Rajon Rondo - CHI - G

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Draft2006 (Pick 21)
NBA Salary$14,000,000
Projection Updated4/29/2017
Questionable - small thumb fracture
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Rondo has played under 28 minutes in 3 of the Bulls last 5 games. I think Rubio has more secure minutes and he's better
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Is it crazy to start him over Rubio for the week if you're mainly looking for assists? I fear Rubio may get limited minutes whereas Rondo will continue to put up solid numbers while in the playoff race...
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picked him up for Tues-Wed back to back. Was planning to drop today so that I can max games for this week but he is playing pretty well. Hold (Up) or Drop to max games (Down).
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Does the Wade news help Rondo's value at all? I feel like it's been impossible to predict what the Bulls are going to do this year, but they're so close to the playoffs and they may be able to squeeze into the 8th seed. Do you think this would get them to rely on their vets (like Rondo) more?
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Glad I scooped him and Mirotic up. Their 4 game schedule next week looks like an extra boost after my bye week.
Playing really well right now, at least fantasy wise.
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Nothing is ever permanent in Chicago
Is the move to start permanent?
What is his outlook? Is he expected to play less after the trade? He is usually good for steals and assists, and is a good rebounding guard, who played almost 30 minutes last game. I have him in a twelve team and am not sure if I should sign a different player.
just looking in the per game stats below, you can see from previous years when he had much more value he was getting at least 30 min per game. now hes luck to see 20 he'd have to get traded somewhere that they are all in on running him 30 plus minutes. i dont see that happening with any situation.
I have not seen any credible trade rumours at all and even if he were to be traded, I can't see him going somewhere where he is given the keys, which is what he needs to be moderately useful. I think he's got a 10% chance of being standard league relevant
Any actual weight to any of the numerous trade rumors? I feel you don't bring him back unless you want to showcase..a sneaky hold?
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Is there any reason to believe he'll continue to play after today? Or was it purely because of the outs Chicago had?
Rondo can be dropped in all standard leagues. He is not expected to be in the rotation, and it's hard to imagine him getting traded somewhere that he'd excel. There's not much of a point to holding onto him in standard leagues.
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It just doesn't seem like he will be in Chicago for very much longer - and scanning the league, I can't imagine a team wanting a headcase PG who can't shoot. Very frustrating for his owners (me included)
The other thing is how you are projected to do next week. Obviously if you are projected to easily win the cats you are favored in, and definitely losing the cats you aren't projected to, then you can afford to wait a few games. On the other hand......However, if someone is sitting on your waiver wire right now that is a good fit for your team you have to make a decision sooner rather than later maybe.
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Because of my punts I traded Ariza for him a few weeks back. I also have/had him on my other team. I took a gamble and grabbed MCW while dropping McConnell in both cases to get him. Today I decided to drop him and grabbed Hollis-Jefferson for both teams.
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Worth to wait for few more games or to drop immediately?
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He should move to China...
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I think we seen the last of Rondo being starting pg for a team.
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What teams would actually consider trading for Rondo? The only two I could come up with as somewhat believable are Orlando (they have desperate owners) or the Grizzlies (if Conley were to get injured).
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A part of that is because in the updated projections I hadn't gone all in on MCW starting long term. He will never get the assists Rondo does, what I mean more is that he is a good rebounder, gets, steals, nice assists and poorish % and low threes. Same profile, but not the same numbers. MCW's minutes will likely get bumped soon
Josh, I realize everything is up in the air at the moment, but in your podcast today you said you felt MCW could nearly match Rondo's key stats. Your updated projections don't match what you said. Again, no one knows what direction the Bulls are actually going to go yet, but in your gut do you feel MCW will approach the stats you stated on your podcast today, or fall more in line with your present projections? I grabbed MCW based on his higher ceiling potential compared to other pgs on the wire. Unfortunately I also have your nemesis!!!
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MCW is not the answer, but he is a good defender and actually can finish at the rim and has shown consistent improvement in his shooting and FT% unlike Rondo who seems to regress.
