Andrew Bogut - FA - C

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Draft2005 (Pick 1)
NBA Salary$11,027,027
Projection Updated4/3/2017
Out for season - fractured tibia - Projected Return 9/1/2017
70.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (fractured tibia )
Bogut has officially been waived by the Cavs.
76.0d ago Open link
Injured Injured (fractured tibia)
Bogut is officially out for the rest of the regular season and playoffs.
77.6d ago Open link
Injured Injured (fractured tibia)
He has fractured his tibia and will obviously miss time
77.8d ago Open link
Active Active Monday @CLE (immigration issues)
He'll be available to make his debut Monday. Bogut will be dressed, but it is unclear if he will actually be in the rotation.
81.9d ago Open link
Note Note
He signed, and his first game will be Monday.
83.7d ago
Note Note (will sign)
He will sign with Cleveland and they will have to waive someone to accommodate him, likely Jordan McRae
84.8d ago Open link
Note Note (buyout)
Bogut has agreed to a buyout with the Sixers. He's still deciding which team he'll join for the rest of the season.
85.6d ago Open link
Note Note (traded, personal)
He will be bought out and likely join the Cavs
88.0d ago Open link
Traded Traded
Bogut will not be with the team for personal reasons for a week.
89.0d ago Open link
Traded Traded
Traded to Philadelphia along with Justin Anderson and 1st round pick for Noel. He likely will be moved somewhere else or bought out.
110.7d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @DAL (hamstring strain)
Bogut is out Wednesday vs PHI and is not expected to play Friday at POR.
128.9d ago Open link
Injured Injured (hamstring strain)
Bogut is expected to be "out for a while".
138.9d ago Open link
Probable Probable Thursday @DAL (knee)
Coach Carlisle said that he expects Bogut to play Thursday vs PHO.
140.0d ago Open link
Off the Bench Off the Bench Tuesday @DAL
Bogut is expected to move into a bench role starting Tuesday vs WAS. He talked to coach Rick Carlisle and asked to be moved to the bench.
146.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Thursday @LAL (1st of b2b)
Bogut said that he only expects to play in one of the Mavs' back-to-back games Thursday at LAL and Friday at GSW.
146.6d ago Open link
Starting Starting Tuesday @DAL (knee)
He'll be on a restriction
146.7d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday @DAL (knee)
He'll be under a minutes restriction.
148.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NOR (knee)
He's listed as the probable starter
148.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NOR (knee)
He's listed as the probable starter
167.0d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee)
Bogut will miss at least 10 days and could be out for 3-4 weeks.
167.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee)
Bogut has a bone bruise in his knee, and he could be back in action in about 2 weeks.
167.9d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee)
Bogut is expected to miss at least the next 3 games and probably longer. A better timeline should be announced after his MRI Tuesday, but it may take a day or two for the results to be released.
167.9d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee)
Bogut is listed as OUT Wednesday vs SAC. We'll know more on his timetable after his MRI results are released, but initial reports project him to miss at least two weeks.
168.0d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee)
Initial projections from one of the Mavs' beat writers suggests that Bogut could miss at least two weeks with his hyperextended knee injury. We should have a better timeline after Bogut undergoes an MRI on his knee Tuesday.
168.6d ago
Questionable to return Questionable to return Monday @DAL (knee)
He went back to the lcoker room after seemingly hyper extending his knee.
173.0d ago Open link
Out Out Thursday @CHA (rest)
Bogut is out Thursday at CHA.
181.0d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @DAL (calf)
Bogut missed last game and is playing Wednesday vs LAC.
181.0d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @DAL (calf)
Bogut missed last game and is probable Wednesday vs LAC.
181.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @DAL (calf)
Bogut missed last game and is questionable Wednesday vs LAC. He did some work at practice Tuesday, and coach Carlisle said "there's a chance" Bogut could play Wednesday.
183.0d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @SAS (calf)
Bogut is out Monday at SAS.
194.6d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @GSW (rest)
Bogut is out Wednesday at GSW.
198.8d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday @DAL (personal)
Bogut missed last game and is playing Sunday vs MIL.
