Handing the rest of the season

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avatarkslight (3032 posts)  3/14 8:17 AM

For now, we're assuming the season will resume around mid-April and have pushed the schedule out until then.  We've updated short and long-term projections to include previously injured players that are likely to return by then.

It looks like Yahoo, ESPN, FanTrax, etc. are putting their leagues (public at least) on hold and then resuming once the NBA does.  Our plan should align with this.

For DFS, we'll resume as normal when, and if, the NBA resumes.

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avatargholdbhurg  (5 posts)  3/14 10:24 AM


Who are the "good" players who are previously injured that could return by mid-April?


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avatarkslight (3032 posts)  3/14 10:42 AM

Simmons, Oubre (?), Capela, Towns.

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avatarRapierman  (88 posts)  3/14 12:59 PM

What of those players who had tested positive for the Coronavirus?  Will they be able to return?

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avatarrobkober  (11 posts)  3/14 1:58 PM

Possible return for Kevin Durant, John Isaac, & Klay Thompson?

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avatarheyghost (9 posts)  3/14 8:15 PM

My league is still currently locked. I need help figuring out the best way to go about unlocking it so it's fair for everyone to start going crazy on the waiver wires.

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avatardaisy123 (60 posts)  3/14 11:04 PM

I think if and when the season has started again just unlock waivers and play it out. It is what it is.

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