JaVale McGee

Ease Position The position we use for this player when calculating easeC
Draft2008 (Pick 18)
InjuryOut for season - Left leg stress fracture
Projected Return 9/1/2014  Out for season - Left leg stress fracture - Projected Return 9/1/2014
2/20/2014 1:57 PM
Out for season Left leg stress fracture Open link
The Nuggets announced Thursday that JaVale McGee will have season-ending surgery for the stress fracture in his left leg. He's been particularly slow to heal and this will ensure that he can set his rehab goal for the start of the 2014-15 season. This update also ensures that JJ Hickson, Kenneth Faried, and Timofey Mozgov are locked in as the Nuggets' primary frontcourt players for the remainder of the season.

Season Stats

   269-0.58Current SeasonDEN515.
   136-0.25NBA 12-13DEN7918.
   81-0.06NBA 11-12DEN6125.
   207-0.37NBA Preseason 13DEN723.611.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Injured2/6/2014 11:20 0% (0)May be done for year via Yahoo:
 Comment1/15/2014 11:03 AMsautah 0% (0)Any info at all? I noticed the projected return date was moved way back? Any particular reason?
 Comment12/12/2013 5:39 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Update on McGee posted here: - can also be found on the HoopAdvisors dropdown menu.
 Comment12/3/2013 11:59 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (4)Complete radio silence since he went on the shelf. I haven't seen a single update come through.
 Comment12/3/2013 6:47 AMalbertkly 0% (0)Has anyone heard of an ETA of when he should be back?
 Injured11/28/2013 7:43 PMmarkalbert2kx 0% (0)Not in projections?
 Comment11/12/2013 7:50 AMgcbillinois 0% (0)Leg = reason for low production? Fewer games, higher averages?
 Injured11/10/2013 2:26 PMbrandonislegend 100% (6)JaVale McGee was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left tibia and is out indefinitely
 Comment11/9/2013 9:50 AMAlphaBlitzer 100% (4)A leopard can't change his spots. Let him be someone else's headache!
 Comment11/5/2013 10:35 PMipmop41 100% (4)I think Coach Karl said it the best "lazy and crazy is not going to cut it " dude is straight killin' me.
 Comment11/5/2013 11:04 AMjboldt73 100% (1)if you have no need for blocks and reb, drop him, if you could use them then hang tight, it is a small sampling
 Comment11/5/2013 10:31 AMhalpink31 100% (4)Its been 2 games. Relax.
 Overrated11/5/2013 9:51 AMvtec1jk 33% (3)I drafted him but I am on the verge of dropping this bum!
 Comment11/2/2013 1:37 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)We've got foul trouble and a quick leash in two games. Don't dump yet, he's still the starter and Shaw said he can earn minutes with his play. It's on McGee to snap out of it.
 Comment11/2/2013 6:55 AMdanzim01 0% (0)10 and 13 minutes in first two games. What's going on? slow start or time to dump?
 Comment10/22/2013 2:44 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)We've got him down about 30 points from last season, closer to his career average. Agreed that it won't be pretty if Shaw decides this guy should be used like he's Pau Gasol.
 Comment10/22/2013 9:21 AMMelo 0% (2)Also think his FG% will take a huge drop. Shaw's of fens seems to be big men focus.
 Comment10/22/2013 9:19 AMMelo 0% (12)Shooting .895 (17-19) from the FT line through 4 preseason games. Big risk, but I'd put him at .800 for projections.
 Comment10/9/2013 5:42 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)They don't have to. McGee has historically scored more as a reserve than as a starter his entire career.
 Comment10/9/2013 2:24 PMnovo3000 0% (0)McGee's post-up game could use some work... But with regards to the shift to starters minutes, I thought the Millsap Doctrine showed that increased minutes don't have much effect on per-36 numbers?
 Comment10/9/2013 1:13 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)For one, starting instead of being a reserve is a reason for PTS/36 to decline. And JaVale's post-up numbers are usually bad, so one thing we can't assume is success.
 Comment10/9/2013 12:40 PMnovo3000 0% (0)Given Shaw's comments about making McGee an offensive focal point, why do you expect his pts/36 to take a real drop from last year? FWIW, McGee had more shots yesterday than in any game last season.