198.9d ago Open link
Probable Probable Sunday @DAL (personal)
Bogut missed last game and is probable Sunday vs MIL. He is expected to play.
199.7d ago Open link
Out Out Friday @DAL (personal)
Bogut is out Friday vs POR.
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Perhaps the shortest tenure in NBA history?
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Buyout karma
I bet that Cleveland will now quickly revisit Larry Sanders. Cleveland liked what they saw in him, but obviously Bogut was the better choice at the time.
Early guess - broken leg
Only took a minute to go to back to the Locker room
ummmiono -- In addition to the reasons @mareshcj listed with Bogut not having the Warriors on his list, coach Kerr also told the media that the Warriors weren't looking to add a big, that they thought the roster was lopsided before they waived Varejao and that they didn't want to be put back in that position. Warriors don't seem to want Bogut back.
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Warriors aren't on his final four list (Cavs, Rockets, Spurs, Celts). Rumors were he wasn't thrilled about his exit from Oakland, but don't know much there. Cavs seem clear favorite, as Spurs and Rockets have more bodies in the frontcourt, and he wants a clear role on a contender per reports. I wouldn't call the Celts contenders.
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Considering Dwill just join the Cavs, is there any chance that Bogut can rejoin the Dubs? They signing Calderon, but wouldn't adding Bogut a familiar face to the team and solidify their depth at the 5 help more? I assume there is some sort of cap restriction or limitation that prohibits them from doing so. I appreciate it anyone could shed any lights to this. Thanks.
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News of Bogut and D.Will being held out of practice. Is Bogut worth a speculative add if he gets traded to BOS? Weakest link in my roster would be KOQ, RHJ, TJ Warren. Short on bigs with Embiid INJ and only have AD, Dirk & KOQ
"Thankfully I’m a free agent here so I only have a couple of months more here and then will most likely move on. “I don’t see myself hanging around with everything that’s gone on. It will be an interesting six months ahead.” - Andrew Bogut. Jan 5th, 2017
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Clearly Bogut has quit on the Mavs. He pretty much said he can't wait for the season to end so he can leave. Weak sauce.
Hasn't played 5 games in a row all year. Was the Warriors medical staff that good the last 3 years to keep him on the court or is he just unmotivated on the Mavs?
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Anyone grabbing in a 12 team ?
UP/Down: Is this guy even worth using a 16th wavier wire spot in a 20 team dynasty league and sitting on until he gets and IR classification or healthy? The main thing is I would hate to see the #1 team add him and keep him as his 13th keeper this offseason the kind of team he has assembled. He doesn't even need him and can wait on him.
h0wodd -- We docked him a few minutes in the daily projections, but until we see how things shake out tonight, we won't make any sweeping changes.
I guess Bogut not starting not affecting his projections? Possibility of him getting traded?
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The date is based on the initial estimate of 3-4 weeks from early December. There hasn't been any news, but we should know his status for Tuesday by Monday.
Smart Tool indicates he will play Tuesday. Any confirming news?
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Big Rick just stated he's out the next 3 games and probably longer. Will know more in a day or 2.
Same dilemma here. Besides REB, everything is down from last year, especially BLK. Not sure if I should just use his spot as a streaming spot. Even Tyson Chandler is outplaying him right now.
How should I be treating this guy? Last year it wasn't unusual for him to spend stretches in the FA pool despite posting top 100 value overall. Is he must hold this year or should I ditch him till he finds some form?
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I know its only one game but i can see the situation tonight happening a lot. Dallas will run small lineups and he also seems to be in constant foul trouble, which was the case throughout the preseason. Feels like he will be very inconsistent this season and constantly have me on the verge of dropping him. Already tempted tonight.
