George Hill - UTA - G

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Draft2008 (Pick 26)
NBA Salary$8,000,000
Projection Updated5/9/2017
Questionable - sore big toe

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14.7d ago Open link
Out Out Monday vs GSW (sore big toe)
14.7d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Monday vs GSW (sore big toe)
15.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs GSW (sore big toe)
16.7d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday vs GSW (sore big toe)
17.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs GSW (sore big toe)
19.0d ago Open link
Out Out Thursday @GSW (sore big toe)
42.7d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday @GSW (groin strain)
He will be limited to 20 minutes
43.0d ago Open link
Probable Probable Monday @GSW (groin strain)
Coach Snyder expects Hill to play, but even if he does play, Hill will likely play limited minutes.
72.9d ago Open link
Probable Probable Saturday @OKC (toe soreness/rest)
He is expected to play.
75.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @HOU (toe soreness/rest)
He did not go through shootaround.
135.7d ago Open link
Playing Playing Saturday @MIN (concussion)
Hill will be limited to 3-5 minute stints instead of his usual 8-9 Saturday.
136.0d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Saturday @MIN (concussion)
He went through shootaround, and the reports make it sound like there's a chance he could get cleared to play Saturday at MIN.
145.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Thursday vs PHI (sprained left big toe)
Hill did not go through Thursday's shootaround and will be a game-time decision.
153.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (sprained left big toe)
Hill is expected to miss the next 3 games.
160.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs OKC (sprained left big toe)
He sat out practice Tuesday.
161.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs OKC (sprained left big toe )
He did not practice Monday.
171.0d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday vs DEN (sprained left big toe)
Hill missed last game and is out Saturday vs DEN.
171.6d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Saturday vs DEN (sprained left big toe)
Hill missed last game and is doubtful Saturday vs DEN.
173.0d ago Open link
Out Out Thursday vs MIA (sprained left big toe)
Hill is out Thursday vs MIA.
180.7d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs DEN (thumb)
Hill missed the past 8 games and is playing Wednesday vs DEN.
180.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs DEN (thumb)
Hill missed the past 8 games and is questionable Wednesday vs DEN. Coach Snyder downgraded him to questionable.
181.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs DEN (thumb)
Hill missed the past 8 games and is questionable Wednesday vs DEN. He participated in non-contact parts of practice Tuesday.
183.9d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @DEN (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 7 games and is out Sunday at DEN.
185.4d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday @HOU (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 6 games and is out Saturday at HOU.
187.0d ago Open link
Out Out Thursday vs CHI (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 5 games and is out Thursday vs CHI.
187.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Thursday vs CHI (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 5 games and is questionable Thursday vs CHI. He went through parts of Wednesday's practice.
189.7d ago Open link
Out Out Monday vs MEM (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 4 games and is out Monday vs MEM.
190.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs MEM (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 4 games and is questionable Monday vs MEM. He did participate in shootaround.
190.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs MEM (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 4 games and is questionable Monday vs MEM.
191.9d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday @MIA (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 3 games and is out Saturday at MIA.
192.8d ago Open link
Out Out Friday @ORL (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 2 games and is out Friday at ORL.
193.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday @ORL (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 2 games and is questionable Friday at ORL. He sat out shootaround.
193.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday @ORL (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed the past 2 games and is questionable Friday at ORL.
194.8d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @CHA (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed last game and is out Wednesday at CHA.
195.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @CHA (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed last game and remains questionable Wednesday at CHA. He sat out shootaround.
195.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday @CHA (sprained right thumb)
Hill missed last game and is questionable Wednesday at CHA.
196.8d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @PHI (sprained right thumb)
Hill is out Monday at PHI.
196.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @PHI (sprained right thumb)
Hill is questionable Monday at PHI.
This guy is such a slow healer... I am definetly going to avoid him next season. Bah!
he's been ruled out for tmr already...
You guys think he's playing tomorrow?
