Thabo Sefolosha

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Ease PositionSG
Draft2006 (Pick 13)
Projection Updated11/30/2015
Active starting Monday over Bazemore Open link
Today 10:44 AM
Sefolosha is going to start again Monday over Kent Bazemore, just as he did Saturday. Though things may change going forward, it appears the Hawks are settling into using Sefolosha as their starter on the wing next to Kyle Korver, and Bazemore will be in a reserve role backing up multiple positions. The Hawks' rotation over the next week should help iron out how this rotation will look when all the team's wing players are healthy, and then it'll be easier to determine if Bazemore is going to play enough to warrant rostering in standard leagues. At this time, it's looking doubtful. Sefolosha is generally only an option in very deep leagues due to his poor per-minute production.
Out ankle b2b Open link
11/27/2015 3:39 PM
Sefolosha is out for Friday's game (ankle b2b). He is probably just being rested Friday for the first game of the Hawks' b2b set so that another player can be rested Saturday when Thabo should return.
Active starting again Tuesday Open link
11/24/2015 3:24 PM
Sefolosha is active for Tuesday's game and starting again with Kent Bazemore (ankle) out.
Active starting Saturday Open link
11/21/2015 3:08 PM
Sefolosha is active for Saturday's game and starting. Mike Scott loses 5 minutes.
Active ankle rehab Open link
11/20/2015 7:50 PM
Sefolosha is active for Saturday's game (ankle rehab).
Active ankle Open link
11/19/2015 10:58 AM
Sefolosha played both games of the Hawks' back-to-back set this Tuesday and Wednesday but said his surgically-repaired ankle was stiff after playing both games. The Hawks play Saturday to finish out this week and then have two back-to-back sets next week. Depending on the Hawks' plans for Sefolosha, he may only see action in two of their four games next week.
Active back to back Open link
11/18/2015 3:24 PM
Sefolosha is active for Wednesday's game (back to back).
Active ankle, b2b Open link
11/17/2015 3:40 PM
Sefolosha is active for Tuesday's game (ankle, b2b). He's playing Tuesday but questionable for Wednesday's b2b game.
Probable rest Open link
11/7/2015 9:33 AM
Sefolosha sat out Friday's game because it the first of a back-to-back set, and the team is being cautious with his surgically-repaired ankle. He should play Saturday.
Out rest Open link
11/6/2015 10:27 AM
Sefolosha is sitting out the first half of the Hawks' back-to-back set this weekend. If they stick to their current rest schedule, Sefolosha should return Saturday. [Justin Holiday gains 13 minutes] [Shelvin Mack gains 7 minutes]
Probable rest Open link
11/4/2015 12:20 PM
Sefolosha is probable to play Wednesday after being strategically rested Tuesday. Kyle Kover is out Wednesday, but Sefolosha will probably still only play a limited bench role.
Out back to back Open link
11/2/2015 3:06 PM
Sefolosha continues his ankle maintenance program, opening more minutes for Bazemore to excel.
Per Game
124-0.23Projection 15-16ATLSubscribe now to view 2015-16 Projection.
78-0.07NBA 15-16ATL1624.
340.31Last WeekATL430.
660.02Last 2 WeeksATL728.
79-0.06Last MonthATL1424.
78-0.07Last 2 MonthsATL1624.
179-0.35NBA 14-15ATL5218.
158-0.31NBA 13-14OKC6126.
72-0.03NBA 12-13OKC8127.
193-0.38NBA 11-12OKC4221.
139-0.23NBA 10-11OKC7925.
318-0.56NBA Preseason 15ATL414.
Per 36
96-0.12Projection 15-16ATLSubscribe now to view 2015-16 Projection.
60-0.07NBA 15-16ATL1624.
430.03Last WeekATL430.
82-0.09Last 2 WeeksATL728.810.
68-0.09Last MonthATL1424.811.
60-0.07Last 2 MonthsATL1624.
65-0.06NBA 14-15ATL5218.810.
209-0.29NBA 13-14OKC6126.
510.02NBA 12-13OKC8127.
171-0.24NBA 11-12OKC4221.
157-0.19NBA 10-11OKC7925.
DNQ-0.30NBA Preseason 15ATL414.512.
155-0.34Projection 15-16ATLSubscribe now to view 2015-16 Projection.
75-0.08NBA 15-16ATL16386:401161181242610.53488.5791917-1.24-0.46-0.28-0.670.99-0.140.64-0.480.97
190.33Last WeekATL4120:5233325984.63622.66735-0.68-0.310.52-0.091.550.551.27-0.140.30
580.02Last 2 WeeksATL7201:445754013115.51145.66797-0.94-0.430.11-0.390.840.050.45-0.300.80
76-0.09Last MonthATL14346:491101168182010.54381.6471716-1.14-0.36-0.36-0.760.60-0.020.71-0.320.85
75-0.08Last 2 MonthsATL16386:401161181242610.53488.5791917-1.24-0.46-0.28-0.670.99-0.140.64-0.480.97
228-0.51NBA 14-15ATL52975:3927825223755321.419248.7765839-2.15-0.80-0.87-0.89-0.57-0.60-
174-0.40NBA 13-14OKC611584:0538348220947917.415340.7686955-1.81-0.44-0.97-0.850.14-0.71-0.44-0.011.51
540.06NBA 12-13OKC812229:0661310831712510344.481466.8266964-1.170.60-0.46-0.640.78-
226-0.52NBA 11-12OKC42913:5320331128463717.432155.8844340-2.09-0.49-1.14-1.03-0.85-0.58-
108-0.17NBA 10-11OKC792049:00401283461119738.471333.7477955-1.69-0.70-0.28-0.700.80-0.230.02-0.111.36
342-0.65NBA Preseason 15ATL457:532027433.40015.75086-2.01-0.85-1.49-1.03-0.890.00-0.23-0.080.77