He doesn't space the floor, he is a hot-head, he is very inconsistent and he does not fit the Bulls offense at all with Wade and Butler out there already dominating the ball and not being the best floor spacers. MCW is not the answer for the Bulls either but Hoidberg seems to understand Rondo was a waste of money, might get stuck in the dog house. Not sure what the Bulls will do now but Rondo will not be standard league worthy anymore
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And today is exactly what I'm talking about. He is a terrible basketball player and it was caught up with him.
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Bulls fans rejoice. Looks like rondo might finally be losing his staring gig.
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When I talk about Rondo being putrid, I'm talking about his on court play and how bad he is defensively and how he ruins offensive flow and that may be a risk for his minutes moving forward, given he has been repeatedly benched in the fourth quarter, but I do say all the time, that while he is starting and playing those minutes, the stats you drafted him for are going to come. It's his on court play that's putrid, not necessarily his fantasy production
The main difference is that we all know that Rubio can produce with the set of teammates he has (47th last year). And in the past few weeks he is actually producing similar value. However, in the case of Rondo, not only did he has a new set of teammates, the Bulls plays a much slower game as compared to the 2015-2016 Kings. Besides, Rubio has almost doubled the steals average of Rondo in the 2 weeks.
These stat differences/similarities hold up for the entire season by the way.
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Last 2 months the only cats Rubio is doing better at all in he has three more 3's, 5 more stls and the only significant difference is he has 20 fewer tos. Rubio is a better ft shooter, but Rondo doesn't even average one per game. Rondo has 9 more pts, 69 more rebs, 2 more asts, 4 more blks, and though he shoots more, a better fg% (though they both suck). My point simply is these two guys are pretty similar. To boot Minn is pretty much the same team as last year, while the Bulls went through a major overhaul. The Bulls are at .500 while the Timberwolves are at .313. I have both guys because they fit my punts perfectly, I am just saying there is no night and day difference yet everyone is loving on only Rubio. I get it that as a person Rondo seems like a dick, but rankings aren't based on personalities. I think Garnett is a comelete ahole, but he will definitely be going into the HOF.
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Say what? Over the last two weeks Rubio is the 32:nd ranked player in 9-cat while Rondo is ranked 195. Rubio's steals are very valuable while also being a plus FT% contributor.
@rybing99, the main difference is that Rubio has been elite in steals while Rondo is good but not close to the same level, and Rubio also has been a nice boost to FT% while Rondo is a minor drain. You're right that they otherwise look pretty darn similar, though I think it's fair to call Rondo a poor man's Rubio right now.
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I keep reading stuff about how putrid Rondo has been playing but how smart the people who held onto Rubio were/are. In the last month their numbers are almost identical, with the biggest single cat difference being the extra rebs Rondo has gotten. Why so much love for Rubio and such negativity for Rondo?
Per Game
397-0.94Projection 16-17CHISubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
127-0.25NBA 16-17CHI6926.
740.01Last WeekCHI119.910.
750.04Last 2 WeeksCHI530.
450.15Last MonthCHI1330.712.
610.02Last 2 MonthsCHI2427.
111-0.19Last 3 MonthsCHI3924.
510.09NBA 15-16SAC7235.
186-0.36NBA 14-15DAL6829.
141-0.25NBA 13-14BOS3033.311.
Per 36
DNQ-1.12Projection 16-17CHISubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
164-0.23NBA 16-17CHI6926.710.
230.51Last WeekCHI119.918.13.610.
112-0.06Last 2 WeeksCHI530.013.71.410.
530.04Last MonthCHI1330.714.
530.02Last 2 MonthsCHI2427.
92-0.08Last 3 MonthsCHI3924.
123-0.16NBA 15-16SAC7235.
266-0.38NBA 14-15DAL6829.710.
242-0.35NBA 13-14BOS3033.312.60.95.910.
