JJ Barea - DAL - G

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NBA Salary$4,096,950
Projection Updated4/12/2017

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14.3d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @MEM (rest)
14.5d ago
Starting Starting Tuesday vs DEN
17.5d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @PHO (rest)
20.4d ago
Playing Playing Wednesday @LAC (rest)
20.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @LAC (rest)
21.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday @SAC (rest)
21.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday @SAC (rest)
He is not listed on the injury report.
22.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Tuesday @SAC (rest)
45.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Saturday vs PHO (b2b)
Barea is expected to play about 14 minutes again Saturday.
46.7d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs BKN (calf)
Barea will be on a minutes restriction Friday vs BKN, but he is expected to see minutes in both halves. He's also expected to play in both games of the back-to-back set Friday and Saturday.
49.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday vs LAL (calf)
He will play Friday against the Nets
50.7d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Tuesday vs LAL (calf)
Coach Carlisle said that Barea is "very" doubtful for Tuesday vs LAL but that he could return later in the week.
53.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (calf)
Coach Carlisle says Barea could return next week.
57.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (calf)
Barea will be out for at least another week.
57.9d ago Open link
Out Out Monday vs MIA (calf)
He could return this week.
62.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (calf)
He will miss at least the next three games
93.7d ago Open link
Injured Injured (calf)
He's likely out until after the All-Star break.
95.2d ago Open link
Injured Injured (calf)
He is going to miss multiple weeks
113.7d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday vs WAS (achilles soreness)
Barea is expected to be out for at least another week.
120.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (achilles soreness)
Barea is expected to be out 1-2 weeks.
127.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday @DEN (left calf strain)
He has an undisclosed minutes restriction
143.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (calf)
Barea is still weeks away from returning but could maybe return "in a couple weeks" according to coach Carlisle. He's missed the past 8 games and is injured Saturday vs CHI.
159.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (calf)
Barea is injured Friday vs MEM. Barea will miss the next six weeks with a calf strain
160.4d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Wednesday @BOS (calf strain)
Barea will not return Wednesday at BOS.
160.4d ago Open link
Doubtful to return Doubtful to return Wednesday @BOS (lower leg)
Barea is doubtful to return Wednesday at BOS. He is in serious pain
160.4d ago Open link
Questionable to return Questionable to return Wednesday @BOS (lower leg)
Barea is questionable to return Wednesday at BOS.
160.5d ago Open link
Off the Bench Off the Bench Wednesday @BOS (benched)
Barea is benched Wednesday at BOS. He will come off the bench with Deron Williams back
167.4d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @GSW (rest)
Barea is out Wednesday at GSW.
167.4d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday @GSW (rest)
Barea is doubtful Wednesday at GSW. Rest
172.5d ago Open link
Starting Starting Friday vs POR
Barea is starting Friday vs POR with Bogut out.
174.5d ago Open link
Active Active Wednesday @UTA (knee)
Barea is active Wednesday at UTA.
174.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @UTA (knee)
Barea is probable Wednesday at UTA.
175.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @UTA (knee)
Barea is questionable Wednesday at UTA. He sat out practice Tuesday.
179.5d ago Open link
Starting Starting Friday vs HOU
Barea is starting Friday vs HOU with Nowitzki out.
181.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday @IND (hyperextended elbow)
Barea is playing Wednesday at IND.
181.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @IND (hyperextended elbow)
Barea is probable Wednesday at IND.
182.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @IND (hyperextended elbow)
Barea is questionable Wednesday at IND.
183.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday @IND (hyperextended elbow)
Barea is probable Wednesday at IND.
100% (1) agree 
Look at his usage rate. If he gets to 25 min consistently, I think he can be a sneaky pickup
Lin injured no? Easy decision then.
Add Barea and drop either Lin or Lou Will
Can he get more run that 20 min/game next week? I need assists in a big way.
100% (1) agree 
13 dimes in 20 minuets tonight.. and his minutes are on the rise. keep an eye out?
67% (3) agree 
Anything to see here?
brendans -- If Barea gets healthy (still out the next 3 games), he could carve out a sizeable role with Deron Williams out of town. If I had to rank the DAL PGs right now, I'd want Seth Curry, and I'd take a flier on Ferrell to see where things go. When Barea comes back, I'd just keep an eye on him in case it looks like he'll be able to stay healthy and play big minutes.
100% (2) agree 
Worth a look with dwill out?
33% (3) agree 
What are the expectations for barea? Dallas not going anywhere, Dwill healthy, curry playing well. Is he worth picking up over Felton?
