Dirk Nowitzki - DAL - F

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NBA Salary$25,000,000
Projection Updated4/12/2017

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18.7d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @MEM (rest)
20.9d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Sunday @PHO (rest)
Left with game about 53% complete
24.8d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @LAC (sore right achilles)
25.2d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @LAC (sore right achilles)
Coach Carlisle said that Nowitzki will likely be a game-time decision.
25.7d ago
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @LAC (sore right achilles)
He is a game time decision
26.1d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday @SAC (sore right achilles)
Nowitzki is out Tuesday and questionable for Wednesday.
27.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Tuesday @SAC (sore right achilles)
28.0d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Sunday @MIL (sore right achilles)
Left with game about 82% complete
31.1d ago Open link
Note Note (rest)
Dirk and other vets will rest one of the two b2b games on Tue (4/4) or Wed (4/5).
81.9d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday vs POR (b2b)
He has no restrictions
100.0d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs UTA (ankle)
He is not listed on the injury report.
100.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs UTA (ankle)
He sprained his ankle Thursday, but played through it
124.8d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Monday @NOR (minutes restriction)
He remained in the locker room and won't play in the second half as he returns from his Achilles injury
128.0d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday @LAC (achilles)
Nowitzki will be on a strict minutes limit Friday. The Mavs are planning on building his minutes up gradually.
131.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @POR (achilles)
Nowitzki is listed as questionable Wednesday at POR.
147.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles)
Nowitzki is currently "out indefinitely", and coach Carlisle clarified that could be "a day or a week". Though that doesn't give us a lot to go on, it sounds like Dirk will be out closer to a week, or more. He's missed the past 3 games.
148.1d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and is now out indefinitely. Coach Carlisle says Dirk will be out "a while".
148.9d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and is expected to miss the next 2 games Saturday vs CHI and Monday vs CHA.
151.1d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles)
Nowitzki missed last game and will be out for at least the next three games. Monday vs CHA is the earliest projected return date for him.
152.1d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles)
Nowitzki missed last game and will be out at least the next 2 games Wednesday vs SAS and Thursday at CHA.
152.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs SAS (achilles)
Nowitzki missed last game and is questionable Wednesday vs SAS.
152.1d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday vs SAS (achilles)
Nowitzki missed last game and is doubtful Wednesday vs SAS. He is listed as out on the team's game notes, but we'll wait for confirmation from the team or beat writers before marking him such.
153.9d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday vs NOR (achilles)
Nowitzki is out Sunday vs NOR.
155.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday vs NOR (achilles)
Nowitzki is listed as questionable Sunday vs NOR.
157.9d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs LAC (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 8 games and is playing Wednesday vs LAC.
158.2d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs LAC (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 8 games and is probable Wednesday vs LAC.
159.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs LAC (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 8 games and is questionable Wednesday vs LAC. He did practice Tuesday.
160.3d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @SAS (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 7 games and is out Monday at SAS.
163.1d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs MEM (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 5 games and is out Friday vs MEM and Saturday at ORL.
164.9d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @BOS (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 4 games and is out Wednesday at BOS.
165.1d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday @BOS (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 4 games and is doubtful Wednesday at BOS.
165.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @BOS (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 4 games and is questionable Wednesday at BOS. He is listed as questionable but it appears a long shot that he plays
166.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @BOS (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 4 games and is questionable Wednesday at BOS.
166.9d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @NYK (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and is out Monday at NYK.
166.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NYK (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and remains questionable and a game-time decision Monday at NYK.
168.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NYK (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and is questionable Monday at NYK.
169.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NYK (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and is questionable Monday at NYK. He went through about half of Saturday's practice.
170.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NYK (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and is questionable Monday at NYK. He is improving but missed practice Fri for personal reasons.
170.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NYK (achilles)
Nowitzki missed the past 3 games and is questionable Monday at NYK. He resumed practicing but seems unlikely to be ready for Monday.
173.1d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles)
Nowitzki missed last game and is injured Tuesday at LAL. He did not travel with the Mavs on their 2-game road trip.
176.7d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles)
Nowitzki is out at least SEVEN days with a sore Achilles
176.8d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Friday vs POR (achilles)
Nowitzki will not return Friday vs POR.
177.2d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs POR (achilles)
Nowitzki is playing Friday vs POR. His minutes will likely be limited.