Thanks for clarifying. I had no issues with the game played projection, but to me it just seems like (granted, without looking at numbers) he is the type of guy who is always eased back into minutes when he does recover from minor injuries - back, ankle, etc. Maybe that is the result of my bias due to his injury prone label; which appears to be a bit off. Thanks
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I love this stat. Bogut has played more games in the last three season than Butler, Kawhi, Davis, Westbrook, Vucevic yet it constantly thought that he never plays. His minutes were reduced in GS as they played Draymond more at C. Prior o that he was at 26 per game and I think Dallas will run similar lienups to that
have there been any reports coming out of Dallas about Bogut's minutes this off season? 26 mpg seems a tad high to me for the often injured big man. do you mind elaborating on this projection? thanks
Per Game
218-0.16Projection 16-17FASubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
226-0.49NBA 16-17FA2721.
430-1.04Last 3 MonthsFA11. -2.54-1.45-2.16-1.39-2.58-
82-0.11NBA 15-16GSW7020.
73-0.05NBA 14-15GSW6723.
510.07NBA 13-14GSW6726.
Per 36
DNQ-0.18Projection 16-17FASubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
302-0.47NBA 16-17FA2721.
DNQ-0.93Last 3 MonthsFA11. -3.46-1.35-1.75-1.53-1.78-1.02-
330.07NBA 15-16GSW7020.
88-0.10NBA 14-15GSW6723.
270.10NBA 13-14GSW6726.410.
218-0.16Projection 16-17FASubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
336-0.78NBA 16-17FA27583:12790216491325.46981.27311439.8-2.11-1.33-1.01-1.02-1.98-0.610.00-0.181.26
429-0.92Last 3 MonthsFA10:58000000.0000.00000 -2.08-1.20-2.11-1.23-2.13-
81-0.12NBA 15-16GSW701445:35375149116232113.627279.480508311.6-1.63-1.170.42-0.36-1.291.521.20-0.500.77
83-0.09NBA 14-15GSW671582:33422054318039113.563355.5244210613.9-1.72-1.210.76-0.20-1.001.561.00-0.390.37
580.00NBA 13-14GSW671769:27492067111247121.627375.344649712.6-1.52-1.181.25-0.73-0.861.811.51-1.020.75

Game Log
5/21/2017BOSL 108 - 111CLE               
5/19/2017@ BOSW 130 - 86CLE               
5/17/2017@ BOSW 117 - 104CLE               
5/7/2017@ TORW 109 - 102CLE               
5/5/2017@ TORW 115 - 94CLE               
5/3/2017TORW 125 - 103CLE               
5/1/2017TORW 116 - 105CLE               
4/23/2017@ INDW 106 - 102CLE               
4/20/2017@ INDW 119 - 114CLE               
4/17/2017INDW 117 - 111CLE               
4/15/2017INDW 109 - 108CLE               
4/12/2017TORL 83 - 98CLE               
4/10/2017@ MIAL 121 - 124CLE               
4/9/2017@ ATLL 125 - 126CLE               
4/7/2017ATLL 100 - 114CLE               
4/5/2017@ BOSW 114 - 91CLE               
4/4/2017ORLW 122 - 102CLE               
4/2/2017INDW 135 - 130CLE               
3/31/2017PHIW 122 - 105CLE               
3/30/2017@ CHIL 93 - 99CLE               
