Paul Millsap - ATL - F

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Draft2006 (Pick 47)
NBA Salary$20,072,033
Projection Updated4/25/2017

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13.6d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @IND (rest)
14.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Tuesday vs CHA (knee)
15.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday vs CHA (knee)
16.6d ago Open link
Starting Starting Sunday vs CLE (rest)
16.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday vs CLE (rest)
He may not start.
16.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday vs CLE (rest)
17.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Sunday vs CLE (rest)
19.2d ago Open link
Out Out Friday @CLE (rest)
19.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Thursday vs BOS (knee)
Millsap is playing Thursday, but he'll sit Friday.
20.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Thursday vs BOS (knee)
23.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday @BKN (left knee synovitis)
He'll come off the bench.
23.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @BKN (left knee synovitis)
24.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left knee synovitis)
Millsap is out Saturday at CHI, but signs are pointing toward him returning soon, either Sunday at BKN or Thursday vs BOS.
25.6d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left knee synovitis)
Millsap remains out Saturday at CHI, but he participated in 70 percent of Friday's practice.
29.3d ago
Injured Injured (left knee synovitis)
He will be reevalutaed after three more games
29.6d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday vs PHO (left knee tightness)
30.7d ago Open link
Note Note (left knee tightness)
Millsap had an MRI on his knee, and it came back clean. Atlanta is hoping he can play soon.
37.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (left knee tightness)
He will miss Monday and Wednesday's games.
141.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday vs OKC (hip)
Millsap is playing and starting Monday.
141.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs OKC (hip)
Millsap remains a game-time decision.
141.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs OKC (hip)
Millsap will be a game-time decision Monday vs OKC.
144.4d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs DET (hip)
Millsap missed last game and is OUT Friday vs DET AND Saturday at TOR. He'll miss both Friday and Saturday's games.
144.7d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Friday vs DET (hip)
Millsap missed last game and is doubtful to play Friday vs DET. He's officially questionable, but their play-by-play man says he's unlikely to play.
145.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs DET (hip)
Millsap missed last game and is questionable Friday vs DET.
146.3d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @PHO (hip)
Millsap is out Wednesday at PHO.
146.5d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @PHO (hip)
Millsap is questionable Wednesday at PHO.
192.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Thursday vs WAS (preventative knee surgery)
Millsap has been cleared to play and will likely see limited minutes next preseason game.
100% (1) agree 
Can we safely rule him out for one of the B2B games next Tues/Wed.?
This guy startable in weekly's?
donkitrk99 -- I haven't seen any details reported on how many minutes Millsap will play when he returns. It's possible he'll be on a restriction of sorts. He's looking like a game-time decision for Sunday's game.
I have Millsap on my IR. Finals matchup comes down to points tomorrow. If Millsap plays do you expect him to be a full go? Or do I stick with Ersan?
I have Millsap on my IR. Finals matchup comes down to points tomorrow. If Millsap plays do you expect him to be a full go? Or do I stick with Ersan?
I have Millsap on my IR. Finals matchup comes down to points tomorrow. If Millsap plays do you expect him to be a full go? Or do I stick with Ersan?
100% (1) agree 
Time to drop him if you're in the finals.
I would hold until the point where if you dropped him it would take too long for your opponent to claim him off waivers.
So tough heading into the finals with this guy. Are you guys holding him?
Millsap appears doubtful for Sunday, but the Hawks haven't released his official status yet. -- This article from last night says that Millsap's status for Sunday is undecided. ( -- “It had nothing to do with travel,” Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer said of Millsap remaining in Atlanta. “I just don’t think he’s in a place where he could play. We’ll see how the next 24-48 hours go and keep evaluating it.” -- “I don’t think we ever thought it would be just two games,” Budenholzer said. “We thought we’d re-evaluate it after two games.”
Any news on this situation?
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Praying this guy makes his comeback sunday
100% (1) agree 
funtasy -- The Hawks are only three games up on the eight seed in the East, so Milsap should be trying to get back asap. But we don't know how long that will be. Coach Budenholzer wouldn't commit to Millsap missing only two games but he did describe the injury as "more short term." It sounds like he's highly questionable to return Friday at MIL, and that's as much as we know right now.
will he play next week? thinking about swapping for ersan for next week
33% (3) agree 
He is out for Monday and Wednesday. He has 2 more games after that. Up to hold down to drop for waiver fodder
100% (1) agree 
I really need all hands on deck this week as I'm already down a man. Rw saying he's out the next two games. I'm gonna shit a brick if he misses the week and I miss the finals.
