Mo Williams

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Draft2003 (Pick 47)
Projection Updated10/23/2016
Active knee Open link
4/22/2016 4:30 PM
Williams missed the past 5 games and is active Friday at DET.
Out knee Open link
4/20/2016 5:19 PM
Williams missed the past 4 games and is out Wednesday vs DET.
Questionable knee Open link
4/20/2016 10:36 AM
Williams missed the past 4 games and is questionable Wednesday vs DET.
Out knee Open link
4/15/2016 12:27 PM
Williams missed the past 3 games and is out Sunday vs DET. He could be back for Game 2.
Out knee Open link
4/11/2016 11:12 AM
Williams missed last game and is out Monday vs ATL.
Out knee Open link
4/8/2016 12:35 PM
Williams is out Saturday at CHI.
Out rest of game 
4/6/2016 7:31 PM
Williams will not play in the second half Wednesday at IND.
Playing knee Open link
3/26/2016 5:02 PM
Williams missed the past 16 games and is playing Saturday at NYK. He's expected to play 10-12 minutes.
Injured knee Open link
3/22/2016 1:43 PM
Williams missed the past 14 games and is out Wednesday vs MIL. The Cavs are targeting a Saturday return for him at NYK.
Injured knee Open link
3/21/2016 10:06 AM
Williams will return to practice Tuesday, but there's no timetable for his return to games.
Injured knee Open link
2/29/2016 4:24 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and will be out a couple of weeks before being re-evaluated.
Injured knee Open link
2/25/2016 1:06 PM
Williams will not travel with the Cavs on their 2-game road trip. He will be out Friday and Sunday.
Playing knee Open link
2/24/2016 10:00 AM
Williams missed the past 3 games and is available to play Wednesday vs CHA. He's been diagnosed with Chondromalacia (inflammation under the knee), and he can play with it
Out knee Open link
2/22/2016 4:20 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and is out Monday vs DET. He would have played if Kyrie Irving (illness) were out Monday, but since he's not, the Cavs will rest Williams ahead of his doctor's appointment for his knee.
Doubtful knee Open link
2/21/2016 6:52 PM
Williams missed last game and is doubtful Monday vs DET. He's scheduled to travel to FLA on Tuesday for a second opinion on his sore knee.
Questionable knee Open link
2/21/2016 3:49 PM
Williams missed last game and is out Sunday at OKC. He's scheduled to get another opinion on his sore knee Tuesday.
Note back in rotation under coach Lue Open link
1/23/2016 1:24 PM
Williams is expected to be back in the guard rotation for the Cavs with coach Lue planning on running a 10-man rotation to help spread out the minutes more during the regular season in an effort to keep the team fresh going into the playoffs.
Playing personal Open link
1/18/2016 10:20 AM
Williams missed the past 7 games and is active Monday vs GSW.
Out personal Open link
1/14/2016 9:59 AM
Williams missed the past 5 games and is out Thursday. He did not travel with the team to San Antonio.
Out personal Open link
1/12/2016 3:58 PM
Williams missed the past 4 games and is out Tuesday (personal).
Playing thumb Open link
1/8/2016 10:44 AM
Williams has a partially torn ligament in his right thumb but will play with the injury. His recent DNPs were not due to the thumb but because the return of Irving leaves him out of the rotation some games.
Questionable thumb Open link
1/7/2016 2:12 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and is questionable Friday (thumb).
Playing thumb Open link
12/23/2015 4:56 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and is active Wednesday (thumb). He said he will play.
Probable thumb Open link
12/23/2015 4:21 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and is probable Wednesday (thumb). Reporters are saying that it sounds as though he'll play Wednesday.
Out thumb Open link
12/19/2015 1:29 PM
Williams missed last game and is out for Sunday (thumb). Most of his minutes likely just go to Kyrie Irving, who is returning Sunday.
Out thumb Open link
12/17/2015 5:26 PM
Williams is out for Thursday's game (thumb). Jared Cunningham gains 13 minutes. Matthew Dellavedova gains 6 minutes.
Questionable thumb Open link
12/17/2015 11:33 AM
Williams is questionable for Thursday's game (thumb).
Playing knee Open link
12/8/2015 3:47 PM
Williams is active for Tuesday's game (knee). Reporters say he will play Tuesday.
Probable knee Open link
12/8/2015 10:36 AM
Williams is probable for Tuesday's game (knee).
Questionable knee Open link
12/7/2015 3:47 PM
Williams is questionable for Tuesday's game (knee). He underwent an MRI on his knee Monday. Williams will go through shootaround Tuesday before knowing if he'll be able to play against the Blazers.
Playing moved to bench Open link
12/4/2015 7:48 PM
Williams is moving to a bench role Friday in favor of starting Matthew Dellavedova at PG.
Playing sore leg Open link
11/25/2015 12:28 PM
Williams missed the past 3 games but is active Wednesday (sore leg). It's unclear if he'll be back starting Wednesday, but with Matthew Dellavedova questionable to play, Williams will likely be back starting. The team will monitor his minutes and limit him if necessary.
Out sore leg Open link
11/23/2015 4:21 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and is out Monday (sore leg). Matthew Dellavedova is starting at PG again. After Monday, the Cavs' next game will be Wednesday against the Raptors.
Out sore leg Open link
11/19/2015 6:59 PM
Williams is out for Thursday's game (sore leg). Jared Cunningham gains 15 minutes. Matthew Dellavedova gains 9 minutes.
Questionable sore leg Open link
11/19/2015 5:22 PM
Williams is questionable for Thursday's game with a sore lower right leg. He participated in parts of shootaround, but it's unclear if the Cavs will let him play or take the cautious route with Williams. As of an hour prior to tip, Williams was still being considered a game-time decision.
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