Michael Beasley - MIL - F

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Draft2008 (Pick 2)
NBA Salary$1,403,611
Projection Updated2/19/2017

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Starting Starting Saturday @IND
Beasley is starting Saturday at IND, and John Henson will come off the bench.
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Out Out Friday vs WAS (mid-foot sprain)
He's a late scratch.
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Doubtful Doubtful Tuesday vs CLE (mid-foot sprain)
He went through some practice Monday and will be re-evaluated Tuesday to determine if he'll be able to play against the Cavs.
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Probable Probable Friday vs ATL (left mid-foot sprain)
Beasley has been upgraded to probable for Friday vs ATL.
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Probable Probable Wednesday vs CHA (sprained right elbow)
Beasley is probable Wednesday vs CHA.
deciding whether or not i should drop Josh Richardson for B-Easy
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Think we might've find the guy to own after this Jabari injury? 19 Pts on 9-10 FG with 10 mins left in the 3rd. Idk how his FG% is so good every year but he is basically a Jae Crowder/Otto Porter lite with these type of minutes. Worth a long look in standard leagues
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Starting tonight over Henson with Thon starting at Center. That Lakers game must've pissed Kidd off real bad with the Lakers scoring 47 in the 1st quarter. It seems like Beasley might consistently get 20-30 MPG off the bench or starting.
I was looking at the leaguev and puntvs for tonights game in the game log, but noticed they were different when i clicked the hyperlink below to the box score. why is that?
After tonight's game, we should have at least a semblance of a better idea of what Kidd is going to do with his rotation (in the short term) with Jabari out. If Beasley starts, the current projection might be too low. Likely, Beasley will come off the bench. We will reevaluate the MIL ROS projections after tonight's game.
Per 36 value last year was off the charts and it is still fairly solid this year. Bucks offense has a big void with Jabari out and Middleton limited for the time being. Beasley will have the solid 18/7 1 blk in 28 mins type of games and then 6/3 in 15 mins 2 days later.
His rest of season projections suggest he is a solid add in 12-14+ team leagues and can play a solid role as a roleplayer on your team. Would just keep an eye on the situation in standard leagues but he has shown the ability to put up solid pts, %'s, rebs and the occasional blk.
What Kyle said is right, it feels like it will change almost every game and no one will be worth owning in standard leagues and no one will feel safe in cash games for DFS.
The Bucks have Thon Maker listed in the game notes as the probable starter at PF in place of Jabari Parker. That doesn't guarantee that Thon will start, but the Bucks are usually pretty good about updating the lineup and injury information in their game notes accurately. Coach Kidd should talk before the game tonight, and that will hopefully give us a better understanding of how the team hopes to fill the hole Jabari left. Most likely, we'll see different players step up and get big minutes from game to game but no one will outright claim 30+ minutes like Jabari was playing.
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projected to play only 18 minutes tonight?
Where is this guy heading? He's not been added in my league, one where owners are quick to chase shadows. Does his history tells us the whole story?
Yeah, he's just about there.
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I think he's almost an add for 14 team leagues, rather than watch list
Officially watch-list material for 14+ team leagues. Several solid games in a row with limited minutes. Lots of run as a bench scorer.
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Nice line tonight. his per 36 numbers seem down across the board (although he has barely been playing).
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I actually felt opposite. In Mr. Pringles offense I think he'd have value. Buried on Milwaukee's bench I don't.
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I'm struggling to see how this makes sense. Beasley is best suited to playing the four unless they go Giannis/Jabari/Beasley at the 2/3/4. But even then, it looks disasterous. I can't see Beasley getting 30 minutes and being someone I want
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Does Beasley become someone worth grabbing with this trade to the Bucks? Based on history, decent pts/fg/rebs on limited mins but that's about it. Would be nice to be able to bump the stls and 3s up to about 1.
Per Game
104-0.17Projection 16-17MILSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
92-0.13Short-term (3/12)MIL1028.
214-0.47NBA 16-17MIL4716.
460.23Last WeekMIL425.714.
153-0.32Last 2 WeeksMIL719.412.
230-0.52Last MonthMIL1317.
183-0.39Last 2 MonthsMIL2417.910.
198-0.43Last 3 MonthsMIL3617.
138-0.26NBA 15-16HOU2018.
270-0.52NBA 14-15MIA2421.
242-0.51NBA 13-14MIA5515.
Per 36
116-0.16Projection 16-17MILSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
110-0.15Short-term (3/12)MIL1028.
121-0.20NBA 16-17MIL4716.819.
360.20Last WeekMIL425.720.
