Trade Deadline Chat - Thursday 2-4 ET

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avatarkslight (3766 posts)  3/24 3:03 PM

The trade deadline is Thursday 3 ET so we'll have a casual chat room open from 2-4 ET.  Kyle will be working but will also pop in from time to time to answer questions.  Feel free to stop in if you feel like discussing any trades that occur.


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avatarliamfowler (7 posts)  3/24 3:05 PM

Less than 48 hours out... Who do you feel is the biggest stash in terms of potential upside? I see the most likely deal happening to be Lonzo and thus the pickup of the year to be NWA!

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avatarAggregate (61 posts)  3/24 3:34 PM

If Fournier and Gordon are dealt for Smart ... does Ross become must-roster in 10-teamers?

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avatardylanbrown (23 posts)  3/25 3:00 AM

Josh, will you be updating the projects throughout the live show? Or are we waiting for the show to finish before you jump in?

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avatar#104923 (53 posts)  3/25 9:13 AM

Is there a live show?With David Locke maybe?

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avatarMiha92 (4 posts)  3/25 12:22 PM

Anyone think OPJ willl be back to normal in orlanndo now that fournier, AG and Vuc are gone? and ross will def be going off if he isnt traded right?

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avatarMiha92 (4 posts)  3/25 12:23 PM

now that norm powell is on the blazers will he have the starting job?  dont think they would trade for a lights out shooter of he wouldnt be. I beleieve the starting lineup will be dame, cj, norm, RoCo, and kanter/nurk....Am i wrong?

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avatarHardy  (1 posts)  3/25 1:27 PM

deep dynasty league.  Gafford, Troy Brown, Saban Lee, Gary Harris are the only players on the wire that seem affected by the trades so far. Any of them worth anything ROS and/or beyond?

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