Deron Williams

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Draft2005 (Pick 3)
InjuryQuestionable - Rest  Questionable - Rest
Yesterday 11:08 AM
Out Rest Open link
Williams and teammates Joe Johnson (rest) and Shaun Livingston (toe) have all been officially ruled out for the Nets' season finale on Wednesday vs. the Cavs. Their absences will open up big minutes in the backcourt for Marquis Teague, Marcus Thornton, Jorge Gutierrez, and possibly Alan Anderson (questionable, abdominal) in what will be an extremely shortened rotation.
4/15/2014 5:28 PM
Active Right knee tendinitis Open link
Williams and teammates Paul Pierce (shoulder) and Joe Johnson (calf) will all play and start in Tuesday's game vs. the Knicks. All were considered game-time decisions coming in, and it's likely that they will see their minutes a bit limited as the team gears up for the playoffs and goes up against a Knicks squad that will be without Carmelo Anthony (shoulder).
4/13/2014 3:25 PM
Active Rest Open link
Williams will be active on Sunday vs. the Magic, as expected, after sitting out Friday's game to rest. The Nets will still be without Shaun Livingston (toe) and Alan Anderson (abdominal), however, so Marcus Thornton, Andrei Kirilenko, and Jorge Gutierrez will once again be in line for surplus minutes.
4/11/2014 4:50 PM
Out Right patella tendinitis Open link
Williams is being held out on Friday with what is being called right patella tendinitis, although coach Jason Kidd said it's more about getting him some rest. Kidd had said earlier in the week that he'd considering resting some of his players with the Nets all but locked into the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference. With Shaun Livingston (toe) also out, Jorge Gutierrez will start at point guard, with Marquis Teague to see minutes in reserve.
3/26/2014 4:34 PM
Active Illness Open link
Coach Jason Kidd said Williams will play and start in Wednesday's game vs. the Bobcats. Deron missed morning shootaround due to an illness, which put his status a bit into question, but he's now good to go.
3/3/2014 5:44 PM
Active Right wrist Open link
Williams is in the starting lineup for the Nets vs. the Bulls on Monday, as expected. Williams was seen with a big ice pack and a wrap on his right wrist after Saturday's game. He tweaked it in the second quarter after being elbowed in the forearm by Ramon Sessions during a drive to the basket. Deron was seen flexing his hand/wrist, and it clearly affected his shooting (3-4 FG before, 2-10 after).

Season Stats

   550.05Current SeasonBKN6432.
   350.12Last MonthBKN1633.315.
   97-0.12Last 2 WeeksBKN632.
   74-0.04Last WeekBKN232.
   240.26NBA 12-13BKN7836.418.
   390.14NBA 11-12BKN5536.321.
   340.15NBA Preseason 13BKN19.811.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment4/9/2014 9:12 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Kidd said he'd consider resting some guys with the Nets essentially locked into the No.5 seed. Deron and JJ could be candidates with Pierce and Livingston sitting tonight.
 Comment3/20/2014 3:06 AMleezy3000 0% (0)Own him in two leagues this year after having in at least one league every season since 2010-2011. Finally reaping the rewards...Hopefully he can keep this level of production up.
 Comment1/24/2014 12:07 PMbolt 88% (8)He's going to need a big 2nd half to hit this projection.
 Comment11/24/2013 4:10 PMdanzim01 100% (2)is this a good time to buy low on williams, or are those ankles going to tank his season? might try to flip goran dragic for him (right after his productive streak during bledsoe's absence)
 Comment3/12/2013 12:38 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Obviously 42/11 is the outlier, but the point that his usage is up in general still stands.
 Underrated3/12/2013 9:29 AMcastorius 100% (1)He has been on an absolute tear since he came back from his last injury - look at his game logs since Feb.19th - possible bump soon?
 Comment1/31/2013 5:04 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)Maybe it wasn't the injuries working against him, after all?
 Underrated1/31/2013 10:53 AMvtec1jk 0% (2)needs a FG adjustment
 Comment1/25/2013 3:01 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)39% 3PT and 96% FT since PJC took over.