Expected to miss a few weeks
He got hurt, probably gonna miss some time again
Under 20min because of a minutes limit
Not enough playing time. He's seeing under 20 min a game. There would have to be some injuries to the Mavs backcourt
Anyone think he's 12-team worthy going forward?
ummmiono -- If he can come back healthy and play a lot of minutes, he could be a top-100 player in 8-cat leagues, but I don't know if I'd be chasing him unless you're in a good spot in the standings right now and can bite the bullet on some more missed games and low minutes when he first returns. Also, depending on how well other people are playnig, Barea's role might be smaller when he comes back, than it was earlier this season.
0% (3) agree 
From a video posted by Earl Sneed, Barea seems like he is moving well. What kind of value can we expect from him ROS? Top 75?
100% (1) agree 
We have no idea at this point
Expect to miss a few games?
His comeback didn't last long
100% (1) agree 
'...and will start whenever someone goes down.' <--- which is probably 90% of Dallas' games.
He also was starting because Dirk was hurt as well and Bogut, so basically, he's the sixth man and will start whenever someone goes down.
Before he got hurt, deron was hurt, which prob explains 30+ minutes. He might move towards the 20-25 mins. But with mavs tanking, they might just rest deron. Bare in mind, deron is injury prone. He can go down any day!
100% (1) agree 
Not sure what his minutes will look like.. He was averaging 33 min before he got hurt.. But that was with Devin out and Deron out. The 3 games he played with Deron, he averaged 28 min. Now that Devin's back, I'd guess JJ gets 25 min? Doubt he gets to 30, even though Carlisle loves him
I was going to ask the same thing. What is jj role like in the team? Is he likely to get 30 mins? He had great production today.
100% (1) agree 
Not sure how the minute split is going to work out for him. There's Deron, Devin, Seth and JJ. But pretty good production for 12 mins.
Looking great so far tonight.
100% (3) agree 
up for barea down for barton
100% (6) agree 
(up) barea (down) mudiay
100% (6) agree 
Hmm... UP for Barea, DOWN for Seth Curry?
yea i'm curious if it's time to stash. I stashed Gary Harris last week and looks like he'll be ready soon. So basically I have a spot now I can use to stash somebody in a weekly league.
100% (1) agree 
Is Barea really a week away? Have not seen any report about the full practice yet.
he's a week away from returning, should i pick him up or casspi?
0% (1) agree 
Should I stash him? Is he going to have the same role once he comes back or is DWill/Curry going to preven that?
0% (1) agree 
Only a strained calf
Barea looks like he has done a bad injury, add Seth Curry.
Dang :( That's rough, I had bid a significant portion of my FAAB$ on him and he was carrying me for a while. Seth is already taken..any other possible benefitors if it is as bad as presumed? (14-Team)
100% (2) agree 
JJ is projected at 22 m/g with actual 34 m/g and min 26 m/g played. What is driving the 22 m/g projection?
I think he should've been added before hand, but definitely now
100% (6) agree 
now that deeron suffered a setback, is barea a must add (on waiver) now?
25% (4) agree 
any chance of him starting over deron?
100% (2) agree 
Coach has got a hard on for the little bulldog. I dropped Delly for him in a pts league, haven't looked back.
Evil genius
100% (1) agree 
No Deron. He got 46 min. Worth a look or fluke? Drop Saric for JJ?
100% (1) agree 
Drop Ish for JJ?
The most minutes he played all season was when Dirk played. The game also went into overtime and curry was in foul trouble, but I don't think Dirk has much effect on barreas minutes. Although he should have less usage when Dirk returns
He also got decent minutes when Dirk played, with Dirk at the 5. I've just grabbed him
No Dirk the last couple games..
are these minutes for real?
he's for real, but it's without dirk in the lineup, any effect on jj when dirk is back from illness?
Curry fouled out in 16 minutes and Devin Harris didn't play. Mavs also went very small with Dirk at centre a lot.
100% (1) agree 
worth a pickup in a deep league?
Why the heavy minutes today even before the extra time?