100% (3) agree 
Millsap/Adams (Up) or Conley/Gortat (down)? Punt points 14 teams
80% (5) agree 
Millsap(UP) OR Derozan (DOWN) 12 team 9-CAT. Overall ROS Thanks BBM Fam
100% (1) agree 
Sorry, multiple tabs opened and I know about the bug with comments. I was referring to Harrell.
When was Millsap a DNP? I assume you mean someone else, maybe Portis?
100% (1) agree 
From DNP to starting? Something to see here?
100% (1) agree 
1363.2 usage ;)
60 minutes. That's pretty crazy
31% (13) agree 
Millsap (UP) or Kemba (DOWN)?
18% (22) agree 
Millsap (up) or Jokic (down)?
No to the point of 47%, but i believe he will be over his projection.
The only difference statistically between the Millsap that averaged a ranking of 15 over the previous 2 years and this one today is his FG%. He's doing everything else. Do we think his FG will pick up?
I don't know if much changes for him.
25% (4) agree 
Theoretically speaking, what would his value look like if these Toronto rumors came to fruition? I understand how very often rumors end up being just that, but if dealt to a situation like that, I'm guessing his value plummets. Thoughts?
kewentian -- Tough call. Their value is pretty similar overall. You get some help in points, 3s, FG%, FT%, and blocks with Lopez, but Millsap gives you better rebounds, assists, and steals while still contributing well in points, 3s, and blocks. It seems like a fairly lateral move overall, but you know your team best. I'd be happy with either player going forward.
0% (1) agree 
I'm in an 8-cat roto league and was thinking of trading Millsap for Brook Lopez. Projected to help my team by ~2 points. Should I hold off until we know more about Millsap's future? I'm worried about him all of a sudden playing out of his mind given trade rumors, or being traded to a team where he is a much more prominent feature of the offense.
64% (14) agree 
Up for Butler/Millsap, down for Lowry/Porter/Brook Lopez
80% (5) agree 
So glad I managed to swing Beal for Millsap last week. One of the best sell high/buy low moves I've pulled in my fantasy hoops years I think!
0% (1) agree 
Buy low window. Is closing fast. If not already closed.
Just check his last 3 games and you'll find your answer. Back to his top20 habits.
100% (10) agree 
Giving up julius randle and rubio for Millsap, worth it?
But I do agree the 1st round pedigree should have been 2nd round.
lol relax. His stats will be exactly the same minus .5 blocks and 1 rebound.
75% (4) agree 
I was worried about Millsap coming into the season and never bought into the narrative that he could be a first rounder. I do believe his FG% will increase, but I'm less sure on the blocks.
0% (1) agree 
Is he a buy low candidate right now? He will eventually turn things around and meet his projections right?
Is he better suited for a punt fg team? Been awful. Maybe age?
6 games in...0.3 BLK is kinda concerning, is that Dwight/Budenholzer? or just coincidence?
ak murthy
50% (2) agree 
For the most part Millsap is one of those guys who you know will give you similar production no matter the situation. But Dwight will occupy more interior space than Horford so you can reasonably expect some more three point attempts and fewer post up opportunities. His rebounding numbers should dip as well, I think BBM's current projection reflects that. I would be more concerned with health/age than I would be with Dwight's presence.
Anyone know how Dwight's presence will affect Millsap? Does he become the high post PF similar to the Blake and DJ situation? More assists, less defensive stats? Maybe i'm just overthinking this one?
25% (4) agree 
Millsap more production since Horford is gone and he is the only star player in ATL?
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130.56Last WeekATL334.725.00.711.
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86-0.11Last 2 MonthsATL2033.519.
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100.71Last WeekATL3104:04752331653.49049.781321029.71.81-0.312.461.511.350.650.650.06-1.75
390.17Last 2 WeeksATL4138:00942351753.50957.791431427.41.06-0.700.960.540.330.080.580.11-1.45
127-0.27Last MonthATL8251:151665672583.477107.819722527.90.04-0.770.13-0.35-0.57-0.700.000.35-0.53
135-0.27Last 2 MonthsATL20670:3039013152701713.467272.7831575926.00.14-0.730.11-0.11-0.77-0.26-0.14-0.05-0.66
97-0.16Last 3 MonthsATL311054:09589282281063021.453422.7892278025.00.30-0.530.29-0.03-0.32-0.10-0.41-0.06-0.56
60.68NBA 15-16ATL812639:451,38574733264148140.4701,067.75740819124.30.92-0.101.740.
