Lou Williams

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Ease PositionSG
Draft2005 (Pick 45)
NBA Salary$7,000,000
Projection Updated9/27/2016
Note rest Open link
4/4/2016 7:55 AM
Williams will be rested the next few games so the Lakers can player their younger players.
Playing hamstring Open link
3/13/2016 6:56 PM
Williams missed the past 5 games and is playing Sunday vs NYK.
Probable hamstring Open link
3/12/2016 2:23 PM
Williams missed the past 5 games and is probable Sunday vs NYK. He practiced Saturday and is expected to play Sunday.
Out hamstring Open link
3/11/2016 7:38 PM
Williams missed the past 5 games and is out Sunday vs NYK.
Out hamstring Open link
3/10/2016 6:52 PM
Williams missed the past 4 games and is out Thursday vs CLE.
Doubtful hamstring Open link
3/9/2016 3:17 PM
Williams missed the past 4 games and is doubtful Thursday vs CLE. He could play Sunday.
Injured hamstring Open link
3/8/2016 1:23 PM
Williams missed the past 3 games and is injured Tuesday vs ORL. He'll miss both Tuesday and Thursday's game but could return Sunday vs. NYK.
Out hamstring Open link
3/2/2016 2:20 PM
Williams is out at least one week with a strained left hamstring.
Out hamstring Open link
3/2/2016 12:47 AM
Williams is out Wednesday at DEN.
Playing illness Open link
1/31/2016 1:11 PM
Williams is playing Sunday vs CHA.
Probable illness Open link
1/30/2016 3:08 PM
Williams is probable Sunday vs CHA.
Playing illness Open link
1/29/2016 8:02 PM
Williams missed last game and is playing Friday at LAC.
Questionable illness Open link
1/29/2016 12:55 PM
Williams missed last game and is questionable Friday at LAC. He'll be a game-time decision.
Out illness Open link
1/28/2016 7:41 PM
Williams is out Thursday vs CHI.
Doubtful illness Open link
1/28/2016 1:17 PM
Williams is doubtful Thursday vs CHI.
Questionable illness Open link
1/27/2016 1:38 PM
Williams is questionable Thursday vs CHI.
Playing shoulder Open link
12/28/2015 5:08 PM
Williams is active for Monday's game (shoulder).
Probable shoulder Open link
12/28/2015 1:46 PM
Williams is probable for Monday's game (shoulder). He has a sore shoulder but should play.
Playing shoulder stinger Open link
12/27/2015 4:51 PM
Williams is active for Sunday's game (shoulder stinger).
Probable shoulder stinger Open link
12/27/2015 3:39 PM
Williams is probable for Sunday's game (shoulder stinger).
Playing starting Monday Open link
12/7/2015 5:14 PM
Williams is active for Monday's game and starting in the backcourt with Jordan Clarkson. D'Angelo Russell is being moved to a bench role for the next 5 to 10 games.
Playing personal Open link
12/1/2015 4:56 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and is active Tuesday (personal). He's dressed for the game and is available to play.
Probable personal Open link
12/1/2015 1:54 PM
Williams missed the past 2 games and is probable Tuesday (personal). He has rejoined the team in Philadelphia and should be available to play Tuesday.
Injured personal Open link
11/28/2015 7:38 PM
Williams is expected to miss both games Saturday and Sunday as he is away from the team for a personal issue. He should meet up with the team in Philadelphia on Monday and be ready to play Tuesday.
Out personal Open link
11/28/2015 1:49 PM
Williams is out for Saturday's game (personal). His grandfather passed away, and he's left the team to be with family. Marcelo Huertas gains 12 minutes. Nick Young gains 5 minutes.
Per Game
146-0.30Projection 16-17LALSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
106-0.19NBA 15-16LAL6728.515.
126-0.19Last MonthLAL823.
137-0.23Last 2 MonthsLAL1523.815.
135-0.23Last 3 MonthsLAL2827.715.
76-0.07NBA 14-15TOR8025.
183-0.36NBA 13-14ATL6024.
80-0.06NBA 12-13ATL3928.714.
105-0.13NBA 11-12PHI6426.314.
156-0.31NBA 10-11PHI7523.313.
510.06NBA Preseason 15LAL526.317.
Per 36
73-0.05Projection 16-17LALSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
107-0.13NBA 15-16LAL6728.519.
640.07Last MonthLAL823.
91-0.03Last 2 MonthsLAL1523.822.
134-0.14Last 3 MonthsLAL2827.720.
120.14NBA 14-15TOR8025.
161-0.22NBA 13-14ATL6024.
430.05NBA 12-13ATL3928.717.
440.03NBA 11-12PHI6426.320.
96-0.08NBA 10-11PHI7523.321.
112-0.16NBA Preseason 15LAL526.324.
148-0.34Projection 16-17LALSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
126-0.24NBA 15-16LAL671906:431,0281101691676219.408694.8304241070.020.42-1.34-0.33-0.38-0.73-1.000.770.38
247-0.55Last MonthLAL8184:3812317141662.42371.8215612-1.02-0.03-1.83-0.81-1.29-0.92-0.380.370.93
244-0.56Last 2 MonthsLAL15357:35225282831122.441136.8029622-1.01-0.07-1.78-0.80-1.24-1.04-
190-0.44Last 3 MonthsLAL28775:36431476159229.412277.83418746-0.550.09-1.62-0.65-0.99-0.81-0.720.680.63
520.05NBA 14-15TOR802015:311,2421521511648810.404928.8613951010.781.30-1.24-0.310.50-0.86-1.451.310.46
203-0.45NBA 13-14ATL601444:3862579124210454.400493.84917992-1.160.04-1.45-0.09-0.92-1.03-0.820.510.84
205-0.50NBA 12-13ATL391119:0155172801394410.422443.86812174-1.340.04-1.67-0.56-1.05-0.91-0.510.421.09
73-0.02NBA 11-12PHI641681:44956831552215318.407782.812292710.550.70-0.970.36-0.21-0.55-1.360.480.78
146-0.29NBA 10-11PHI751751:001,027881492524717.406795.823356102-0.070.40-1.280.12-0.79-0.73-1.360.530.55
76-0.07NBA Preseason 15LAL5131:28886161362.36563.85742110.800.00-0.850.010.12-0.32-1.521.56-0.42