Pau Gasol

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Draft2001 (Pick 3)
InjuryOut for season - Vertigo
Projected Return 4/17/2014  Out for season - Vertigo - Projected Return 4/17/2014
StatusUnrestricted Free Agent  Unrestricted Free Agent -
4/13/2014 12:53 PM
Out for season Vertigo Open link
Gasol has been officially ruled out for the remainder of the season, with doctors saying that he'd need at least a few more weeks before playing in a game is a consideration. Gasol will travel with the team and be on the bench, but won't play. Chris Kaman also remains sidelined with a calf strain and looks unlikely to play again this season, so the Lakers will continue to start Ryan Kelly and Jordan Hill in the frontcourt, with Robert Sacre available off the bench.
4/7/2014 3:59 PM
Injured Vertigo Open link
Gasol has been ruled out in advance of Tuesday's contest vs. the Rockets in what will be the eighth game he'll miss of the past nine. The Lakers are still leaning toward sitting him out for the rest of the season while he recovers from a severe recurrence of vertigo. Gasol experienced lingering effects of his illness while making turns on the court during last Tuesday's loss and theorized he came back too soon. Gasol's continued absence will add some clarity to what's been a muddled Lakers frontcourt rotation. Chris Kaman is still out as he deals with a calf strain, so the team will continue to start Jordan Hill and Ryan Kelly together in the interim, with Robert Sacre in an expanded role off the bench.
4/3/2014 8:07 PM
Injured Vertigo Open link
The Lakers are leaning toward sitting Gasol for the rest of the season while he recovers from a severe recurrence of vertigo. He has already been ruled out in advance of Friday's game vs. the Mavs after dizziness kept him confined at the team hotel Wednesday. Gasol experienced lingering effects of his illness while making turns on the court during Tuesday's loss and theorized he came back too soon. He had been directed to rotate his head several times one way, then several times the other way while standing, a deliberate attempt to make himself slightly dizzy. The recovery time from the exercise had been getting shorter every day, but on Wednesday, he did his head rotations and ended up laid out on the floor. He never made it to the arena. Gasol's likely absence will add some clarity to what's been a muddled Lakers frontcourt rotation. Chris Kaman (calf) will start at center when healthy alongside either Jordan Hill or Ryan Kelly, with Robert Sacre coming off the bench behind Kaman.
4/2/2014 4:29 PM
Out Vertigo Open link
Gasol has had a "severe recurrence of vertigo" and will not play on Wednesday vs. the Kings as a result. The Lakers called Gasol "incapacitated in his hotel room" in Sacramento, and he will fly to L.A. on Wednesday night with the team. Gasol said on Tuesday that he thought he may have returned too soon from his bout with vertigo. On his first game back, he said, "When I turned my head a couple times, everything was still kind of shaking." Gasol neither felt nor looked 100 percent out there and it showed on the stat sheet as he only grabbed four rebounds and shot one free throw on the night. Chris Kaman (calf) will continue to start at center if he's able to go, with Jordan Hill re-entering the rotation and possibly the starting lineup (he was a DNP-CD on Tuesday). Ryan Kelly will see additional run as well.
4/1/2014 1:03 PM
Active Vertigo Open link
Gasol went through morning shootaround and is expected to start on Tuesday vs. the Blazers. Barring any late setbacks, he'll return to the lineup after a four-game absence due to vertigo. Gasol will be joined in the starting lineup by Chris Kaman, which means even fewer minutes are to be expected for Ryan Kelly, Jordan Hill, and Robert Sacre as coach Mike D'Antoni's rotations continue to change from game-to-game and be completely unpredictable.
3/30/2014 1:23 PM
Out Vertigo Open link
Gasol did some cardio work on Sunday but has been declared out for Sunday vs. Phoenix. As of Friday, coach Mike D'Antoni said his health has improved but the team still isn't sure when he'd return, and he'll be day-to-day going forward. Chris Kaman, Robert Sacre, and Jordan Hill will see additional run while Gasol continues to sit. The Lakers next play on Tuesday, at home vs. Portland.
