Deron Williams - CLE - G

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Draft2005 (Pick 3)
Projection Updated5/24/2017

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1.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday vs BOS (illness)
1.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday vs BOS (illness)
44.6d ago Open link
Note Note (planned starter)
Williams is expected to start at PG with Kyrie Irving expected to sit out for rest Monday at MIA.
81.4d ago Open link
Starting Starting Saturday @MIA
Williams is starting Saturday at MIA in place of Kyrie Irving (rest).
84.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @BOS (signed)
He'll make his Cavs debut Wednesday.
86.4d ago Open link
Out Out Monday vs MIL (signed)
He will not make his Cavs debut Monday.
88.4d ago Open link
Note Note (signing with cavs)
Williams has cleared waivers and is expected to sign a contract for the rest of the season with the Cavaliers. He is expected to sign his deal and join the team Monday.
90.4d ago Open link
Note Note (waived)
Williams has been waived by Dallas. He'll need to pass through waivers in order to be able to sign with a team of his choice, and most of the destinations reported as possibilities for Williams would likely leave him playing a backup role.
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Questionable Questionable Monday @DAL (illness)
He sat out shootaround.
102.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday @DAL (toe sprain)
He went through shootaround and will be a game-time decision.
116.6d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @SAS (left great toe sprain)
Williams is out the next 2 games, Sunday at SAS and Monday vs CLE.
119.2d ago
Questionable to return Questionable to return Wednesday @DAL
He's not on the bench to begin the second half.
119.3d ago Open link
In the Locker Room In the Locker Room Wednesday @DAL (leg)
He's limping to the locker room
141.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday @DAL (illness)
He went through the morning shootaround and "should" be ready to go Tuesday vs WAS.
172.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Saturday @DAL (left calf strain)
Williams is playing Saturday vs CHI.
172.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Saturday @DAL (left calf strain)
Williams is probable Saturday vs CHI.
174.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Thursday @CHA (left calf strain)
Williams is playing Thursday at CHA.
174.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Thursday @CHA (left calf strain)
Williams is probable Thursday at CHA.
176.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @DAL (calf strain)
Williams is probable Wednesday vs SAS.
176.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @DAL (calf strain)
Williams is expected to play Wednesday vs SAS. He is not listed on the injury report at this time.
176.6d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @DAL (calf strain)
Williams is listed as probable Wednesday vs SAS.
178.4d ago Open link
Starting Starting Sunday @DAL (calf)
Williams is starting Sunday vs NOR. He will play into the third quarter
178.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday @DAL (calf)
Williams is playing Sunday vs NOR.
179.5d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @DAL (calf)
Williams is listed as questionable Sunday vs NOR.
180.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs DAL (calf)
Williams missed the past 4 games and is playing Friday at CLE.
180.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs DAL (calf)
Williams missed the past 4 games and is questionable Friday at CLE. He'll be a game-time decision, but he told the media that he is planning on playing, so he may be closer to probable.
182.4d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @DAL (calf)
Williams missed the past 3 games and is out Wednesday vs LAC.
182.7d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday @DAL (calf)
Williams missed the past 3 games and is doubtful Wednesday vs LAC.
183.5d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @DAL (calf)
Williams missed the past 3 games and is questionable Wednesday vs LAC.
184.8d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @SAS (calf)
Williams missed the past 2 games and is out Monday at SAS.
187.6d ago Open link
Out Out Friday @DAL (calf)
Williams is out Friday vs MEM and Saturday at ORL.
189.3d ago Open link
Doubtful to return Doubtful to return Wednesday @BOS (left calf strain)
Williams is doubtful to return Wednesday at BOS.
189.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @BOS (left calf strain)
Williams missed the past 4 games and is playing Wednesday at BOS.
189.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @BOS (left calf strain)
Williams missed the past 4 games and is probable Wednesday at BOS.
190.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @BOS (left calf strain)
Williams missed the past 4 games and is questionable Wednesday at BOS. He is listed as questionable, but it appears a long shot he plays
190.5d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @BOS (left calf strain)
Williams missed the past 4 games and is questionable Wednesday at BOS.
