Trade: Jordan Clarkson/Larry Nance Jr. to CLE and Thomas/Frye to LAL

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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/8 11:08 AM

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avatardrj32 (2 posts)  2/8 11:09 AM

so what does this mean for his fantasy value?


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avatarDriftking1030 (18 posts)  2/8 11:12 AM

Is Nance worth a pickup in a 12 team h2h points league?

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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/8 11:14 AM

Thomas and Frye to LAL:

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avatardajayhawk (3 posts)  2/8 11:16 AM

IT next to Lonzo is an intriguing fit.

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avatardrj32 (2 posts)  2/8 11:17 AM

Cavs traded IT to LA so Lebron won't want to go there

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avatarfass (6 posts)  2/8 11:20 AM

whos gonna be in a better situation now kuzma or randle?

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avatarswiese12000 (1 posts)  2/8 11:23 AM

Q: Whos gonna be in a better situation now kuzma or randle?

A: Yes

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avatarDanL15000 (11 posts)  2/8 11:42 AM

Does this make room for Jordan from the Clippers? Or is that not going to happen now?

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avatarkylemckeown16 (635 posts)  2/8 1:27 PM

LAL traded for Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye. 

Frye might be left on the bench the rest of the season. It sounds like Ivica Zubac and Thomas Bryant will get a little more run the rest of the way, but Brook Lopez is still there and will get some run. 

Isaiah Thomas might be slated for a bench role with the Lakers, but you'd imgine they'll take a decent look at him down the stretch this season. 

With Larry Nance and Jordan Clarkson traded to the Cavs, Julius Randle should see more certain minutes at PF and backup center or may even shift over and start there at some point. Kyle Kuzma should have more certain minutes the rest of the way, but it's hard to know what his ceiling will be with plenty of other frontcourt options still on the team. 

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avatar#49292 (17 posts)  2/8 2:40 PM

drop IT for D.J.?

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avatarblazinhot7 (1 posts)  2/8 4:11 PM

Drop Ingles for Larry Nance?

League: 10 team, 9 cat, ESPN


My Roster

PG: Jrue Holiday (SG), Jeff Teague, Dejounte Murray (SG), Kris Dunn

SG: C.J. McCollum (PG), Eric Gordon, Evan Fournier (SF), Josh Richardson (SF)

SF: Otto Porter Jr. (PF)

PF: Nikola Mirotic, Joe Ingles (SF)

C: Marc Gasol, Jonas Valanciunas, Myles Turner (PF)

IR: John Wall


My Strategy:

Punt rebounds, FG%, and turnovers. However, I could move Nance once his value goes up or continue to use this spot to stream




H2H 10 Teams 14 Per Team [9 Active = p 3 r a s b fg% ft% to]

  2170.33Otto Porter WASSF/PF2734.
  3270.19Jrue Holiday NORPG/SG2737.
  3290.18Myles Turner INDPF/C2530.
  4370.13Nikola Mirotic NORPF2732.
  4380.12C.J. McCollum PORPG/SG2736.
  4400.09Josh Richardson MIASG/SF2535.
  5420.08Marc Gasol MEMC2633.
  5460.05Larry Nance Jr.
traded to cleveland
  6530.00John Wall
sore left knee
Est. Return 3/21/2018
INJ 16g
  765-0.04Kris Dunn
Est. Return 2/12/2018
INJ 2g
  872-0.07Jonas Valanciunas TORC2823.
  878-0.10Evan Fournier ORLSG/SF2634.
  11108-0.21Jeff Teague MINPG2430.
  11110-0.22Eric Gordon
back tightness
  15143-0.35Dejounte Murray
sprained left ankle
Est. Return 2/12/2018
    0.17Avg Stats/Total Values   37631.715.
    0.20Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   26132.

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avatarMassmonic (376 posts)  2/8 6:00 PM

Josh Hart?

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