Elton Brand

 Open Historical Profile
Ease PositionC
Draft1999 (Pick 1)
Starting  Open link
4/5/2016 4:26 PM
Brand is starting at center Tuesday vs NOR.
Out  Open link
1/27/2016 5:29 PM
Brand is out Wednesday at DET.
Playing conditioning Open link
1/26/2016 4:32 PM
Brand was put on the active list Tuesday vs PHO, but it is unclear if he'll actually play.
Injured conditioning Open link
1/9/2016 5:08 PM
Brand is still getting into basketball shape and is unlikely to see any game action for at least another week.
Questionable recently signed Open link
1/6/2016 1:18 PM
Brand is questionable for Thursday's game (recently signed). He went through Wednesday's practice but doesn't know if he'll be active and in the rotation Thursday against the Hawks.
Out signed Open link
1/4/2016 4:37 PM
Brand is out for Monday's game (signed). He is with the team but still needs to undergo his physical and won't dress for Monday's game.
Doubtful signed Open link
1/4/2016 2:46 PM
Brand is doubtful for Monday's game (signed). He is not expected to be in uniform Monday, as he likely won't have his physical completed in time to be ready to play Monday.
Playing signed Open link
1/4/2016 1:00 PM
Brand has been signed by the Sixers as they continue to add more veterans to help speed up the development of their younger players. Christian Wood was released to clear room on the roster for Brand. Brand is not expected to play much of an on-court role but will rather serve primarily as a mentor and positive locker room influence.
Per Game
290-0.57NBA 15-16PHI1713.
298-0.61Last MonthPHI1314.
286-0.57Last 2 MonthsPHI1713.
343-0.66NBA 14-15ATL3613.
160-0.32NBA 13-14ATL7319.
129-0.21NBA 12-13DAL7221.
450.13NBA 11-12PHI6028.911.
200.29NBA 10-11PHI8134.615.
Per 36
DNQ-0.12NBA 15-16PHI1713.
DNQ-0.23Last MonthPHI1314.
DNQ-0.12Last 2 MonthsPHI1713.
DNQ-0.43NBA 14-15ATL3613.
63-0.04NBA 13-14ATL7319.410.
89-0.07NBA 12-13DAL7221.
380.04NBA 11-12PHI6028.913.
280.13NBA 10-11PHI8134.615.
379-0.87NBA 15-16PHI17224:41700631898.43172.889911-2.40-1.19-1.92-1.25-1.98-0.99-
273-0.63Last MonthPHI13183:40520521356.41855.85778-2.04-1.17-0.72-0.90-1.44-0.44-0.320.091.25
289-0.70Last 2 MonthsPHI17224:41700631898.43172.889911-2.12-1.13-1.25-1.02-1.50-0.64-
354-0.79NBA 14-15ATL36485:38960100221724.44295.5222318-2.71-1.21-1.50-1.24-1.68-0.53-0.05-0.221.99
146-0.29NBA 13-14ATL731413:404190361744088.539332.6499460-1.71-1.18-0.28-0.99-
126-0.22NBA 12-13DAL721523:565180430705292.473478.7109357-1.44-1.080.12-0.99-0.800.940.08-0.211.39
370.15NBA 11-12PHI601732:146570429975898.493580.73311665-0.50-1.200.71-0.630.001.680.62-0.220.91
170.40NBA 10-11PHI812806:001,217067612092107.512981.7802731010.42-1.211.39-0.640.641.391.13-0.040.57