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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/11 10:26 AM

We've created a new version of the trade tool which makes it easier to create and analyze trades.  For now, this is a member-only tool, and it always uses our projections.

Visit Trade Monster


  • You can select the two team that are trading or manually add the trade players.
  • If the trade is unbalanced, you can choose from a list of free agents to balance the trade.
  • Optionally, you can have Trade Monster balance the trade with Replacement Players. A Replacement Player is our estimate of a typical free agent based on your settings.
  • Soon, we'll be adding Before/After Team Analysis and Projected Standings.
  • We'll also add intelligence allowing Trade Monster to suggest reasonable trades that benefit both teams.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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avatarFairlakes (131 posts)  2/11 11:33 AM

That's awesome!!!!  The top 10 free agents on the side, does it take my punt categories into consideration, based on my league settings....

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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/11 1:00 PM

The rank will be based on your punt settings, but we also display the League Value to see how trades may look to the other teams.

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avatarIrvDizzle (22 posts)  2/11 3:50 PM


I'm spending the rest of today analysing my team for trade opportunities too!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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avatarawesomeace (12 posts)  2/11 4:43 PM

I'd be excited to see the intelligence suggesting trades but other than that, it seems to be pretty much the same as the trade analysis page.

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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/11 5:00 PM

Yes, it's a more efficient version of the old one with the addition of using replacement players to fill unbalanced trades.

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avatarnoconstant (2 posts)  2/12 7:36 AM

Great to see the site keeps improving!

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avatar#46990 (28 posts)  2/12 8:24 AM

Will you be able to analyze 2-1 trades? I know the old analyzer would say it was made for 1-1,2-2 etc etc trades.



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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/12 8:25 AM

Yes, it gives you the option to use replacement players to balance trades, or you can choose from the available free agents if that makes more sense.

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avatargarouGrem (44 posts)  2/12 9:36 AM

So awesome. Thanks for all the hard work you guys constantly put in. 

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avatarantbanks (151 posts)  2/12 11:01 AM

Pretty cool.  Thanks for the work in upgrading and improving the site.  One suggestion, though...  It could really use the "Edit Display Columns" function of the old Trade Analysis tool, especially now/down the stretch of this season, so we can compare Games, Playoff Games, and Quality Games going out and coming in on any trade.

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avatarconradstrasser (31 posts)  2/12 11:05 AM

Ability to add replacement players is huge

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avatarjay14bay (97 posts)  2/12 12:09 PM

great update, thanks!

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avatarlordbattletank (192 posts)  2/12 12:17 PM

We should be able to set punt categories for the opposing team as well.  Just because league value  might be good for them it might now if they're exercising a punting strategy as well.  

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avatarvelvethoops (11 posts)  2/12 1:16 PM

Will there be an option to see "projected standings" after? Similar to the current trade analysis.

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avatarkslight (5842 posts)  2/13 10:51 AM

Yes, this will be added along with team analysis.  We've also added the Display Columns option.

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avatarwillpetzel (73 posts)  2/14 12:09 AM

it would be helpful if you could add the punt+ column to the initial trade monster page. That will allow you to see at a glance which players on other teams work well specific to your punt, and which players on your team don't. I know that I could just subtract the league value from the punt value to calculate the punt+ in my head, but it's easier to just see the difference as its own column when I'm cooking up a trade that will benefit my punt. Thanks

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avatarggless (48 posts)  2/14 2:36 PM

This is looking like a great feature, right in time for trade deadlines.  

One feature that would help me immensely is if we could set a range of dates for analysis, for the playoffs, for example.  Or can I tweak settings somewhere else to "trick" the tool into only analyzing those dates?

Thanks in advance!

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avatarJ020 (3 posts)  2/14 3:47 PM

Love this feature guys, great work! I do have a suggestion though. Would it be possible to add the ability for a team to select a player from their roster to drop if they are receiving two players and trading away one player? It helps to maintain the number of players in the roster i think. Also, maybe add the ability to account for players in the IL spots as they are also tradable players.


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avatarDckiller27 (3 posts)  2/17 12:59 AM

What is the timeframe for the addition of the intelligence suggester that suggests trades that help both teams? Would be interesting to tinker around with that.

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