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Game Log
4/12/2017@ MEMW 100 - 93DAL               
4/11/2017DENL 91 - 109Y0.07DAL27:001334920.35714.00003128.6 
4/9/2017@ PHOL 111 - 124DAL               
4/7/2017SASL 89 - 102-0.32DAL10:43822800.33361.00021034.4 
4/5/2017@ LACL 101 - 112-0.74DAL21:301413300.500121.00014432.8 
4/4/2017@ SACL 87 - 98-0.48DAL14:48933400.4297.00002028.3 
4/2/2017@ MILW 109 - 105-0.22DAL23:071732600.63611.00005134.9 
3/31/2017@ MEML 90 - 99-0.70DAL23:231341500.28614.50020232.3 
3/29/2017@ NORL 118 - 121-0.35DAL19:248021100.5717.00002022.0 
3/27/2017OKCL 91 - 92-0.12DAL28:341021810.33391.00021017.4 
3/25/2017TORL 86 - 94-1.01DAL18:14921300.3758.50022228.2 
3/23/2017LACW 97 - 95-0.74DAL12:17510300.4005.00000220.2
3/21/2017GSWL 87 - 112-1.02DAL17:15313600.1437.00001020.8 
3/19/2017@ BKNW 111 - 1040.38DAL26:322011720.66712.60052229.8 
3/17/2017@ PHIL 74 - 116-1.03DAL16:561121400.40010.50023136.5 
3/15/2017@ WASW 112 - 107-0.34DAL20:156021300.3758.00000119.3 
3/13/2017@ TORL 78 - 100-0.93DAL17:07202700.1676.00000017.3 
3/11/2017PHOL 98 - 100-1.37DAL15:46512400.2229.00003035.0 
3/10/2017BKNW 105 - 96-0.77DAL13:59911300.50061.00023132.0 
3/7/2017LALW 122 - 111DAL               
3/5/2017OKCW 104 - 89DAL               
3/3/2017MEMW 104 - 100DAL               
3/1/2017@ ATLL 95 - 100DAL               
2/27/2017MIAW 96 - 89DAL               
2/25/2017NORW 96 - 83DAL               
2/24/2017@ MINL 84 - 97DAL               
2/15/2017@ DETL 91 - 98DAL               
2/13/2017BOSL 98 - 111DAL               
2/11/2017ORLW 112 - 80DAL               
2/9/2017UTAW 112 - 105DAL               
2/7/2017PORL 113 - 114DAL               
2/6/2017@ DENL 87 - 110DAL               
2/3/2017@ PORW 108 - 104DAL               
2/1/2017PHIW 113 - 95DAL               
1/30/2017CLEW 104 - 97DAL               
1/29/2017@ SASW 105 - 101DAL               
1/26/2017@ OKCL 98 - 109DAL               
1/25/2017NYKW 103 - 95DAL               
1/22/2017LALW 122 - 73DAL               
1/20/2017UTAL 107 - 112-0.53DAL22:421005600.50010.00002124.8 
1/19/2017@ MIAL 95 - 99-0.52DAL16:251331100.50010.00002037.2 
1/17/2017@ CHIW 99 - 98-0.09DAL17:541221600.6258.00001124.5 
1/15/2017MINW 98 - 87-0.05DAL16:3215133001.0005.80052026.8 
1/12/2017@ PHOW 113 - 108-1.36DAL19:28201510.1258.00003125.9 
1/9/2017@ MINL 92 - 101-1.26DAL14:04002400.0004.00001117.9 
1/7/2017ATLL 82 - 97-0.54DAL16:57714700.3758.00001125.4 
1/5/2017PHOL 95 - 102DAL               
1/3/2017WASW 113 - 105DAL               
12/30/2016@ GSWL 99 - 108DAL               
12/29/2016@ LALW 101 - 89DAL               
12/27/2016HOUL 107 - 123DAL               
12/26/2016@ NORL 104 - 111DAL               
12/23/2016@ LACW 90 - 88DAL               
12/21/2016@ PORW 96 - 95-1.06DAL8:57201410.1437.00001040.8
Will not return
12/19/2016@ DENL 107 - 1170.07DAL12:541113410.5569.00000034.1 
12/18/2016SACW 99 - 79DAL               
12/16/2016@ UTAL 100 - 103DAL               
12/14/2016DETL 85 - 95DAL               
12/12/2016DENW 112 - 92DAL               
12/10/2016@ HOUL 87 - 109DAL               
12/9/2016INDW 111 - 103DAL               
12/7/2016SACL 89 - 120DAL               
12/5/2016CHAL 101 - 109DAL               
12/3/2016CHIW 107 - 82DAL               
12/1/2016@ CHAL 87 - 97DAL               
11/30/2016SASL 87 - 94DAL               
11/27/2016NORW 91 - 81DAL               
11/25/2016@ CLEL 90 - 128DAL               
11/23/2016LACL 104 - 124DAL               
11/21/2016@ SASL 91 - 96DAL               
11/19/2016@ ORLL 87 - 95DAL               
11/18/2016MEML 64 - 80DAL               
11/16/2016@ BOSL 83 - 90-0.44DAL28:13912610.36411.00001021.3
Will not return
Barea will not return Wednesday at BOS.