100% (1) agree 
It's hard to know with the Jazz. They usually don't offer much information on injuries. I think it's encouraging Hill traveled on their 2-game road trip, but he's also been battling this toe issue since the start of December. After the All-Star break, there was an article about the injury, and Hill said he'd hoped the time off would help but that he'd just have to tough it out the rest of the way. Maybe the Jazz are just finding time for him to rest in games they think are already decided, but it seems like there's a good chance Hill will be playing through this the rest of the season, which may mean more rest days ahead.
Playoffs are next week for me, how worried should I be about his toe?
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George Hill (Up) Clint Capela (Down) 16 team league with Double Double, TD, PF and TO. My other guards are Conley, DLo, Jrue. Bigs are Jokic, KAT, Pau Gasol, Myles Turner. Please help!
Any reason for the dropoff in per game value? He has been producing top 50 value in the last 10 games
100% (4) agree 
George Hill/Willy Gomez(Up) or D Russell/Cauley-Stein (Down)?
What happened to Hill? I saw that he checked out with 25 seconds left in the game, but I didn't see any notes on BBM.
Injured yet again.
100% (6) agree 
returning gonna head to the temple to pray for him
0% (1) agree 
Why is George Hill not on IR? He has already missed 3 games because of the concussion and he already been ruled out for today?
100% (1) agree 
kchung4388 -- Not really. In addition to the concussion symptoms, Hill was reportedly having difficulty eating due to the cut in his mouth. The report I read speculated that some of Hill's symptoms may have been due to the fact that he was malnourished. He's started eating more, so maybe his energy being up will see him get back this weekend, but it seems unlikely he plays Saturday at this point.
0% (2) agree 
Anyone feeling confident he plays this weekend?
100% (1) agree 
That's a tough one, really really tough one. But given G. Hill's latest turn of events, maybe you should go for Dragon (pound for pound and when available, GH looks the better option)...
50% (2) agree 
UP for Hill, DOWN for Goran Dragic
Considering Steven Adams, don't need the big man stats.
Anyone trying to buy low on Hill? What are some offers you're floating? I'm considering trying with Capela but that's a reeeaalll low ball
I am keeping G. Hill. @gehrenberg I agree with you, it was a rather unfortunate play.
100% (2) agree 
Worth trying to buy low with Crowder? UP - Yes (under 10 games out), Down - No (+10 games out)
100% (1) agree 
This one was unfortunate. Got leveled by Allen Len with an elbow. Concussion and 18 stitches
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LOL, this guy is something. Made of from glass.
0% (1) agree 
See, I was right. Shoulda sold high after that 1 good game
Again????? Wow!!!!!!!
0% (2) agree 
Made out of glass... the freak injuries incurred you can't even possibly project, ever. I remember 2 years ago when he missed over 35+ games on a HAMSTRING injury. Trade away for any decent value that you can imo..
100% (7) agree 
Dude wtf seriously?????
50% (4) agree 
Time to sell high before he sprains another part of his body lol
75% (4) agree 
Good to have you back Mr.Hill
100% (1) agree 
It's very probable now! See you shortly Hill!
Any reports on his probable return for the game on Thursday (12/29)?
100% (13) agree 
up for hill, down for collison
100% (1) agree 
BBM should give some tips to Rotowire... They keep predicting Hill's return to be scheduled for today! LOL
Tell me about it! Just have to remain patient.
100% (1) agree 
probably out another 2 frustrating to own despite his great production when healthy
33% (15) agree 
Just got offered Ariza for GHill. (I Get Ariza) Do I take it? Up for Ghill, Down for Ariza
100% (1) agree 
Hill is a solid source of a bit of everything while posting really good %'s. He fits in really well next to Hayward and could possibly outperform his projection on the year by a smidge. The injuries are annoying but he can probably sustain top 50 value when healthy.
50% (2) agree 
@kylemckeown16 Thanks a lot for the follow up. I really like G. Hill too, even so that I opted to reject Avery Bradley for him.