3/28/2014 5:49 PM
Questionable Vertigo Open link
Gasol did not travel with the Lakers for their Thursday/Friday back-to-back. Gasol was feeling a bit better as of Tuesday, but met with an ear, nose, and throat specialist on Wednesday and was declared out. As of Friday, coach Mike D'Antoni said his health has improved but the team still isn't sure when he'll return. Gasol was diagnosed with vertigo after spending the night in the hospital following Sunday's win, and an MRI on his head Monday morning came back normal, but he also missed Tuesday's game. Chris Kaman, Robert Sacre, and Jordan Hill will see additional run while Gasol continues to sit. The Lakers next play on Sunday, at home vs. Phoenix.
3/25/2014 7:33 PM
Out Vertigo Open link
Gasol says he is feeling better, but will miss Tuesday's game vs. the Knicks as expected. He was diagnosed with vertigo after spending the night in the hospital following Sunday's win, and an MRI on his head Monday morning came back normal. Gasol will see an ear, nose and throat specialist on Wednesday morning to determine if he will accompany the team on their upcoming two-game road trip on Thursday and Friday. Chris Kaman will draw the start at center in his place for at least one game, with Robert Sacre and Jordan Hill getting a bump in minutes as well.
3/24/2014 12:02 AM
Questionable Illness Open link
Gasol sat out the second half of the Lakers' win over the Magic on Sunday due to illness. He was dizzy and nauseous to the point that he received three liters of IV fluids and will spend the night in a hospital as a precatuion. Robert Sacre and Jordan Hill started the second half for the Lakers on Sunday, but coach Mike D'Antoni said that Chris Kaman (DNP-CD on Sunday) would likely start in Gasol's place if he can't go on Tuesday.
3/13/2014 3:01 AM
Active Rest Open link
Gasol took Wednesday's practice off to rest, but is expected to play on Thursday vs. the Thunder. While he looks good to go, his teammates Nick Young (knee) and Jordan Hill (knee soreness) are both considered doubtful for the Lakers' two-game road trip. Robert Sacre, Xavier Henry, and MarShon Brooks will continue to fill out the bench rotation and see steady run with Young and Hill both likely sidelined.
3/9/2014 3:01 AM
Active Sprained left ankle Open link
Gasol participated in shootaround on Saturday and will play on Sunday vs. the Thunder, according to coach Mike D'Antoni. Gasol left Friday's game briefly after rolling his ankle, but returned after it was re-taped and showed no ill effects while playing during the second half. X-rays taken after the game were negative, and he said he'd be available on Sunday as long as it didn't "blow up" between now and then.
2/21/2014 12:58 PM
Active Strained right groin Open link
Gasol practiced for a second time on Thursday and will be active and start vs. the Celtics, as expected. His return almost certainly pushes Chris Kaman back to the Lakers' inactive list, with both players having remained on the Lakers' roster through the trade deadline and coach Mike D'Antoni, to this point, having shown a complete unwillingness to use both in the same game. Gasol has been sidelined since Feb. 4 and has missed the Lakers' last seven games due to a strained right groin.
2/19/2014 12:52 PM
Out Strained right groin Open link
Gasol had been upgraded to questionable after a productive Tuesday practice session, but he's been ruled out for Wednesday's game vs. Houston. Gasol said he was still not 100 percent and wanted to get in at least one more practice before returning to the active roster. His missing his seventh straight game means another night of big minutes for Chris Kaman.

Season Stats

   520.07Current SeasonLAL6031.417.
   107-0.14Last MonthLAL429.
   95-0.12NBA 12-13LAL4933.813.
   130.30NBA 11-12LAL6537.417.
   280.23NBA Preseason 13LAL724.913.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment4/12/2014 2:54 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Pau and Nash didn't practice Saturday and it's becoming more and more likely neither will play again this year.