3/27/2017@ SASL 74 - 103CLE               
3/25/2017WASL 115 - 127CLE               
3/24/2017@ CHAW 112 - 105CLE               
3/22/2017@ DENL 113 - 126CLE               
3/19/2017@ LALW 125 - 120CLE               
3/18/2017@ LACL 78 - 108CLE               
3/16/2017UTAW 91 - 83CLE               
3/14/2017DETW 128 - 96CLE               
3/12/2017@ HOUL 112 - 117CLE               
3/11/2017@ ORLW 116 - 104CLE               
3/9/2017@ DETL 101 - 106CLE               
3/6/2017MIAL 98 - 106-1.04CLE0:58000000.0000.000002  
3/5/2017OKCW 104 - 89DAL               
3/3/2017MEMW 104 - 100DAL               
3/1/2017@ ATLL 95 - 100DAL               
2/27/2017MIAW 96 - 89DAL               
2/25/2017NORW 96 - 83DAL               
2/24/2017@ MINL 84 - 97DAL               
2/15/2017@ DETL 91 - 98-0.31DAL17:37408111.5004.00002415.6 
2/13/2017BOSL 98 - 111DAL               
2/11/2017ORLW 112 - 80DAL               
2/9/2017UTAW 112 - 105DAL               
2/7/2017PORL 113 - 114DAL               
2/6/2017@ DENL 87 - 110DAL               
2/3/2017@ PORW 108 - 104DAL               
2/1/2017PHIW 113 - 95DAL               
1/30/2017CLEW 104 - 97DAL               
1/29/2017@ SASW 105 - 101-0.90DAL8:07002100.0000.000003 
Doubtful to return
1/26/2017@ OKCL 98 - 109Y-0.92DAL17:28603000.6005.00002419.5 
1/25/2017NYKW 103 - 95-0.12DAL21:092042031.0001.0000104.5 
1/22/2017LALW 122 - 73DAL               
1/20/2017UTAL 107 - 112DAL               
1/19/2017@ MIAL 95 - 99DAL               
1/17/2017@ CHIW 99 - 98DAL               
1/15/2017MINW 98 - 87DAL               
1/12/2017@ PHOW 113 - 108DAL               
1/9/2017@ MINL 92 - 101Y-0.76DAL17:50204201.5002.00002311.1
Will not return
1/7/2017ATLL 82 - 97Y-0.66DAL28:442011001.3333.0000238.3 
1/5/2017PHOL 95 - 102-0.16DAL19:47000221.0000.000005  
1/3/2017WASW 113 - 105-0.89DAL19:41006201.0003.0000119.2
Questionable to return
12/30/2016@ GSWL 99 - 108DAL               
12/29/2016@ LALW 101 - 89Y-0.76DAL21:50207201.5002.00003310.9 
12/27/2016HOUL 107 - 123Y-0.52DAL10:30006202.0000.0000218.9 
12/26/2016@ NORL 104 - 111DAL               
12/23/2016@ LACW 90 - 88DAL               
12/21/2016@ PORW 96 - 95DAL               
12/19/2016@ DENL 107 - 117DAL               
12/18/2016SACW 99 - 79DAL               
12/16/2016@ UTAL 100 - 103DAL               
12/14/2016DETL 85 - 95DAL               
12/12/2016DENW 112 - 92DAL               
12/10/2016@ HOUL 87 - 109DAL               
12/9/2016INDW 111 - 103DAL               
12/7/2016SACL 89 - 120DAL               
12/5/2016CHAL 101 - 109Y-0.67DAL10:40006001.0001.0000014.2
Will not return
12/3/2016CHIW 107 - 82Y0.38DAL21:5480111201.0004.00002612.4 
12/1/2016@ CHAL 87 - 97DAL               
11/30/2016SASL 87 - 94Y-0.49DAL34:5440125011.0002.0002247.1 
11/27/2016NORW 91 - 81Y-0.12DAL28:465014301.3333.7504038.1 
