OJ Mayo

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Draft2008 (Pick 3)
InjuryQuestionable - Right ankle sprain  Questionable - Right ankle sprain
4/5/2014 6:11 PM
Out Right ankle sprain Open link
Mayo has been ruled out for his sixth straight game on Saturday vs. the Raptors as he continues to deal with a right ankle sprain. Coach Larry Drew will once again lean heavily on his backcourt trio of Brandon Knight, Ramon Sessions, and Giannis Antetokounmpo with Mayo sidelined.
4/4/2014 6:30 PM
Out Right ankle sprain Open link
The Bucks will face the Bulls on Friday with just eight players available, with Mayo missing his fifth consecutive game due to a sore right ankle, and Ekpe Udoh and Miroslav Raduljica also having been declared out. The eight available players: Brandon Knight, Ramon Sessions, Khris Middleton, Jeff Adrien, Zaza Pachulia, Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Henson, and D.J. Stephens.
4/2/2014 5:46 PM
Out Right ankle sprain Open link
Mayo will miss his fourth straight game on Wednesday vs. the Heat with a right ankle sprain. His continued absence means coach Larry Drew will lean heavily on his starting duo of Ramon Sessions and Brandon Knight to play the majority of the Bucks' backcourt minutes, with Giannis Antetokounmpo seeing additional run off the bench as well.
3/31/2014 5:58 PM
Doubtful Right ankle sprain Open link
Mayo will dress for Monday's game but will only play in an emergency situation due to his right ankle sprain. His absence should mean that Ramon Sessions and Brandon Knight continue to see huge minutes as the Bucks' starting backcourt.
3/27/2014 5:22 PM
Out Ankle Open link
Mayo has been ruled out of Thursday's game vs. the Clippers with an ankle injury. He said he came down on somebody's foot during Monday's loss to the Clippers, and added that he doesn't anticipate being out long. Expect coach Larry Drew to heavily utilize the trio of Brandon Knight, Ramon Sessions, and Giannis Antetokounmpo in the backcourt, with recently-signed DJ Stephens possibly getting into the rotation as well.
3/8/2014 1:41 PM
Suspended One -game suspension Open link
Mayo has been suspended for one game for "forcibly striking" the Pelicans' Greg Stiemsma on Friday, and will not be available for the Bucks on Saturday. His absence will mean a few more minutes for Nate Wolters, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Ramon Sessions vs. the Wizards.
2/18/2014 5:36 PM
Active Flu Open link
Mayo, who has missed the past 10 games due to illness and conditioning issues, practiced on Monday and will return to the active roster for Tuesday's game vs. the Magic. Coach Larry Drew said that Mayo's minutes will be monitored, and he has limited fantasy appeal at best in a role that has diminished more and more as the season has gone on.

Season Stats

   216-0.45Current SeasonMIL5225.911.
   108-0.13Last MonthMIL222.314.
   74-0.04NBA 12-13DAL8235.515.
   133-0.23NBA 11-12MEM6626.812.
   620.01NBA Preseason 13MIL527.913.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment3/13/2014 5:32 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (1)"Drew said he has talked to O.J. Mayo about guard's reduced playing time. Drew said he is going with 3-guard rotation for now." Out of the rotation now as Drew opts for Knight, Sessions, Wolters.
 Comment2/12/2014 11:17 PM#16907 0% (4)update please!
 Comment12/30/2013 7:41 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)The bench role may actually suit him better, but we're gonna wait for a bit more sample before we assume he's turned a corner.
 Underrated12/30/2013 4:51 PMjbffed 0% (0)Showing signs of life last 5 games (15pts, 2treys per in last 5 games). Time for a bump?
 Comment11/24/2013 12:18 AMbolt 0% (0)3 bad games in a row and the team are in the tank. Could be a bumpy ride.
 Comment11/2/2013 10:51 PMjbs5635 0% (0)Just read that he came off bench because he was late to shootaround. Said it was because of miscommunication and won't happen again.
 Comment11/2/2013 7:20 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 67% (3)He's been bad, but his coming off the bench after two games is still a surprise, and I don't expect it to last.
 Comment4/5/2013 2:33 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Yeah, his numbers have simply disappeared. Very disturbing.
 Comment4/5/2013 7:48 AMliam4 100% (1)Lost faith. Downward adjustment?
 Underrated11/21/2012 4:58 PM#22686 92% (12)Surely deserves a boost to the projections?

