Spencer Hawes - MIL - F

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Draft2007 (Pick 10)
NBA Salary$5,782,450
Projection Updated2/25/2017

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14.6d ago Open link
Active Active Friday vs LAL
Coach Kidd said Hawes might get a chance to play.
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Out Out Friday @DEN (trade)
Hawes is expected to sit out Friday at DEN and Saturday at PHO, and to debut Wednesday vs MIA.
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Out Out Friday @DEN (trade)
He will not make his Bucks debut Friday.
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Traded Traded (from cha)
Hawes has been traded to Milwaukee (along with Hibbert) for Miles Plumlee.
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I'm sure Hawes will be dropped by the end of the weekend, but the fact that Kidd is the coach is actually why I picked him up as a spec add. Kidd was willing to start Plumlee and Henson, so he may be willing to do the same with Hawes. They have been struggling lately so if Hawes plays well for 20-25 minutes, it could stick. The Kidd crazy factor can work both ways.
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I do not have the same enthusiasm for Hawes as others. Maker has looked good last two games and Monroe is their best centre to me. Maybe Hawes is third string, but if he were fifth string, it wouldn't surprise me. This does not seem like a talent upgrade, rather a cap move.
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Hawes and Waiters blowing up the comments section. What a time to be alive!
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This is a poor situation for him to land in and I'm not expecting standard league production, but I can understand the excitement. Hawes was a three point shooting shot blocker before it was popular (which makes me remember him fondly) and was a top 50 player a mere three seasons ago when given starter's minutes in Cleveland.
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I think Parker is abolsulety worth owning as well
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Hawes has put up some decent numbers in the past, but I bet with Kidd at the helm we see more of the same wonky center rotations.. Monroe, Hawes and Henson. IMO there are only two Bucks players worth rostering.. Alphabet and Middelton, the rest are a flavor of the day crap shoot.
Agreed with GDiama. The Hawes comments are all over the place and I doubt he has value in MIL. I wouldn't be surprised if these teams make additional moves with some of these players.
Hawes has put up some decent numbers in the past, but I bet with Kidd at the helm we see more of the same wonky center rotations.. Monroe, Hawes and Henson. IMO there are only two Bucks players worth rostering.. Alphabet and Middelton, the rest are a flavor of the day crap shoot.
67 adds today in yahoo. Is that everyone here from bbm? lol
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Oh man I really think this trade is meaningless, just the Bucks wanted to get rid of Plumlee's contract and they take Hibbert's expiring and Hawes reasonable player option. I don't think they have a great plan for Hawes.
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can't believe people are actually excited about Hawes fantasy prospect....cmon, playing for Kidd and his shaky minutes distribution with Maker, Monroe and Henson also fighting for mins, I dont see how you could thinking of adding him in 12-14 teams....not at all
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Nothing wrong with spec add, people act like its a bad move.
@lordbattletank I mean.. I get it, if you look at the past couple years, with such a limited role everywhere he's been, surely it's hard to understand why there would be any hype. I would take a hard look at his 2013/14 season however, and notice his numbers in around 30mpg were quite impressive. 13ppg, 1.6 3's, 8 rebs, 3 assists, a touch over a block and solid percentages for a big man. I'd argue that if we see Kidd put him in a floor-spreading lineup that leads to anywhere around 26+ mpg, he could hold top 100 value.
I added him in a 16 team league and dropped warren...this opens up a streaming spot for me...and im in a playoff chase so Warren is not really helping me.
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I for some reason just naturally went and scooped him up as soon as I heard about the trade. I'm not expecting much.
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Can't say I am excited about Hawes. I just think he's a good spec add
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can't believe i live in a world where people are excited for Hawes in fantasy basketball.
If the Bucks fall out of the playoff race a few more games they will likely continue looking to deal Monroe, since they hold a team option for next season. That would also get Maker minutes. Ideally, they will stay in the playoff hunt and Hawes will take all of the non-Monroe minutes.
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Hawes fits the offense nicely because the bucks could use some spacing with Giannis wreaking havoc in the paint but there are a decent amount of big men on the roster and a Middleton return could cut some minutes for everyone but Hawes I think will be worth a add in 12-14 team leagues cuz with Kidd I bet he'll be inconsistently good. 1 day it'll be 33 Mins 15/7/3 2 3's and the next is like 18 mins 6/4/2. Lots of fantasy potential for a guy who is barely owned
Are we not worried about Monroe?
