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NBA Schedule loaded
avatarken_admin (1534 posts)  8/18 9:34 AM

We've added the NBA schedule which enables the following:

If you see any issues, please let us know.

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avatarfantasyballfan08 (5 posts)  8/18 10:25 AM

wow. so many 2 game weeks on the standard H2H playoff weeks! (11 teams). More than 1/3 of the teams. This is gonna be interesting!

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avatarKaazam  (6 posts)  8/18 12:56 PM

and that's why we start playoffs early!

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avatarjay14bay (38 posts)  8/18 1:13 PM

thanks guys.  on the shcedule grid, any chance you can update the games per week coloring?  right now gray for 4 and white for all others.  how about red or something for 1 and 2?


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avatarken_admin (1534 posts)  8/18 1:33 PM

Sure, that's a good idea, and we'll see what we can do. Thanks

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avatarRottenMobley (2 posts)  8/18 7:07 PM

Can you activate the smart tool using full season projections while we wait on weekly projections?

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avatarken_admin (1534 posts)  8/18 7:22 PM

This is for the H2H smart tool or roto?

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avatarRottenMobley (2 posts)  8/18 7:24 PM


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avatarbarkhammer (29 posts)  8/18 7:32 PM

I recall Josh discussing a formula for determining the quality games limit last season based on league config - anyone recall or have that by any chance please?

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avatarjoshlloyd48 (281 posts)  8/18 8:03 PM
What I do is look at active roster spots divided by total roster spots ( so standard league is 10/13) Convert that to a percentage, which is 77% in this case. Then take 77% of 15 games (which is the max amount of games on any day). That results in 11 and then I subtract two from that number to leave me at 9. So for a standard league I use 9 as my quality game filter. If you have fewer starting spits in relation to bench, you will see the QG number come down It's not foolproof but it's a decent rule of thumb
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avatarbarkhammer (29 posts)  8/18 8:13 PM

Nice one - thanks Josh!

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avatarjay14bay (38 posts)  8/19 9:35 AM

@josh which week do you suggest for starting POs this year (3 week PO duration)? Feb 27 or March 6?

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avatarjay14bay (38 posts)  8/19 10:50 AM

Nevermind I caught it in this video

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avatarjoshlloyd48 (281 posts)  8/19 5:56 PM
For everyone else that is looking for it, I recommend ending the fantasy season MARCH 19th
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avatarbigtickettaco  (2 posts)  8/21 7:47 AM

I've never really grasped the importance of "End of Week Games" What difference is the day of the week you get points, doesn’t it all add up the same by EOW? Is it just an add/drop indicator for if you are losing going into the weekend and need to simply add games?

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avatarken_admin (1534 posts)  8/21 8:05 AM

Some leagues allow going over your weekly limit so the more Sunday games, the more likely you get extra games.

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avatarjay14bay (38 posts)  8/22 2:56 PM

yeah @bigticket I think that feature was added by ken at my request a few years ago.  That's one reason I love this place :)

He is right, I asked because in H2H formats (at least with the settings on ESPN and Fantrax) you are able to go over the weekly limit of games played but only ON the day you exceed the limit.  Usually that corresponds to sunday, so in my leagues having a strong Sunday schedule was actually very important. 

This year my league got rid of that and decided to implement a hard cap of GP per week, and going over would result in a loss, which we will manually manage.  So that category is less important in this type of league

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