New Feature: Extra Values

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avatarkslight (3048 posts)  9/4/2019 10:04 AM

Along with the normal Value, you can now view up to 10 more Values for each player.  By clicking Add Defaults, you get these:

  • JoshT - Josh's Total Value (assuming you use Josh's per-game as the default)
  • KyleG - Kyle's per-game value (assuming you have Super Monster)
  • 2018G - Last season's per-game value
  • 2018G_25g - Per-game value of last 25 games of last season
  • 2018Skill - Last season'sper-minute value for players  > 10 m/g

You can also add previous season, date ranges, past days, summer league, playoffs, etc.  Once short-term projections are added, you can show those along with playoffs.

The idea is to have everything you need to see about a player in front of you when making your draft decisions.

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avatarwillpetzel  (64 posts)  9/4/2019 10:42 AM

Loving this addition. Makes it so much easier to see per game values and total values at the same time.

Somewhat related question - Is there any way to have the default display be total value rather than per game value on the team analysis and trade analysis/monster pages? Every time I go to team analysis or trade analysis/monster, it defaults to per game value and I have to manually switch it.


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avatarkslight (3048 posts)  9/4/2019 12:25 PM

Yes, we'll make it so it saves your latest Value Type selection.

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avatar#104923 (24 posts)  9/4/2019 12:52 PM

How can you guys make a decision on the live draft with all this options around,draft is moving so fast for me.Maybe cause It's my first year here?!When I found how my team look and what I need next and then a right player for that stage of the draft my pick is already gone.And I even don't have a time to look what positions I need now.Four years in fantasy basketball but think I will need 50 drafts to get used to all this great options.And recommendation how to make it easier?

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avatardotless (8 posts)  9/4/2019 4:40 PM

Awesome work guys, I am having so much fun getting used to all the fantastic tools here at BBM in my 1st year subscribing with you guys, I do think for the 1st time subscribers a simple how-to video tutorial to fully utilize the tools could help us great deal.

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avatarGrastuco (28 posts)  9/4/2019 6:10 PM


You still need to prepare.  Do that and you'll be better off than trying to do it on the fly.  

How you prepare is up to you.

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avatarkslight (3048 posts)  9/5/2019 6:26 AM

Thanks, and we can look into adding more help/tutorials.  Our Help page is designed to get users started, but that could be simplified too:

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