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Drop Willie Hernangomez for Hawes?
A lot has to go right for Len to star this year. First he has to get minutes, which appears extremely unlikely at this point especially given how well Chandler is playing. Second Len has to actually play well, which also is yet to happen. Even his per minute numbers aren't favorable. He is ranked 165 this year in per 36. Last year he played heavier minutes and ended up ranked 231 per game and 271 in per 36 ranking
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I would expect Len to star at certain point this year, but..I guess spencer is more valuable right now.
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With Aminu's role more clear, is he a better hold than Hawes?
Also I have no idea what the Hornets are thinking with this trade
We'll move players to their new teams once the trade is official.
I don't think there is one minutes projection for Hawes at the moment. I would say anything from 20-30 is possible. If he is on the higher end of the scale he will have good value. I would definitely prefer Hawes over Len.
He is definitely on my watch list, but i'm gonna take a wait and see approach. Kidd's rotations can be very unpredictable.
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Will you drop Len for him? I stashed Len but it was painful (as you can expected)
Mil's C: Hawes, Monroe, Maker, Henson... how many minutes can we project Hawes to have?
I don't think he needs to be picked up, but I would definitely add him if you have an open roster spot. He was a top 50 player the last time he was a starter. Kidd runs some goofy rotations sometimes, so big minutes are far from a guarantee
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spencer need to picked up in std league? does bucks have too many Cs? and rotation can be messy, right?
No clue what Kidd will actually do. But Maker likely won't play much and Plumlee isn't on the roster anymore. I would guess Hawes should see the lions share of the minutes with Monroe getting 20 or so minutes off the bench
Is Hawes a better add than Aminu?
Also nice for Giannis to get some more floor spacing. Hawes really fits their team well. Teams can't clog the paint with bigs to counter Giannis when he is out there with Hawes
@gehrenberg, realistically what are the minutes distribution going to be for Hawes/Plumlee/Maker?
Yes Hawes and Hibbert to the Bucks for Plumlee
Is it done already?
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Great trade for the Bucks. He immediately becomes the best center on the roster and I think he should be picked up in standard leagues
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Zeller back from concussion
Why was he DNP?
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1/28/2017SACL 106 - 1090.13CHA28:191207101.66761.00041515.6 
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1/23/2017WASL 99 - 109CHA               
1/21/2017BKNW 112 - 105CHA               
1/20/2017TORW 113 - 78-0.60CHA5:294030001.0002.00000017.9 
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1/16/2017@ BOSL 98 - 108-0.45CHA17:04603110.6005.00001216.2 
1/13/2017@ PHIL 93 - 102CHA               
1/10/2017@ HOUL 114 - 1210.27CHA24:491625400.70010.00001619.7 
