Trade: Rodney Hood, Hill to CLE, Crowder, Rose to UTA, Joe Johnson to SAC

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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/8 11:59 AM

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avatarkylemckeown16 (635 posts)  2/8 12:41 PM

CLE is updated for the trades.

Hill gets lots of run as the starting PG and Clarkson should back him up with Calderon maybe getting in the mix there if things don't work with Clarkson.  Dwyane Wade (MIA) and Derrick Rose (UTA) were traded away. 

Rodney Hood has a decent chance of taking the starting SG job from JR Smith, but I don't know if that's a lock to happen. 

Nance has a good chance of coming in and claiming the starting PF job with Jae Crowder gone. Jeff Green will also fight for those minutes. 

With Channing Frye trade to the Lakers and Love out, Tristan Thompson gets a bump at center with Nance and Green likely backing him up there most nights. 

George Hill is the obvious winner from all these trades as he is walking into a starting PG job. 




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avatarDriftking1030 (18 posts)  2/8 12:52 PM

Thanks for the writeup Kyle!

Nance is available in my league. 12 team H2H points league. Thinking of adding Nance as I still have 3 pickups left for the week. Would be dropping Wes Matthews or Bullock. 

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avatarchaiway (3 posts)  2/8 1:01 PM

Just looked at the updated projection for Hill, even with 31 min/game you don't see him as top 100? wasn't he top 40 last year when he got minutes with Utah?

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avatarkylemckeown16 (635 posts)  2/8 1:19 PM


With Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson gone. 

Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose were trade to the Jazz. Rose is expected to be waived. 

Crowder should step into the Joe Johnson role off the bench. 

Rubio and Ingles got modest bumps, and Mitchell got a couple more minutes. Crowder's role is going to stay similar to where he was with CLE unless he ends up taking the starting PF job from Favors, which I don't think will happen. 

No big winner here. 

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avatarMgrimes60 (2 posts)  2/8 2:48 PM

Worth dropping Stanley Johnson or Josh Jackson to pick up George Hill in a standard H2H league (no keepers)?

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