100% (1) agree 
kokiAlexandre -- The Jazz said and have continued to say that it's just a sprained toe. According to a google search, most toe sprains heal in 5-10 days, so if that is true, it would seem Hill should be back sometime in the next 2 games. I'd be sticking with Hill in that trade, and I'm a believer in Clarkson.
0% (2) agree 
Does anyone know the extent of Hill's toe injury? Got offered Clarkson and J. Crawford for him and Covington (tired of nursing oft injured players).
Oh goodness, here we go again...
100% (2) agree 
I like this guy, but are his ligaments made of silly string? He just can't stay on the court.
50% (8) agree 
Just get tired of people complaining when they clearly don't even understand the injuries they are complaining about.
20% (5) agree 
I think you're reading way too much into that comment.
25% (4) agree 
Also, really can't do any basketball activities when your thumb is the problem...not like you can buddy tape it as with a finger and keep going. As far as the big's by far the most responsible for balance and movement. So, depending on severity yes he could easily miss multiple games.
43% (7) agree 
Sprains can take a while to heal and often it's hard to put a concrete time table on them....also some form of tearing is generally involved. I suggest you look up the varying degrees and educate yourself before complaining about a player sitting for a while with "just a sprain".
33% (3) agree 
If a thumb sprain keeps him out two weeks, I can only imagine what a big toe sprain does to him. And this issue will be compounded with the Utah Jazz pretending to be the New England Patriots with how they report injuries, so cheers to another round of "George Hill is questionable's" followed by another round of "George Hill is OUT, remains day to day's". Ugh.
Seth Curry is the drop.
Need to make a move to activate Hill, some advice would be appreciated. Do I drop Seth Curry, Danny Green, Aaron Gordon, Alex Len, or Harkless? Even though Len has the most temporary value, I'm leaning
100% (1) agree 
YES!!!!! As a Jazz fan this is just so great!
Right on Josh. Always good to educate yourself on injuries...tons of info out there on the net. Use it will get a better understanding of injuries/recovery time tables and it could help you along the way.
100% (2) agree 
The other thing that we don't always realize is that a sprain is a tear in the ligament, it just isn't a tear that goes all the way through.
A sprained thumb can actually take up to 4-6 weeks to heal. While some think the word sprain may sound minor it can sometimes be quite painful and an annoying healing process. Hard to put a cut and dry time table on it at times.
At what point are the Jazz going to come out and say that this injury is more than a sprain? Nothing that owners can do but wait, though I'll be extremely bummed if it turns out he tore a ligament and needs surgery.
So much for a sprained thumb, FIFTH GAME in a row! Cmon...
67% (3) agree 
Make it an even six games where he's tanking my weekly H2H lineup. This dude is Charmin soft. My goodness.
100% (2) agree 
Hehe tell me about it dishinNswishin. I'm in a weekly roto and some of my main guys are Hill, Horford, Dragic, Dirk and Valanciunas. Been a ride so far ;)
Not a major drop, but it's had to know exactly. I doubt he keeps scoring 20 a game
do you guys anticipate much of a drop off with the full roster healthy?
33% (3) agree 
HATE these injuries where the guy is Day to say yet is out for the whole week! Just say he will be out a week so I can put him on my IL and pick up a replacement. Losing this week because of this! Surprising he is missing son much time considering he finished the game in which he sprained it.
I think we're holding off on many changes with the Jazz guys until we see everyone healthy and playing together.
0% (4) agree 
He def. needs a bump! Having career year in a system that uses him more! I predict top 25-40 finish for G. Hill.
Exum has played 90% of his minutes at SG, 3% at PG this season
It's Mack starting, so he is who I'm going for. Jazz have been reluctant to use Exum as the PG, nearly always playing him with a PG.
exum or shelvin tonight?
Im guessing shelvin gets the start. The Jazz have been running with Exum at the 2 for most of the season. You should see Raul Neto coming off the bench for some added minutes. But Even with the start and added minutes. I dont see Shelvin being someone to add. His shot has not been falling and he is not a distributor. This is coming from a born and bread Jazz fan.
exum or shelvin tonight?