 Comment4/2/2014 4:59 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (3)A ton of new status updates just came through and can all be found here:
 Comment4/1/2014 1:16 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Said he'll travel with the team for Wednesday's game too in second game of B2B, so looks like a full go for this week.
 Comment3/26/2014 1:35 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)He's a drop if you are in dire straits for the current week's matchup, but still too early to assume this will cost him the rest of his season.
 Comment3/26/2014 1:15 PMIdoBasketball8 0% (2)A drop at this point, given his shaky end-of-season shut down antics and the Lakers' current situation?
 Comment3/26/2014 12:50 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Status Update added: he's out for the Thursday/Friday back-to-back.
 Comment3/25/2014 9:19 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)As noted in his latest status update, we'll know if he'll be available for the Lakers' upcoming two-game road trip after his evaluation on Wednesday morning.
 Comment3/25/2014 1:08 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Gasol hasn't even been officially declared out for Tuesday yet, so can't assume he's out Thursday or beyond.
 Comment3/24/2014 9:38 PMJzyls 0% (0)Any reason to think he plays again this week? Such a good schedule too
 Comment2/4/2014 4:31 PM#8608 0% (2)Out two weeks minimum. Pick up Hill?
 Comment2/3/2014 2:33 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (3)They could, but I'm not seeing much of a reason for them to. Pau isn't going to change their playoff fate - still not getting past OKC/SA - and he's 33 so not ideal to build around either.
 Comment2/3/2014 2:22 AMbrandonislegend 0% (1)Considering the Suns have 4 first round picks....I think they could add one of those and make the deal happen...well see.
 Comment2/2/2014 11:30 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (2)LA had a chance to deal Pau for Bynum for financial relief earlier but passed. Unless McDonough throws in some assets (picks), Gasol/Okafor isn't going to happen.
 Comment2/2/2014 9:25 PMvordeau 0% (0)Does the Pau to Suns trade rumors change his outlook? Seems like the Lakers are more likely to trade him than sit him.
 Comment2/2/2014 12:42 PMjohnd2442 0% (1)Good point, 8521, but with the Lakers stinking it up, it might behoove him to get fully healthy for next year while the Lakers also look after their own interests and play young guys. Just a thought.
 Comment2/2/2014 7:46 AM#8521 33% (6)Remember he's in a contract year, so that trumps minor ailments in most cases. Pau has no incentive to shut it down, it will actually cost him money.
 Comment1/29/2014 2:26 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Can't argue with the numbers: 36th in per-game (and rising) since mid-November. All the more reason to see if the market will bring back a top talent with fewer long-term concerns.
 Comment1/29/2014 10:01 AMjohnd2442 100% (3)Fighting a groin injury now. But BBM rankings love him. Still, isn't he a classic sell high guy right now?
 Rumor1/29/2014 8:48 AMvordeau 0% (0)Only place I can find any mention of this is yahoo player notes. Guessing that's where you found it?
 Comment1/29/2014 1:52 AM#35771 0% (0)any truth to the rumor he be shut down? (toe and groin)
 Comment1/29/2014 12:12 AMmhubes 0% (0)Balling big time over the past month. Not sure how I feel about him the last month of the year, but over the next 3 he should be a stud.
 Comment1/21/2014 10:59 AMbig3 67% (6)Should we sell high after this run?
 Comment1/9/2014 11:12 AMmhubes 0% (2)30/15/7 day stats all show obvious improvement. Doubtful he's only at 16.3ppg ROS. Needs points bump
 Comment12/21/2013 6:18 PMtomm0 100% (1)Yup right after I dealt him he started to heat up!
 Comment12/21/2013 4:44 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Reverse jinx, tomm0: 18/10/4 with 2 blk in 32 mpg in four games since you posted. Pau and Swaggy sure were having fun on Friday night.
