Chauncey Billups

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StatusUnrestricted Free Agent - Team Option  Unrestricted Free Agent - Team Option
2/20/2014 5:51 PM
Injured Knee surgery Open link
Billups had surgery Thursday to repair his right meniscus, and he's expected to be re-evaluated after a two-to-three week rehab plan. He's been in and out of the lineup for the majority of the season and has been held out of back-to-back games as a precaution to preserve his health. He'll continue to remain off the fantasy radar while Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope pick up the backup guard minutes.

Season Stats

   384-0.82Current SeasonDET1916.
   177-0.38NBA 12-13LAC2219.
   115-0.15NBA 11-12LAC2030.315.
   103-0.15NBA Preseason 13DET229.811.

Recent Player Comments

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 Comment11/13/2013 5:54 PMhsahardid 100% (1)His weekly projection seems to appear way better than his recent production. What's the reasoning?
 Comment10/31/2013 11:41 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)He'll have a relatively limited role when Jennings and Stuckey are healthy and active.
 Comment10/31/2013 11:14 PMliam4 0% (2)anything to see here?
 Comment2/16/2013 2:17 AM#14678 100% (1)There's no chance I'm adding Billups to my own team, but I wanted to make sure his projections were reasonable (since I use these numbers to gauge the final standings in the league).
 Comment2/16/2013 1:22 AMcastorius 100% (3)If you have room for a player, go ahead, but I'd temper my expectations - he's not gonna play enough minutes to be a consistent contributor (look at his minutes in the last two "good" stat line games)
 Comment2/15/2013 10:19 PM#14678 0% (4)But he's been a 1.0-1.2 STL/36 guy for the last few years, despite last year's injury-shorted sample. 0.5 STL/36 is abysmal for a guard; you'd expect it to randomly fall into his hands more often.
 Comment2/15/2013 11:44 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)That four-steal game perked you up, eh? 0.5 stl in 30 mpg last season, I've got no good reason to expect him to top that.
 Comment2/15/2013 2:30 AM#14678 100% (3)I know he's lost a step and will be on limited minutes, but the projected 0.29 spg is really low.

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Player Threads, Status Updates, ProjectionsChauncey BillupsBillups, Chauncey
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Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/13/2014TOR DET             
4/11/2014@ CHI DET             
4/9/2014@ CLE DET             
4/8/2014@ ATL DET             
4/5/2014BOS DET             
4/4/2014@ BKN DET             
4/2/2014@ IND DET             
3/31/2014MIL DET             
3/29/2014@ PHI DET             
3/28/2014MIA DET             
3/26/2014CLE DET             
3/24/2014@ UTA DET             
3/22/2014@ LAC DET             
3/21/2014@ PHO DET             
3/19/2014@ DEN DET             
3/15/2014IND DET             
3/12/2014@ TOR DET             
3/11/2014SAC DET             
3/9/2014@ BOS DET             
3/7/2014@ MIN DET             
3/5/2014CHI DET             
3/3/2014NYK DET             
3/1/2014@ HOU DET             
2/26/2014@ SAS DET             
2/24/2014GSW DET             
2/22/2014DAL DET             
2/21/2014ATL DET             
2/19/2014@ CHA DET             
2/18/2014CHA DET             
2/12/2014CLE DET             
2/10/2014SAS DET             
2/8/2014DEN DET             
2/7/2014BKN111 - 95 (+16)-1.25DET9:082012000.25040.000021
2/5/2014@ ORL DET             
2/3/2014@ MIA DET             
2/1/2014PHI DET             
1/28/2014ORL DET             
1/26/2014@ DAL DET             
1/24/2014NOR DET             
1/22/2014@ MIL DET             
1/20/2014LAC DET             
1/18/2014@ WAS DET             
1/17/2014UTA DET             
1/11/2014PHO DET             
1/10/2014@ PHI114 - 104 (+10)-0.82DET7:233110000.33330.000000
1/8/2014@ TOR DET             
1/7/2014@ NYK85 - 89 (-4)-1.35DET7:560001000.00030.000012
1/5/2014MEM84 - 112 (-28)-1.21DET13:562000000.50020.000023
12/30/2013WAS99 - 106 (-7)-1.21DET11:560011000.00020.000012
12/28/2013@ WAS82 - 106 (-24)-0.70DET7:523101100.33330.000010
12/27/2013@ ORL DET             
12/23/2013@ CLE115 - 92 (+23)-0.86DET15:553112000.33330.000010
12/21/2013HOU DET             
12/20/2013CHA106 - 116 (-10)-1.19DET13:013113000.25040.000031
12/18/2013@ BOS107 - 106 (+1)-0.34DET19:136211200.40050.000022
12/16/2013@ IND DET             
12/15/2013POR109 - 111 (-2)-0.63DET16:376044000.33361.000210
12/13/2013BKN103 - 99 (+4)-0.92DET13:200015000.00010.000010
12/11/2013@ NOR DET             
12/10/2013MIN94 - 121 (-27)-0.54DET17:507105000.28671.000203
12/8/2013MIA DET             
12/7/2013@ CHI DET             
12/4/2013@ MIL DET             
12/3/2013@ MIA DET             
12/1/2013PHI DET             
11/29/2013LAL DET             
11/27/2013CHI DET             
11/25/2013MIL DET             
11/24/2013@ BKN DET             
11/22/2013ATL DET             
11/20/2013@ ATL DET             
11/19/2013NYK DET             
11/17/2013@ LAL DET             
11/15/2013@ SAC DET             
11/12/2013@ GSW95 - 113 (-18)Y-1.02DET5:400001000.00010.000000
11/11/2013@ POR103 - 109 (-6)Y-1.06DET14:144010000.40050.000011
11/8/2013OKC110 - 119 (-9)Y-0.75DET28:223152200.16760.000031
11/5/2013IND91 - 99 (-8)Y-0.92DET23:554031000.40050.000010
11/3/2013BOS87 - 77 (+10)Y-0.22DET20:445142200.50040.000022
11/1/2013@ MEM108 - 111 (-3)Y-1.26DET31:485116010.14370.500424
10/30/2013WAS113 - 102 (+11)Y0.73DET30:3816435100.50081.000413