Rajon Rondo

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Draft2006 (Pick 21)

Season Stats

   141-0.25Current SeasonBOS3033.311.
   104-0.13Last MonthBOS936.
   78-0.06Last 2 WeeksBOS337.912.70.78.714.
   460.07Last WeekBOS135.
   550.04NBA 12-13BOS3837.413.70.35.611.
   96-0.11NBA 11-12BOS5336.911.90.24.811.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment4/11/2014 4:57 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Coach Brad Stevens: whether or not Rajon Rondo plays second half of back-to-back on Saturday is Rondo's call based on how he feels.
 Comment4/8/2014 11:19 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (2)Rondo confirmed today that he won't be playing in the final B2B this season and will sit out Saturday's game vs CLE.
 Comment3/26/2014 2:51 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)No real surprise, but already ruled out of Monday's game (second of B2B) and will fill in as color analyst on CSNNE broadcast.
 Comment3/16/2014 1:32 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (4)May seem odd to most, but Rondo is a strong drop candidate for those in standard H2H leagues. Given he's already been ruled out of B2Bs, Rondo is looking at a 2-3-2 playoff schedule (Weeks 21-23).
 Comment3/14/2014 12:26 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Stevens said that Rondo won't play on tail end of back-to-back sets for the rest of the season.
 Comment3/6/2014 1:02 AMgranthill338 100% (1)a rondo with threes?!? oh yeah
 Comment2/25/2014 12:24 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)There were talks of his potentially being cleared during this past road trip. Obviously he wasn't but it bodes well for him being ready another three-plus weeks from now.
 Comment2/25/2014 11:50 AMsofsetzer 0% (1)thoughts on rondo being able to play back to backs by the time fantasy playoffs roll around?
 Underrated2/12/2014 8:31 PMantbanks 100% (1)3 it up!
 Comment2/9/2014 9:33 PMdanzim01 100% (1)was he working on his 3 point shot during the recovery? maintaining 1.0 3PM ROS could be a real value boost
 Comment1/8/2014 10:04 PM#13502 50% (2)drafting rondo is getting old right about now. i sure hope he can be a difference maker IF he comes back this season.
 Comment12/22/2013 7:50 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Just added news to Status Updates page: said early Jan is unrealistic and that late Jan to early Feb is the target.
 Comment11/18/2013 4:38 PMdavo_go 100% (3)'Rondo (knee) took part in 5-on-5 contact during Monday's practice, the Boston Globe reports.'...
 Comment11/12/2013 9:06 PMeforsty 100% (1)I think those kind of questions are usually for the forums, but Rondo wins, especially if its a league with IR slot(s)
 Comment11/12/2013 8:40 PMbtbycb 0% (0)Crawford and Bradley for Rondo, good trade?
 Comment11/8/2013 3:01 PMdavo_go 67% (3)Was seen sprinting at full speed on Thursday at practice and cleared for 1-on-1 at this stage...getting closer to his return!
 Comment9/26/2013 12:50 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)They certainly aren't going to score 60 points per game, and they'll need Rondo to create even more than ever.
 Comment9/25/2013 10:25 PMgcbillinois 0% (0)Who is going to make all those shots for him to get 10 dimes?
 Comment9/19/2013 12:37 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 50% (2)His scoring, FGA, and FTA are all projected to be higher than typical on a per-minute basis.
 Comment9/19/2013 8:32 AMjboldt73 0% (0)Uptick in scoring when he returns, or concerned with issues from knee? Pierce and KG gone, I would think he would score more.
 Comment1/27/2013 2:37 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)BOS projections updated to reflect Rondo out of the picture.
 Comment1/10/2013 2:15 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Yes, agreed. Not sure why he was projected that aggressively, but it's been adjusted now.
 Comment1/10/2013 9:19 AM#22651 100% (6)5.5 boards seems a little ambitious.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014WAS BOS             
4/14/2014@ PHI108 - 113 (-5)Y0.12BOS34:58801114200.50080.000141
4/12/2014@ CLE BOS             
4/11/2014CHA BOS             
4/9/2014@ ATL97 - 105 (-8)Y0.32BOS40:44192412300.533150.333354
4/5/2014@ DET BOS             
4/4/2014PHI102 - 111 (-9)Y-0.60BOS38:051101116000.57170.600573
4/2/2014@ WAS92 - 118 (-26)Y-0.59BOS31:5513076110.462131.000172
3/31/2014@ CHI BOS             
3/30/2014CHI102 - 107 (-5)Y0.05BOS37:59172411200.538130.500263
3/28/2014@ TOR103 - 105 (-2)Y-0.47BOS33:0811058000.62580.500231
3/26/2014TOR90 - 99 (-9)Y0.26BOS31:5890415200.33390.750413
3/21/2014@ BKN98 - 114 (-16)Y-0.01BOS36:15121412000.300100.833601
3/19/2014MIA101 - 96 (+5)Y-0.29BOS38:47901015000.50080.500245
3/17/2014@ DAL BOS             
3/16/2014@ NOR120 - 121 (-1)Y-1.00BOS44:3160814100.214140.000223
3/14/2014PHO80 - 87 (-7)Y-0.83BOS34:238085100.267150.000024
3/12/2014NYK BOS             
3/11/2014@ IND83 - 94 (-11)Y-0.63BOS40:458038200.267150.000024
3/9/2014DET118 - 111 (+7)Y0.53BOS33:11111218200.333150.000002
3/7/2014BKN91 - 84 (+7)Y0.14BOS35:0420379400.429140.625872
3/5/2014GSW88 - 108 (-20)Y-1.29BOS37:1114157110.429140.250473
3/1/2014IND97 - 102 (-5)Y-0.23BOS38:29123711000.333120.500224
2/26/2014ATL115 - 104 (+11)Y0.94BOS35:36221011300.571140.833634
2/24/2014@ UTA98 - 110 (-12)Y0.00BOS33:03180310100.462131.000653
2/22/2014@ SAC BOS             
2/21/2014@ LAL92 - 101 (-9)Y-0.81BOS34:1661611100.167120.500223
2/19/2014@ PHO94 - 100 (-6)Y-0.80BOS35:33180710000.318220.800532
2/12/2014SAS92 - 104 (-12)Y1.10BOS31:0916424200.85770.000010
2/10/2014@ MIL BOS             
2/9/2014DAL91 - 102 (-11)Y1.04BOS36:33153812100.500120.000000
2/7/2014SAC BOS             
2/5/2014@ PHI114 - 108 (+6)Y0.27BOS32:0680911200.50080.000031
2/2/2014ORL96 - 89 (+7)Y1.29BOS26:37191610300.818110.000044
1/29/2014PHI BOS             
1/28/2014@ NYK88 - 114 (-26)Y-1.34BOS27:267025100.231131.000141
1/26/2014BKN79 - 85 (-6)Y-0.38BOS30:2113288100.357141.000151
1/24/2014OKC83 - 101 (-18)Y-0.93BOS21:435128000.28670.000030
1/22/2014@ WAS BOS             
1/21/2014@ MIA86 - 93 (-7)Y-2.15BOS25:431035100.00080.250431
1/19/2014@ ORL91 - 93 (-2)Y-0.90BOS21:206064100.300100.000030
1/17/2014LAL104 - 107 (-3)Y-0.18BOS19:258024200.44490.000010