11/14/2016@ NYKL 77 - 93Y-0.25DAL33:011711400.50016.00000022.8 
11/9/2016@ GSWL 95 - 116DAL               
11/8/2016@ LALW 109 - 97Y-0.15DAL34:181827800.467151.00024128.2 
11/6/2016MILW 86 - 75Y-0.02DAL46:042126510.444181.00034224.5 
11/4/2016PORL 95 - 105Y-0.02DAL30:012350600.412171.00043133.4 
11/2/2016@ UTAL 81 - 97-0.43DAL26:46915410.33391.00022022.5 
10/30/2016@ HOUL 92 - 930.79DAL31:231833520.400101.00071020.5 
10/28/2016HOUL 98 - 106Y-0.37DAL29:091015510.30010.75040319.2 
10/26/2016@ INDL 121 - 1300.01DAL39:072222601.412171.00063124.2 
4/13/2016SASL 91 - 96DAL               
4/11/2016@ UTAW 101 - 92Y-0.64DAL27:27515430.18211.00003124.9 
4/10/2016@ LACL 91 - 98DAL               
4/8/2016MEMW 103 - 93Y-1.26DAL8:28501100.3336.50021149.2 
4/6/2016HOUW 88 - 86Y1.15DAL36:522745800.625161.00032125.0 
4/3/2016@ MINW 88 - 78Y-0.11DAL34:412133610.42119.50041129.4 
4/1/2016@ DETW 98 - 89Y0.29DAL34:402923300.565231.00013235.8 
3/30/2016NYKW 91 - 890.82DAL30:022645700.556181.00022031.1 
3/28/2016@ DENW 97 - 880.78DAL26:2618311120.53813.50021228.0 
3/27/2016@ SACL 111 - 133Y-0.72DAL26:531403300.50014.00003227.0 
3/25/2016@ GSWL 120 - 128Y0.34DAL32:042153600.50016.00002223.3 
3/23/2016@ PORL 103 - 109-0.22DAL25:031402510.429141.00021225.7 
3/20/2016PORW 132 - 120-0.76DAL24:00913200.4449.00002021.3 
3/18/2016GSWL 112 - 130-0.65DAL28:031623700.375161.00024130.7 
3/16/2016@ CLEL 98 - 990.29DAL23:141733400.70010.00002325.5 
3/14/2016@ CHAW 107 - 96-0.89DAL14:29400400.3336.00000218.7 
3/12/2016INDL 105 - 112-0.40DAL23:431003500.6258.00002018.6 
3/9/2016DETL 96 - 102-0.19DAL13:13711210.6005.00000018.3 
3/7/2016LACL 90 - 109-0.60DAL22:35911400.5008.00010316.1 
3/6/2016@ DENL 114 - 116-0.49DAL24:351531400.46213.00003030.1 
3/3/2016SACL 101 - 104-0.47DAL16:19803400.5717.00001321.4 
3/1/2016ORLW 121 - 1080.53DAL22:151732400.66791.00020120.5 
2/28/2016MINW 128 - 101-0.51DAL23:461202700.500101.00023126.1 
2/26/2016DENW 122 - 116-0.87DAL15:43703100.4297.50020022.9 
2/24/2016OKCL 103 - 116-1.11DAL12:26400200.20051.00021024.9 
2/21/2016PHIW 129 - 1030.13DAL24:221222510.5569.00001117.7 
2/19/2016@ ORLL 104 - 110-0.34DAL22:051522200.50010.75041126.7 
2/9/2016UTAL 119 - 121-0.50DAL14:52511600.4005.00000117.0 
2/6/2016@ MEMW 114 - 110-0.87DAL16:45410300.20051.00010315.6 
2/5/2016SASL 90 - 116-1.16DAL17:14500100.2005.75040419.1 
2/3/2016MIAL 90 - 93Y-0.53DAL34:491133400.33312.00001017.9 
2/1/2016@ ATLL 97 - 112-0.45DAL31:181520400.417121.00032321.9 
1/31/2016PHOW 91 - 78-0.86DAL24:311021100.40010.00002222.4 
1/29/2016BKNW 91 - 79-0.30DAL24:541333310.50010.00021322.6 
1/27/2016@ GSWL 107 - 127-0.05DAL25:031403500.63611.00001322.5 
1/26/2016@ LALW 92 - 900.03DAL28:071804410.471171.00021434.5 
