Andrew Bogut

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Ease PositionC
Draft2005 (Pick 1)
NBA Salary$11,027,027
Projection Updated10/22/2016
Injured knee Open link
6/15/2016 6:23 PM
Bogut is out 6-8 weeks.
Questionable knee Open link
6/15/2016 5:55 AM
Bogut is questionable Thursday at CLE.
Playing right adductor strain Open link
5/16/2016 7:23 PM
Bogut is playing Monday vs OKC.
Probable right adductor strain Open link
5/16/2016 6:17 PM
Bogut is probable Monday vs OKC.
Questionable right adductor strain Open link
5/15/2016 2:14 PM
Bogut is questionable Monday vs OKC.
Questionable right adductor strain Open link
5/13/2016 2:10 PM
Bogut is questionable Monday vs OKC.
Questionable right abductor strain
5/12/2016 2:57 AM
Bogut is questionable for the Conference Finals with a right adductor strain
Out rest Open link
4/9/2016 11:51 AM
Bogut is out Saturday at MEM. Kerr said that Bogut will play Sunday at SAS.
Playing ribs Open link
4/5/2016 7:47 PM
Bogut missed last game and is playing Tuesday vs MIN.
Questionable ribs Open link
4/5/2016 1:23 PM
Bogut missed last game and remains questionable Tuesday vs MIN.
Questionable ribs Open link
4/4/2016 1:22 PM
Bogut missed last game and is questionable Tuesday vs MIN.
Out ribs Open link
4/3/2016 5:20 PM
Bogut is out Sunday vs POR.
Questionable ribs Open link
4/2/2016 2:17 PM
Bogut is questionable Sunday vs POR.
Questionable to return ribs Open link
4/1/2016 11:37 PM
Bogut is questionable to return Friday vs BOS.
Playing toe Open link
3/27/2016 6:42 PM
Bogut is playing Sunday vs PHI.
Playing toe Open link
3/23/2016 9:12 PM
Bogut missed the past 2 games and is playing and starting Wednesday vs LAC.
Questionable toe Open link
3/23/2016 1:08 PM
Bogut missed the past 2 games and is questionable Wednesday vs LAC.
Doubtful toe Open link
3/22/2016 8:12 PM
Bogut missed the past 2 games and is doubtful Wednesday vs LAC.
Out toe Open link
3/21/2016 11:38 AM
Bogut missed last game and is out Monday at MIN.
Doubtful toe Open link
3/20/2016 2:10 PM
Bogut missed last game and is doubtful Monday at MIN.
Out toe Open link
3/19/2016 6:01 PM
Bogut is out Saturday at SAS. He underwent an MRI, and it's possible Bogut will miss more than just one game.
Doubtful toe Open link
3/18/2016 10:15 PM
Bogut is doubtful Saturday at SAS.
Out rest of game toe Open link
3/18/2016 9:06 PM
Bogut will not return Friday at DAL.
Playing knee Open link
3/7/2016 8:55 PM
Bogut is playing Monday vs ORL.
Probable knee Open link
3/7/2016 5:57 PM
Bogut is probable Monday vs ORL. He is not on injury report after banging his knee last game.
Probable knee Open link
3/6/2016 5:33 PM
Bogut is probable Monday vs ORL.
Playing sore Achilles Open link
2/22/2016 6:22 PM
Bogut missed last game and is playing Monday at ATL.
Questionable sore Achilles Open link
2/22/2016 5:42 PM
Bogut missed last game and remains questionable Monday at ATL. He'll be a game-time decision.
Questionable sore Achilles Open link
2/22/2016 11:22 AM
Bogut missed last game and is questionable Monday at ATL.
Out sore Achilles Open link
2/20/2016 6:52 PM
Bogut is out Saturday at LAC.
Questionable sore Achilles Open link
2/20/2016 5:12 PM
Bogut is questionable Saturday at LAC.
Playing back strain Open link
1/20/2016 8:57 PM
Bogut left Wednesday's game before the half with a back strain but was able to return at the start of the second half.