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014ATL MIL             
4/14/2014@ TOR MIL             
4/12/2014@ WAS MIL             
4/11/2014CLE MIL             
4/9/2014IND MIL             
4/5/2014TOR MIL             
4/4/2014@ CHI MIL             
4/2/2014@ MIA MIL             
3/31/2014@ DET MIL             
3/29/2014MIA MIL             
3/27/2014LAL MIL             
3/24/2014@ LAC98 - 106 (-8)-0.41MIL16:468231000.42970.000002
3/23/2014@ SAC107 - 124 (-17)0.22MIL27:5321224000.643140.500211
3/20/2014@ GSW MIL             
3/18/2014@ POR MIL             
3/16/2014CHA MIL             
3/15/2014@ NYK MIL             
3/13/2014@ ATL MIL             
3/11/2014@ MIN MIL             
3/10/2014ORL105 - 98 (+7)-1.22MIL4:060000000.00010.000010
3/8/2014WAS MIL             
3/7/2014@ NOR104 - 112 (-8)-1.03MIL2:550010000.00010.000002
3/5/2014SAC102 - 116 (-14)-0.86MIL19:378031000.33391.000211
3/3/2014UTA114 - 88 (+26)-1.04MIL24:153103000.20050.000013
3/1/2014BKN98 - 107 (-9)-0.52MIL23:089010000.57171.000101
2/27/2014@ IND96 - 101 (-5)-0.08MIL23:3614300120.357140.500204
2/24/2014@ PHI130 - 110 (+20)1.24MIL34:4525713100.571141.000213
2/22/2014IND100 - 110 (-10)-0.84MIL16:458221000.37580.000025
2/20/2014DEN90 - 101 (-11)-0.37MIL23:2111130000.62580.000011
2/18/2014ORL MIL             
2/12/2014NOR MIL             
2/10/2014BOS MIL             
2/8/2014HOU MIL             
2/5/2014@ DEN MIL             
2/3/2014NYK MIL             
2/1/2014@ MEM MIL             
1/31/2014@ ORL MIL             
1/29/2014PHO MIL             
1/27/2014LAC MIL             
1/25/2014ATL87 - 112 (-25)-1.15MIL20:522013000.20050.000011
1/24/2014@ CLE78 - 93 (-15)-0.01MIL22:149116100.50061.000212
1/22/2014DET MIL             
1/19/2014@ SAS82 - 110 (-28)-0.95MIL19:020012020.00040.000010
1/18/2014@ HOU104 - 114 (-10)-1.01MIL30:009151000.44490.000043
1/15/2014MEM77 - 82 (-5)-1.26MIL6:390000000.00030.000000
1/13/2014@ TOR94 - 116 (-22)-1.12MIL17:305101010.25080.000024
1/11/2014@ OKC85 - 101 (-16)-0.26MIL30:0616423100.455110.500422
1/10/2014CHI72 - 81 (-9)-1.06MIL27:0716241000.375160.500422
1/7/2014GSW80 - 101 (-21)0.06MIL25:0213321100.62580.000022
1/4/2014@ PHO100 - 116 (-16)1.00MIL30:3520435100.636111.000213
1/2/2014@ UTA87 - 96 (-9)-0.79MIL18:104010110.28670.000011
12/31/2013@ LAL94 - 79 (+15)-1.44MIL8:320000000.00050.000000
12/28/2013MIN95 - 117 (-22)0.09MIL23:5519122000.667121.000221
12/27/2013@ BKN93 - 104 (-11)0.06MIL26:5513301200.385130.000000
12/23/2013@ CHA110 - 111 (-1)0.14MIL25:0114292210.385131.000241
12/21/2013PHI116 - 106 (+10)-0.60MIL20:117131100.42970.000021
12/20/2013@ CLE111 - 114 (-3)-0.20MIL35:5720374120.286210.833643
12/18/2013NYK MIL             
12/14/2013@ DAL93 - 106 (-13)Y-1.04MIL15:234002100.16761.000221
12/13/2013CHI90 - 91 (-1)Y-0.41MIL29:0614212000.462130.000015
12/11/2013SAS77 - 109 (-32)Y-1.10MIL21:543100000.25040.000011
12/10/2013@ CHI78 - 74 (+4)Y-0.66MIL44:117017020.167121.000314
12/7/2013BKN82 - 90 (-8)Y0.24MIL34:5022245000.438161.000622
12/6/2013@ WAS109 - 105 (+4)Y-1.07MIL39:0917103100.438160.500445
12/4/2013DET98 - 105 (-7)Y-0.59MIL23:227114010.25081.000212
12/3/2013@ BOS100 - 108 (-8)Y0.49MIL31:5919223100.500121.000511
11/30/2013BOS92 - 85 (+7)Y0.65MIL31:0822233100.643141.000222
11/29/2013@ CHA76 - 92 (-16)Y-1.48MIL31:075140000.182110.000023
11/27/2013WAS92 - 100 (-8)Y0.08MIL36:2921373200.391230.000031
11/25/2013@ DET94 - 113 (-19)Y-1.43MIL24:455020000.25040.750433
11/23/2013CHA72 - 96 (-24)Y-1.24MIL21:464001000.28670.000012
11/22/2013@ PHI107 - 115 (-8)Y-0.91MIL36:139008000.250120.750403
11/20/2013POR82 - 91 (-9)Y-1.06MIL24:359131000.37581.000241
11/16/2013OKC79 - 92 (-13)Y0.57MIL35:1922541300.368191.000332
11/15/2013@ IND77 - 104 (-27)Y0.07MIL30:0620331000.412171.000303
11/13/2013@ ORL91 - 94 (-3)Y-0.53MIL43:3925172000.455221.000464
11/12/2013@ MIA95 - 118 (-23)Y-0.28MIL25:186223200.33360.000022
11/9/2013DAL83 - 91 (-8)Y0.13MIL36:3228462000.550201.000265
11/6/2013CLE109 - 104 (+5)Y0.41MIL33:0328623000.474191.000443
11/2/2013TOR90 - 97 (-7)0.13MIL32:3516368110.462130.500242
11/1/2013@ BOS105 - 98 (+7)Y-0.61MIL22:468042200.22291.000434
10/30/2013@ NYK83 - 90 (-7)Y-0.21MIL35:5713053100.500121.000121