177.2d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs POR (achilles)
Nowitzki is probable Friday vs POR.
177.3d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs POR (achilles)
Nowitzki is questionable Friday vs POR.
179.1d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @UTA (illness)
Nowitzki missed the past 2 games and is playing Wednesday at UTA.
179.1d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @UTA (illness)
Nowitzki missed the past 2 games and is probable Wednesday at UTA.
180.1d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @UTA (illness)
Nowitzki missed the past 2 games and is probable Wednesday at UTA. He said he plans on playing as long as there are no setbacks.
181.9d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @HOU (illness)
Nowitzki missed last game and is out Sunday at HOU. Very late news
182.1d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday @HOU (illness)
Nowitzki missed last game and is playing Sunday at HOU.
182.2d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @HOU (illness)
Nowitzki missed last game and is questionable Sunday at HOU. He was at Sunday morning's shootaround and looks like he'll play.
183.1d ago Open link
Probable Probable Sunday @HOU (illness)
Nowitzki missed last game and is probable Sunday at HOU. He went through Saturday's practice and will travel with the team for Sunday's game.
183.9d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs HOU (illness)
Nowitzki is out Friday vs HOU. Coach Carlisle said that it was too early to know whether or not Nowitzki will travel for the Mavs' game in Houston on Sunday.
184.2d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs HOU (illness)
Nowitzki is probable Friday vs HOU. He missed Friday's shootaround with a sore stomach but expects to play Friday.
That's a pretty old article it is from December. He has since said he plans on playing next year. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/18815347/dirk-nowitzki-dallas-mavericks-planning-return-20th-season
I thought that I read that he would retire, but I missed the all-important "If" in the article! Please disregard! http://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/dirk-nowitzki-says-retirement-an-option-after-this-season-if-things-dont-go-well/
Wait, is Dirk retiring?
Does anyone else feel like Carlisle will cut the minutes restriction in Dirk's last game on Wednesday? He's too classy to pull a Kobe, right?
Man.. that last vote @flave19 ... I hope you didn't take that. What about this one. UP: D Will , DOWN: Dirk
21% (14) agree 
Up Markieff Morris, Down Dirk.
100% (1) agree 
Because he is 38 and achilles is tough and can always come back. I'm confident he'll finish inside top70 though and will be useful for many teams. Real life he is so slow that he is hurting his team, but that's good for us, i suppose they don't really want to win so they ll play him :)
100% (2) agree 
This dude was just a top 30 player last year that has been an ironman most of his career. Why is everyone so ready to give up on him.
50% (2) agree 
The Mavs seem to be in the same spot Lakers were last season... What are the chances the Mavs do a Kobe season for Dirk? If they do, and if he stays healthy (a big if here) he could see a major uptick in production. Can't wait for his 60 point retirement game!
100% (4) agree 
This guy still has game. Let's hope he can stay healthy!
0% (2) agree 
What is a reasonable trade target to go after with my Dirk? Would Beverley be within reach?
20% (5) agree 
Up Dirk, Down Cody Zeller.
100% (3) agree 
#64380 -- It's definitely worth taking a flier on Dirk if you have someone worth dropping. He's going to play limited minutes for an undetermined amount of time, but the Mavs said that they still plan on getting him back up to the mid-to-high 20s in minutes this season if he can get healthy.
60% (5) agree 
Is Dirk a pickup now? He's on the waiver wire, 10 man, 9 cat.
I can make predictions too based on wild speculation! I predict that Dirk will recover from his injury and find his shot again, having a near career year and that he'll play out the end of his contract. Have at you.
I am taking a punt that its his retirement year and he will get a similar reception like Kobe. Take all the shots you want.
75% (4) agree 
drop jamychel green to stash dirk?
75% (4) agree 
10 man, 9 cat. Is he a drop?
100% (1) agree 
#62477 -- I'd be fine dropping him as long as you don't have an IR or a way to stash him, but obviously, you'd like to be able to replace him with at least a halfway decent player off the wire if you're dumping him, so it would in some ways depend on who is available.
Is he a drop in 12 team leagues with the recent news?
is dirk worth holding in 12/14 team leagues at this point? feels like this season could be one bad ride...
0% (4) agree 
Trade him for Dion Waiters? Nowitzki has better projections, but he only played 5 games this season and still has troubles with that Achilles injury.