Playing rest Open link
1/14/2016 8:44 PM
Bogut is active for Thursday's game.
Probable rib Open link
12/25/2015 5:21 PM
Bogut headed to the locker room (rib).
Playing back Open link
12/23/2015 7:55 PM
Bogut is active for Wednesday's game (back). He will play and start.
Probable back Open link
12/22/2015 2:40 PM
Bogut is probable for Wednesday's game (back).
Questionable back Open link
12/21/2015 3:18 PM
Bogut is questionable for Wednesday's game (back). He did non-contact work at practice Monday. Bogut played just five minutes against Milwaukee last Friday.
Playing back spasms Open link
12/6/2015 4:00 PM
Bogut missed last game and is active for Sunday (back spasms). He will play Sunday.
Questionable back spasms Open link
12/6/2015 12:32 PM
Bogut missed last game and is questionable for Sunday (back spasms). His status is supposed to be reevaluated after his pregame workout, making him likely a game-time decision Sunday.
Out back spasms Open link
12/5/2015 3:12 PM
Bogut is out for Saturday's game (back spasms). Festus Ezeli will start in Bogut's absence.
Playing stiff back Open link
11/27/2015 7:18 PM
Bogut is active for Friday's game (stiff back) and will play.
Questionable stiff back Open link
11/25/2015 3:03 PM
Bogut is questionable for Friday's game (stiff back). He sat out Wednesday's practice, but he also said that the stiffness is "nothing serious."
Playing could be back starting at Center Tuesday Open link
11/16/2015 3:47 PM
Bogut appears in line to be back in the starting lineup Tuesday after playing the last four games off the bench in his return from a concussion. Festus Ezeli will move back to a bench role with the move. Unfortunately, the Warriors like to limit Bogut's role and use small lineups a lot, so this doesn't change his value much.
Playing concussion Open link
11/9/2015 7:54 PM
Bogut has been cleared to return, but he'l come off the bench due to lack of conditioning.
Questionable concussion Open link
11/9/2015 3:35 PM
Despite passing the concussion protocol tests on Saturday, Bogut is listed as questionable on the Warriors injury report for Moday's game.
Probable concussion Open link
11/9/2015 1:06 PM
Bogut has passed the tests for the concussion protocol and is expected to play Monday. An official announcement on his status is expected to be announced after shootaround Monday.
Out concussion Open link
11/7/2015 3:37 PM
Bogut will miss a sixth straight game Saturday. The Warriors' next game is Monday against the Pistons. [Jason Thompson gains 7 minutes] [James McAdoo gains 6 minutes] [Festus Ezeli gains 6 minutes] [Marreese Speights gains 3 minutes]
Out concussion Open link
11/6/2015 3:02 PM
Bogut remains out Friday. Festus Ezeli should continue to start.
Out Concussion Open link
11/4/2015 2:33 PM
Bogut won't play against the Clippers on Wednesday. Ezeli should start,and Speights should get extra burn. [James McAdoo gains 7 minutes] [Leandro Barbosa gains 5 minutes] [Shaun Livingston gains 4 minutes] [Marreese Speights gains 4 minutes] [Festus Ezeli
Questionable Concussion Open link
11/3/2015 6:57 PM
Bogut is questionable for Wednesday's game against the Clippers. He's missed the Warriors' last three games with a concussion he suffered in the opener. [Festus Ezeli loses 9 minutes] [James McAdoo loses 5 minutes] [Brandon Rush loses 2 minutes] [Draymond Green loses 2 minutes] [Marreese Speights loses 2 minutes] [Andre Iguodala loses 2 minutes] [Harrison Barnes loses 2 minutes]
Out Concussion Open link
11/2/2015 2:49 PM
Bogut will not play Monday as he has yet to be cleared from his concussion symptoms.