180.39NBA 14-15ATL732389:331,2187757022313069.476930.75733716623.80.710.060.890.081.790.520.39-0.19-0.74
210.30NBA 13-14ATL742481:421,3287662723212978.4611,047.73139118525.80.730.

Game Log
4/24/2017WASW 111 - 101Y0.06ATL36:041919720.40015.75083325.3 
4/22/2017WASW 116 - 98Y0.72ATL32:3829014512.60020.55692332.8 
4/19/2017@ WASL 101 - 109Y0.89ATL35:2227110421.42914.933155330.9 
4/16/2017@ WASL 107 - 114Y-0.70ATL33:561902100.6258.818114220.5 
4/12/2017@ INDL 86 - 104ATL               
4/11/2017CHAW 103 - 76Y-1.00ATL21:401007000.50010.00004329.8 
4/9/2017CLEW 126 - 125Y0.41ATL36:252219210.455111.000114423.9 
4/7/2017@ CLEW 114 - 100ATL               
4/6/2017BOSW 123 - 1160.53ATL29:2726112420.53315.750123231.7 
4/2/2017@ BKNL 82 - 91-0.82ATL25:431414200.28614.83360328.0 
4/1/2017@ CHIL 104 - 106ATL               
3/29/2017@ PHIW 99 - 92ATL               
3/28/2017PHOW 95 - 91ATL               
3/26/2017BKNL 92 - 107ATL               
3/24/2017@ MILL 97 - 100ATL               
3/22/2017@ WASL 100 - 104ATL               
3/20/2017@ CHAL 90 - 105ATL               
3/18/2017PORL 97 - 113ATL               
3/16/2017MEML 91 - 103Y-0.93ATL31:251023311.3339.50044221.8 
3/13/2017@ SASL 99 - 107Y-0.61ATL39:321603511.46213.66764521.5 
3/11/2017@ MEMW 107 - 90Y0.24ATL33:1116111611.41712.71471223.2 
3/10/2017TORW 105 - 99Y0.48ATL36:152116411.538131.00064224.0 
3/8/2017BKNW 110 - 105Y0.07ATL38:582404302.47621.80051423.7 
3/6/2017GSWL 111 - 119Y0.23ATL39:2920210401.375161.00062322.1 
3/5/2017INDL 96 - 97Y-0.64ATL36:5723010220.50016.583124130.9 
3/3/2017CLEL 130 - 135Y0.58ATL36:302719101.56316.800100323.2 
3/1/2017DALW 100 - 95Y-0.42ATL37:5118081001.50012.75086327.9 
2/27/2017@ BOSW 114 - 98Y-0.01ATL31:5617010420.389181.00033328.4 
2/25/2017@ ORLL 86 - 105Y-0.58ATL29:211117201.300101.00043321.4 
2/24/2017MIAL 90 - 108Y-0.63ATL27:502104110.6679.643142228.1 
2/15/2017@ LACL 84 - 99Y-1.15ATL29:39812120.25012.50023323.0 
2/13/2017@ PORW 109 - 104Y1.81ATL41:082119524.333121.000121320.8 
2/10/2017@ SACL 107 - 108Y0.68ATL38:052526320.53813.818112224.8 
2/8/2017DENW 117 - 106Y0.95ATL38:052326501.600151.00030218.4 
2/6/2017UTAL 95 - 120Y-1.04ATL35:441418310.28614.62582426.2 
2/4/2017ORLW 113 - 86Y-0.11ATL28:272115400.50014.75080328.0 
2/2/2017@ HOUW 113 - 108Y0.02ATL29:011614320.5008.87584422.0 
2/1/2017@ MIAL 93 - 116Y-0.30ATL24:04907220.333121.00011124.1 
1/29/2017NYKW 142 - 139Y1.21ATL60:0737319711.44829.800103427.5 
1/27/2017WASL 86 - 112Y-1.18ATL23:27404111.1437.50041217.9 
1/25/2017@ CHIW 119 - 114Y-0.03ATL35:522136201.57114.66734524.6 
1/23/2017LACL 105 - 115Y0.94ATL38:171928722.31316.87580222.9 
