Joe Johnson

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Ease PositionSF
Draft2001 (Pick 10)
NBA Salary$11,000,000
Projection Updated10/12/2016
Starting signed Open link
2/28/2016 5:48 PM
Johnson is starting Sunday at NYK.
Playing signed Open link
2/28/2016 5:06 PM
Johnson missed the past 2 games and is playing Sunday at NYK.
Probable signed Open link
2/27/2016 5:28 PM
Johnson has signed with the Heat and expects to play Sunday at NYK.
Note signing Open link
2/26/2016 1:54 PM
Johnson is expected to sign with the Heat today or this weekend.
Note free agent Open link
2/26/2016 11:58 AM
The Heat are currently the frontrunner to get Joe Johnson.
Note bought out by Nets Open link
2/25/2016 2:13 PM
Johnson has agreed to a buyout with BKN.
Questionable buyout? Open link
2/25/2016 10:05 AM
The Nets and Johnson are discussing a buyout. If it happens, possible destinations for Johnson include Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, OKC and Toronto.
Playing quad contusion Open link
1/13/2016 5:37 PM
Johnson is active for Wednesday's game. He is playing and starting.
Probable quad contusion Open link
1/12/2016 11:58 AM
Johnson is probable for Wednesday's game (quad contusion). He sat out practice Tuesday but appears in line to play Wednesday.
Playing quad Open link
1/6/2016 4:45 PM
Johnson is active for Wednesday's game (quad). He will play.
Questionable quad Open link
1/5/2016 11:40 AM
Johnson sat out today's practice and is questionable for Wednesday's game (quad).
Playing illness Open link
12/1/2015 5:33 PM
Johnson is active for Tuesday's game (illness). He missed shootaround but is expected to play Tuesday.
No way he's this efficient every game, but he's going to get opportunities while Hayward and Burks are out. Tristan is expendable in a 10 team league
Evil genius
Joe killed it tonight. Fluke or good until Hayward comes back? Would you drop Tristan for Joe. Mosgov, winslow and tuner also available. Team: M. Conley, J. Harden, K. Thompson, E. Fournier, R. Hood, D. Booker, L. Deng, T. Thompson, E. Kanter, J. Crowder, G. Dieng, D. Saric 10 team roto league 10 positions 3 bench fg ft pts 3pts reb ast st blk a/t
I can't see either guy being a must add in 10tm, honestly.
Hmm...last spot on 10 team H2H, its either Joe or Mirza Teletovic. Im thinking Joe will be more of value at least until Hayward comes back. Though Teletovic is in similar situation..thoughts?
Per Game
259-0.59Projection 16-17UTASubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
154-0.30NBA 15-16MIA8133.412.
159-0.27Last MonthMIA1532.
100-0.11Last 2 MonthsMIA2732.413.
98-0.13Last 3 MonthsMIA4232.
96-0.13NBA 14-15BKN8034.914.
89-0.11NBA 13-14BKN7932.615.
105-0.14NBA 12-13BKN7236.716.
350.15NBA 11-12ATL6035.418.
108-0.15NBA 10-11ATL7235.518.
462-0.82NBA Preseason 16UTA619.
Per 36
292-0.51Projection 16-17UTASubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
248-0.34NBA 15-16MIA8133.413.
244-0.33Last MonthMIA1532.
175-0.20Last 2 MonthsMIA2732.415.
169-0.20Last 3 MonthsMIA4232.
190-0.26NBA 14-15BKN8034.914.
138-0.17NBA 13-14BKN7932.617.
169-0.24NBA 12-13BKN7236.715.
530.00NBA 11-12ATL6035.419.
174-0.23NBA 10-11ATL7235.518.
338-0.79NBA Preseason 16UTA619.
233-0.57Projection 16-17UTASubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
115-0.20NBA 15-16MIA812703:16992120292318614.439859.831142160-0.070.57-0.670.61-0.41-1.09-0.540.26-0.49
132-0.25Last MonthMIA15482:07179184158131.487152.6841926-0.220.04-1.040.52-0.19-1.040.23-0.31-0.20
88-0.11Last 2 MonthsMIA27873:59369388599232.520279.80451530.020.30-0.920.34-0.29-1.040.870.11-0.36
81-0.08Last 3 MonthsMIA421350:2355367135175333.499423.85375870.030.62-0.860.66-0.36-1.090.540.36-0.62
65-0.01NBA 14-15BKN802790:521,1541213842925914.4351,025.8011761370.520.79-0.050.53-0.39-0.77-0.730.19-0.21
68-0.04NBA 13-14BKN792574:371,2451622702164710.4541,018.8151951200.501.33-0.73-0.05-0.86-0.88-0.310.310.33
110-0.17NBA 12-13BKN722642:071,1701482182534914.4231,053.8201611230.431.22-0.960.15-0.89-0.82-
330.20NBA 11-12ATL602126:321,1311252212314713.454933.8491861161.161.66-0.570.44-0.45-0.69-0.170.62-0.21
106-0.17NBA 10-11ATL722554:001,31289291338477.4431,161.8022431460.660.41-0.560.62-0.79-0.96-0.830.17-0.21
427-0.81NBA Preseason 16UTA6118:3331220630.32437.714710-1.55-0.81-0.51-0.74-0.90-1.05-1.32-0.18-0.25