100% (5) agree 
12 team league...drop Josh Richardson for Dirk? His Achilles problem is scary but the upside is there.
50% (2) agree 
Justin Anderson or Seth Curry worth a stream tonight?
100% (1) agree 
@LagunaLaker, from those options I'd drop MKG. I don't think he will produce all year and if Dirk can stay healthy you'd come out ahead in the long run.
MKG and GHarris are the other options.. it's a 12team H2h pts league. I agree with you not dropping JRich right now, esp keeping in mind the heat play back to back Mon and Tues, but Reports say Dirk starting to practice.. Hes gonna get picked up by the end of the day lol. Im leaning on holding on Jrich for now.
100% (1) agree 
I'd hold JRich right now. He isn't getting starter's minutes yet but I think his upside is worth enough to wait and see what he does once that happens (which is pretty likely imo)
Any other options of players to drop? I wouldn't want to drop J-Rich if you can avoid it, and I'm not entirely sure I would drop J-Rich for an injured Dirk right now.
0% (1) agree 
Josh Richardson is the guy i'm thinking of dropping for dirk. Will have to make that move tonight or he will be scooped up lol
100% (1) agree 
I would definitely be OK dropping Faried for Dirk. As far as Dirk's ROS value, it's going to depend on if he can get healthy and stay healthy. Achilles issues are worrisome and can linger.
100% (1) agree 
Yeah, wondering same as Laguna. I'm thinking of dropping Faried for Dirk. I'm in a 10-team, 9-cat Roto league. Any thoughts?
Thoughts on ROS value? Just got dropped in 12Team-h2h
100% (1) agree 
There's been two reports - one said at least seven days, one said a while. Dirk also said he'll start running in a couple of days and go from there. But I do agree about giving Powell more minutes. Not sure why they don't
0% (1) agree 
Reports are that he will be out for "a while" not just the 7 days. Now this might be premature but I can easily see this being his last season. In which case I wonder why they wouldn't try to give Powell some extended run and evaluate. Seems like a good player but Carlyle doesn't seem to know what he's doing using JJ Barea in that small lineup that never works...
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Game Log
4/12/2017@ MEMW 100 - 93DAL               
4/11/2017DENL 91 - 109Y0.70DAL27:002118113.450201.00021236.8 
4/9/2017@ PHOL 111 - 124Y-0.76DAL20:061113300.333121.00021228.8
Will not return
4/7/2017SASL 89 - 102Y0.04DAL16:13803103.6676.00001221.0 
4/5/2017@ LACL 101 - 112Y-0.60DAL28:02914110.36411.00001118.8 
4/4/2017@ SACL 87 - 98DAL               
4/2/2017@ MILW 109 - 105Y0.50DAL25:501735101.63611.00000121.2
Will not return
3/31/2017@ MEML 90 - 99Y-0.88DAL30:0913112100.176171.00061234.4 
3/29/2017@ NORL 118 - 121Y0.77DAL31:112327201.500141.00070325.6 
3/27/2017OKCL 91 - 92Y-0.91DAL25:18818201.3339.50023323.9 
3/25/2017TORL 86 - 94Y-0.89DAL28:40915000.36411.00001419.3 
3/23/2017LACW 97 - 95Y0.19DAL28:371404420.58312.00002223.4 