191.7d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @NYK (left calf strain)
Williams missed the past 3 games and is out Monday at NYK. However, he could play Wednesday.
194.6d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left calf strain)
Williams missed the past 3 games and is out Monday at NYK. He'll also be doubtful Wednesday at BOS after suffering a setback in his recovery Thursday.
197.6d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left calf strain)
Williams missed last game and is injured Tuesday at LAL. He did not travel with the Mavs on their 2-game road trip.
198.6d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Tuesday @LAL (left calf strain)
Williams missed last game and is doubtful Tuesday at LAL.
199.4d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @DAL (left calf strain)
Williams is out Sunday vs MIL.
200.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @DAL (left calf strain)
Williams is "very" questionable Sunday vs MIL.
201.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday @DAL (groin)
Williams is playing Friday vs POR.
201.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday @DAL (groin)
Williams is probable Friday vs POR. He was listed as questionable but said that he will play Friday.
202.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday @DAL (groin)
Williams is questionable Friday vs POR.
203.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @UTA (knee)
Williams is playing Wednesday at UTA.
204.6d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @UTA (knee)
Williams is probable Wednesday at UTA. He practiced Tuesday.
16 team? def. not 12 imo
100% (1) agree 
What do we expect Dwill to do with the cavs? Minutes and stats wise. Thx
100% (1) agree 
What kind of minutes could we expect from him should he land in Cleveland?
100% (1) agree 
He's currently a free agent so he has no projected stats. It sounds like he'll end up in CLE as a backup, and we'll update him at that point.
???? where are his stats?
indeed 41132 bomb
100% (2) agree 
Heard it here first...
100% (1) agree 
kchung4388 -- The buyout sounds like it's going to happen, but nothing official has been announced yet. The listed destinations for Williams are all places where he'd likely be the backup PG and play limited minutes, so if you have a good player to add off the wire, I might go ahead and dump Williams, but there is the usual caution of risk in dropping a player too early.
Is he droppable? Can't tell if he's gonna be bought out for sure or if he's gonna be a backup for Yogi.
He is "possibly" being bought out? I saw on twitter that we might not even know until March 1? Why March 1!?
I wouldn't say that confirms he has been released and is signing with the Jazz or Cavs though
100% (4) agree 
Or Chris Broussard. Only time will tell
100% (7) agree 
41132 Bomb
100% (5) agree 
41132 is really woj in disguise =p
100% (1) agree 
So you have your own inside sources?
is Barrea worth owning?
I can't find anybody reporting he was waived can you post it?
Not sure where that report came from, 41132.
50% (2) agree 
If Deron Williams is traded, does anything change for Curry? Higher usage, more minutes, etc? (UP) if he becomes a top 70 player. (DOWN) if no
Now he might be out until ASB.... This is the only season this guy will ever be on my team lol
47% (15) agree 
Up for Deron, Down for BobCov
kchung4388 -- Williams is a solid PG going forward as long as he stays healthy, but his recent production will likely be dialed back a little bit going forward as the Mavs get healthy. Dirk appears to be on the cusp of returning, and that will take the ball out of Williams' hands more. Barea's role will increase, too, and he has the ball in his hands a lot.
100% (1) agree 
Any changes to his per game value? I almost dropped him for TJ Warren, but I feel like assists are hard to find on waivers. He has been pretty solid lately too.
100% (1) agree 
getting close to a must own?
14% (7) agree 
Deron Williams vs Rubio ROS. Up for DWill down for Rubio.
I have both on my team and Deron is heating upppp but my own strategy is to sell high on Deron (sell on the fact that take away the half games and rehab games he's easily top 80-100) and I'm also holding onto Henson for the hope that Greg Monroe will be traded and Henson unleashed.
75% (4) agree 
Thoughts on a Deron Waiver pickup in a 10 man, 9 cat? Henson would be the drop. Up for Deron.
100% (2) agree 
shoutout to joshlloyd48. he's killing it for me for a waiver wire pickup.