397-0.94Projection 16-17CHISubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
128-0.27NBA 16-17CHI691842:435385035945910011.408561.6005016817.6-1.18-0.65-0.251.400.95-0.92-0.86-0.33-0.63
271-0.60Last WeekCHI119:561026510.4449.0000120.4-1.91-0.71-1.15-0.68-1.03-0.92-
116-0.23Last 2 WeeksCHI5149:56576424491.41760.25041521.7-0.90-0.410.221.430.72-0.83-0.73-0.82-0.76
64-0.01Last MonthCHI13398:351561981103221.471140.62583619.6-0.630.000.021.611.10-1.05-0.05-0.26-0.87
73-0.06Last 2 MonthsCHI24650:2524927121166404.471223.706176320.0-0.79-0.22-0.311.421.33-0.93-0.04-0.17-0.83
102-0.18Last 3 MonthsCHI39939:5831633165247585.438304.654268618.3-1.06-0.48-0.491.391.22-1.00-0.45-0.27-0.51
480.08NBA 15-16SAC722536:408596243683814210.454782.58015027919.0-0.41-
175-0.39NBA 14-15DAL682018:5060827373538917.426645.3977821019.1-1.15-0.77-
273-0.65NBA 13-14BOS30998:1435026164294402.403350.627679921.4-1.90-0.78-1.250.47-1.08-1.08-0.55-0.360.71

Game Log
4/12/2017BKNW 112 - 73Y0.01CHI19:561026510.4449.00001320.4 
4/10/2017ORLW 122 - 75CHI               
4/8/2017@ BKNL 106 - 107CHI               
4/6/2017@ PHIW 102 - 90CHI               
4/4/2017@ NYKL 91 - 100Y-0.49CHI24:54517900.3336.00002014.1 
4/2/2017@ NORW 117 - 110Y0.14CHI33:441009930.35714.00003421.6 
4/1/2017ATLW 106 - 104Y1.04CHI35:3325311630.61118.00007332.4 
3/30/2017CLEW 99 - 93Y-0.52CHI35:497091521.23113.25042220.0 
3/26/2017@ MILW 109 - 94Y0.80CHI34:271819910.727111.00013319.5 
3/24/2017PHIL 107 - 117Y-0.08CHI21:02404540.3336.00004119.0 
3/22/2017DETW 117 - 95Y-0.32CHI27:59512910.4005.00002312.1 
3/21/2017@ TORL 120 - 122Y1.57CHI40:272445840.563161.00024423.8 
3/18/2017UTAW 95 - 86Y-0.86CHI21:22512400.4005.00002216.4 
3/17/2017@ WASL 107 - 112Y-0.60CHI32:546041000.5006.00003211.4 
3/15/2017MEML 91 - 98Y0.77CHI34:321736820.43816.00000421.3 
3/13/2017@ CHAW 115 - 109Y0.46CHI35:562037610.533151.00013322.3 
3/12/2017@ BOSL 80 - 100-0.11CHI18:52203630.2005.00001213.8 
3/10/2017HOUL 94 - 115-0.17CHI17:09822210.6005.00001214.0 
3/8/2017@ ORLL 91 - 98-0.23CHI28:08825601.4297.00002114.9 
3/6/2017@ DETL 95 - 109CHI               
3/4/2017LACL 91 - 101-0.11CHI29:08514930.2867.00004216.5
Available to return
3/2/2017GSWW 94 - 87-1.09CHI12:49803300.6005.66734335.5 
2/28/2017DENL 107 - 1250.91CHI24:261914530.533151.00021229.8 
2/25/2017@ CLEW 117 - 990.05CHI24:471502520.50012.75041226.5 
2/24/2017PHOW 128 - 1211.05CHI28:33604941.6005.0000128.9 
2/16/2017BOSW 104 - 103-0.57CHI20:05007811.0005.00002315.7 
2/14/2017TORW 105 - 94-0.62CHI24:051223400.6258.00005024.6 
2/12/2017@ MINL 89 - 117-0.61CHI23:481003610.5569.00005326.1 
2/10/2017@ PHOL 97 - 115-0.97CHI22:43314300.2504.00002211.6 