96-0.13Last 2 WeeksMIL719.422.
177-0.29Last MonthMIL1317.
93-0.13Last 2 MonthsMIL2417.920.
119-0.19Last 3 MonthsMIL3617.919.
210.15NBA 15-16HOU2018.
277-0.39NBA 14-15MIA2421.
85-0.08NBA 13-14MIA5515.
97-0.13Projection 16-17MILSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
77-0.07Short-term (3/12)MIL10280:001445581889.519111.738321923.20.12-0.720.18-0.53-0.460.461.02-0.43-0.29
209-0.48NBA 16-17MIL47791:5243416169492323.533330.710935825.3-0.96-1.00-0.84-0.88-1.27-0.380.72-0.380.64
340.19Last WeekMIL4102:5359217943.66739.7147521.40.36-0.66-0.12-
144-0.34Last 2 WeeksMIL7135:2784224944.64356.55618826.6-0.33-0.99-0.69-0.76-0.79-0.031.66-1.700.56
226-0.56Last MonthMIL13222:431306481248.55797.571281626.8-0.89-0.88-0.84-0.93-1.55-0.160.74-1.160.61
195-0.45Last 2 MonthsMIL24429:56244986301315.542179.719573025.3-0.93-1.02-0.89-0.81-1.14-0.190.71-0.420.65
203-0.47Last 3 MonthsMIL36643:4234713138421721.538262.712734724.8-0.99-0.98-0.80-0.87-1.36-0.240.70-0.360.63
331-0.77NBA 15-16HOU20362:3525539816119.522205.776492431.3-1.93-1.14-1.73-1.27-1.92-0.970.320.001.74
361-0.80NBA 14-15MIA24504:49212889321513.434212.769263723.5-2.36-1.08-1.56-1.17-1.74-0.79-
254-0.60NBA 13-14MIA55831:2443621172422321.499355.772795727.5-1.67-0.85-1.21-1.20-1.61-0.620.290.001.48

Game Log
2/15/2017@ BKNW 129 - 125Y0.17MIL21:541403011.7789.00010118.5 
2/13/2017DETW 102 - 89Y1.72MIL31:472303431.769131.00030122.2 
2/11/2017@ INDW 116 - 100Y-0.76MIL25:45716300.3758.00002119.2 
2/10/2017LALL 114 - 122-0.22MIL23:271515201.6679.66733325.5 
2/8/2017MIAL 88 - 106-1.45MIL12:001103000.6676.42972046.0 
2/4/2017@ PHOW 137 - 112-0.62MIL6:45601000.7504.00000024.3 
2/3/2017@ DENL 117 - 121-1.06MIL13:49803001.4297.50041230.2 
2/1/2017@ UTAL 88 - 104-1.24MIL17:07813002.2867.50062132.5 
1/28/2017BOSL 108 - 1120.15MIL22:211718100.700101.00022226.3 
1/27/2017@ TORL 86 - 102-1.40MIL6:55001000.0002.00002024.9 
1/25/2017PHIL 109 - 114MIL               
1/23/2017HOUW 127 - 114MIL               
1/21/2017@ MIAL 97 - 109-1.10MIL10:20502000.5004.50021027.0 
1/20/2017@ ORLL 96 - 112-1.06MIL6:52202000.2504.00000125.6 
1/18/2017@ HOUL 92 - 1110.09MIL23:411428202.42914.00001125.6 
1/16/2017PHIL 104 - 113-0.89MIL25:56706200.4005.75042314.5 
1/15/2017@ ATLL 98 - 111-0.20MIL17:541103120.4297.83361227.3 
1/13/2017MIAW 116 - 1080.41MIL21:2411072111.00051.00012315.9 
1/10/2017@ SASW 109 - 1071.28MIL34:212815423.61118.83364234.1 
1/8/2017WASL 101 - 1070.31MIL15:491811010.66791.00051135.2
Questionable to return
1/6/2017NYKL 111 - 116-1.21MIL12:23300200.25041.00012224.5 
1/4/2017@ NYKW 105 - 104-0.42MIL9:34710001.66731.00021322.6 
1/2/2017OKCW 98 - 94-0.79MIL9:53204000.5002.0000019.5 
12/31/2016@ CHIW 116 - 96MIL               
12/30/2016@ MINL 99 - 116-0.36MIL20:121205300.500101.00021329.9 
12/28/2016@ DETW 119 - 94-0.26MIL21:34703312.3758.50020019.9 
12/26/2016@ WASL 102 - 107-0.35MIL18:13804120.36411.00000426.8 