92% (13) agree 
Up for Deron, Down for Bayless
@Sribb43 not yet - we are only in the 5th week. The Dallas team has not been healthy at all and too early to give up on the season.
0% (1) agree 
Probably time to drop, with Mavs season lost, no reason to give him 30 min a night when/if he's healthy and try and develop guys like Seth and Gibson
I'm keeping him for now. Seth was rubbish in 32 mins today.
that's a hard choice where both choices are defensible. i guess it all depends on what you need. but unless we know more about dwill's injury i'm inclined to keep him. i'm curious what others think tho
Add Seth Curry everywhere. JJ Barea is injured now too.
@hukchobo sorry i should have clarified what i meant. I meant to say whether it's worth it to drop Dwill for Bev or keep him.
100% (2) agree 
@kchung so basically drop dwill and pick up bev no matter what the vote is?
0% (1) agree 
This guy is just all pain, no gain. Fits my team to a t but just can't deal with this any more. Drop city.
100% (5) agree 
I'm seriously considering dropping this guy for patrick bev who is still sitting on my wire. Thumps up for picking up Bev, thumbs down for dropping Dwill
0% (1) agree 
I absolutely despise having Deron Wililams due to his injury history. At the same time, would you drop larry nance for Dwill? Thumbs up. H2H 9CAT 12-team
Do you really think he will get claimed by someone else? I could only see doing this in a really deep 14+ team league. He's going to be plagued with injuries all season.
Thoughts on using #2 WW claim on him? Every inch of me says it's a bad idea, but I have a need for his stats, and I could do much worse. Other options are pretty slim, in terms of PG production.
He is out
0% (1) agree 
Is he playing tonight??
Chris Smith
0% (1) agree 
why projected so low?
Per Game
150.35Projection 16-17CLESubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
207-0.45NBA 16-17CLE7624.
39-0.81Last WeekCLE414.
115-0.63Last MonthCLE915.
282-0.65Last 2 MonthsCLE2417.
262-0.58Last 3 MonthsCLE3618.
100-0.17NBA 15-16DAL6532.414.
104-0.17NBA 14-15BKN6831.
550.05NBA 13-14BKN6432.
Per 36
DNQ1.04Projection 16-17CLESubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
177-0.25NBA 16-17CLE7624.
DNQ-0.60Last WeekCLE414.
68-0.27Last MonthCLE915.
232-0.36Last 2 MonthsCLE2417.512.
198-0.28Last 3 MonthsCLE3618.612.
143-0.20NBA 15-16DAL6532.415.
126-0.18NBA 14-15BKN6831.
75-0.06NBA 13-14BKN6432.
150.35Projection 16-17CLESubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
185-0.43NBA 16-17CLE761841:2376094162391409.442643.83111814920.4-0.76-0.08-1.260.84-1.15-1.00-0.420.16-0.19
30-0.19Last WeekCLE455:538051140.231131.0002517.2-0.64-0.71-0.470.821.07-0.65-1.120.50-0.53
72-0.11Last MonthCLE9135:02404142770.45533.85771216.9-0.35-0.29-0.410.790.48-0.73-0.100.19-0.58