2/8/2017@ GSWL 92 - 123-0.19CHI23:131206810.54511.00012324.4 
2/6/2017@ SACW 112 - 1070.12CHI19:31502640.3336.50021118.4 
2/3/2017@ HOUL 117 - 121-0.48CHI19:55315520.2005.00003017.2 
2/1/2017@ OKCW 128 - 100-1.21CHI16:35000610.0004.00003219.3 
1/29/2017PHIW 121 - 108-0.34CHI21:118151001.2229.75040021.6 
1/27/2017MIAL 88 - 1000.91CHI31:431317730.7508.00003115.0 
1/25/2017ATLL 114 - 119-0.85CHI9:463013001.0001.5002008.0 
1/24/2017@ ORLW 100 - 92-0.49CHI14:36401310.6673.00001212.5 
1/21/2017SACW 102 - 99-0.67CHI6:18000410.0000.0000117.3 
1/20/2017@ ATLL 93 - 102-0.52CHI18:12203330.2005.00003118.6 
1/17/2017DALL 98 - 99-0.88CHI22:34003510.0004.00001010.0 
1/15/2017@ MEMW 108 - 104-0.65CHI20:51403500.4005.00000110.8 
1/14/2017NORW 107 - 99-0.57CHI19:29622510.2867.00002118.7 
1/12/2017@ NYKL 89 - 104-1.05CHI22:56402800.2229.00001218.8 
1/10/2017@ WASL 99 - 1010.24CHI27:161204630.46213.00002423.1 
1/9/2017OKCL 94 - 109CHI               
1/7/2017TORW 123 - 118CHI               
1/4/2017@ CLEW 106 - 94CHI               
1/2/2017CHAW 118 - 111CHI               
12/31/2016MILL 96 - 116CHI               
12/30/2016@ INDL 101 - 111Y-1.26CHI10:50001100.0002.00001311.8 
12/28/2016BKNW 101 - 99Y0.12CHI35:255191220.2508.00002111.5 
12/26/2016INDW 90 - 85Y-0.99CHI24:02209500.1676.00002314.8 
12/25/2016@ SASL 100 - 119Y-0.31CHI29:51606220.4297.00002113.1 
12/23/2016@ CHAL 91 - 103Y-0.31CHI32:327191020.30010.00005119.9 
12/21/2016WASL 97 - 107Y-1.36CHI33:593161000.10010.00004216.7 
12/19/2016DETW 113 - 82Y0.93CHI28:0310281430.5717.00004219.1 
12/16/2016MILL 69 - 95Y-1.23CHI26:10714410.3339.00023221.4 
12/15/2016@ MILL 97 - 108Y-0.47CHI29:27515810.3336.00003414.4 
12/13/2016MINL 94 - 99CHI               
12/10/2016MIAW 105 - 100Y-0.43CHI33:09405620.3336.00003212.0 
12/8/2016SASW 95 - 91Y0.20CHI35:3612010920.50012.00004319.2 
12/6/2016@ DETL 91 - 102Y-1.22CHI37:091013201.40010.33333418.1 
12/5/2016PORL 110 - 112CHI               
12/3/2016@ DALL 82 - 107Y-1.34CHI23:55202210.2504.00005218.0 
12/2/2016CLEW 111 - 105Y1.39CHI36:10151111231.58312.00003417.4 
11/30/2016LALL 90 - 96Y0.63CHI35:321428620.50012.00001414.8 
11/25/2016@ PHIW 105 - 89Y0.18CHI25:406081020.4005.66731211.7 
11/22/2016@ DENL 107 - 110Y0.48CHI33:1913111811.54511.00003318.4 
11/20/2016@ LALW 118 - 110Y-0.53CHI36:044091210.2229.00003213.6 
11/19/2016@ LACL 95 - 102Y0.41CHI35:119110820.5717.00003313.5 
11/17/2016@ UTAW 85 - 77CHI               
11/15/2016@ PORW 113 - 88CHI               
11/12/2016WASW 106 - 95Y-1.32CHI25:15007500.0006.00002513.0 
11/10/2016@ MIAW 98 - 95Y0.48CHI36:4316112620.42914.75041019.9 
11/9/2016@ ATLL 107 - 115Y-0.93CHI33:53615710.20010.50022415.9 
11/7/2016ORLW 112 - 80Y-0.64CHI21:44903611.4297.50061120.8 