3/21/2017GSWL 87 - 112Y-0.01DAL27:531619100.462131.00030022.6 
3/19/2017@ BKNW 111 - 104Y0.25DAL27:192339000.52917.66730433.7 
3/17/2017@ PHIL 74 - 116Y-0.56DAL18:541001001.5569.00001223.5 
3/15/2017@ WASW 112 - 107Y-0.35DAL32:032034201.46715.60052028.9 
3/13/2017@ TORL 78 - 100Y0.44DAL28:521737211.43816.00000327.1 
3/11/2017PHOL 98 - 100Y0.56DAL30:5523111200.71414.66731224.6 
3/10/2017BKNW 105 - 96Y-0.14DAL22:431333010.41712.00000323.7 
3/7/2017LALW 122 - 111Y1.12DAL24:2725311101.692131.00042231.8 
3/5/2017OKCW 104 - 89Y0.03DAL30:0718112300.471171.00011429.3 
3/3/2017MEMW 104 - 100Y-0.53DAL29:171017200.400101.00011318.3 
3/1/2017@ ATLL 95 - 100Y-0.93DAL27:3011010100.417121.00014426.8 
2/27/2017MIAW 96 - 89Y-0.26DAL26:148112101.22291.00030119.1 
2/25/2017NORW 96 - 83Y0.91DAL28:031829011.66712.00000220.0 
2/24/2017@ MINL 84 - 97Y-0.11DAL29:21807322.28614.00001224.1 
2/15/2017@ DETL 91 - 98Y0.99DAL30:2424410311.474191.00021232.7 
2/13/2017BOSL 98 - 111Y0.21DAL28:331815320.412171.00031032.0 
2/11/2017ORLW 112 - 80Y0.42DAL17:551426120.50012.00000129.7 
2/9/2017UTAW 112 - 105Y0.07DAL37:082007220.47117.80052427.7 
2/7/2017PORL 113 - 114Y1.04DAL30:072545302.438161.00070231.8 
2/6/2017@ DENL 87 - 110Y-0.01DAL24:02906030.5008.50021420.3 
2/3/2017@ PORW 108 - 104Y-0.43DAL32:26935200.3339.00000114.5 
2/1/2017PHIW 113 - 95Y-0.70DAL28:14805310.33312.00001120.5 
1/30/2017CLEW 104 - 97Y-0.07DAL24:07826110.7504.00002111.8 
1/29/2017@ SASW 105 - 101Y0.65DAL28:1315210004.455111.00032124.3 
1/26/2017@ OKCL 98 - 109DAL               
1/25/2017NYKW 103 - 95Y0.89DAL24:571904203.667121.00030225.4 
1/22/2017LALW 122 - 73Y0.05DAL20:051315111.455111.00021229.3 
1/20/2017UTAL 107 - 112Y-1.53DAL25:093010000.077131.00010325.6 
1/19/2017@ MIAL 95 - 99Y-0.15DAL29:131924120.43816.60051232.8 
1/17/2017@ CHIW 99 - 98Y-0.50DAL27:0710010210.3339.66760221.1 
1/15/2017MINW 98 - 87Y0.60DAL28:051736203.50014.00001126.6 
1/12/2017@ PHOW 113 - 108Y0.24DAL30:001836101.467151.00010223.0 
1/9/2017@ MINL 92 - 101Y0.43DAL31:122655400.50016.71470530.8 
1/7/2017ATLL 82 - 97Y-0.16DAL30:121103221.400101.00033222.9 
1/5/2017PHOL 95 - 102Y-0.21DAL27:481337301.35714.00001526.3 
1/3/2017WASW 113 - 105Y-0.24DAL24:061119000.44491.00020219.0 
12/30/2016@ GSWL 99 - 108Y-0.96DAL23:261105101.250121.00053232.8 
12/29/2016@ LALW 101 - 89DAL               
12/27/2016HOUL 107 - 123Y-1.30DAL14:56703000.2508.75041031.7 
12/26/2016@ NORL 104 - 111Y-0.36DAL16:591022400.4449.00000126.3
Will not return
He remained in the locker room and won't play in the second half as he returns from his Achilles injury
12/23/2016@ LACW 90 - 88Y-0.08DAL14:391724000.583121.00011240.9 
12/21/2016@ PORW 96 - 95DAL               
12/19/2016@ DENL 107 - 117DAL               
12/18/2016SACW 99 - 79DAL               
12/16/2016@ UTAL 100 - 103DAL               
12/14/2016DETL 85 - 95DAL               
12/12/2016DENW 112 - 92DAL               
12/10/2016@ HOUL 87 - 109DAL               
12/9/2016INDW 111 - 103DAL               