155-0.35Last 2 MonthsCLE24419:44148223374113.450120.818223817.3-0.560.12-1.090.67-0.51-0.79-0.300.08-0.75
178-0.42Last 3 MonthsCLE36670:262383160118147.471189.853345216.8-0.85-0.16-1.320.45-1.07-0.80-0.040.19-0.14
128-0.24NBA 15-16DAL652105:59918971913786114.414775.86920615022.0-0.260.23-1.220.98-0.41-0.85-0.980.64-0.33
104-0.20NBA 14-15BKN682114:02886872374486417.387772.83424115422.2-0.300.22-0.801.56-0.24-0.70-1.570.56-0.52
72-0.06NBA 13-14BKN642059:21915981683929313.450716.80121614321.9-0.380.34-

Game Log
5/23/2017BOSW 112 - 99-0.87CLE18:10201110.5002.00002011.0 
5/21/2017BOSL 108 - 111-1.06CLE8:55001210.0002.00002120.9 
5/19/2017@ BOSW 130 - 860.06CLE16:38403620.5004.00000210.6 
5/17/2017@ BOSW 117 - 104-1.38CLE12:10200200.00051.00021226.4 
5/7/2017@ TORW 109 - 1020.02CLE14:25511420.5004.00000013.7 
5/5/2017@ TORW 115 - 94-1.18CLE16:29401200.5004.00003220.1 
5/3/2017TORW 125 - 103-0.79CLE17:35511500.6673.00003215.2 
5/1/2017TORW 116 - 105-0.50CLE17:30404410.4005.00001214.5 
4/23/2017@ INDW 106 - 1020.06CLE13:1014221001.0004.80050420.0 
4/20/2017@ INDW 119 - 1140.05CLE22:235112111.00011.0002033.8 
4/17/2017INDW 117 - 111-0.17CLE16:13930200.7504.00000111.4 
4/15/2017INDW 109 - 108-0.74CLE10:27510100.5004.00000119.0 
4/12/2017TORL 83 - 98Y-0.56CLE24:321033400.50061.00014419.7 
4/10/2017@ MIAL 121 - 124Y0.34CLE46:023557911.56025.500410335.4 
4/9/2017@ ATLL 125 - 126-1.06CLE8:23311000.5002.00002121.3 
4/7/2017ATLL 100 - 114-1.03CLE16:29402110.2508.00001226.3 
4/5/2017@ BOSW 114 - 91-1.05CLE15:35003501.0005.00001116.4 
4/4/2017ORLW 122 - 102-0.74CLE20:11801300.33361.00041120.2 
4/2/2017INDW 135 - 130-0.48CLE17:04920600.6005.50021118.7 
3/31/2017PHIW 122 - 105-0.73CLE17:23601600.3758.00000420.3 
3/30/2017@ CHIL 93 - 99-1.31CLE16:44000100.0002.0000108.0 
3/27/2017@ SASL 74 - 103-1.34CLE18:19310100.2005.00002117.4 
3/25/2017WASL 115 - 127-0.29CLE19:32910410.75041.00023317.5 
3/24/2017@ CHAW 112 - 105-0.89CLE15:25200200.5002.0000016.7 
3/22/2017@ DENL 113 - 1260.79CLE20:001924201.800101.00010124.7 
3/19/2017@ LALW 125 - 120-0.77CLE16:54200201.3333.0000018.0
Available to return
3/18/2017@ LACL 78 - 108Y-0.79CLE26:131113500.50081.00025225.4 
3/16/2017UTAW 91 - 83-1.09CLE25:22103210.0003.5002128.8 
3/14/2017DETW 128 - 960.09CLE13:3913123001.0006.00001324.9 
3/12/2017@ HOUL 112 - 117-0.34CLE22:32825500.33361.00021316.3 
3/11/2017@ ORLW 116 - 104-0.19CLE25:001021401.4449.00000316.4 
3/9/2017@ DETL 101 - 106-0.23CLE16:364103101.00011.0001014.0 
3/6/2017MIAL 98 - 106-0.71CLE16:48601201.66731.00023118.1 
3/4/2017@ MIAL 92 - 120Y-0.65CLE26:341005700.364111.00022025.7 
3/3/2017@ ATLW 135 - 130-0.34CLE17:212017101.0001.0000125.2 
3/1/2017@ BOSL 99 - 103-1.13CLE23:43402200.2508.00000114.3 
2/27/2017MIAW 96 - 89DAL               
2/25/2017NORW 96 - 83DAL               
