1817019132.50014.75040422.500.26-1.434.75-1.124.892.440.52-0.392.18
  170.60Josh RichardsonPG/SG/SF  MIASG37:282122403.600151.00012418.800.970.58-1.510.24-2.494.332.880.64-0.19
  58-0.14Kelly OlynykPF/C  MIAPF18:17910302.75041.00022115.20-1.15-0.43-2.25-0.21-2.492.441.721.28-0.19
  102-0.73James JohnsonSF/PF  MIA 20:37913420.4297.50043223.00-1.15-0.43-
  111-0.84Dwyane WadePG/SG BNMIA 25:541534400.42914.00013027.20-0.091.58-0.780.24-2.49-1.32-1.02-2.29-1.38
  130-0.93Dion WaitersSG/SFGLG MIASF31:421241200.33312.00003019.10-0.622.58-1.88-0.67-2.49-1.32-2.640.01-1.38
  132-0.94Duncan RobinsonPF  MIA 5:162000001.0001.0000007.70-2.38-1.43-2.25-1.57-2.49-1.320.840.012.18
  143-1.02Udonis HaslemPF  MIA 0:29001000.0000.000000 0-2.73-1.43-1.88-1.57-2.49-1.320.030.012.18
  162-1.18Rodney McGruderSG/SF  MIA 21:19403100.2867.00001116.00-2.03-1.43-1.14-1.12-2.49-1.32-
  169-1.56Bam AdebayoPF/C  MIA 19:42206110.3333.00032412.90-2.38-1.43-0.04-1.12-0.03-1.32-0.64-6.89-0.19
  170-1.56Justise WinslowPG/SF/PFP  MIAPG30:585010601.18211.25042519.20-1.85-1.431.441.15-2.490.56-5.00-6.25-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:009611492668.43288.474191821
  280.34Buddy HieldSG  SACSG34:102347102.50016.75042324.101.322.580.33-1.12-2.492.440.59-0.39-0.19
  51-0.02Willie Cauley-SteinPF/C  SACC24:16707113.6005.33330210.90-1.50-1.430.33-1.12-0.034.330.98-3.952.18
  53-0.05Alec BurksPG/SG  SAC 14:41904110.80051.00010015.50-1.15-1.43-0.78-1.12-0.03-1.322.530.642.18
  65-0.24De'Aaron FoxPG  SACPG29:341212340.29417.50021226.70-0.62-0.43-1.51-0.217.35-1.32-4.79-1.660.99
  68-0.29Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF36:481227200.33391.00041213.30-0.620.580.33-0.67-2.49-1.32-1.972.540.99
  70-0.33Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF  SAC 34:001625420.42914.50042221.800.090.58-0.410.242.43-1.32-1.02-3.32-0.19
  73-0.36Yogi FerrellPG/SG  SAC 18:26601510.50041.00021213.30-1.68-1.43-1.880.70-0.03-1.320.171.280.99
  125-0.91Harry GilesPF/C  SAC 16:481003010.44491.00024134.50-0.97-1.43-1.14-1.57-0.03-1.32-0.431.28-2.56
  126-0.91Nemanja BjelicaPF  SACPF11:11403100.20051.00020021.90-2.03-1.43-1.14-1.12-2.49-1.32-
  134-0.96Marvin Bagley IIIPFP  SAC 20:06307010.16761.00012317.50-2.20-1.430.33-1.57-0.03-1.32-2.850.64-0.19
   0.00Totals   240:0010294618115.41190.760251317
Josh: He is really rolling at the moment and he is even hitting free throws.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Whiteside is having a good stretch, and it might be worth trying to sell high while his minutes are up. Coach Spoelstra plays the hot hand and matchups. Whiteside is just getting the run right now. Bam will nose in on it at least a couple more times this season.
Josh: Minutes remained low, but he actually blocked a shot. I think WCS is going to be droppable soon.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: WCS' minutes were short again, and he's at least worth considering as a drop candidate in standard leagues with plenty of other good streaming and flier options available to consider.
Kyle: Burks played decent minutes off the bench in his Kings debut, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him steal more run from Ferrell as time goes.
Josh: Started, but minutes have gone down in each of the last three games and he is a drop.
Kyle: Olynyk started again, but his minutes were short. We don't know who will get the minutes in the PF timeshare from game to game, and that limits Olynyk to streaming value in most leagues.
Kyle: Barnes started at SF in his Kings debut and then shifted to PF at halftime to accommodate Bogdanovic starting to the second half over Bjelica. It looks like Barnes is going to play a ton of minutes, but his shots certainly took a hit.
Josh: A lot of minutes as Barnes played at thef our alittle more, really reducing Bjelica's minutes. Maybe he won't be hit as hard after the trade as expected.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Bogdanovic moved to the bench with Barnes starting, but then Bogdanovic started the second half over Bjelica. Coach Joerger is a fool for putting Babydanovic in the corner. It's great to see these minutes, but I'm not convinced Bogdanovic's role is will stay this big from game to game.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Wade left the game for a bit after taking an awkward fall and banging his head on the floor. He was cleared of concussion symptoms and allowed to return. Wade is at least worth streaming in most leagues.
Josh: Bjelica could really be out of the rotation soon.
Kyle: Bjelica stuck in the starting lineup at PF to begin the game but was replaced at halftime by Bogdanovic, pushing Barnes to PF. We've seen Joerger make the change at halftime on plenty of occasions, and it had no impact the next game. Bjelica will likely continue to start and play a limited-ish and erratic role.
Josh: Started for Johnson and scored okay, but he is a points league guy and a deeper categorhy league guy.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Waiters was in the starting lineup at SG and played big minutes with no Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington on the roster. Waiters should have added streaming value and will likely continue to start until Dragic returns, and maybe even after.
Josh: Barnes' arrival could hurt Bagley, but his position is at centre, so I could see him starting to eat into Willie Cauley-Stein's minutes.
Kyle: Bagley is a hold for a couple games, but his minute dipping this low in Barnes' first game is a bit of a disappointment.
Kyle: Back in the rotation with TJ and Ellington shipped out of town, but when Dragic returns, McGruder will likely be back on the bench a lot games.
Josh: I know people don't agree, but this guy just isn't good. He is fine to hold in most cases for fantasy, but he has not been productive of late and is reverting back to the player he has been through his whole career.
Kyle: Winslow is going through a horrible stretch shooting the ball, but he remains at least a streamer in leagues where you're not worried about the percentages. If Winslow doesn't straighten things out soon, Dragic might just punt him from the starting lineup after the All-Star break.