 Overrated12/13/2013 9:43 PMtomm0 100% (3)Projections seem a little high rest of the way considering how he's been recently. I know the Lakers as a whole haven't been great since Kobe's returned, but injuries could linger all year
 Comment11/17/2013 8:27 PMImadogg 75% (4)If you don't think Kobe will help Pau's play, you need to watch more Lakers. He's hurting but either way he just can't be the #1 guy. Kobe will take a huge load off him and let him produce.
 Comment11/17/2013 5:40 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (4)Should help his quality of looks a bit, but between respiratory issues, foot strain, and knee procedures.. it's going to come down to health for Pau, not something Kobe can influence.
 Comment11/17/2013 4:59 PMbig3 50% (4)Does Kobes return significantly increase Pau's value?
 Comment11/8/2013 8:03 AMBrosencephalon 80% (5)Perfect time to buy low imo. I just sent out a few offers.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/14/2014@ UTA LAL             
4/13/2014MEM LAL             
4/11/2014GSW LAL             
4/8/2014HOU LAL             
4/6/2014@ LAC LAL             
4/4/2014DAL LAL             
4/2/2014@ SAC LAL             
4/1/2014POR112 - 124 (-12)Y0.00LAL28:209047120.44491.000134
3/30/2014PHO LAL             
3/28/2014@ MIN LAL             
3/27/2014@ MIL LAL             
3/25/2014NYK LAL             
3/23/2014ORL103 - 94 (+9)Y-0.89LAL18:396023010.42970.000031
3/21/2014WAS107 - 117 (-10)Y-0.78LAL32:28140145110.429140.400551
3/19/2014SAS109 - 125 (-16)Y1.01LAL36:22220106140.444180.750814
3/14/2014@ SAS85 - 119 (-34)Y0.91LAL26:11180112140.500160.667312
3/13/2014@ OKC102 - 131 (-29)Y-0.52LAL26:2014062020.417120.667621
3/9/2014OKC114 - 110 (+4)Y0.15LAL38:36200113010.471171.000433
3/7/2014@ DEN126 - 134 (-8)Y0.07LAL30:2927051100.571210.500602
3/6/2014LAC94 - 142 (-48)Y-0.14LAL25:1321071000.533150.833622
3/4/2014NOR125 - 132 (-7)Y0.31LAL32:13290124010.667150.6431420
3/3/2014@ POR107 - 106 (+1)Y1.19LAL33:4822095220.500201.000210
2/28/2014SAC126 - 122 (+4)Y-0.23LAL38:5722056020.588170.500452
2/26/2014@ MEM103 - 108 (-5)Y0.10LAL35:03170103010.500140.750412
2/25/2014@ IND98 - 118 (-20)Y0.87LAL27:2013092240.462131.000123
2/23/2014BKN102 - 108 (-6)Y0.54LAL29:13220110010.667120.857723
2/21/2014BOS101 - 92 (+9)Y-0.04LAL22:0716073020.500120.667612
2/19/2014HOU LAL             
2/13/2014OKC LAL             
2/11/2014UTA LAL             
2/9/2014CHI LAL             
2/7/2014@ PHI LAL             
2/5/2014@ CLE LAL             
2/4/2014@ MIN LAL             
1/31/2014CHA100 - 110 (-10)Y0.78LAL33:1024092020.529171.000625
1/28/2014IND92 - 104 (-12)Y0.15LAL35:48210132000.526191.000122
1/26/2014@ NYK103 - 110 (-7)Y0.47LAL38:40200134020.533150.667610
