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Postseason Projections
avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/11/2023 8:53 AM

First, thanks to everyone who used the site during the regular season, and we hope you had success.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please post those here, or send them to

For the postseason, we'll be maintaining daily projections.  They're not officially a part of the membership so updates may be slower than normal.  Also, this is a time we use to experiment with changes for next season so there may be issues on/off.

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avatarhuskerfan5b (4 posts)  4/12/2023 5:25 AM

Thank you. When you say this is a time you use to experiment with changes for next season, does that mean that the projections will not be reliable or we may not always be able to access them?

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avatarepk1993 (16 posts)  4/12/2023 7:01 AM

is there a way to use season per game stats as a "projection" for a draft without uploading them as custom projections? I have a playoff auction draft and the draft tracker makes it so smooth

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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/12/2023 7:12 AM

We can look at the per-game projection since I believe we've done this before.  However, number of games will not be reliable for playoff projections so I assume you're looking at a per-game value?  Also, when is your draft?

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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/12/2023 7:14 AM

@huskerfan5b - I don't anticipate any issues, but potentially the site may be unavailable at times,  Also, as of now, I don't think the projection process will be adjusted.

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avatarhuskerfan5b (4 posts)  4/12/2023 7:39 PM

When you say the projections won't be adjusted, does that mean you will not be adjusting for shortened playoff rotations?



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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/12/2023 7:56 PM

Minutes are adjusted based on updated rotations.  I'm just saying the projection processing isn't changed.  You also have the option to use Custom Minutes if you want to set your own.

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avatarepk1993 (16 posts)  4/13/2023 1:32 PM

Hi, sorry for the slow reply. My draft is early Saturday morning east coast time!

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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/14/2023 7:54 AM

The Draft Tracker should now be using Short-Term projections.  As mentioned, I would look at a Per Game Value since the # of games projected only uses the 1st round.  We'll update the schedule once the play-in tournament ends Friday which hopefully will be in time for your draft,

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avatarItalianStallion (2 posts)  4/14/2023 10:09 AM

Hi Ken, assuming Josh is no longer populating the daily projections at this point. Are they now coming from some sort of model that he has built? Just wondering if I wanted to use it for daily best ball contests or daily player much confidence should we have in the postseason projections at this point? Thank you!

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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/14/2023 10:53 AM

Yes, Josh, Kyle, and Matt are into their off-season so they're not editing projections.  We're simply setting minutes, and then the same parameters we used during the season are applied to the games.  If you think the minutes are off, you can always customize those.

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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/14/2023 10:55 AM

You would think playoff minutes are more consistent, but past seasons have shown they are quite variable due the frequent blowouts.

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avatarItalianStallion (2 posts)  4/14/2023 11:11 AM

Understood, thanks for the timely response!

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avatarepk1993 (16 posts)  4/14/2023 10:32 PM

Seems like Denver is missing from the playoff projections

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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/15/2023 12:20 AM

We just needed to add the games based on the play-in tournament results so you should see all teams now.

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avatarepk1993 (16 posts)  4/15/2023 4:08 AM

oh ok, thanks! one last question, when I export projections as a csv, it is blank excpet for the top line? any idea why that is the case and how I can fix it?

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avatarken_admin (1449 posts)  4/15/2023 6:25 AM

Which page is this?

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avatarhuskerfan5b (4 posts)  5/22/2023 11:32 PM

Why is Grant Williams projected at 9 minutes per game? That seems off given recent trend.

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