2/24/2017@ MINL 84 - 97DAL               
2/15/2017@ DETL 91 - 98Y-0.54DAL29:521222610.286141.00022326.4 
2/13/2017BOSL 98 - 111Y-1.03DAL13:252011101.0001.00004218.5
2/11/2017ORLW 112 - 80Y0.18DAL15:49710430.5006.00001119.5 
2/9/2017UTAW 112 - 105DAL               
2/7/2017PORL 113 - 114DAL               
2/6/2017@ DENL 87 - 110DAL               
2/3/2017@ PORW 108 - 104DAL               
2/1/2017PHIW 113 - 95DAL               
1/30/2017CLEW 104 - 97DAL               
1/29/2017@ SASW 105 - 101DAL               
1/26/2017@ OKCL 98 - 109DAL               
1/25/2017NYKW 103 - 95Y-0.39DAL15:35710700.5006.00000017.9
Will not return
1/22/2017LALW 122 - 73Y0.31DAL26:231315800.6679.00000115.8 
1/20/2017UTAL 107 - 112Y-0.81DAL35:081614800.42914.60053226.1 
1/19/2017@ MIAL 95 - 99Y-1.00DAL31:35613900.2508.50022316.9 
1/17/2017@ CHIW 99 - 98Y-0.26DAL30:061116910.45511.00004324.5 
1/15/2017MINW 98 - 87Y0.01DAL30:5413341020.5569.00024322.2 
1/12/2017@ PHOW 113 - 108Y0.45DAL32:1523421200.60015.33331424.2 
1/9/2017@ MINL 92 - 101Y-0.21DAL33:231112710.5569.00003218.2 
1/7/2017ATLL 82 - 97Y-1.39DAL28:25707400.250121.00014328.2 
1/5/2017PHOL 95 - 102Y-0.14DAL33:072024600.57114.66733227.2 
1/3/2017WASW 113 - 105Y-0.07DAL31:552141600.538131.00035427.9 
12/30/2016@ GSWL 99 - 108Y-0.35DAL20:281112410.5717.66732022.6 
12/29/2016@ LALW 101 - 89Y-0.26DAL32:458111120.50061.00016618.1 
12/27/2016HOUL 107 - 123Y-1.38DAL23:16623600.18211.00012225.9 
12/26/2016@ NORL 104 - 111Y0.42DAL32:192432910.50018.75042333.8 
12/23/2016@ LACW 90 - 88Y-0.63DAL34:531225910.31316.00004226.1 
12/21/2016@ PORW 96 - 95Y0.07DAL31:542325500.588171.00014230.8 
12/19/2016@ DENL 107 - 117Y0.12DAL30:322331810.50018.66733335.5 
12/18/2016SACW 99 - 79Y-0.14DAL32:541512700.500101.00042220.6 
12/16/2016@ UTAL 100 - 103Y0.70DAL34:431810720.545111.00051121.0 
12/14/2016DETL 85 - 95Y-0.27DAL35:331613510.231131.00092326.1 
12/12/2016DENW 112 - 92Y0.36DAL31:581712820.438161.00021228.8 
12/10/2016@ HOUL 87 - 109Y-0.53DAL31:46913600.300101.00020217.3 
12/9/2016INDW 111 - 103Y0.10DAL33:231631610.385131.00031422.4 
12/7/2016SACL 89 - 120Y0.36DAL31:472032600.75081.00054219.4 
12/5/2016CHAL 101 - 109Y-0.50DAL37:1915211300.333181.00012225.5 
12/3/2016CHIW 107 - 82Y-0.12DAL31:119021510.273111.00031219.6 
12/1/2016@ CHAL 87 - 97Y-0.43DAL29:391413800.429141.00012224.5 
11/30/2016SASL 87 - 94Y-0.74DAL25:42918500.33312.00002427.3 
11/27/2016NORW 91 - 81Y-1.38DAL20:03902400.300101.00035440.0 
11/25/2016@ CLEL 90 - 128Y-0.92DAL14:55402500.3336.00001220.2 
11/23/2016LACL 104 - 124DAL               
11/21/2016@ SASL 91 - 96DAL               
11/19/2016@ ORLL 87 - 95DAL               
11/18/2016MEML 64 - 80DAL               
11/16/2016@ BOSL 83 - 90Y-1.33DAL9:34000000.0003.00000114.9
Doubtful to return
Williams is doubtful to return Wednesday at BOS.