12/23/2016WASW 123 - 96MIL               
12/21/2016@ CLEL 102 - 113MIL               
12/20/2016CLEL 108 - 114MIL               
12/16/2016@ CHIW 95 - 69MIL               
12/15/2016CHIW 108 - 97MIL               
12/12/2016@ TORL 100 - 122-1.22MIL16:28204200.2005.00002019.5 
12/10/2016@ WASL 105 - 110-1.25MIL5:09201000.3333.00002045.3 
12/9/2016ATLL 110 - 1140.95MIL23:251416203.85771.00010613.5 
12/7/2016PORW 115 - 107-0.15MIL22:091218010.7147.50022220.9 
12/5/2016SASL 96 - 97-0.41MIL13:378010011.00031.00022119.8 
12/3/2016BKNW 112 - 103-1.03MIL17:53503101.4005.50022418.7 
12/1/2016@ BKNW 111 - 93-0.78MIL16:58507110.2504.75042019.7 
11/29/2016CLEW 118 - 1010.49MIL25:561712220.700101.00022321.1 
11/27/2016@ ORLW 104 - 96-0.29MIL16:481306100.66791.00012030.7 
11/25/2016TORL 99 - 105-0.92MIL15:34208201.1437.00001325.2 
11/21/2016ORLW 93 - 89-0.49MIL19:451403100.50014.00000230.8 
11/19/2016GSWL 121 - 124-1.12MIL20:04913000.4449.00020121.1 
11/17/2016@ MIAL 73 - 96-0.92MIL15:5713010000.45511.60052243.0 
11/16/2016@ ATLL 100 - 107-1.44MIL4:17000000.0002.00002139.5 
11/12/2016MEMW 106 - 960.42MIL19:291914110.7508.85771131.2 
11/10/2016NORL 106 - 112-0.29MIL12:01914200.50061.00020124.4 
11/6/2016@ DALL 75 - 86-0.14MIL10:23713010.7504.00000218.5 
11/5/2016SACW 117 - 91-0.33MIL16:061004010.50010.00000027.1 
11/3/2016INDW 125 - 107-1.00MIL12:57402101.3336.00002326.0 
11/1/2016@ NORW 117 - 113-0.58MIL12:481201000.55691.00021134.6 
10/30/2016@ DETL 83 - 98-0.49MIL15:47701220.6005.50022322.6 
10/29/2016BKNW 110 - 108-0.84MIL9:064000001.0002.00001114.2 
10/26/2016CHAL 96 - 107-1.12MIL19:19202111.2005.00020113.5 
4/13/2016SACW 116 - 810.03HOU16:381005211.50081.00021023.3 
4/11/2016@ MINW 129 - 105-0.89HOU5:294021001.0001.66731127.5 
4/10/2016LALW 130 - 110-0.43HOU9:25603110.6005.00001026.7 
4/7/2016PHOL 115 - 124-0.95HOU12:21902000.5008.50021137.0 
4/6/2016@ DALL 86 - 880.10HOU21:241503110.600101.00031327.5 
4/3/2016OKCW 118 - 110-0.78HOU9:20604100.28671.00020134.0 
3/31/2016CHIL 100 - 103-0.16HOU30:5320011200.389181.00062331.8 
3/29/2016@ CLEW 106 - 100-0.05HOU27:261708201.53315.50021426.7 
3/27/2016@ INDL 101 - 104-0.57HOU22:03907110.36411.50020123.5 
3/25/2016TORW 112 - 1090.45HOU27:572105012.75012.50061423.6 
3/23/2016UTAL 87 - 89-1.24HOU20:161001000.50010.00021128.9 
3/22/2016@ OKCL 107 - 111-0.75HOU15:561114101.41712.00003138.5 
3/19/2016@ ATLL 97 - 1090.51HOU28:063009000.667181.00065338.5 
3/18/2016MINW 116 - 1110.26HOU26:031716001.57114.00000323.9 
3/16/2016LACL 106 - 122-0.25HOU18:421608100.58312.50040232.2 
3/14/2016MEMW 130 - 810.74HOU27:241119231.50081.00022317.1 
3/12/2016@ CHAL 109 - 125-0.11HOU15:001502001.66791.00032034.5 
3/11/2016@ BOSW 102 - 98-0.10HOU14:591808010.47419.00001354.5 
3/9/2016@ PHIW 118 - 1040.15HOU8:57801021.66731.00041426.2 
3/6/2016@ TORW 113 - 107HOU               
3/5/2016@ CHIL 100 - 108-1.19HOU4:16200100.2005.00000150.5