Doubtful Concussion Open link
11/2/2015 1:22 PM
Bogut still has not been cleared from his concussion and is undergoing more tests Monday, making him seemingly doubtful for Monday against the Grizzlies. [Festus Ezeli gains 9 minutes] [James McAdoo gains 5 minutes] [Harrison Barnes gains 4 minutes] [Draymond Green gains 2 minutes] [Marreese Speights gains 2 minutes] [Andre Iguodala gains 2 minutes]
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I know its only one game but i can see the situation tonight happening a lot. Dallas will run small lineups and he also seems to be in constant foul trouble, which was the case throughout the preseason. Feels like he will be very inconsistent this season and constantly have me on the verge of dropping him. Already tempted tonight.
Thanks for clarifying. I had no issues with the game played projection, but to me it just seems like (granted, without looking at numbers) he is the type of guy who is always eased back into minutes when he does recover from minor injuries - back, ankle, etc. Maybe that is the result of my bias due to his injury prone label; which appears to be a bit off. Thanks
67% (3) agree 
I love this stat. Bogut has played more games in the last three season than Butler, Kawhi, Davis, Westbrook, Vucevic yet it constantly thought that he never plays. His minutes were reduced in GS as they played Draymond more at C. Prior o that he was at 26 per game and I think Dallas will run similar lienups to that
have there been any reports coming out of Dallas about Bogut's minutes this off season? 26 mpg seems a tad high to me for the often injured big man. do you mind elaborating on this projection? thanks
Per Game
75-0.03Projection 16-17DALSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
177-0.46NBA 16-17DAL119.
82-0.11NBA 15-16GSW7020.
166-0.29Last MonthGSW1219.
92-0.08Last 2 MonthsGSW2520.
91-0.09Last 3 MonthsGSW3720.
73-0.05NBA 14-15GSW6723.
510.07NBA 13-14GSW6726.
131-0.23NBA 12-13GSW3224.
620.01NBA 11-12GSW1230.311.
650.01NBA 10-11MIL6535.412.
178-0.27NBA Preseason 16DAL519.
Per 36
69-0.03Projection 16-17DALSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
164-0.54NBA 16-17DAL119.711.
330.07NBA 15-16GSW7020.
102-0.05Last MonthGSW1219.
420.12Last 2 MonthsGSW2520.
330.12Last 3 MonthsGSW3720.
88-0.10NBA 14-15GSW6723.
270.10NBA 13-14GSW6726.410.
200-0.30NBA 12-13GSW3224.
124-0.15NBA 11-12GSW1230.313.
130-0.14NBA 10-11MIL6535.413.
166-0.28NBA Preseason 16DAL519.
98-0.13Projection 16-17DALSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
177-0.46NBA 16-17DAL119:40606301.6005.00021-1.01-0.990.110.03-0.920.310.33-2.320.31
81-0.12NBA 15-16GSW701445:35375149116232113.627279.4805083-1.63-1.170.42-0.36-1.291.521.20-0.500.77
198-0.41Last MonthGSW12231:545407528312.684381.000217-2.01-1.17-0.05-0.43-1.760.280.860.070.53
89-0.13Last 2 MonthsGSW25511:081301154671437.65292.6921332-1.69-1.090.12-0.20-
88-0.12Last 3 MonthsGSW37745:081851256932159.601143.5222343-1.72-1.110.39-0.27-1.041.510.83-0.360.72
83-0.09NBA 14-15GSW671582:33422054318039113.563355.52442106-1.72-1.210.76-0.20-1.001.561.00-0.390.37
580.00NBA 13-14GSW671769:27492067111247121.627375.3446497-1.52-1.181.25-0.73-0.861.811.51-1.020.75
254-0.63NBA 12-13GSW32785:421861245672055.451184.5003835-2.39-1.07-0.83-1.00-1.790.11-0.07-0.371.78
314-0.74NBA 11-12GSW12363:431360100311224.449136.6092324-2.33-1.20-1.31-1.15-1.86-0.38-0.05-0.171.81
86-0.10NBA 10-11MIL652301:00830072013147168.495742.442217125-0.58-1.211.61-0.58-0.792.820.51-2.800.15
181-0.34NBA Preseason 16DAL596:34180381337.444181.000213-2.12-1.210.890.00-0.901.13-0.100.19-0.89