1/24/2016@ HOUL 104 - 115-1.15DAL13:42310300.1437.00000022.9 
1/22/2016OKCL 106 - 109-0.75DAL21:10404300.3336.00000013.3 
1/20/2016MINW 106 - 94-1.06DAL18:06002220.0005.00002017.4 
1/18/2016BOSW 118 - 113-1.16DAL15:57401300.3336.00002022.5 
1/17/2016@ SASL 83 - 112-1.11DAL16:04500400.2867.50020222.5 
1/15/2016@ CHIW 83 - 77-0.38DAL20:02912300.42971.00020120.0 
1/13/2016@ OKCL 89 - 108Y-0.58DAL31:181833600.46715.33333427.4 
1/12/2016CLEL 107 - 110-0.44DAL12:19712100.50041.00020120.6 
1/10/2016@ MINW 93 - 87-0.70DAL17:28801400.5717.00002125.1 
1/8/2016@ MILL 95 - 96-0.32DAL18:52822510.4297.00002121.2 
1/6/2016@ NORW 100 - 91Y-1.22DAL28:591124100.36411.50024224.5 
1/5/2016SACW 117 - 116-1.29DAL22:57711300.30010.00003026.2 
1/2/2016NORL 98 - 105Y0.12DAL27:011017520.300101.00031120.9 
1/1/2016@ MIAL 82 - 106Y-1.15DAL26:04600500.3339.00002119.6 
12/30/2015GSWW 114 - 91Y1.37DAL31:132353620.75012.00003021.7 
12/28/2015MILW 103 - 93Y-0.72DAL24:47811500.3758.50020217.3 
12/26/2015CHIW 118 - 111Y1.09DAL32:492670501.64314.50021120.8 
12/23/2015@ BKNW 119 - 118Y1.31DAL41:2732511110.650201.00015030.6 
12/22/2015@ TORL 99 - 103-0.47DAL22:14820510.3339.00001421.0 
12/18/2015MEMW 97 - 88-0.76DAL22:21713400.5006.00003518.5 
12/16/2015@ INDL 81 - 107-0.66DAL21:15803400.37581.00021221.3 
12/14/2015PHOW 104 - 94-1.48DAL14:21100100.0004.50020016.3 
12/12/2015WASL 111 - 1140.59DAL28:352153310.467151.00021224.8 
12/9/2015ATLL 95 - 98-1.59DAL10:04001200.0006.00001028.7 
12/7/2015@ NYKW 104 - 97DAL               
12/6/2015@ WASW 116 - 104DAL               
12/4/2015HOUL 96 - 100DAL               
12/1/2015@ PORW 115 - 112DAL               
11/30/2015@ SACL 98 - 112DAL               
11/28/2015DENW 92 - 81DAL               
11/25/2015@ SASL 83 - 88-0.38DAL12:36710310.4297.00000125.5 
11/24/2015@ MEML 96 - 110-0.33DAL26:571602400.500101.00063425.7 
11/22/2015@ OKCL 114 - 117-0.67DAL14:38803200.5008.00001125.6 
11/20/2015UTAW 102 - 93-0.36DAL21:451204300.54511.00001026.3 
11/18/2015@ BOSW 106 - 102-0.69DAL18:17703110.6005.50022520.1 
11/16/2015@ PHIW 92 - 86-0.56DAL12:37911100.50061.00021127.0 
11/14/2015@ HOUW 110 - 980.03DAL21:45703821.37581.00012220.6 
11/13/2015LALW 90 - 82-1.63DAL13:04001000.0004.00002020.2 
11/11/2015LACW 118 - 108-1.80DAL15:38001700.0005.00022122.9 
11/10/2015@ NORL 105 - 120-0.68DAL22:101014500.364111.00012326.1 
11/7/2015NORW 107 - 98-0.80DAL23:491321200.364111.00033029.4 
11/5/2015CHAL 94 - 108-0.38DAL20:49820600.5006.00001015.0 
11/3/2015TORL 91 - 102-0.54DAL23:12802610.300101.00021121.9 
11/1/2015@ LALW 103 - 93-0.37DAL23:391013700.57171.00013019.9 
10/29/2015@ LACL 88 - 104-0.29DAL21:111221900.400101.00022525.0 
10/28/2015@ PHOW 111 - 95-1.40DAL24:461004100.3339.66763326.4