1/7/2017@ SASL 85 - 102CHA               
1/5/2017@ DETL 114 - 1150.38CHA28:091834301.462131.00030322.1 
1/4/2017OKCW 123 - 1120.43CHA23:47824222.33361.00021414.0 
1/2/2017@ CHIL 111 - 118-0.40CHA26:171003202.5569.00003320.4 
12/31/2016CLEL 109 - 121-0.97CHA3:09200000.00001.00021229.7 
12/29/2016MIAW 91 - 82CHA               
12/28/2016@ ORLW 120 - 101-0.53CHA8:22604200.7504.00001028.3 
12/26/2016@ BKNL 118 - 120CHA               
12/23/2016CHIW 103 - 91CHA               
12/20/2016LALW 117 - 113CHA               
12/17/2016@ ATLW 107 - 99CHA               
12/16/2016@ BOSL 88 - 96-1.21CHA14:00303000.3333.50021414.2 
12/14/2016@ WASL 106 - 109CHA               
12/12/2016@ INDL 94 - 110CHA               
12/10/2016@ CLEL 105 - 116CHA               
12/9/2016ORLW 109 - 88-1.18CHA7:34201100.2504.00001127.9 
12/7/2016DETW 87 - 77CHA               
12/5/2016@ DALW 109 - 101-0.78CHA8:16402100.5004.00000023.3 
12/3/2016MINL 120 - 125-0.71CHA21:36516000.3336.00000111.3 
12/1/2016DALW 97 - 870.15CHA13:037031111.00031.00010113.0 
11/29/2016DETL 89 - 112-0.52CHA16:40822010.6005.00003122.6 
11/28/2016@ MEMW 104 - 85-0.46CHA26:39401601.33331.0002137.9 
11/26/2016NYKW 107 - 102-0.80CHA13:51513101.2867.00001325.3 
11/25/2016@ NYKL 111 - 113-1.01CHA0:03000000.0000.000000  
11/23/2016SASL 114 - 119-0.24CHA19:491103311.40010.75040125.0 
11/21/2016MEML 90 - 1050.15CHA37:0014210112.42914.00003322.4 
11/19/2016@ NORL 116 - 121-0.34CHA21:15806401.6676.00003218.3 
11/18/2016ATLW 100 - 96CHA               
11/15/2016@ MINW 115 - 108-0.92CHA4:08001100.0000.000001  
11/13/2016@ CLEL 93 - 100-0.30CHA20:07605211.4297.00001318.2 
11/11/2016TORL 111 - 113-1.22CHA6:29205000.1437.00000048.3 
11/9/2016UTAW 104 - 98-0.13CHA18:511103311.7147.33330020.3 
11/7/2016INDW 122 - 1000.52CHA21:3013113120.54511.00001223.7 
11/4/2016@ BKNW 99 - 95-0.35CHA26:491315001.62581.00024220.3 
11/2/2016PHIW 109 - 93-0.36CHA14:498002011.00031.00022017.8 
10/29/2016BOSL 98 - 104-0.12CHA20:22605421.3339.00001023.3 
10/28/2016@ MIAW 97 - 91-0.19CHA20:121009202.400101.00022227.7 
10/26/2016@ MILW 107 - 96-0.72CHA12:49402301.5004.00002120.2 
4/13/2016ORLW 117 - 1030.53CHA17:591225301.8336.00000115.3 
4/11/2016@ BOSW 114 - 100-0.29CHA19:40925001.6005.50021315.8 
4/10/2016@ WASL 98 - 113-1.18CHA4:34202100.3333.00002343.3 
4/8/2016BKNW 113 - 99-0.45CHA13:19402301.33331.00020213.6 
4/6/2016@ NYKW 111 - 97-1.09CHA17:48402101.2005.66731018.5 
4/5/2016@ TORL 90 - 96-0.85CHA8:29202101.3333.00001122.9 
4/3/2016@ CLEL 103 - 112-0.08CHA19:22919210.37581.00021124.3 
4/1/2016PHIW 100 - 91CHA               
3/29/2016@ PHIW 100 - 85CHA               
3/26/2016@ MILW 115 - 91-0.91CHA5:52000201.0002.00000017.2 
3/25/2016@ DETL 105 - 112-0.66CHA9:20514200.3336.00000029.3 
3/22/2016@ BKNW 105 - 100-0.91CHA19:55205101.2005.00001314.5 
3/21/2016SASW 91 - 88CHA               
3/19/2016DENL 93 - 101CHA               
3/17/2016@ MIAW 109 - 106CHA               
3/16/2016ORLW 107 - 99CHA               
3/14/2016DALL 96 - 107CHA               
3/12/2016HOUW 125 - 109CHA               
3/11/2016DETW 118 - 103CHA               
3/9/2016NORW 122 - 113CHA               
3/7/2016MINW 108 - 103CHA               
3/4/2016INDW 108 - 101CHA               
3/2/2016@ PHIW 119 - 99CHA               
3/1/2016PHOW 126 - 92CHA               