12/7/2016SACL 89 - 120DAL               
12/5/2016CHAL 101 - 109DAL               
12/3/2016CHIW 107 - 82DAL               
12/1/2016@ CHAL 87 - 97DAL               
11/30/2016SASL 87 - 94DAL               
11/27/2016NORW 91 - 81DAL               
11/25/2016@ CLEL 90 - 128Y-0.65DAL27:111516300.38918.00001330.5 
11/23/2016LACL 104 - 124Y-0.70DAL20:011016100.300101.00031227.2 
11/21/2016@ SASL 91 - 96DAL               
11/19/2016@ ORLL 87 - 95DAL               
11/18/2016MEML 64 - 80DAL               
11/16/2016@ BOSL 83 - 90DAL               
11/14/2016@ NYKL 77 - 93DAL               
11/9/2016@ GSWL 95 - 116DAL               
11/8/2016@ LALW 109 - 97DAL               
11/6/2016MILW 86 - 75DAL               
11/4/2016PORL 95 - 105Y-0.49DAL16:07507101.33361.00010018.5 
11/2/2016@ UTAL 81 - 97Y-0.96DAL28:48905010.286141.00011327.2 
10/30/2016@ HOUL 92 - 93DAL               
10/28/2016HOUL 98 - 106DAL               
10/26/2016@ INDL 121 - 130Y0.97DAL38:242248222.421191.00022124.0 
4/13/2016SASL 91 - 96Y-0.53DAL33:481917110.29417.800101232.2 
4/11/2016@ UTAW 101 - 92Y1.47DAL31:4022411311.583121.00041022.1 
4/10/2016@ LACL 91 - 98Y0.02DAL27:541415200.44491.00050218.4 
4/8/2016MEMW 103 - 93Y0.08DAL33:352123210.50012.87583427.2 
4/6/2016HOUW 88 - 86Y-0.45DAL32:38706110.25081.00030313.5 
4/3/2016@ MINW 88 - 78Y-1.34DAL33:031324100.22218.75041229.8 
4/1/2016@ DETW 98 - 89Y0.07DAL37:281915310.444181.00021125.5 
3/30/2016NYKW 91 - 89Y-1.44DAL32:441114210.21723.00001332.5 
3/28/2016@ DENW 97 - 88Y-0.09DAL33:001004041.235171.00020326.5 
3/27/2016@ SACL 111 - 133Y-0.57DAL27:091425000.40015.00001125.4 
3/25/2016@ GSWL 120 - 128DAL               
3/23/2016@ PORL 103 - 109Y0.43DAL36:222129301.563161.00013121.8 
3/20/2016PORW 132 - 120Y2.17DAL39:114038420.615261.00052535.9 
3/18/2016GSWL 112 - 130Y1.58DAL33:072439403.563161.00030221.6 
3/16/2016@ CLEL 98 - 99Y0.22DAL34:472014303.41217.83361128.8 
3/14/2016@ CHAW 107 - 96Y0.49DAL28:0023111102.44418.85771334.4 
3/12/2016INDL 105 - 112Y1.61DAL35:193035220.62516.87580224.9 
3/9/2016DETL 96 - 102Y1.14DAL35:1425210310.588171.00031226.3 
3/7/2016LACL 90 - 109Y-0.48DAL28:122206010.47419.80054239.4 
3/6/2016@ DENL 114 - 116Y1.37DAL35:273056101.611181.00031327.3 
3/3/2016SACL 101 - 104Y-0.59DAL32:021606501.438161.00025529.3 
3/1/2016ORLW 121 - 108Y0.19DAL27:021913201.53813.80050225.7 
2/28/2016MINW 128 - 101Y-0.01DAL17:131024102.5008.00001423.9 
2/26/2016DENW 122 - 116Y0.19DAL40:1020013401.47621.00002426.8 
2/24/2016OKCL 103 - 116Y1.47DAL34:233326020.62516.917122429.7 
2/21/2016PHIW 129 - 103Y0.41DAL26:511857210.42914.50020323.5 
2/19/2016@ ORLL 104 - 110Y-1.12DAL38:561123111.25016.33331221.7 
2/9/2016UTAL 119 - 121Y0.16DAL39:441719010.429141.00041421.4 
2/6/2016@ MEMW 114 - 110Y-0.32DAL37:251817201.35317.83361427.1 
2/5/2016SASL 90 - 116Y-0.26DAL23:521008010.50081.00022221.8 
2/3/2016MIAL 90 - 93Y0.86DAL35:282824103.47621.85770233.1 
2/1/2016@ ATLL 97 - 112Y0.25DAL31:051803120.36411.909110222.7 
1/31/2016PHOW 91 - 78DAL               