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Due for an uptick to projections yet?
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Game Log
5/8/2017GSWL 95 - 121UTA               
5/6/2017GSWL 91 - 102UTA               
5/4/2017@ GSWL 104 - 115UTA               
5/2/2017@ GSWL 94 - 106Y-0.84UTA27:45714300.3339.00001217.0 
4/30/2017@ LACW 104 - 91Y-0.12UTA34:541714500.538131.00022321.4 
4/28/2017LACL 93 - 98Y-0.15UTA31:302215301.61513.55690325.3 
4/25/2017@ LACW 96 - 92Y-0.60UTA35:461215700.250121.00052321.2 
4/23/2017LACW 105 - 98Y-1.13UTA40:441311200.36411.80053119.7 
4/21/2017LACL 106 - 111Y0.74UTA36:162644310.60015.66760525.3 
4/18/2017@ LACL 91 - 99Y-0.58UTA36:471227400.41712.00003320.9 
4/15/2017@ LACW 97 - 95Y-0.30UTA37:141614210.53813.50022520.4 
4/12/2017SASW 101 - 97Y0.12UTA21:381312510.5717.80050119.6 
4/10/2017@ GSWW 105 - 99Y1.45UTA18:442051520.77891.00010221.5 
4/8/2017@ PORL 86 - 101UTA               
4/7/2017MINW 120 - 113UTA               
4/4/2017PORW 106 - 87UTA               
4/2/2017@ SASL 103 - 109UTA               
3/31/2017WASW 95 - 88UTA               
3/29/2017@ SACW 112 - 82UTA               
3/27/2017NORW 108 - 100Y-0.02UTA32:371732510.50014.00003323.5 
3/25/2017@ LACL 95 - 108Y-1.40UTA32:27911100.36411.00004221.0 
3/22/2017NYKW 108 - 101Y-0.65UTA35:071517410.38918.00004127.9 
3/20/2017@ INDL 100 - 107Y-0.51UTA37:451606600.412171.00022123.5 
3/18/2017@ CHIL 86 - 95Y0.58UTA37:091827411.545111.00043119.0 
3/16/2017@ CLEL 83 - 91Y-0.85UTA30:58912210.30010.66731218.1 
3/15/2017@ DETW 97 - 83Y-0.48UTA30:451714200.50012.80052025.1 
3/13/2017LACW 114 - 108Y0.21UTA36:481928610.46715.60050422.9 
3/11/2017@ OKCL 104 - 112Y-0.18UTA18:26911120.50061.00022123.6 
3/8/2017@ HOUW 115 - 108UTA               
3/6/2017NORW 88 - 83UTA               
3/5/2017@ SACW 110 - 109Y-0.64UTA39:381525810.28614.62581321.1 
3/3/2017BKNW 112 - 97Y1.25UTA31:453432700.83312.917124431.0 
3/1/2017MINL 80 - 107Y-1.10UTA20:16202300.3333.00002211.0 
2/28/2017@ OKCL 106 - 109Y0.24UTA38:111502821.400151.00032221.8 
2/26/2017@ WASW 102 - 92Y0.11UTA36:532153611.53813.50045123.0 
2/24/2017@ MILW 109 - 95Y1.28UTA34:011931140.66761.00083417.1 
2/15/2017PORW 111 - 88Y-0.58UTA30:571925400.46715.75044430.7 
2/13/2017LACL 72 - 88Y-1.52UTA26:08611100.18211.50020220.7 
2/11/2017BOSL 104 - 112Y0.72UTA36:002223430.43816.85771324.3 
2/9/2017@ DALL 105 - 112UTA               
2/8/2017@ NORW 127 - 94Y-0.16UTA24:491921310.54511.62580326.5 
2/6/2017@ ATLW 120 - 95Y0.84UTA34:332234811.53315.75041224.3 