11/5/2016@ INDL 94 - 111Y-0.91CHI28:37911510.36411.00004123.2 
11/4/2016NYKL 104 - 117Y-1.01CHI29:35405510.20010.00002217.6 
11/2/2016@ BOSL 100 - 107Y0.02CHI33:4812010511.54511.00004318.6 
10/31/2016@ BKNW 118 - 88Y0.17CHI25:271004421.6258.00003218.0 
10/29/2016INDW 118 - 101Y-0.31CHI25:076031310.40051.00024017.8 
10/27/2016BOSW 105 - 99Y-0.64CHI33:16416920.1119.50022114.7 
4/13/2016@ HOUL 81 - 116SAC               
4/11/2016@ PHOW 105 - 101SAC               
4/9/2016OKCW 114 - 112SAC               
4/7/2016MINL 97 - 105SAC               
4/5/2016PORL 107 - 115Y1.82SAC41:52273101220.64717.66732421.9 
4/2/2016@ DENW 115 - 106SAC               
4/1/2016MIAL 106 - 112Y-0.82SAC28:395051010.1437.75043117.2 
3/30/2016WASW 120 - 111Y0.72SAC33:4315211140.50012.50023220.0 
3/28/2016@ PORL 93 - 105SAC               
3/27/2016DALW 133 - 111Y0.46SAC28:2611241120.5717.50022015.9 
3/25/2016PHOW 116 - 94Y0.46SAC30:172051221.5002.0000144.0 
3/23/2016@ MINL 104 - 113Y0.79SAC37:3025281230.62516.50066526.3 
3/21/2016@ CHIL 102 - 109Y-0.88SAC31:201404500.53813.00006325.6 
3/20/2016@ NYKW 88 - 80Y-0.69SAC33:45206620.2005.00004212.0 
3/18/2016@ DETL 108 - 115Y0.40SAC37:0110081330.50010.00005419.0 
3/16/2016NORL 108 - 123SAC               
3/15/2016@ LALW 106 - 98Y0.29SAC36:449161240.25081.00046318.5 
3/13/2016UTAL 99 - 108Y-1.03SAC35:52714900.3339.00005318.3 
3/11/2016ORLL 100 - 107Y0.59SAC38:5716251420.50014.00004319.0 
3/9/2016CLEL 111 - 120Y-0.66SAC37:121113600.35714.00001018.0 
3/7/2016@ NORL 112 - 115Y0.18SAC39:1118311020.53813.50025519.6 
3/5/2016@ SASL 94 - 104Y-0.58SAC35:56911820.4449.00006218.1 
3/3/2016@ DALW 104 - 101Y0.59SAC37:4118051230.57114.50043322.8 
3/2/2016@ MEML 98 - 104Y-1.10SAC41:226081700.30010.00025316.1 
2/29/2016OKCL 116 - 131Y0.12SAC35:4311091220.38513.50022216.9 
2/26/2016LACL 107 - 117SAC               
2/24/2016SASL 92 - 108Y0.83SAC37:397181830.30010.00001212.0 
2/23/2016@ DENW 114 - 110Y-0.35SAC30:494051211.3336.00004413.9 
2/19/2016DENW 116 - 110Y1.60SAC39:2824410950.50016.66764423.4 
2/10/2016@ PHIW 114 - 110Y1.12SAC36:2314081530.53813.00002017.6 
2/8/2016@ CLEL 100 - 120Y-0.78SAC32:467181630.1258.50086122.9 
2/7/2016@ BOSL 119 - 128Y1.45SAC39:0214151560.50010.75044316.5 
2/5/2016@ BKNL 119 - 128Y0.75SAC34:4815111530.46715.00002321.3 
2/3/2016CHIL 102 - 107Y-0.35SAC30:54602930.3339.00004317.8 
2/1/2016MILW 111 - 104Y0.55SAC34:581942730.60010.75046021.1 
1/30/2016@ MEML 117 - 121Y-0.30SAC31:541516820.429141.00027625.8 
1/28/2016@ NORL 105 - 114Y0.56SAC38:0517161510.70010.50043416.7 
1/26/2016@ PORL 97 - 112Y-0.29SAC30:2315151110.43816.00005229.7 
1/25/2016CHAL 128 - 129Y0.28SAC42:2271102000.4297.00003410.8 
