Brandan Wright

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Draft2007 (Pick 8)

Season Stats

   91-0.12Current SeasonDAL5718.
   94-0.11Last MonthDAL1519.
   103-0.15Last 2 WeeksDAL618.
   59-0.01Last WeekDAL224.710.
   134-0.24NBA 12-13DAL6417.
   142-0.25NBA 11-12DAL4916.
   149-0.26NBA Preseason 13DAL119.414.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment3/2/2014 11:58 AMDa Ruhl 100% (5)why does he not get more minutes?
 Comment2/10/2014 4:52 PMWonderllama 0% (0)I have Wright on one team just for his percentages. It seems to me like he has the best overall combo of FG/FT. But only for my most dominant team... can't afford lack of stats elsewhere
 Comment1/11/2014 8:34 PMsofsetzer 100% (3)block sighting!
 Comment1/10/2014 11:15 PMsofsetzer 0% (3)so keep and bank on him finding the blocks again or drop?
 Comment1/10/2014 10:11 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Fouls are way up, and obviously he's not helping with no blocks. 2.3 per 36 over the first 231 games of his career, 0.2 over the past 8 games.
 Comment1/10/2014 9:19 PMChipotleandPatron 100% (4)getting hard to hang onto him without any blocks whatsoever...
 Comment1/10/2014 9:13 PM#35771 100% (1)the projection seems a bit optimistic from these past 20 days
 Comment1/8/2014 10:15 PMak murthy 50% (2)@dalau, a big culprit has been foul trouble causing him to play more conservatively
 Comment1/8/2014 10:09 PMdalau 0% (1)Another game and still no blocks. For those who have access to the DAL games are you able spot the issue?
 Comment1/7/2014 11:05 AMantbanks 22% (9)Where dem blocks at?? The clamor of those multi-BLK games of a few weeks ago is but a quiet whisper now. Fools' gold. DROPPED!
 Comment1/7/2014 10:50 AMzheeduh 0% (1)A lot of his value is from low TOs (that symbol should probably be added to him)
 Comment1/7/2014 8:11 AM#4586 50% (4)Why so high on Wright? The weekly primer says he should be rostered in almost every league. I find that hard to believe. He can't seem to board or block. FG% is nice, but hardly carries him.
 Comment12/31/2013 1:37 AMAlphaBlitzer 0% (1)Wright is ~240 lbs and plays mostly C and some PF. Probably have to pick your spots unless something changes.
 Comment12/31/2013 1:15 AMcheonghm 100% (1)In reality, it just makes sense to use all three serviceable big men instead overusing one and leading to injuries...
 Comment12/30/2013 9:41 PMmmcc1029 100% (1)I agree, every night i compare his mins/numbers to dalembert/blair and he usually is straight up winning that battle...all im asking for is like 22-26 min per game consistently haha
 Comment12/30/2013 7:57 PMandrewwinters 60% (5)I just don't understand why Carlisle doesn't play him more. His per minute numbers have been great for the last two seasons and especially this one. What gives?
 Comment12/22/2013 8:39 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (4)Grab him anywhere he's available, there's no question about that.
 Comment12/22/2013 5:02 PMjlongrc 33% (3)I think the projection is good at this point. If it becomes clear that his minutes will be consistent and his play stays like it is, then we start jacking that thing up.
 Comment12/21/2013 9:35 PMAlphaBlitzer 100% (4)Worst case top150, best case Sanders of last year. I am stashing before it's too late.
 Comment12/21/2013 6:31 AMlebronstein 100% (3)Dirk seems to be clamoring for him to start. Should at least get the 23 mpg he avg over the last month of last season, right?
 Comment12/15/2013 6:11 PMliam4 75% (4)Pick him up if you want a chance at the upside (I have), but the projection makes sense as a midpoint given history and competition for minutes
 Comment12/15/2013 5:40 PMAlphaBlitzer 50% (6)While I suspect the Mavs have every intention to play him more minutes or even start him, I don't have confidence in his stamina to play effectively beyond 24mpg.
 Comment12/15/2013 4:32 PMmhubes 71% (7)Sammy D and Blair have both spent extensive time in the dog house in their career; neither has done much to deserve major minutes this year. Zero reason to think B.Wright isn't getting close to 25 min
 Comment12/15/2013 3:38 PMjdjohnson 100% (2)For a player that was labeled a breakout candidate only months ago, the opinion here on BBM seems to have soured. If it isn't his shoulder, what is the reason for the lowered expectations?