11/14/2016@ NYKL 77 - 93DAL               
11/9/2016@ GSWL 95 - 116DAL               
11/8/2016@ LALW 109 - 97DAL               
11/6/2016MILW 86 - 75DAL               
11/4/2016PORL 95 - 105Y-0.50DAL36:551215620.21414.83362123.2 
11/2/2016@ UTAL 81 - 97Y-0.18DAL34:111222900.45511.00001318.0 
10/30/2016@ HOUL 92 - 93Y-0.41DAL31:231231311.36411.50022120.2 
10/28/2016HOUL 98 - 106Y-0.62DAL34:021410410.45511.75043321.9 
10/26/2016@ INDL 121 - 130Y0.30DAL40:002553701.55618.00006425.1 
4/13/2016SASL 91 - 96Y-0.69DAL36:321322700.308131.00033322.9 
4/11/2016@ UTAW 101 - 92Y0.72DAL36:482324610.563161.00032225.0 
4/10/2016@ LACL 91 - 98Y-0.42DAL28:321504310.54511.60052424.2 
4/8/2016MEMW 103 - 93DAL               
4/6/2016HOUW 88 - 86DAL               
4/3/2016@ MINW 88 - 78DAL               
4/1/2016@ DETW 98 - 89DAL               
3/30/2016NYKW 91 - 89DAL               
3/28/2016@ DENW 97 - 88DAL               
3/27/2016@ SACL 111 - 133DAL               
3/25/2016@ GSWL 120 - 128DAL               
3/23/2016@ PORL 103 - 109Y-0.75DAL39:2312041110.26715.80053520.9 
3/20/2016PORW 132 - 120Y2.05DAL42:3931431630.611181.00055027.2 
3/18/2016GSWL 112 - 130Y-0.74DAL28:251113700.308131.00022323.3 
3/16/2016@ CLEL 98 - 99Y-0.76DAL24:48411511.2005.50022215.4 
3/14/2016@ CHAW 107 - 96Y0.31DAL30:071510511.545111.00021418.7 
3/12/2016INDL 105 - 112Y-0.36DAL32:211323820.30010.83365324.6 
3/9/2016DETL 96 - 102Y-0.90DAL37:10815901.23113.50022320.4 
3/7/2016LACL 90 - 109Y-0.63DAL26:51914410.2867.66761217.3 
3/6/2016@ DENL 114 - 116Y0.75DAL39:311733530.600101.00024217.5 
3/3/2016SACL 101 - 104Y-0.07DAL37:261533510.35317.00000319.7 
3/1/2016ORLW 121 - 108Y-0.58DAL28:16704610.3336.75042215.9 
2/28/2016MINW 128 - 101Y-0.16DAL24:381004900.400101.00020419.7 
2/26/2016DENW 122 - 116Y-0.67DAL31:161230400.4297.75043417.7 
2/24/2016OKCL 103 - 116Y-0.19DAL35:251423600.455111.00022117.2 
2/21/2016PHIW 129 - 103Y0.28DAL27:271513800.50081.00061218.3 
2/19/2016@ ORLL 104 - 110Y0.63DAL41:382554711.50018.66734125.6 
2/9/2016UTAL 119 - 121Y0.06DAL41:332322510.41712.846133325.2 
2/6/2016@ MEMW 114 - 110Y0.16DAL37:4622221110.40020.66760329.0 
2/5/2016SASL 90 - 116Y-0.81DAL26:39803300.33391.00021119.4 
2/3/2016MIAL 90 - 93DAL               
2/1/2016@ ATLL 97 - 112Y-1.24DAL7:49000010.0005.00000027.7 
1/31/2016PHOW 91 - 78Y0.43DAL35:452723410.526191.00054232.7 
1/29/2016BKNW 91 - 79Y-0.88DAL31:40812610.214141.00011322.9 
1/27/2016@ GSWL 107 - 127Y-0.36DAL28:501222310.38513.00001322.7 
1/26/2016@ LALW 92 - 90Y-0.51DAL31:411121410.4297.75043418.8 
1/24/2016@ HOUL 104 - 115Y-1.58DAL32:07401500.11191.00023418.5 
1/22/2016OKCL 106 - 109Y0.75DAL36:162222520.563161.00022224.4 