1/21/2017PHIW 110 - 93Y0.28ATL35:5022110112.64314.50063122.8 
1/20/2017CHIW 102 - 93Y0.86ATL23:451429212.80051.00043117.8 
1/18/2017@ DETL 95 - 118Y-0.75ATL27:182118400.41217.66792238.2 
1/16/2017@ NYKW 108 - 107Y-0.15ATL39:091717633.27818.600103429.3 
1/15/2017MILW 111 - 98Y0.51ATL36:111838502.583121.00014420.5 
1/13/2017BOSL 101 - 103Y0.48ATL39:342315611.53315.85773124.4 
1/10/2017@ BKNW 117 - 97Y0.10ATL28:461408413.42914.50041322.9 
1/7/2017@ DALW 97 - 82Y0.16ATL38:431709620.30010.846132122.3 
1/5/2017@ NORW 99 - 94Y0.21ATL33:2717110421.316191.00042129.4 
1/4/2017@ ORLW 111 - 92Y-0.03ATL30:091626440.50012.40055230.0 
1/1/2017SASW 114 - 112Y0.37ATL46:4532313301.47823.700102528.5 
12/30/2016DETW 105 - 98Y0.39ATL37:092616520.45020.87583330.2 
12/28/2016NYKW 102 - 98Y-0.53ATL40:311217612.20020.75040321.8 
12/26/2016@ MINL 90 - 104Y-1.54ATL25:03705010.15413.75042329.4 
12/23/2016@ DENW 109 - 108Y0.06ATL37:442028311.33315.800101423.6 
12/21/2016MINL 84 - 92Y0.14ATL39:1418010720.38918.66760226.1 
12/19/2016@ OKCW 110 - 108Y1.31ATL39:2030311111.667181.00034328.5 
12/17/2016CHAL 99 - 107Y0.34ATL33:532025510.471171.00021125.4 
12/16/2016@ TORW 125 - 121Y0.12ATL27:551415411.5569.75042419.3 
12/13/2016ORLL 120 - 131Y0.95ATL34:221729521.500121.00032419.0 
12/9/2016@ MILW 114 - 110Y1.31ATL38:3423114613.53315.75081120.9 
12/7/2016MIAW 103 - 95Y1.79ATL32:002109243.66712.83363224.4 
12/5/2016OKCL 99 - 1020.35ATL38:582415430.57114.636112323.6 
12/3/2016@ TORL 84 - 128ATL               
12/2/2016DETL 85 - 121ATL               
11/30/2016@ PHOL 107 - 109ATL               
11/28/2016@ GSWL 100 - 105Y-0.18ATL35:0414214310.27311.85773219.7 
11/27/2016@ LALL 94 - 109Y-0.87ATL30:25915300.36411.00002219.8 
11/25/2016@ UTAL 68 - 95Y-0.03ATL27:361115012.364111.00021321.6 
11/23/2016@ INDW 96 - 85Y1.44ATL36:2918011543.444181.00023224.9 
11/22/2016NORL 94 - 112Y-0.13ATL22:541018211.4449.50021321.7 
11/20/2016@ NYKL 94 - 104Y0.71ATL37:421927522.47117.33330320.9 
11/18/2016@ CHAL 96 - 100Y0.52ATL33:1322113101.61513.83362323.6 
11/16/2016MILW 107 - 100Y1.32ATL38:182118321.727111.00042318.3 
11/15/2016@ MIAW 93 - 90Y-0.23ATL34:331506420.41217.50021223.8 
11/12/2016PHIW 117 - 96Y-1.20ATL26:59604300.30010.00002118.1 
11/9/2016CHIW 115 - 107Y0.24ATL33:5616211612.385131.00046424.7 
11/8/2016@ CLEW 110 - 106Y-0.54ATL35:452125100.43816.83363526.2 
11/5/2016HOUW 112 - 97Y1.08ATL33:5223011450.50020.60052330.1 
11/4/2016@ WASL 92 - 95Y-0.91ATL32:381617230.35714.500103326.6 
11/2/2016LALL 116 - 123Y-0.66ATL35:001017220.30010.75044218.7 
10/31/2016SACW 106 - 95Y0.39ATL31:4113014831.35714.75044426.3 