1/29/2016BKNW 91 - 79Y0.75DAL28:561208024.46213.00001222.9 
1/27/2016@ GSWL 107 - 127DAL               
1/26/2016@ LALW 92 - 90Y-0.53DAL30:281306100.357141.00030526.1 
1/24/2016@ HOUL 104 - 115Y0.15DAL27:211943000.538131.00011124.5 
1/22/2016OKCL 106 - 109Y-0.02DAL29:171422112.40015.00001225.6 
1/20/2016MINW 106 - 94DAL               
1/18/2016BOSW 118 - 113Y0.66DAL34:4631311020.38121.923134439.6 
1/17/2016@ SASL 83 - 112Y-1.23DAL24:11405300.20010.00001021.0 
1/15/2016@ CHIW 83 - 77Y0.29DAL33:232127001.400151.00071329.4 
1/13/2016@ OKCL 89 - 108DAL               
1/12/2016CLEL 107 - 110Y-0.02DAL38:1217311300.46715.00003124.0 
1/10/2016@ MINW 93 - 87Y1.17DAL31:422947110.545221.00010133.2 
1/8/2016@ MILL 95 - 96Y0.35DAL35:382049011.353171.00042325.8 
1/6/2016@ NORW 100 - 91DAL               
1/5/2016SACW 117 - 116Y-0.10DAL42:552325300.42119.83361324.4 
1/2/2016NORL 98 - 105Y-0.34DAL32:562424300.38121.75080134.0 
1/1/2016@ MIAL 82 - 106Y-0.67DAL26:521103110.286141.00030126.3 
12/30/2015GSWW 114 - 91Y0.31DAL28:191828211.400151.00042230.0 
12/28/2015MILW 103 - 93Y-0.87DAL28:34714411.20015.00001026.9 
12/26/2015CHIW 118 - 111Y0.15DAL33:241636210.45511.75041318.1 
12/23/2015@ BKNW 119 - 118Y0.59DAL36:492235300.538131.00051221.6 
12/22/2015@ TORL 99 - 103Y0.50DAL28:072047002.47117.00001129.8 
12/18/2015MEMW 97 - 88Y0.45DAL28:162025101.538131.00041125.4 
12/16/2015@ INDL 81 - 107Y-0.48DAL25:331317002.37516.00002031.4 
12/14/2015PHOW 104 - 94Y-0.34DAL29:171407400.50010.80052422.9 
12/12/2015WASL 111 - 114Y0.28DAL31:161316202.33391.00060116.0 
12/9/2015ATLL 95 - 98Y-0.14DAL31:031318231.30020.00002129.1 
12/7/2015@ NYKW 104 - 97Y0.38DAL32:462526200.50018.83360030.2 
12/6/2015@ WASW 116 - 104Y0.40DAL28:111916401.6258.800101021.9 
12/4/2015HOUL 96 - 100Y0.56DAL31:2016010420.400151.00040224.0 
12/1/2015@ PORW 115 - 112Y0.46DAL36:312827601.458241.00043135.6 
11/30/2015@ SACL 98 - 112Y-0.47DAL28:461307002.33315.75040325.3 
11/28/2015DENW 92 - 81Y0.80DAL30:361317230.44491.00040116.4 
11/25/2015@ SASL 83 - 88Y0.60DAL35:2413014210.62581.00031214.0 
11/24/2015@ MEML 96 - 110Y0.15DAL28:5914210011.333151.00020224.3 
11/22/2015@ OKCL 114 - 117Y-0.45DAL34:181102300.7147.50021011.2 
11/20/2015UTAW 102 - 93Y1.26DAL32:011934213.66712.00001419.6 
11/18/2015@ BOSW 106 - 102Y0.74DAL34:032317110.643141.00042324.0 
11/16/2015@ PHIW 92 - 86Y0.42DAL30:392135011.375161.00061428.2 
11/14/2015@ HOUW 110 - 98DAL               
11/13/2015LALW 90 - 82Y-1.00DAL28:39915101.30813.00011421.8 
11/11/2015LACW 118 - 108Y1.54DAL33:1931511100.78614.80052525.7 
11/10/2015@ NORL 105 - 120Y0.04DAL19:481814200.538131.00031032.7 
11/7/2015NORW 107 - 98Y-0.27DAL29:341827300.50016.00012028.3 
11/5/2015CHAL 94 - 108Y-0.39DAL27:421406000.333121.00060123.6 
11/3/2015TORL 91 - 102Y0.82DAL35:111837211.600101.00032116.2 
11/1/2015@ LALW 103 - 93Y1.44DAL29:542539110.769131.00021322.7 
10/29/2015@ LACL 88 - 104Y0.12DAL25:021617210.400151.00030126.6 
10/28/2015@ PHOW 111 - 95Y0.44DAL20:431119311.50010.00000221.4