Gerald Green

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Ease PositionSF
Draft2005 (Pick 18)
Projection Updated4/16/2016
Starting  Open link
4/1/2016 8:19 PM
Green missed last game and is starting Friday at SAC with Wade out.
Starting  Open link
2/22/2016 5:50 PM
Green is starting Monday vs IND. Justise Winslow is moving back to a bench role with Wade playing.
Starting  Open link
2/20/2016 4:53 PM
Green is starting at SG again Saturday vs WAS with Dwyane Wade (knee) out.
Starting  Open link
2/19/2016 6:16 PM
Green is starting at SG Friday at ATL. Dwyane Wade (knee) is out.
Playing illness Open link
1/29/2016 5:34 PM
Green is playing Friday at MIL.
Questionable illness Open link
1/29/2016 12:25 PM
Green is questionable Friday at MIL. He sat out shootaround.
Playing knee Open link
1/25/2016 12:18 PM
Green is playing Monday at CHI. He said he's going to play through his knee soreness.
Benched knee - benched Open link
1/22/2016 6:48 PM
Green is benched Friday at TOR. He is active but coming off the bench behind Justise Winslow.
Questionable knee Open link
1/21/2016 4:18 PM
Green is questionable Friday at TOR.
Playing knee Open link
1/20/2016 5:46 PM
Green is playing Wednesday at WAS, and he is starting at SG with Dwyane Wade (shoulder) out.
Playing knee Open link
1/20/2016 4:34 PM
Green is playing Wednesday at WAS.
Probable knee Open link
1/20/2016 11:42 AM
Green is probable Wednesday at WAS.
Probable knee Open link
1/18/2016 1:34 PM
Green is probable for Tuesday's game vs MIL.
Questionable knee Open link
1/17/2016 7:22 PM
Green is questionable to return to Sunday's game with right knee tendinitis.
Playing STARTING Open link
1/15/2016 7:19 PM
Green is starting at SG for Friday's game at DEN with Dwyane Wade (shoulders) out.
Playing listed as starting SF in team tweet Open link
11/27/2015 5:50 PM
Green is listed as the starter in one of the Heat's pregame tweets. Lineups can change right up to tip, and considering Spoelstra's reluctance to offer hs starters earlier, this situation will seem fluid until the official announcement of the starters comes down.
Playing could start Open link
11/25/2015 11:48 AM
Green practiced with the starters on Wednesday and is likely to start tonight. Justise Winslow loses 7 minutes.
Probable suspended Open link
11/16/2015 1:30 PM
Green missed the past 6 games and is probable Tuesday (suspended). He returned to practice Saturday. Coach Spoelstra said Green is game-ready, so he should play off the bench Tuesday like usual.
Injured suspension Open link
11/10/2015 5:59 PM
Green has been suspended by the Heat. He'll miss Tuesday and Thursday's games and be available to return for next Tuesday's game against the Timberwolves.
Injured illness Open link
11/9/2015 1:12 PM
Coach Erik Spoelstra said that he has been in contact with Green and that he's healthy, but the Heat declined to offer any further information on Green's status. He was not with the team Monday, and it's unknown when he'll return.
Injured illness Open link
11/5/2015 2:35 PM
Green is hospitalized and likely out until at least Sunday with his illness. [Tyler Johnson gains 20 minutes] [Justise Winslow gains 4 minutes] [Mario Chalmers gains 4 minutes]
Doubtful illness Open link
11/4/2015 1:10 PM
Green has been admitted to the hospital. No further details are available. He should be considered doubtful for Thursday's game against the Timberwolves. [Tyler Johnson gains 20 minutes] [Josh McRoberts loses 5 minutes] [Justise Winslow gains 4 minutes] [Mario Chalmers gains 4 minutes]
Out illness Open link
11/3/2015 5:56 PM
Green will sit out Tuesday's game with an illness. [Tyler Johnson gains 14 minutes] [Justise Winslow gains 5 minutes] [Josh McRoberts gains 3 minutes] [Mario Chalmers gains 1 minute]
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292-0.57NBA 15-16MIA7621.
113-0.91Last WeekMIA311.
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314-0.76Last MonthMIA1310.
319-0.67Last 2 MonthsMIA2411.
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198-0.39NBA 14-15PHO7419.511.
660.00NBA 13-14PHO8228.415.
301-0.67NBA 12-13IND6018.
111-0.14NBA 11-12BKN3125.
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490.01NBA 13-14PHO8228.420.
259-0.46NBA 12-13IND6018.
80-0.05NBA 11-12BKN3125.
350.01NBA Preseason 15MIA821.829.
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238-0.55NBA 15-16MIA761609:3364088171563819.388618.7749347-0.990.06-1.36-1.02-1.15-0.75-
93-0.25Last WeekMIA335:391626010.29224.00000-0.050.21-0.21-0.81-0.12-0.52-1.580.000.85
130-0.40Last 2 WeeksMIA647:122448010.34529.00001-0.590.07-0.71-0.99-0.77-0.71-0.780.000.90
232-0.54Last MonthMIA13138:4863916250.37367.80051-1.07-0.25-1.24-1.20-0.88-0.93-0.810.021.54
275-0.62Last 2 MonthsMIA24270:411442134790.385143.929142-1.31-0.22-1.58-1.16-1.35-1.14-0.790.191.77
285-0.68Last 3 MonthsMIA34525:07201266515134.365208.7932910-1.42-0.35-1.48-1.11-1.42-0.96-
161-0.35NBA 14-15PHO741446:12884137186914212.416778.825120104-0.311.05-1.06-0.79-0.91-0.81-0.960.240.40
440.11NBA 13-14PHO822329:461,2952042751227042.4451,006.8482301450.641.98-0.70-0.67-0.14-0.11-0.520.64-0.13
290-0.71NBA 12-13IND601080:2742159141491823.366424.8006553-1.72-0.16-1.36-1.12-1.85-0.62-
220-0.50NBA 11-12BKN31781:0640043107342817.481320.7546555-1.40-0.21-1.26-1.13-1.22-0.580.22-0.061.13
50.58NBA Preseason 15MIA8174:161421535862.480102.80636113.031.900.52-0.570.12-0.320.460.52-0.42