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avatarkslight (3078 posts)  7/15 8:39 AM

We've updated short and long-term projections for the remainder of the season so the full season tools work as normal.

We're also going to have DFS projections for the rest of the regular season (projections/picks/articles).  We're also considering DFS for the first couple of playoff rounds if users are intereted.  In this case, it would only be the projections and not articles/picks.  Please let us know if you're interested.

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avatarinjuries4days (1 posts)  7/15 8:45 AM

thank you! definitely would appreciate playoff DFS please

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avataryahoo302 (0 posts)  7/15 8:48 AM

Definitely interested in playoff projections :)

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avatarQuetzalcoatl (0 posts)  7/16 12:25 AM

Yes I would definitely be interested in playoff projections, thank you!

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avatar#45962  (50 posts)  7/22 7:25 AM

If I'm in a roto league for just the final 8 game season, should I sort by total value or per game in order to prepare for my draft?

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avatarkslight (3078 posts)  7/22 8:35 AM

I would use the weekly projections (set to remaining dates) with Total Value.

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avatarkarnivool  (16 posts)  7/23 10:51 AM

Yes! Projections for the first 2 or 3 rounds of the playoffs would be fantastic

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avatarjay14bay (76 posts)  7/23 12:50 PM

Hey major props to you guys at BBM for continuing the updates (free of charge).  It would have been easy to just shut down.  It is appreciated by your fellow addicts like me.

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avatar#104923 (32 posts)  7/23 12:50 PM

Is there a possibility for a boxscore for this scrimmage games?Like during the summer league.

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avatarkslight (3078 posts)  7/23 3:45 PM

I'll see what I can find.

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avatarsboyerii (11 posts)  7/28 10:11 PM

Oh god yes we would LOVE playoff projections

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avatarrsigler65  (37 posts)  7/31 2:17 PM

Hey Ken, the NBA DFS page isn't updated projections - wasn't sure if you were aware.

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avatarrsigler65  (37 posts)  7/31 2:38 PM

Projections updated apparently but it looks like a mixture of different slates. Some of the teams have moon gravity. Doncic projected 189 FP's!

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avatarkslight (3078 posts)  7/31 2:41 PM

Sorry seeing what's up.

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avatargvcaus (3 posts)  7/31 3:36 PM

I assume the above issue is related to the problem i emailed about? Where daily projections is not an option on the drop down bar when entering into daily projections section.


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avatarkslight (3078 posts)  7/31 4:09 PM

You should get to the DFS page by clicking DFS at the top.  That's not working?

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avatargvcaus (3 posts)  7/31 4:28 PM

Members > Daily Projections. thats all i've ever used. its not for fantasy purposes.

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avatargvcaus (3 posts)  7/31 4:45 PM

Looks better now mate, cheers for sorting that out.

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avatar#45962  (50 posts)  8/3 2:49 PM

Time to update the Shabazz Napier projections (insert face palm emoji).

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