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Matt Smith Australian Q&A Chat, Tuesday 4:30am ET or 8pm AEDT
avatarken_admin (1813 posts)  1/11/2021 4:22 PM

We've added a 2nd chat with Matt for those whose timezone makes it hard to attend his normal Wednesday night chat.  We'll see what kind of response we get to see if this is a good time.

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avatarDannyBoy (6 posts)  1/11/2021 9:24 PM

how do i view rthe chat? thank you

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avatarken_admin (1813 posts)  1/11/2021 9:56 PM


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avatarchanman (2 posts)  1/12/2021 12:35 AM

Really appreciated Josh. Thank you. Btw great recordings for the locked on podcasts on Youtube.

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avatarPrincipe22  (1 posts)  2/16/2021 1:52 AM

Hi Matt, would you be able to set the time for us europeans to start the chat?

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avatarSmanSports (14 posts)  2/16/2021 2:52 AM

I believe it will be a 10am start for those in Europe

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avatarHuzi610  (8 posts)  3/30/2021 3:21 AM

Does the chat not work today or? Im the only one there. Its Tuesday and 10:20am currently in Europe.

Edit: The clock changed in my country and Europe, so from now on the chat starts in 11am.

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avatarken_admin (1813 posts)  3/30/2021 9:00 AM

Yes, there was a chat, and here's the recap:

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avatarkel. (1 posts)  1/17 6:57 PM

What is wrong with Mikal Bridges? Will he ever get better? Should I just trade him now?

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avatar26chances  (1 posts)  3/29 12:23 AM

if you would have to choose between Kleber and gafford for tomorrow b2b. who would you choose if you need bigman stats?


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avatarguillermo (53 posts)  3/29 8:20 AM

Kleber is hit or miss, Gafford can produce in low minutes.  I'd go with Gafford personally.

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avatarZkittlez (2 posts)  10/24 12:06 PM

Would you say Kawhii at pick 25 was a bust? Or still too early to tell. Regret picking him so bad already but I know I got to be patient. 

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avatarJuventus110 (3 posts)  10/24 5:44 PM

Hi Matt, if Fultz returning, do you see him will be a starting PG? Which one do you prefer between Fultz and Suggs if you can only pick one?

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avatar#113165 (3 posts)  10/25 1:19 PM

If Conley gets traded, will Sexton be the the guaranteed starter? I was holding him but it is getting tough

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avatarLevi (1 posts)  11/21 2:19 PM

Would you be looking to sell high on Brook Lopez, looking at top 40/50 return in a trade? His production at his age doesn't seem sustainable but he produces so much in 9 Cat.

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avatartmbrooks671 (1 posts)  11/21 5:58 PM

Josh: Would you trade Jabari Smith for Bol Bol? 12 team category roto league.

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avatarJuventus110 (3 posts)  11/28 9:30 PM

hello Smitty..hope you all well. How do you think about Markelle Fultz ROS? Should i try to hold him for the rest of season or try to trade him up? do you think trading him for Jalen Smith is a good deal?

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