2/4/2017CHAW 105 - 98Y1.19UTA32:082551101.727111.00040418.2 
2/1/2017MILW 104 - 88Y-0.59UTA34:12712410.3339.00001113.3 
1/28/2017MEML 95 - 102Y-0.37UTA33:211613500.538131.00013427.2 
1/26/2017LALW 96 - 88Y-0.08UTA34:181217330.28614.75041023.4 
1/24/2017@ DENL 93 - 103Y-0.30UTA34:501713510.333181.00041226.9 
1/23/2017OKCL 95 - 97Y-0.86UTA31:51902311.20010.83362321.1 
1/21/2017INDW 109 - 100Y0.97UTA34:213036510.56316.818111427.4 
1/20/2017@ DALW 112 - 107Y-0.93UTA31:061311100.385131.00022623.1 
1/16/2017@ PHOW 106 - 101Y-0.44UTA33:211718301.389181.00023129.5 
1/14/2017ORLW 114 - 107Y-0.62UTA33:371400720.30813.75082323.7 
1/13/2017DETW 110 - 77Y0.08UTA27:072254100.61513.33331127.6 
1/10/2017CLEW 100 - 92Y-0.98UTA36:391323700.45511.25042317.7 
1/8/2017@ MEML 79 - 88Y-0.54UTA32:311524211.42914.50024427.5 
1/7/2017@ MINW 94 - 92Y0.60UTA32:461925710.417121.00071223.5 
1/5/2017@ TORL 93 - 101UTA               
1/3/2017@ BOSL 104 - 115UTA               
1/2/2017@ BKNW 101 - 89UTA               
12/31/2016PHOW 91 - 86Y-1.09UTA7:02301200.3333.50020127.5
Will not return
12/29/2016PHIW 100 - 83Y1.22UTA29:172128631.80010.50062124.3 
12/27/2016@ LALW 102 - 100UTA               
12/23/2016TORL 98 - 104UTA               
12/21/2016SACL 93 - 94UTA               
12/20/2016@ GSWL 74 - 104UTA               
12/18/2016@ MEMW 82 - 73UTA               
12/16/2016DALW 103 - 100UTA               
12/14/2016OKCW 109 - 89UTA               
12/10/2016SACW 104 - 84UTA               
12/8/2016GSWL 99 - 106UTA               
12/6/2016PHOW 112 - 105UTA               
12/5/2016@ LALW 107 - 101UTA               
12/3/2016DENW 105 - 98UTA               
12/1/2016MIAL 110 - 111UTA               
11/29/2016HOUW 120 - 101Y-0.53UTA31:45821410.33361.00023315.4 
11/28/2016@ MINW 112 - 103Y0.09UTA34:282408400.46715.909112329.0 
11/25/2016ATLW 95 - 68Y1.26UTA28:092355120.571141.00020124.3 
11/23/2016DENW 108 - 83Y0.77UTA28:582235320.61513.75042326.0 
11/20/2016@ DENL 91 - 105UTA               
11/19/2016@ HOUL 102 - 111UTA               
11/17/2016CHIL 77 - 85UTA               
11/14/2016MEML 96 - 102UTA               
11/12/2016@ MIAW 102 - 91UTA               
11/11/2016@ ORLW 87 - 74UTA               
11/9/2016@ CHAL 98 - 104UTA               
11/7/2016@ PHIW 109 - 84UTA               
11/6/2016@ NYKW 114 - 109Y1.26UTA34:362312920.66712.85770120.5 
11/4/2016SASL 86 - 100Y-0.49UTA28:231333300.38513.00001223.3 
11/2/2016DALW 97 - 81Y0.59UTA34:562546400.600151.00033226.4 
11/1/2016@ SASW 106 - 91Y1.13UTA32:442232710.692131.00010220.7 
10/30/2016@ LACL 75 - 88Y0.49UTA31:561822320.61513.00002323.3 