11/25/2016@ CLEL 90 - 128Y-0.43DAL22:182011220.3333.00012510.7 
11/23/2016LACL 104 - 124Y0.25DAL24:3540126201.0002.0000358.8 
11/21/2016@ SASL 91 - 96DAL               
11/19/2016@ ORLL 87 - 95Y-0.02DAL34:25408104.3336.0000129.6 
11/18/2016MEML 64 - 80Y-0.75DAL20:542010101.2504.00002313.7 
11/16/2016@ BOSL 83 - 90Y-0.12DAL24:45607411.4297.00001615.9 
11/14/2016@ NYKL 77 - 93Y-0.23DAL20:574091011.0002.0000146.7 
11/9/2016@ GSWL 95 - 116DAL               
11/8/2016@ LALW 109 - 97Y-0.80DAL29:26208202.2005.00003113.3 
11/6/2016MILW 86 - 75Y-0.45DAL34:162016310.2504.0000359.9 
11/4/2016PORL 95 - 105DAL               
11/2/2016@ UTAL 81 - 97Y-0.49DAL17:19209011.5002.00003315.0 
10/30/2016@ HOUL 92 - 93Y-0.96DAL27:576014300.4297.00022315.9 
10/28/2016HOUL 98 - 106Y-0.40DAL26:454012010.5004.00002310.5 
10/26/2016@ INDL 121 - 130Y-0.77DAL19:40606301.6005.00021314.4 
4/13/2016MEMW 125 - 104Y-0.35GSW18:544041021.0002.0000239.1 
4/10/2016@ SASW 92 - 86Y-0.56GSW22:44404100.6673.0000026.3 
4/9/2016@ MEMW 100 - 99GSW               
4/7/2016SASW 112 - 101Y0.62GSW21:3260113121.0003.0000148.4 
4/5/2016MINL 117 - 124Y1.03GSW31:5810015512.7147.00001510.6 
4/3/2016PORW 136 - 111GSW               
4/1/2016BOSL 106 - 109Y-0.59GSW18:20404201.6673.00002412.0 
3/30/2016@ UTAW 103 - 96Y-0.78GSW17:05405201.5004.00003418.9 
3/29/2016WASW 102 - 94Y-0.98GSW18:50206200.5002.00003111.2 
3/27/2016PHIW 117 - 105Y-0.91GSW13:14005200.0001.0000136.7 
3/25/2016DALW 128 - 120Y-0.45GSW18:074022011.0002.0000147.6 
3/23/2016LACW 114 - 98Y0.16GSW20:134010402.5004.0000038.6 
3/21/2016@ MINW 109 - 104GSW               
3/19/2016@ SASL 79 - 87GSW               
3/18/2016@ DALW 130 - 112Y-0.98GSW8:35202000.00011.00021113.5 
3/16/2016NYKW 121 - 85Y0.38GSW22:221007411.8336.00002416.0 
3/14/2016NORW 125 - 107Y-0.61GSW15:28514301.6673.00012415.8 
3/12/2016PHOW 123 - 116Y0.25GSW19:39405104.6673.0000026.7 
3/11/2016PORW 128 - 112Y-0.01GSW18:01409512.2867.00001318.7 
3/9/2016UTAW 115 - 94Y0.08GSW14:27604203.7504.00001216.6 
3/7/2016ORLW 119 - 113Y0.54GSW22:3240106321.0002.00005612.1 
3/6/2016@ LALL 95 - 112Y0.30GSW19:34407720.5004.0000018.0 
3/3/2016OKCW 121 - 106Y0.03GSW26:277062111.0002.7504138.3 
3/1/2016ATLW 109 - 105Y1.31GSW31:071907221.8899.75040314.8 
2/27/2016@ OKCW 121 - 118Y-0.88GSW17:20400001.6673.00002213.3 
2/25/2016@ ORLW 130 - 114Y0.72GSW21:491204412.8577.00001515.1 
2/24/2016@ MIAW 118 - 112Y-0.48GSW29:32209300.3333.0000064.2 
2/22/2016@ ATLW 102 - 92Y0.51GSW29:163011415.2504.5002139.1 
2/20/2016@ LACW 115 - 112GSW               
2/19/2016@ PORL 105 - 137Y-0.47GSW14:02203003.3333.00001311.0 
2/10/2016@ PHOW 112 - 104Y0.91GSW23:064092231.0002.0000023.6 
2/9/2016HOUW 123 - 110Y1.52GSW28:4213011136.50010.75042419.5 
2/6/2016OKCW 116 - 108Y-0.47GSW19:42206102.3333.0000148.3 
2/3/2016@ WASW 134 - 121Y-1.22GSW18:37206600.5002.0004047.7 
