Tyreke Evans - NOR - G

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Ease PositionSG
Draft2009 (Pick 4)
NBA Salary$10,203,755
Projection Updated12/3/2016
Doubtful - knee surgery - Projected Return 12/5/2016
Doubtful knee surgery
48m ago
Evans is doubtful Sunday at OKC. Coach Gentry said Evans is not expected to play.
Injured knee surgery
12/1/2016 1:21 PM
Evans remains out after experiencing tightness in his left calf. The good news is his previous surgeries were on his right knee.
Injured knee surgery
11/15/2016 12:06 PM
Evans remains out without a definitive timeline, but he did begin working on the court Tuesday. A more accurate timetable for his return will be updated based on how he responds to his workouts, but the Pelicans are currently planning on having Evans back in games by the later part of next week, "by Thanksgiving" (November 24th) the report said. The Pelicans play on Wednesday the 23rd vs. MIN and on Friday the 25th at POR.
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in saying that though, the recent set back and comments may make me drop it a little. I'm looking into it no
He will be on 16-20 minute limit initially, but the 27 is for season long minutes. We think he'll be ramped up in the new year and likely get 30+ in January. Combine that with the initial 16-20 and that should put him around 27
BBM currenty has him at 27 minutes per game. Everything I have read says 16-20.
"They will certainly be limiting his playing time for a long time..." Is that true? Whats your opinion BM?
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And I take it back, new update: https://twitter.com/ScottDKushner/status/804396840770736129
Rumor is he might be back this friday: http://www.thebirdwrites.com/2016/11/30/13791064/tyreke-evans-injury-return-friday-new-orleans-pelicans-los-angeles-clippers
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He started zero games as a SF/F last year and his percentage of minutes logged there was less than in years past. There really is no legit reason for him to have SF unless he earns it when he comes back.
patricklol -- It's hard to know if/when Evans might get extra position eligibility. If he's healthy and ends up starting at SF for a stack of games, that'd be the clearest route to it happening. Otherwise, we'll be at the whim of whichever company provides positions to Yahoo.
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Any chance he gets sf eligibility in yahoo leagues? He was one last year so I'm not sure why he doesn't get it this year.
I'm in a similar dilemma in my 14 teams h2h no ir league... considering trading reke for Taj Gibson
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Been stashing him on my bench for the last two weeks (no IR spot in a 12 team H2H daily). I've been getting by with him on my bench but I also have Parsons as well..Danny Green is a FA in my league. Wondering if he's worth dropping Reke for. I feel attached to Reke because I've held on to him already for a couple of weeks but is Green the better ROS fantasy player here?
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iamAndres -- Evans has been a top-50 player in 8-cat in the past, and it's possible he could climb back into a top-75 or top-100 role this season if he can get healthy. But Evans would have to be healthy, and then he's going to have to play better than several of the Pelicans' guards (not impossible but still a hurdle). If you want to stash him in your IL/IR, that's fine, but I'd temper expectations.
What is his potential upside? I do have an IR spot available with J.Lin coming back and am doing good in standings (2nd).
Thrillard45 -- The 18-20 minutes limitation should last as long as Evans has issues, but if he proves he's healthy, there's a good chance he could carve out a a big enough role to be of use in standard leagues, if for no other reason than the Pelicans trying to create a trade piece. There's a lot of risk. I'd only stash Evans if you have an IR spot or are in a good spot in the standings and think it's worth taking the risk given what's on the wire.
Yeah I expect them to ease into his minutes, but that report made me worry that he'd just stay at a super low minutes cap for a long time lol. Thinking about picking him up but not sure anymore
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No way to know how long until we hear more. But, did you expect him to come back close to a full allotment right away? So many knee surgeries I have little confidence in him being able to stay on the court very long until he's hurt again.
"Pelicans could get Tyreke Evans back soon, possibly two weeks. He's pain free, down to 7 percent body fat. Expected minute restriction: 16-20" ...is that 16-20 minutes restriction supposed to be long-term? :\
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Thinking about picking up Evens and dropping Taj Gibson. Thoughts?
Kinda feel like I have to add him, but also sitting on JLin, and had Gaz who I'd be dropping for him. At this point those were my only two SGs, but it's an ast/to league so Reke should be really valuable with SG eligibility. With Lin coming back hopefully soon I should just run with no SG for a while right? My other potential drops would be Pau or TJ Warren. 10 team, 8+ ast/to, DD, TD
Evans is a decent stash guy right now because he could return sometime in the next 10 days according to the report we got today, but there's still a lot of injury risk with Evans. They're going to ease him into his role, and if he can stay healthy, then maybe Evans plays enough to be of use in most leagues. There are just a lot of question marks with Evans, so don't drop someone who is likely to have good value all season.
Kinda feel like I have to add him, but also sitting on JLin, and had Gaz who I'd be dropping for him. At this point those were my only two SGs, but it's an ast/to league so Reke should be really valuable with SG eligibility. With Lin coming back hopefully soon I should just run with no SG for a while right? My other potential drops would be Pau or TJ Warren. 10 team, 8+ ast/to, DD, TD
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Drop nurkic or fournier for tyreke? 10 team with IR spot.