10/28/2016LALW 96 - 89Y0.07UTA35:182323301.50014.77891424.4 
10/25/2016@ PORL 104 - 113Y0.44UTA38:451912621.389181.00041224.8 
4/13/2016@ MILW 97 - 92IND               
4/12/2016NYKW 102 - 90Y0.60IND37:191933221.66712.00013319.6 
4/10/2016BKNW 129 - 105Y0.97IND21:041845410.600101.00020021.1 
4/8/2016@ TORL 98 - 111Y-0.79IND31:57510300.3336.0000028.9 
4/6/2016CLEW 123 - 109Y-0.07IND31:36914510.5008.00001413.0 
4/3/2016@ NYKW 92 - 87Y-0.63IND28:251026010.3339.66732319.8 
4/2/2016@ PHIW 115 - 102Y-0.21IND26:011104101.500101.00010017.8 
3/31/2016ORLL 94 - 114Y-0.66IND26:50922210.3339.50021216.9 
3/29/2016CHIL 96 - 98Y-0.63IND31:30603400.5006.0000109.6 
3/27/2016HOUW 104 - 101Y-0.81IND29:15313300.2005.0000047.6 
3/26/2016@ BKNL 110 - 120Y1.09IND32:081723230.87581.00012314.2 
3/24/2016NORW 92 - 84Y-0.70IND32:38624801.3336.00005216.1 
3/21/2016PHIW 91 - 75Y0.12IND25:261204400.7508.00000215.1 
3/19/2016OKCL 111 - 115Y1.14IND38:102033920.60010.83361215.9 
3/17/2016TORL 94 - 101Y0.39IND41:191832201.60010.75040313.1 
3/15/2016BOSW 103 - 98Y-1.01IND30:211005301.2229.75082421.1 
3/13/2016@ ATLL 75 - 104Y-0.79IND22:32504210.25081.00011018.5 
3/12/2016@ DALW 112 - 105Y0.02IND36:091633310.50010.75042317.0 
3/7/2016SASW 99 - 91Y-0.46IND35:035110500.2867.00001111.0 
3/5/2016@ WASW 100 - 99Y-0.21IND31:531223501.400101.00022318.7 
3/4/2016@ CHAL 101 - 108Y-0.48IND39:421227210.31316.00001418.6 
3/2/2016@ MILW 104 - 99Y-0.34IND33:441023300.5008.00001011.8 
2/29/2016@ CLEL 96 - 100Y-0.16IND38:321112500.57171.00021411.1 
2/28/2016PORL 102 - 111Y-0.23IND28:351416500.40010.83361120.1 
2/26/2016CHAL 95 - 96Y-0.06IND36:271026720.231131.00021317.9 
2/24/2016NYKW 108 - 105Y0.18IND31:041003120.6258.00000011.7 
2/22/2016@ MIAL 93 - 101Y-1.64IND36:32104310.0007.50023013.5 
2/21/2016@ ORLW 105 - 102Y-0.54IND34:09807711.18211.66760117.2 
2/19/2016@ OKCW 101 - 98Y0.19IND37:599311910.27311.00001113.6 
2/10/2016CHAL 95 - 117Y-0.53IND32:121212211.41712.50022220.3 
2/8/2016LALW 89 - 87Y0.36IND34:311521630.45511.75042118.7 
2/6/2016DETW 112 - 104Y-0.01IND33:071714200.500141.00020320.6 
2/5/2016@ ATLL 96 - 102Y-0.48IND35:10713800.3758.00001310.8 
2/3/2016@ BKNW 114 - 100Y0.55IND26:001324230.50081.00032019.0 
2/1/2016CLEL 106 - 111Y1.31IND38:572345420.563161.00010218.1 
1/30/2016DENW 109 - 105Y-0.32IND44:41913410.300101.00020310.5 
1/28/2016ATLW 111 - 92Y0.30IND37:101838300.7789.50023115.4 
1/26/2016LACL 89 - 91Y-0.38IND39:481531210.357141.00022018.3 
1/23/2016@ SACL 97 - 108-0.24IND32:31811420.2867.75040411.8 