1/23/2016INDW 108 - 97Y1.02SAC33:36110101021.5004.87581210.4 
1/21/2016ATLW 91 - 88Y-0.77SAC37:30111101101.31316.00006122.9 
1/20/2016@ LALW 112 - 93Y0.05SAC34:0511051700.500101.00013016.3 
1/16/2016@ LACW 110 - 103Y0.29SAC33:4913171020.455111.00024120.9 
1/14/2016@ UTAW 103 - 101Y-0.17SAC34:556061320.22291.00023316.4 
1/13/2016NORL 97 - 109Y0.35SAC29:4017151011.63611.50043123.5 
1/9/2016GSWL 116 - 128Y-1.08SAC29:174031200.2508.00004517.2 
1/7/2016LALW 118 - 115Y0.59SAC35:329061241.40010.50023016.7 
1/5/2016@ DALL 116 - 117SAC               
1/4/2016@ OKCW 116 - 104Y0.41SAC42:3713091951.45511.37586118.9 
1/2/2016PHOW 142 - 119Y0.63SAC30:2115161510.545111.00023220.4 
12/30/2015PHIL 105 - 110Y-0.80SAC39:188051420.4449.00027518.2 
12/28/2015@ GSWL 103 - 122Y-1.16SAC17:36403210.3336.00021317.2 
12/27/2015PORL 94 - 98Y0.00SAC38:449251530.5006.50028216.3 
12/23/2015@ INDW 108 - 106Y-0.38SAC37:0613081610.60010.50029323.0 
12/21/2015@ WASL 99 - 113Y-0.90SAC34:20208910.1437.00004313.4 
12/20/2015@ TORW 104 - 94Y0.58SAC38:4419121311.615131.00025122.8 
12/18/2015@ MINL 95 - 99Y0.60SAC35:5711041330.5008.75042515.5 
12/15/2015HOUW 107 - 97SAC               
12/10/2015NYKW 99 - 97Y1.15SAC40:1516191220.700101.00013314.5 
12/8/2015UTAW 114 - 106Y0.59SAC37:2817171320.6258.85776021.3 
12/6/2015@ OKCL 95 - 98Y0.30SAC35:457091030.3339.50021312.6 
12/5/2015@ HOUL 113 - 120Y1.07SAC36:0313131940.50012.00004018.3 
12/3/2015BOSL 97 - 114Y-0.43SAC23:58513820.3336.00004117.5 
11/30/2015DALW 112 - 98Y-1.36SAC29:452123500.42914.500142032.0 
11/28/2015@ GSWL 101 - 120Y-0.95SAC24:47714700.30010.00003420.4 
11/27/2015MINL 91 - 101Y0.21SAC36:0216141600.43816.50020320.9 
11/25/2015@ MILW 129 - 118Y0.00SAC38:3210091301.50010.00004216.8 
11/23/2015@ CHAL 122 - 127Y1.14SAC46:2214182041.50012.50026316.5 
11/21/2015@ ORLW 97 - 91Y1.22SAC42:041337930.5569.00001210.3 
11/19/2015@ MIAL 109 - 116Y0.71SAC40:1814291810.46213.00003517.3 
11/18/2015@ ATLL 97 - 103Y0.00SAC31:09120121010.6679.00007121.5 
11/15/2015TORW 107 - 101Y-0.49SAC43:167171420.30010.00007317.7 
11/13/2015BKNW 111 - 109Y0.54SAC43:49232101420.52619.25044222.6 
11/11/2015DETW 101 - 92Y0.32SAC48:00141111530.37516.50025121.1 
11/9/2015SASL 88 - 106Y-0.54SAC48:008061230.40010.00009317.0 
11/7/2015GSWL 94 - 103Y0.74SAC44:27140121540.35020.00003321.6 
11/6/2015HOUL 110 - 116Y-0.01SAC24:241208530.42914.00004129.8 
11/4/2015@ PHOL 97 - 118Y-0.83SAC29:26913610.40010.00022219.5 
11/3/2015MEML 89 - 103Y-1.57SAC26:59506410.20010.25042123.1 
10/31/2015@ LACL 109 - 114Y0.08SAC33:002115820.52917.33361523.7 
10/30/2015LALW 132 - 114Y0.57SAC23:472113810.692131.00024127.8 
10/28/2015LACL 104 - 111Y-0.77SAC25:15407410.2508.00002316.0