10/29/2016@ PHIW 104 - 72Y-0.35ATL27:111704410.42914.83362330.8 
10/27/2016WASW 114 - 99Y0.70ATL30:482837601.55020.75042031.5 
4/13/2016@ WASL 98 - 109Y-0.06ATL31:0713011123.28614.83364327.2 
4/11/2016@ CLEL 94 - 109Y-0.97ATL30:56908303.21414.60052325.9 
4/9/2016BOSW 118 - 107Y2.81ATL38:4331516325.59122.00003227.8 
4/7/2016TORW 95 - 87Y0.55ATL37:0413014215.36411.83364423.2 
4/5/2016PHOW 103 - 90Y1.59ATL35:3513117833.3758.75081314.0 
4/1/2016CLEL 108 - 110Y1.42ATL41:1329212321.545221.00033527.7 
3/30/2016@ TORL 97 - 105Y0.12ATL23:52719123.3758.00004322.5 
3/28/2016@ CHIW 102 - 100Y0.93ATL35:2811111316.333121.00022219.2 
3/26/2016@ DETW 112 - 95Y2.66ATL28:492339544.57114.80050325.3 
3/25/2016MILW 101 - 90Y0.77ATL33:4714013323.43816.00002222.0 
3/23/2016@ WASW 122 - 101Y0.41ATL32:071719630.50016.00005328.6 
3/21/2016WASL 102 - 117Y-0.10ATL28:201302011.55691.00032421.1 
3/19/2016HOUW 109 - 97Y-0.07ATL33:1611010602.45511.50022318.4 
3/17/2016DENW 116 - 98Y1.06ATL29:2216211404.600101.00023022.1 
3/16/2016@ DETW 118 - 114Y0.30ATL34:0613010141.40015.33331221.0 
3/13/2016INDW 104 - 75Y1.81ATL29:441829433.500141.00020122.4 
3/12/2016MEMW 95 - 83Y0.28ATL32:372107511.50016.83363230.6 
3/10/2016@ TORL 96 - 104Y-0.42ATL34:251205023.2508.667122520.3 
3/8/2016@ UTAW 91 - 84Y0.60ATL33:471809230.66712.50042321.8 
3/5/2016@ LACW 107 - 97Y1.28ATL37:1420118530.57114.75043321.1 
3/4/2016@ LALW 106 - 77Y-0.82ATL29:021114310.4449.33360321.5 
3/1/2016@ GSWL 105 - 109Y0.77ATL40:591917434.29417.800102328.0 
2/28/2016CHAW 87 - 76Y-0.03ATL27:021315201.54511.00001422.2 
2/26/2016CHIW 103 - 88Y0.94ATL32:3012013425.250121.00063423.8 
2/22/2016GSWL 92 - 102Y-0.97ATL33:191117111.30813.50043323.3 
2/20/2016MILL 109 - 117Y0.29ATL46:1227211612.41724.62583329.5 
2/19/2016MIAL 111 - 115Y-0.42ATL27:4012213400.308131.00023425.4 
2/10/2016@ CHIW 113 - 90Y0.23ATL27:081514221.500121.00023325.8 
2/8/2016ORLL 110 - 117Y0.61ATL41:3522313641.44418.50066629.3 
2/7/2016@ ORLL 94 - 96Y0.48ATL34:261419222.35714.75040319.6 
2/5/2016INDW 102 - 96Y0.92ATL33:012432024.71414.20052126.5 
2/3/2016@ PHIW 124 - 86Y-0.44ATL25:281014312.27311.75042023.1 
2/1/2016DALW 112 - 97Y-0.86ATL33:428012202.30010.50043320.2 
1/31/2016@ MIAL 87 - 105Y0.08ATL35:321715120.455111.00064523.3 
1/28/2016@ INDL 92 - 111Y-0.57ATL13:17405011.25041.00022023.8 
1/27/2016LACL 83 - 85Y0.07ATL34:2614112412.42914.33332222.7 
1/25/2016@ DENW 119 - 105Y0.84ATL28:032209321.53315.85772131.0 
1/23/2016@ PHOL 95 - 98ATL               
1/21/2016@ SACL 88 - 91Y1.67ATL32:3714014354.500121.00025523.7 
1/20/2016@ PORW 104 - 98Y1.40ATL33:562339220.70010.85771318.1 
1/18/2016ORLW 98 - 81Y0.65ATL27:1913012612.6679.33331119.8 