2/28/2016@ ATLL 76 - 87CHA               
2/26/2016@ INDW 96 - 95CHA               
2/24/2016@ CLEL 103 - 114CHA               
2/21/2016@ BKNW 104 - 96CHA               
2/19/2016@ MILW 98 - 95CHA               
2/10/2016@ INDW 117 - 95-0.76CHA23:24614201.2504.75042214.7 
2/8/2016CHIW 108 - 91-0.02CHA28:001318001.55691.00022619.2 
2/6/2016WASW 108 - 1040.20CHA18:121414002.6676.83361323.7 
2/5/2016MIAL 95 - 98-0.55CHA22:35206112.2005.00002114.6 
2/3/2016CLEW 106 - 97-0.05CHA20:08604421.6005.00003218.6 
1/31/2016@ LALW 101 - 82Y-0.25CHA27:37406512.2508.00001113.0 
1/29/2016@ PORL 91 - 109Y-0.25CHA25:13515410.3336.00000310.6 
1/27/2016@ UTAL 73 - 102Y-0.63CHA26:25924200.4297.50021216.9 
1/25/2016@ SACW 129 - 128Y1.06CHA30:061847020.70010.00001616.2 
1/23/2016NYKW 97 - 84Y-0.12CHA34:282010321.1437.0000029.0 
1/22/2016@ ORLW 120 - 116Y0.29CHA32:2316110301.500141.00011321.2 
1/20/2016@ OKCL 95 - 109-0.83CHA26:46606300.25081.00021116.5 
1/18/2016UTAW 124 - 119-0.87CHA15:56000101.0001.0000003.1 
1/16/2016MILL 92 - 105-0.49CHA21:02709300.4297.50020217.3 
1/15/2016@ NORL 107 - 109-0.89CHA11:17403200.4005.00001225.7 
1/13/2016ATLW 107 - 84-0.57CHA15:19315101.3333.00001111.4 
1/10/2016@ DENL 92 - 950.13CHA16:56824321.33361.00022123.6 
1/9/2016@ LACL 83 - 97-0.58CHA14:54714100.40051.00021020.3 
1/6/2016@ PHOL 102 - 111-1.26CHA9:06004100.0005.00000124.2 
1/4/2016@ GSWL 101 - 111-0.89CHA20:03604400.16761.00042221.6 
1/2/2016OKCL 90 - 109CHA               
1/1/2016@ TORL 94 - 104CHA               
12/30/2015LACL 117 - 122CHA               
12/28/2015LALW 108 - 98CHA               
12/26/2015MEMW 98 - 92CHA               
12/23/2015BOSL 89 - 102-1.43CHA5:53001000.0002.00002128.6 
12/21/2015@ HOUL 95 - 102-0.13CHA21:25311231.2005.00001312.6 
12/19/2015@ WASL 101 - 109-0.48CHA18:17914200.5008.00001120.4 
12/17/2015TORW 109 - 990.94CHA23:1351104311.0002.0000156.1 
12/16/2015@ ORLL 98 - 113-1.24CHA18:08201000.2504.00001113.1 
12/12/2015BOSL 93 - 980.09CHA20:361028300.6676.00001115.5 
12/11/2015@ MEMW 123 - 99-0.80CHA16:40802100.00021.00083222.6 
12/9/2015MIAW 99 - 81-0.75CHA17:12513000.5004.00001414.2 
12/7/2015DETW 104 - 84-0.59CHA15:53803100.5008.00000021.1 
12/5/2015@ CHIW 102 - 960.14CHA22:351437400.6676.75042218.6 
12/2/2015GSWL 99 - 116-0.26CHA20:111205200.55691.00021122.7 
11/29/2015MILW 87 - 82-0.74CHA16:24518000.25041.00022222.0 
11/27/2015CLEL 90 - 95-0.65CHA5:244001001.0002.00000218.6 
11/25/2015WASW 101 - 87CHA               
11/23/2015SACW 127 - 122-1.05CHA7:39002200.0001.00001110.3 
11/20/2015PHIW 113 - 88-1.12CHA14:52405200.16761.00022327.8 
11/18/2015BKNW 116 - 1110.15CHA17:371224200.7147.00000116.8 
11/17/2015@ NYKL 94 - 102-0.02CHA17:241425101.400101.00041235.9 
11/15/2015PORW 106 - 94-0.69CHA17:33202401.00021.0002129.9 
11/13/2015@ CHIL 97 - 102-1.01CHA17:17204100.2005.00000213.2 
11/11/2015NYKW 95 - 93-0.77CHA19:08004500.0002.0000015.0 
11/10/2015@ MINW 104 - 95-1.03CHA19:03202210.1676.00001316.7 
11/7/2015@ SASL 94 - 114-0.98CHA13:55402000.6673.00002116.5 
11/5/2015@ DALW 108 - 94-1.15CHA18:24004301.0004.00002314.9 
11/3/2015CHIW 130 - 1050.21CHA19:351333200.8336.00001115.2 
11/1/2015ATLL 92 - 94-0.94CHA18:24204211.1258.00001422.8 
10/30/2015@ ATLL 94 - 97-0.59CHA17:51804420.6676.00032522.0 
10/28/2015@ MIAL 94 - 104-0.73CHA18:19703000.6005.50020214.8