1/22/2016@ GSWL 110 - 122IND               
1/19/2016@ PHOW 97 - 94IND               
1/17/2016@ DENL 126 - 129IND               
1/15/2016WASL 104 - 118Y0.21IND33:391928110.57114.50022222.3 
1/13/2016@ BOSL 94 - 103Y-0.16IND39:181313310.40010.80050312.5 
1/12/2016PHOW 116 - 97Y0.44IND37:082043500.61513.00002018.3 
1/10/2016@ HOUL 103 - 107Y-0.17IND38:451335500.45511.00002315.8 
1/8/2016@ NORW 91 - 86Y-0.89IND35:11715210.22291.00023415.5 
1/6/2016@ ORLW 95 - 86Y0.61IND33:391633310.55691.00030213.9 
1/4/2016@ MIAL 100 - 103IND               
1/2/2016DETW 94 - 82Y0.39IND37:001814110.8758.75042315.4 
12/31/2015MILL 116 - 120Y-0.08IND38:221536301.42914.00002317.8 
12/30/2015@ CHIL 100 - 102Y1.30IND39:122037340.533151.00012019.6 
12/28/2015ATLW 93 - 87Y0.06IND34:44812041.3339.50021113.6 
12/26/2015@ MINW 102 - 88Y0.38IND31:48715430.5006.0000129.7 
12/23/2015SACL 106 - 108Y1.35IND38:512044530.500141.00020216.8 
12/21/2015@ SASL 92 - 106Y-0.20IND35:371532110.46213.00002318.1 
12/19/2015@ MEML 84 - 96Y-0.74IND29:32805210.4297.50041314.9 
12/18/2015BKNW 104 - 97Y-0.69IND35:11934300.27311.00001014.8 
12/16/2015DALW 107 - 81Y-0.34IND30:111110320.50010.00020016.6 
12/14/2015TORW 106 - 90Y-0.13IND35:15601312.5006.0000119.0 
12/12/2015@ DETL 96 - 118Y0.11IND32:141408300.58312.00000217.0 
12/11/2015MIAW 96 - 83Y-0.57IND31:20605410.3339.00001014.5 
12/8/2015GSWL 123 - 131Y-0.59IND28:471232100.400101.00012216.2 
12/5/2015@ UTAL 119 - 122Y0.74IND41:331022541.40010.00001011.2 
12/3/2015@ PORL 111 - 123Y-0.52IND28:021821300.412171.00022430.7 
12/2/2015@ LACW 103 - 91Y-1.46IND32:40504300.0006.83363315.7 
11/29/2015@ LALW 107 - 103Y-0.30IND33:101116320.36411.66732318.0 
11/27/2015CHIW 104 - 92Y-0.32IND31:456010311.3758.00011112.6 
11/24/2015@ WASW 123 - 106Y0.06IND32:291424510.455111.00022118.9 
11/21/2015MILW 123 - 86IND               
11/18/2015@ PHIW 112 - 85IND               
11/16/2015@ CHIL 95 - 96IND               
11/13/2015MINW 107 - 103Y-0.41IND32:26621420.2867.00002112.6 
11/11/2015@ BOSW 102 - 91Y-0.59IND36:38714500.3758.00001510.5 
11/9/2015ORLW 97 - 84Y1.49IND35:232347221.61513.75040319.3 
11/8/2015@ CLEL 97 - 101Y-0.40IND39:571405500.375161.00020219.1 
11/6/2015MIAW 90 - 87Y-0.38IND39:581230400.5006.6005039.6 
11/4/2015BOSW 100 - 98Y-0.90IND34:031012430.20010.62583219.7 
11/3/2015@ DETW 94 - 82Y1.17IND36:191226641.41712.00000114.5 
10/31/2015UTAL 76 - 97Y-0.18IND37:221736120.5569.80057322.9 
10/29/2015MEML 103 - 112Y-0.40IND38:462033410.40015.83365225.8 
10/28/2015@ TORL 99 - 106Y0.88IND37:411953221.60010.66732515.0