1/16/2016BKNW 114 - 86Y0.27ATL27:122116311.61513.66763333.3 
1/15/2016@ MILL 101 - 108Y1.75ATL32:5823110624.526191.00022628.9 
1/13/2016@ CHAL 84 - 107Y0.40ATL27:112015201.583121.00052427.1 
1/9/2016CHIW 120 - 105Y1.53ATL31:581808326.500161.00022324.2 
1/7/2016@ PHIW 126 - 98Y0.88ATL24:541806420.636111.00041222.4 
1/5/2016NYKL 101 - 107Y-0.31ATL36:121927210.353171.00054428.4 
1/3/2016@ NYKL 97 - 111Y0.65ATL27:061909650.46213.700104435.3 
12/29/2015@ HOUW 121 - 115Y1.11ATL35:1422113415.45020.75043427.8 
12/28/2015@ INDL 87 - 93Y1.25ATL38:182427241.52917.80053326.3 
12/26/2015NYKW 117 - 98Y0.88ATL33:172217731.50016.62581328.4 
12/23/2015DETW 107 - 100Y-0.12ATL31:471815210.53315.50022023.8 
12/21/2015PORW 106 - 97Y-0.53ATL24:331206110.3339.85772227.2 
12/20/2015@ ORLW 103 - 100Y0.11ATL34:5013013322.31316.75042425.4 
12/18/2015@ BOSW 109 - 101Y0.16ATL33:292008420.46213.800103426.1 
12/16/2015PHIW 127 - 106Y0.81ATL24:362110302.8758.85771323.2 
12/14/2015MIAL 88 - 100Y0.08ATL37:021809200.500121.00062320.6 
12/12/2015SASL 78 - 103Y1.06ATL29:152225222.69213.66733427.6 
12/10/2015@ OKCL 94 - 107Y-0.59ATL33:28708412.4005.37580312.7 
12/9/2015@ DALW 98 - 95Y0.94ATL35:4920011531.53813.66791323.0 
12/4/2015LALW 100 - 87Y0.68ATL33:491508222.500121.00032321.7 
12/2/2015TORL 86 - 96Y-0.11ATL34:021409420.313161.00042525.5 
11/30/2015OKCW 106 - 100Y1.22ATL35:1026111514.42119.900103232.1 
11/28/2015@ SASL 88 - 108Y-0.56ATL26:19808221.3339.40051220.2 
11/27/2015@ MEMW 116 - 101Y0.47ATL35:1623014400.60010.846133225.4 
11/25/2015@ MINL 95 - 99Y0.65ATL31:3722110221.40015.818111428.2 
11/24/2015BOSW 121 - 97Y1.32ATL31:392509311.714141.00052324.7 
11/21/2015@ CLEL 97 - 109Y0.70ATL31:0114011542.23113.88993428.5 
11/18/2015SACW 103 - 97Y1.39ATL34:4823016332.47419.83362429.2 
11/17/2015@ BKNL 88 - 90Y0.06ATL34:481726311.60010.75045222.5 
11/15/2015UTAL 96 - 97Y0.89ATL36:382816212.55618.87583232.3 
11/13/2015@ BOSL 93 - 106Y-0.88ATL32:061418200.50010.75046326.2 
11/11/2015NORW 106 - 98Y0.85ATL32:4319016230.42914.87582326.9 
11/9/2015MINL 107 - 117Y1.13ATL35:122235622.60015.50023124.3 
11/7/2015WASW 114 - 99Y1.46ATL34:002137622.429141.00061021.9 
11/6/2015@ NORW 121 - 115Y0.70ATL34:1322012121.63611.800104425.5 
11/4/2015BKNW 101 - 87Y1.01ATL30:361219350.50010.50021318.2 
11/3/2015@ MIAW 98 - 92Y-0.25ATL35:3412010331.33312.50081319.0 
11/1/2015@ CHAW 94 - 92Y0.75ATL34:561626602.53813.00000317.0 
10/30/2015CHAW 97 - 94Y0.87ATL36:5318210422.50010.85774320.7 
10/29/2015@ NYKW 112 - 101Y-0.06ATL34:3011111550.27311.50083222.3 
10/27/2015DETL 94 - 106Y-0.13ATL36:001928300.46715.75042424.0