Trade: Wade to MIA

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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/8 12:09 PM

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avatarelcamino (18 posts)  2/8 12:10 PM

Welcome home?

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avatarkylemckeown16 (635 posts)  2/8 12:59 PM

Wade moving back to MIA might shuffle things up quite a bit for the Heat if they give him a legitimate role. 

I would guess that Wade will come off the bench, but it's possible he'll start. 

With Wade on the team, I would expect Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington to lose minutes in the backcourt. I don't think anything happens to Josh Richardson. Richardson is arguably their best player right now. 

Justise Winslow and James Johnson should split most of the PF minutes. Olynyk will still get some of those, though, and Bam Adebayo will see fewer minutes as Olynyk has to spend more time at backup center. 

Only losers in value in this trade. Both Tyler and James Johnson take hits. Ellington takes a hit. And Olynyk and Adebayo take relative hits. 

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