1/24/2014@ ORL105 - 114 (-9)Y0.37LAL34:55210116120.471170.714732
1/23/2014@ MIA102 - 109 (-7)Y1.24LAL37:32220114300.600150.800511
1/20/2014@ CHI100 - 102 (-2)Y1.59LAL36:41200191350.533150.800553
1/19/2014@ TOR112 - 106 (+6)Y0.11LAL36:1422090010.400201.000610
1/17/2014@ BOS107 - 104 (+3)Y0.75LAL35:31240136000.600150.750800
1/15/2014@ PHO114 - 121 (-7)Y-0.16LAL31:0024095010.500200.800555
1/14/2014CLE118 - 120 (-2)Y-0.04LAL36:17200123120.692130.333642
1/10/2014@ LAC87 - 123 (-36)Y-0.84LAL25:0110085000.333150.000023
1/8/2014@ HOU99 - 113 (-14)Y0.61LAL36:10210123020.615130.833635
1/7/2014@ DAL97 - 110 (-13)Y-0.31LAL36:14150135020.357140.714732
1/5/2014DEN115 - 137 (-22)Y0.59LAL36:53250105130.455220.833642
1/3/2014UTA110 - 99 (+11)Y1.35LAL37:16230178030.588170.750422
12/31/2013MIL79 - 94 (-15)Y-0.47LAL36:0825061040.391230.7001042
12/29/2013PHI LAL             
12/27/2013@ UTA LAL             
12/25/2013MIA95 - 101 (-6)Y0.23LAL28:40130133110.500120.500211
12/23/2013@ PHO90 - 117 (-27)Y-0.60LAL20:1910043000.333121.000202
12/21/2013@ GSW LAL             
12/20/2013MIN104 - 91 (+13)Y0.81LAL32:57211138120.667150.000073
12/17/2013@ MEM96 - 92 (+4)Y0.68LAL32:3821092030.750120.600521
12/16/2013@ ATL100 - 114 (-14)Y-0.32LAL32:10160102000.77890.500434
12/14/2013@ CHA88 - 85 (+3)Y-0.27LAL32:1415073140.333181.000363
12/13/2013@ OKC97 - 122 (-25)Y-0.20LAL23:0914073000.600100.667312
12/10/2013PHO108 - 114 (-6)Y0.29LAL28:4519053010.545110.875813
12/8/2013TOR94 - 106 (-12)Y-1.26LAL24:287082000.273110.500222
12/6/2013@ SAC106 - 100 (+6)Y0.76LAL33:1119073210.400151.000711
12/1/2013POR108 - 114 (-6)Y-1.21LAL24:306053010.200150.000011
11/29/2013@ DET106 - 102 (+4)Y-0.64LAL32:54130123020.357140.600532
11/27/2013@ BKN99 - 94 (+5)Y-0.37LAL34:3421080010.529170.750440
11/26/2013@ WAS111 - 116 (-5)Y0.01LAL34:4517068020.533151.000154
11/24/2013SAC100 - 86 (+14)Y0.05LAL34:41200101010.500160.667603
11/22/2013GSW102 - 95 (+7)Y1.12LAL38:39240103210.579191.000225
11/17/2013DET114 - 99 (+15)Y0.84LAL34:1712097230.462130.000022
11/15/2013MEM86 - 89 (-3)Y-0.17LAL33:04100133010.333121.000211
11/13/2013@ DEN99 - 111 (-12)Y-0.85LAL33:25250123010.444270.200522
11/12/2013NOR116 - 95 (+21)Y0.28LAL25:5314083010.600101.000213
11/10/2013MIN90 - 113 (-23)Y-0.38LAL29:17110114040.417120.333343
11/8/2013@ NOR85 - 96 (-11)Y-0.55LAL27:3090112010.250120.750401
11/7/2013@ HOU99 - 98 (+1)Y-1.48LAL31:5920122000.100100.000034
11/5/2013@ DAL104 - 123 (-19)Y-0.11LAL31:0610084000.44491.000200
11/3/2013ATL105 - 103 (+2)Y-0.87LAL27:41161132010.278180.714731
11/1/2013SAS85 - 91 (-6)Y0.21LAL29:06201111020.471170.750421
10/30/2013@ GSW94 - 125 (-31)Y-0.29LAL23:0312073010.500101.000231
10/29/2013LAC116 - 103 (+13)Y-0.32LAL24:29151134000.417121.000450