1/31/2016@ NYKW 116 - 95Y-0.76GSW14:010012400.0001.00003413.4 
1/30/2016@ PHIW 108 - 105Y0.55GSW20:078016402.5008.00000416.2 
1/27/2016DALW 127 - 107Y-0.56GSW17:56409300.4005.00001116.2 
1/25/2016SASW 120 - 90Y-0.14GSW17:164032111.0002.0000147.2 
1/22/2016INDW 122 - 110Y-0.44GSW19:13206103.1676.00000112.8 
1/20/2016@ CHIW 125 - 94Y0.81GSW20:1260122131.0003.0000138.5 
1/18/2016@ CLEW 132 - 98Y-1.04GSW15:21406000.5004.00020314.8 
1/16/2016@ DETL 95 - 113Y-0.35GSW19:47606002.6005.00002414.3 
1/14/2016LALW 116 - 98Y-0.25GSW21:27608201.7504.00002111.9 
1/13/2016@ DENL 110 - 112Y0.84GSW31:421507213.8758.50022315.0 
1/11/2016MIAW 111 - 103Y0.04GSW21:02809101.8005.00001312.7 
1/9/2016@ SACW 128 - 116Y-0.58GSW22:342011300.2005.0000059.3 
1/8/2016@ PORW 128 - 108Y-0.63GSW17:395051011.0002.50022311.7 
1/5/2016@ LALW 109 - 88Y-0.16GSW17:51604201.7504.00000210.0 
1/4/2016CHAW 111 - 101Y-0.41GSW29:34206302.5002.0000246.4 
1/2/2016DENW 111 - 108Y-0.43GSW24:48207102.3333.0000167.7 
12/31/2015@ HOUW 114 - 110Y-1.36GSW36:189011101.4449.25045518.4 
12/30/2015@ DALL 91 - 114Y0.33GSW23:3090101101.00041.00011310.5 
12/28/2015SACW 122 - 103Y0.28GSW14:244052121.0002.0000035.8 
12/25/2015CLEW 89 - 83Y0.44GSW23:514071041.0002.0000013.8 
12/23/2015UTAW 103 - 85Y0.25GSW26:5410013401.50081.00021216.6 
12/18/2015MILW 121 - 112Y-1.05GSW5:20001100.0000.0000128.1 
12/16/2015PHOW 128 - 103Y-0.69GSW21:260012311.0000.0002347.6 
12/12/2015@ MILL 95 - 108Y0.15GSW21:58206304.3333.0000015.6 
12/11/2015@ BOSW 124 - 119Y-0.34GSW23:17209103.2005.00001410.7 
12/8/2015@ INDW 131 - 123Y1.00GSW23:2214010112.8758.00001316.1 
12/6/2015@ BKNW 114 - 98Y-1.00GSW15:52004202.0001.0002128.0 
12/5/2015@ TORW 112 - 109GSW               
12/2/2015@ CHAW 116 - 99Y0.10GSW22:5040112011.0002.0000003.7 
11/30/2015@ UTAW 106 - 103Y-0.39GSW21:504044011.0002.0000268.4 
11/28/2015SACW 120 - 101Y-0.13GSW19:32404202.6673.0000036.5 
11/27/2015@ PHOW 135 - 116Y-0.43GSW13:01702202.6005.50021421.4 
11/24/2015LALW 111 - 77Y0.13GSW20:55807202.5717.00000215.0 
11/22/2015@ DENW 118 - 105Y0.32GSW17:48806213.8005.00003318.5 
11/20/2015CHIW 106 - 94Y-0.10GSW18:23304213.5002.5002149.8 
11/19/2015@ LACW 124 - 117Y-0.90GSW20:24201200.3333.0000026.7 
11/17/2015TORW 115 - 110Y-0.16GSW17:211306211.8336.50062526.7 
11/14/2015BKNW 107 - 991.43GSW31:5310018423.7147.00002412.8 
11/12/2015@ MINW 129 - 1160.28GSW21:03406213.6673.0000128.5 
11/11/2015@ MEMW 100 - 84-1.21GSW14:58307100.3333.50023520.4 
11/9/2015DETW 109 - 95-0.30GSW18:58809200.5717.00001317.9 
11/7/2015@ SACW 103 - 94GSW               
11/6/2015DENW 119 - 104GSW               
11/4/2015LACW 112 - 108GSW               
11/2/2015MEMW 119 - 69GSW               
10/31/2015@ NORW 134 - 120GSW               
10/30/2015@ HOUW 112 - 92GSW               
10/27/2015NORW 111 - 95Y0.79GSW18:4212055021.0006.00000212.1