Same question. No IR spot.
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He worth stashing in a 14 team? Starting to practice.
Evans is targeting the end of November-to-the-middle-of-December for his return. As long as there aren't any really good players on the wire that you should hold instead, then yes, it's fine stashing Evans in roto because the bench spots aren't used too often.
Is he worth a stash in a 200-deep 9-cat roto league? Even if he only plays 40 games, a player of his caliber seems valuable.
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He says that he plans to return soon. How do you see his role when he's back and how will it impact the other Pelicans- Frazier, Stephenson, Hield, Holiday (when he returns)? Is Tyreke worth a stash?
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Game Log
4/13/2016@ MINL 109 - 144NOR             
4/11/2016CHIL 116 - 121NOR             
4/9/2016PHOL 100 - 121NOR             
4/8/2016LALW 110 - 102NOR             
4/6/2016@ BOSL 97 - 104NOR             
4/5/2016@ PHIL 93 - 107NOR             
4/3/2016@ BKNW 106 - 87NOR             
3/31/2016DENW 101 - 95NOR             
3/30/2016@ SASL 92 - 100NOR             
3/28/2016NYKW 99 - 91NOR             
3/26/2016TORL 91 - 115NOR             
3/24/2016@ INDL 84 - 92NOR             
3/22/2016MIAL 99 - 113NOR             
3/20/2016LACW 109 - 105NOR             
3/18/2016PORL 112 - 117NOR             
3/16/2016@ SACW 123 - 108NOR             
3/14/2016@ GSWL 107 - 125NOR             
3/12/2016@ MILL 92 - 103NOR             
3/11/2016@ MEML 114 - 121NOR             
3/9/2016@ CHAL 113 - 122NOR             
3/7/2016SACW 115 - 112NOR             
3/5/2016UTAL 94 - 106NOR             
3/3/2016SASL 86 - 94NOR             
3/2/2016@ HOUL 95 - 100NOR             
2/27/2016MINL 110 - 112NOR             
2/25/2016OKCW 123 - 119NOR             
2/23/2016@ WASL 89 - 109NOR             
2/21/2016@ DETW 111 - 106NOR             
2/19/2016PHIW 121 - 114NOR             
2/11/2016@ OKCL 95 - 121NOR             
2/10/2016UTAW 100 - 96NOR             
2/8/2016@ MINW 116 - 102NOR             
2/6/2016@ CLEL 84 - 99NOR             
2/4/2016LALL 96 - 99NOR             
2/3/2016@ SASL 97 - 110NOR             
2/1/2016MEML 95 - 110NOR             
1/30/2016BKNW 105 - 103NOR             
1/28/2016SACW 114 - 105NOR             
1/25/2016HOUL 111 - 112Y-1.39NOR16:00512200.3336.000302
1/23/2016MILW 116 - 99Y-0.86NOR24:021012610.25012.750422
1/21/2016DETW 115 - 99Y0.93NOR31:0922241020.571141.000443
1/19/2016MINW 114 - 99Y-0.44NOR20:551303501.545111.000142
1/18/2016@ MEML 99 - 101NOR             
1/15/2016CHAW 109 - 107Y0.00NOR26:471222710.50010.000023
1/13/2016@ SACW 109 - 97Y-1.06NOR6:42002300.0003.000000
1/12/2016@ LALL 91 - 95Y-0.46NOR34:062135410.47117.500454
1/10/2016@ LACL 111 - 114Y0.22NOR40:312627711.47419.750855
1/8/2016INDL 86 - 91Y1.49NOR38:192737540.526191.000443
1/6/2016DALL 91 - 100Y0.43NOR35:071619520.50012.750423
1/2/2016@ DALW 105 - 98NOR             
12/31/2015LACL 89 - 95Y-0.09NOR33:451416930.38513.600544
12/28/2015@ ORLL 89 - 104Y0.25NOR29:531624800.500121.000213
12/26/2015HOUW 110 - 108Y-0.04NOR40:3011141321.231131.000442
12/25/2015@ MIAL 88 - 94Y-1.26NOR35:22606700.22291.000253
12/23/2015PORW 115 - 89Y1.28NOR35:212428920.500141.000831
12/20/2015@ DENW 130 - 125Y0.77NOR32:4821181011.53813.750823
12/18/2015@ PHOL 88 - 104Y-0.11NOR24:261204121.400101.000434
12/16/2015@ UTAW 104 - 94Y-0.32NOR35:231114520.333121.000233
12/14/2015@ PORL 101 - 105Y1.18NOR38:2319112541.46715.800534
12/12/2015@ CHIL 94 - 98Y0.07NOR36:022223800.45522.000013
12/11/2015WASW 107 - 105Y0.86NOR33:372757420.55618.500432
12/7/2015BOSL 93 - 111Y-1.68NOR17:33002310.0005.000052
12/4/2015CLEW 114 - 108Y-0.61NOR35:1314071000.38513.800544
12/2/2015@ HOUL 101 - 108Y-0.59NOR32:081006811.2229.750831
12/1/2015MEML 104 - 113Y1.01NOR31:1820251001.583121.000410