 Comment9/29/2013 12:44 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Karl didn't want to play him, but he's played 30+ minutes in 52 games during his entire career, including 153 starts. Fouls and JaVale-ness have limited him. THIS does look like his year, though.
 Comment9/29/2013 7:02 AMjboldt73 0% (0)I bumped him up to 31 mins, how much of his 18 MPG last year were fouls and how much was Karl just being Karl? We'll see maybe I am just feeling better about my pick in my draft. :)
 Comment9/29/2013 1:21 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (1)What's your projections for m/g and fouls/36 min?
 Comment9/28/2013 8:25 PMjboldt73 0% (0)I am projecting him slightly higher, no Karl, no Iggy or Koufas, I have him @ 13.9, 9 and 2.8 with everything else the same. My 2 cents
 Comment9/12/2013 5:30 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Nope, nobody is "stealing" him. My guess is his ADP ends up in the Rd6 range, but punt-FT% managers can come in comfortably ahead of that.
 Comment9/12/2013 2:50 PMjboldt73 0% (0)So much talk about this guy, his new role and coach. wonder how high this guy will be drafted, would love to steal him this year but I doubt it
 Comment2/11/2013 4:46 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)Up a bit lately, but really he's been more consistently in the 1.8 range.
 Comment2/11/2013 2:17 PMsautah 0% (1)blks up to 2.0/game? Even with such limited minutes, the blks are fairly consistent.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014GSW DEN             
4/15/2014@ LAC DEN             
4/12/2014UTA DEN             
4/10/2014@ GSW DEN             
4/9/2014HOU DEN             
4/6/2014@ HOU DEN             
4/4/2014@ MEM DEN             
4/2/2014NOR DEN             
3/31/2014MEM DEN             
3/28/2014SAS DEN             
3/26/2014@ SAS DEN             
3/24/2014@ OKC DEN             
3/23/2014WAS DEN             
3/21/2014@ DAL DEN             
3/19/2014DET DEN             
3/17/2014LAC DEN             
3/15/2014@ ATL DEN             
3/14/2014@ MIA DEN             
3/12/2014@ ORL DEN             
3/10/2014@ CHA DEN             
3/9/2014@ NOR DEN             
3/7/2014LAL DEN             
3/5/2014DAL DEN             
3/3/2014MIN DEN             
3/1/2014@ POR DEN             
2/27/2014BKN DEN             
2/25/2014POR DEN             
2/23/2014SAC DEN             
2/21/2014@ CHI DEN             
2/20/2014@ MIL DEN             
2/18/2014PHO DEN             
2/12/2014@ MIN DEN             
2/10/2014@ IND DEN             
2/8/2014@ DET DEN             
2/7/2014@ NYK DEN             
2/5/2014MIL DEN             
2/3/2014LAC DEN             
1/31/2014TOR DEN             
1/29/2014CHA DEN             
1/26/2014@ SAC DEN             
1/25/2014IND DEN             
1/23/2014@ POR DEN             
1/19/2014@ PHO DEN             
1/17/2014CLE DEN             
1/15/2014@ GSW DEN             
1/13/2014@ UTA DEN             
1/11/2014ORL DEN             
1/9/2014OKC DEN             
1/7/2014BOS DEN             
1/5/2014@ LAL DEN             
1/3/2014MEM DEN             
1/1/2014PHI DEN             
12/30/2013MIA DEN             
12/28/2013@ MEM DEN             
12/27/2013@ NOR DEN             
12/23/2013GSW DEN             
12/21/2013@ LAC DEN             
12/20/2013PHO DEN             
12/17/2013OKC DEN             
12/15/2013NOR DEN             
12/13/2013UTA DEN             
12/9/2013@ WAS DEN             
12/7/2013@ PHI DEN             
12/6/2013@ BOS DEN             
12/4/2013@ CLE DEN             
12/3/2013@ BKN DEN             
12/1/2013@ TOR DEN             
11/29/2013NYK DEN             
11/27/2013@ MIN DEN             
11/25/2013@ DAL DEN             
11/23/2013DAL DEN             
11/21/2013CHI DEN             
11/18/2013@ OKC DEN             
11/16/2013@ HOU DEN             
11/15/2013MIN DEN             
11/13/2013LAL DEN             
11/11/2013@ UTA DEN             
11/8/2013@ PHO103 - 114 (-11)Y-1.22DEN12:252031000.25040.000023
11/7/2013ATL109 - 107 (+2)Y0.31DEN23:4014030120.538130.000003
11/5/2013SAS94 - 102 (-8)Y-0.87DEN20:319070020.400101.000155
11/1/2013POR98 - 113 (-15)Y-0.43DEN12:476031010.50060.000001
10/30/2013@ SAC88 - 90 (-2)Y-0.66DEN10:064010020.40050.000014