 Comment12/15/2013 1:22 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)It's not likely, but it's not an impossibility. One game doesn't allow us to start drawing those kinds of conclusions.
 Comment12/15/2013 12:31 PMshawnj_99 100% (2)So Mr Buser, for the moment your two conditions for Wright have been met. With Dally benched are >25 minutes likely?
 Comment12/15/2013 12:43 AMbrandonislegend 100% (3)Yeah very true but he only played 19 minutes and it was his first game back, hopefully he can build on it, picking him up with fingers crossed.
 Comment12/15/2013 12:02 AMChipotleandPatron 100% (1)get it wright get it tight
 Comment12/14/2013 11:39 PMbrandonislegend 88% (8)Should I drop someone like Terrence Ross for this guy?
 Comment12/13/2013 6:44 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 50% (4)DeJuan Blair has interjected himself squarely into the minutes mix, as well. Have to be conservative with Wright for all those reasons, but he certainly is upsidey.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/12/2014PHO101 - 98 (+3)0.90DAL32:15120111130.62581.000213
4/10/2014SAS100 - 109 (-9)-0.58DAL17:098030000.66760.000011
4/8/2014@ UTA95 - 83 (+12)-1.27DAL10:360030000.00030.000010
4/6/2014@ SAC93 - 91 (+2)-1.06DAL6:052010000.25040.000000
4/4/2014@ LAL107 - 95 (+12)1.57DAL26:5223051121.000101.000312
4/3/2014@ LAC113 - 107 (+6)-0.02DAL16:258031110.57170.000003
4/1/2014GSW120 - 122 (-2)0.31DAL25:2314050010.83361.000410
3/29/2014SAC103 - 100 (+3)0.41DAL19:256061031.00021.000200
3/27/2014LAC103 - 109 (-6)-0.15DAL24:088040121.00030.500413
3/25/2014OKC128 - 119 (+9)-0.24DAL20:333062210.33330.500212
3/23/2014BKN104 - 107 (-3)-0.54DAL17:485020011.00020.500200
3/21/2014DEN122 - 106 (+16)0.22DAL20:4913033010.66791.000103
3/19/2014MIN122 - 123 (-1)-0.98DAL20:317031001.00030.250401
3/17/2014BOS94 - 89 (+5)0.15DAL17:1010030101.00050.000000
3/16/2014@ OKC109 - 86 (+23)0.28DAL19:158080120.66760.000012
3/12/2014@ UTA108 - 101 (+7)-0.16DAL15:078010110.57170.000002
3/11/2014@ GSW85 - 108 (-23)-0.32DAL15:479061010.60050.750411
3/9/2014IND105 - 94 (+11)-0.74DAL11:504020001.00020.000010
3/7/2014POR103 - 98 (+5)-0.28DAL15:506021010.75040.000000
3/5/2014@ DEN110 - 115 (-5)0.64DAL25:0018030120.692130.000012
3/2/2014@ SAS106 - 112 (-6)0.22DAL17:388062220.66760.000203
2/28/2014CHI91 - 100 (-9)-1.11DAL8:380001000.00020.000001
2/26/2014NOR108 - 89 (+19)1.32DAL23:438081330.75041.000200
2/24/2014@ NYK110 - 108 (+2)0.11DAL20:3512040010.75080.000001
2/22/2014@ DET113 - 102 (+11)-0.19DAL13:409040010.57171.000103
2/21/2014@ PHI124 - 112 (+12)-0.55DAL14:356061010.75040.000033
2/18/2014MIA106 - 117 (-11)-0.51DAL22:4512050010.385131.000210
2/12/2014@ IND81 - 73 (+8)-0.16DAL11:427050111.00030.500211
2/11/2014@ CHA89 - 114 (-25)-0.33DAL11:478030010.57170.000000
2/9/2014@ BOS102 - 91 (+11)0.33DAL20:338060120.75041.000211
2/7/2014UTA103 - 81 (+22)-0.12DAL12:598050010.60051.000202
2/5/2014@ MEM110 - 96 (+14)-0.06DAL18:1317041000.75080.714702
2/3/2014CLE124 - 107 (+17)0.06DAL22:2614070100.57170.857711
1/31/2014SAC107 - 103 (+4)-0.42DAL25:43100100100.66760.400500
1/29/2014HOU115 - 117 (-2)-0.72DAL11:596010000.75040.000011
1/26/2014DET116 - 106 (+10)0.27DAL16:008030031.00021.000411
1/24/2014@ BKN106 - 107 (-1)-0.34DAL11:438000001.00031.000203
1/22/2014@ TOR85 - 93 (-8)-0.38DAL25:1013030100.71470.600512
1/20/2014@ CLE102 - 97 (+5)-0.27DAL13:0010041000.60051.000411
1/18/2014POR111 - 127 (-16)-0.06DAL19:588032110.50080.000000
1/17/2014@ PHO110 - 107 (+3)-0.83DAL17:068050010.66760.000132
1/15/2014@ LAC127 - 129 (-2)0.27DAL13:0313071000.85771.000101
1/13/2014ORL107 - 88 (+19)-0.69DAL22:412060020.20050.000012
1/11/2014NOR110 - 107 (+3)0.78DAL24:578040320.66731.000412
1/10/2014@ NOR107 - 90 (+17)-0.94DAL14:485060000.33360.500203
1/8/2014@ SAS90 - 112 (-22)-0.52DAL19:589020100.66760.500213
1/7/2014LAL110 - 97 (+13)-0.37DAL17:488033000.57170.000004
1/5/2014NYK80 - 92 (-12)-0.60DAL21:317051000.60050.500205
1/3/2014LAC112 - 119 (-7)-0.14DAL22:5012051000.75080.000014
1/1/2014@ WAS87 - 78 (+9)-0.16DAL18:1110031200.71470.000032
12/30/2013@ MIN100 - 98 (+2)0.16DAL17:4014030100.75081.000211
12/28/2013@ CHI105 - 83 (+22)0.27DAL15:326020211.00030.000002
12/26/2013SAS DAL             
12/23/2013@ HOU111 - 104 (+7)0.16DAL19:086031201.00030.000004
12/21/2013@ PHO108 - 123 (-15)1.18DAL28:4219061040.800100.750401
12/20/2013TOR108 - 109 (-1)-0.44DAL26:0313060020.62580.500612
12/18/2013MEM105 - 91 (+14)-0.35DAL13:144020030.00031.000410
12/14/2013MIL106 - 93 (+13)0.19DAL18:4719061000.900100.333301