 Underrated1/25/2013 10:45 AMvtec1jk 100% (1)He needs to be tweaked and adjusted for the Post little General Era
 Comment1/9/2013 1:54 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)Making some shots? Do you believe in miracles?
 Underrated1/8/2013 9:34 PMvtec1jk 100% (3)Goodbye Avery!!!! Finally Deron is putting up decent numbers
 Comment1/1/2013 5:25 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)The preseason ankle, the aggravation of the wrist, and on top of it he's tired. Dropped him a bit more, we'll see if it's enough this time.
 Comment1/1/2013 1:07 PMk-rok 100% (2) Todays news are not helping his value, perhaps another downgrade is required...
 Comment12/17/2012 5:04 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)The extended FG% woes are very troublesome, indeed. You can probably still capitalize on name value in a lot of leagues.
 Overrated12/17/2012 1:30 PMvtec1jk 100% (4)These injuries to Deron are making me want to ship him fast and cheap!

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014@ CLE BKN             
4/15/2014NYK98 - 109 (-11)Y-0.64BKN29:3210121100.44491.000131
4/13/2014ORL97 - 88 (+9)Y0.90BKN34:5716415400.500100.667321
4/11/2014ATL BKN             
4/9/2014@ ORL111 - 115 (-4)Y-0.79BKN33:0811135300.214140.667634
4/8/2014@ MIA88 - 87 (+1)Y-0.73BKN34:238166210.33390.250432
4/5/2014@ PHI105 - 101 (+4)Y0.77BKN33:1319149100.545111.000622
4/4/2014DET116 - 104 (+12)Y-0.05BKN27:1481010200.300101.000112
4/2/2014@ NYK81 - 110 (-29)Y-0.47BKN27:3412210100.455110.000021
4/1/2014HOU105 - 96 (+9)Y-0.01BKN35:2912036200.429140.000014
3/30/2014MIN114 - 99 (+15)Y-0.78BKN31:546135200.11190.750424
3/28/2014CLE108 - 97 (+11)Y0.18BKN26:2813225200.500100.500212
3/26/2014@ CHA111 - 116 (-5)Y1.21BKN42:0329547100.524211.000224
3/24/2014@ NOR104 - 109 (-5)Y0.99BKN40:5123385110.471171.000421
3/23/2014@ DAL107 - 104 (+3)Y0.35BKN41:4115143200.33391.000820
3/21/2014BOS114 - 98 (+16)Y-0.55BKN25:116116100.50040.500222
3/19/2014CHA104 - 99 (+5)Y1.25BKN36:4025338100.533151.000613
3/17/2014PHO108 - 95 (+13)Y1.41BKN33:1128334300.846130.600534
3/15/2014@ WAS94 - 101 (-7)Y0.25BKN35:2014277200.286141.000424
3/12/2014@ MIA96 - 95 (+1)Y-0.38BKN34:456138200.25081.000131
3/10/2014TOR101 - 97 (+4)Y0.05BKN35:4418425100.462130.500415
3/9/2014SAC104 - 89 (+15)Y0.04BKN32:1810147100.50080.500204
3/7/2014@ BOS84 - 91 (-7)Y0.10BKN36:1820204110.467151.000444
3/5/2014MEM103 - 94 (+9)Y1.19BKN32:4916237400.538130.000014
3/3/2014CHI96 - 80 (+16)Y1.09BKN36:2520116210.545110.875802
3/1/2014@ MIL107 - 98 (+9)Y-0.47BKN37:2415314100.375160.000033
2/27/2014@ DEN112 - 89 (+23)Y0.10BKN26:209115200.42971.000210
2/26/2014@ POR80 - 124 (-44)Y0.32BKN24:2912003310.400100.800502
2/23/2014@ LAL108 - 102 (+6)Y2.09BKN39:2230157600.563160.8461331