1/20/2016MINW 106 - 94Y-0.21DAL39:271207410.42914.00001317.2 
1/18/2016BOSW 118 - 113Y0.04DAL36:582025601.412171.00043126.5 
1/17/2016@ SASL 83 - 112Y-0.64DAL22:43805300.33361.00042319.4 
1/15/2016@ CHIW 83 - 77Y0.56DAL35:511843602.50012.66731120.2 
1/13/2016@ OKCL 89 - 108DAL               
1/12/2016CLEL 107 - 110Y-0.06DAL43:1216021011.462131.00045323.3 
1/10/2016@ MINW 93 - 87Y-1.43DAL29:12403410.20010.00004322.9 
1/8/2016@ MILL 95 - 96Y-1.27DAL24:24502600.4005.50024218.4 
1/6/2016@ NORW 100 - 91DAL               
1/5/2016SACW 117 - 116Y0.06DAL43:252532420.55618.50045326.7 
1/2/2016NORL 98 - 105-0.81DAL21:061111300.50081.00024028.1 
1/1/2016@ MIAL 82 - 106-0.67DAL20:28921500.3339.50020122.9 
12/30/2015GSWW 114 - 91DAL               
12/28/2015MILW 103 - 93DAL               
12/26/2015CHIW 118 - 111DAL               
12/23/2015@ BKNW 119 - 118DAL               
12/22/2015@ TORL 99 - 103Y-0.54DAL23:20702600.28671.00030016.7 
12/18/2015MEMW 97 - 88Y-0.51DAL30:511416310.3758.87585324.1 
12/16/2015@ INDL 81 - 107Y-0.97DAL26:45810600.300101.00012020.9 
12/14/2015PHOW 104 - 94Y-0.35DAL34:431824310.50016.00005228.1 
12/12/2015WASL 111 - 114DAL               
12/9/2015ATLL 95 - 98Y-0.16DAL36:261827600.40020.00001324.0 
12/7/2015@ NYKW 104 - 97Y-0.15DAL34:152033700.46715.75043228.1 
12/6/2015@ WASW 116 - 104Y-0.13DAL38:541117910.167121.00061218.4 
12/4/2015HOUL 96 - 100Y-0.03DAL38:212241620.500161.00028429.0 
12/1/2015@ PORW 115 - 112Y1.62DAL44:453026802.64717.85771421.5 
11/30/2015@ SACL 98 - 112Y-0.25DAL34:401022720.28614.00001118.8 
11/28/2015DENW 92 - 81Y0.46DAL30:572244400.467151.00041227.0 
11/25/2015@ SASL 83 - 88Y-0.05DAL36:25805931.25016.00001022.4 
11/24/2015@ MEML 96 - 110Y-1.10DAL33:331012301.3758.75045519.2 
11/22/2015@ OKCL 114 - 117Y0.05DAL33:132026611.50012.75085126.6 
11/20/2015UTAW 102 - 93Y1.53DAL35:402346830.538131.00053324.4 
11/18/2015@ BOSW 106 - 102Y0.95DAL36:481623621.455111.00040115.9 
11/16/2015@ PHIW 92 - 86Y-0.30DAL32:571203610.300101.00062319.8 
11/14/2015@ HOUW 110 - 98Y0.23DAL34:351122520.37581.00031412.8 
11/13/2015LALW 90 - 82Y-0.32DAL32:451300730.385131.00035125.6 
11/11/2015LACW 118 - 108Y0.24DAL31:501300630.455111.00032320.8 
11/10/2015@ NORL 105 - 120Y-0.70DAL23:05800310.40010.00001320.4 
11/7/2015NORW 107 - 98Y0.49DAL29:481933220.462131.00042325.7 
11/5/2015CHAL 94 - 108Y0.30DAL28:191503510.600101.00031319.8 
11/3/2015TORL 91 - 102Y-0.78DAL36:121313400.267151.00041421.0 
11/1/2015@ LALW 103 - 93Y-0.27DAL30:441115800.41712.00001119.2 
10/29/2015@ LACL 88 - 104DAL               
10/28/2015@ PHOW 111 - 95Y0.33DAL20:031222710.6258.00001220.3