New ESPN Positions 2/12

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avatarkslight (3049 posts)  2/12 12:16 PM

Marquese Chriss C
Kelly Oubre Jr. PF
De'Anthony Melton SG

We'll start posting these for ESPN and Yahoo! which are checked daily.

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avatarcraigfc8  (20 posts)  2/12 12:22 PM

What would be SUPER helpful is if these were categories you could show/hide/filter by in the projections, etc. Is that something you guys could do?

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avatarkslight (3049 posts)  2/12 12:24 PM

I'm not sure what you mean.

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avatarspicer81 (6 posts)  2/12 12:29 PM

Kelly Oubre Jr. still only showing as SF for me?

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avatarkslight (3049 posts)  2/12 12:32 PM

Should be OK now.  The website caches positions so I need to make sure that gets cleared when positons are updated.

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avatarcraigfc8  (20 posts)  2/12 12:35 PM

I guess a clarifying question first... when I go to projections and it shows each players position... are those directly from the website my league is associated with (ESPN vs Yahoo) OR are they generic? If generic, is there a way to switch between ESPN and Yahoo?

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avatarkslight (3049 posts)  2/12 12:38 PM

They're based on the Provider you select under League Settings.

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avatarcraigfc8  (20 posts)  2/12 12:44 PM

ok thanks!

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avatartravesty204 (22 posts)  2/12 1:08 PM

Oubre is still just SF on ESPN for me

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avatarkslight (3049 posts)  2/12 1:14 PM

Hmm, yep I see that.  Melton and Chriss seem to have the new ones on my league  I'll have to check our source to see why it's showing Oubre.

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avatarkslight (3049 posts)  2/12 1:17 PM

OK, now he's SF/PF in my league too.  Yours?

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avatarguillermo (2 posts)  2/12 2:48 PM

I've been bugging ESPN since last week about giving PF eligibility to Thomas Bryant for 5+ games he played there earlier last month.  As of now, still no update to give him PF status.  Any other suggestions on getting ESPN to make this change?  It would help me squeeze 2 more games out of Bryant during playoffs if I can get this change in.

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avatarwoodyui (2 posts)  2/12 3:27 PM

Oubre is still showing only SF in my league.

Love this new additoin to the site!

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