2/22/2014@ GSW86 - 93 (-7)Y0.17BKN38:5520016100.500161.000422
2/19/2014@ UTA105 - 99 (+6)Y0.26BKN35:3819247100.400150.833611
2/13/2014@ CHI76 - 92 (-16)Y-0.88BKN41:5513044110.286141.000563
2/12/2014CHA105 - 89 (+16)Y-0.25BKN28:0113137000.364110.800502
2/9/2014NOR93 - 81 (+12)Y0.08BKN25:089146200.50061.000232
2/7/2014@ DET95 - 111 (-16)Y-0.51BKN24:5010210200.400100.000032
2/6/2014SAS103 - 89 (+14)Y-0.02BKN29:5116148100.500140.500222
2/3/2014PHI108 - 102 (+6)Y0.55BKN40:5221336100.421191.000203
2/1/2014@ IND96 - 97 (-1)Y0.37BKN39:1113226210.250121.000514
1/31/2014OKC95 - 120 (-25)-0.21BKN31:0014301200.62580.500241
1/27/2014TOR103 - 104 (-1)-0.80BKN29:1191411100.364110.000234
1/26/2014@ BOS85 - 79 (+6)-0.27BKN34:247077200.37580.500223
1/24/2014DAL107 - 106 (+1)0.30BKN34:57180311000.62580.8001015
1/21/2014ORL101 - 90 (+11)0.09BKN28:089119200.400100.000012
1/20/2014@ NYK103 - 80 (+23)-0.73BKN27:2113233100.400100.600533
1/16/2014@ ATL BKN             
1/11/2014@ TOR BKN             
1/10/2014MIA BKN             
1/8/2014GSW BKN             
1/6/2014ATL BKN             
1/4/2014CLE89 - 82 (+7)Y0.51BKN37:4321126000.700100.857712
1/2/2014@ OKC95 - 93 (+2)Y2.07BKN41:2429624500.588171.000342
12/31/2013@ SAS92 - 113 (-21)Y-0.75BKN25:459046000.364111.000121
12/28/2013@ IND91 - 105 (-14)Y0.29BKN33:0214116220.545110.500231
12/27/2013MIL104 - 93 (+11)Y0.32BKN29:289124210.44490.000004
12/25/2013CHI78 - 95 (-17)Y0.26BKN30:3018204100.600101.000431
12/23/2013IND86 - 103 (-17)Y-0.58BKN31:409128100.33391.000243
12/20/2013@ PHI120 - 121 (-1)Y-1.22BKN41:52170314000.417120.6361162
12/18/2013WAS107 - 113 (-6)Y0.95BKN42:13152313310.385131.000334
12/16/2013PHI130 - 94 (+36)Y0.37BKN29:50133413100.62580.000131
12/13/2013@ DET99 - 103 (-4)Y0.11BKN41:2922229000.538130.857741
12/12/2013LAC102 - 93 (+9)Y0.06BKN26:4515254000.44491.000522
12/10/2013BOS104 - 96 (+8)Y-0.03BKN36:4625137000.625160.571721
12/7/2013@ MIL BKN             
12/5/2013NYK BKN             
12/3/2013DEN BKN             
11/30/2013@ MEM BKN             
11/29/2013@ HOU BKN             
11/27/2013LAL BKN             
11/26/2013@ TOR BKN             
11/24/2013DET BKN             
11/22/2013@ MIN BKN             
11/20/2013@ CHA91 - 95 (-4)Y-1.16BKN13:204012000.20051.000221
11/18/2013POR BKN             
11/16/2013@ LAC BKN             
11/15/2013@ PHO100 - 98 (+2)Y-0.88BKN4:402010000.50020.000000
11/13/2013@ SAC86 - 107 (-21)Y-0.49BKN35:0613227110.385130.500242
11/9/2013IND91 - 96 (-5)Y0.25BKN32:44171010100.500141.000222
11/8/2013@ WAS108 - 112 (-4)Y-1.40BKN30:4414233000.357140.667364
11/5/2013UTA104 - 88 (+16)Y0.35BKN24:2410118200.66761.000122
11/3/2013@ ORL86 - 107 (-21)Y-0.74BKN26:589117100.333120.000032
11/1/2013MIA101 - 100 (+1)Y-0.46BKN27:098148000.42970.500211
10/30/2013@ CLE94 - 98 (-4)Y-0.51BKN21:447139010.33361.000243