Brandon Jennings

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Ease PositionPG
Draft2009 (Pick 10)
NBA Salary$5,000,000
Projection Updated10/21/2016
Starting  Open link
3/21/2016 5:14 PM
Jennings is starting Monday at BOS. Elfrid Payton will come off the bench again.
Starting  Open link
3/20/2016 2:14 PM
Jennings is starting Sunday at TOR with Payton off the bench.
Starting foot Open link
3/15/2016 4:20 PM
Jennings missed last game and is starting Tuesday vs DEN.
Questionable foot Open link
3/14/2016 12:08 PM
Jennings missed last game and is questionable Tuesday vs DEN. He was able to practice Monday.
Out foot Open link
3/12/2016 8:02 PM
Jennings is out Saturday at POR.
Playing traded Open link
2/19/2016 2:13 PM
Jennings is playing Friday vs DAL. Skiles said he plans on playing Jennings off the bench Friday.
Traded  Open link
2/16/2016 1:35 PM
Jennings was traded to ORL along with Ilyasova for Harris.
Starting start
2/10/2016 6:34 PM
Jennings is starting for Reggie Jackson (illness) Wednesday vs DEN.
Playing ankle Open link
1/18/2016 12:52 PM
Jennings is playing in Monday's game vs CHI.
Out ankle Open link
1/16/2016 9:28 PM
Jennings is out for the rest of Saturday's game with a jammed ankle. He is scheduled to get an MRI on Sunday, but the injury does not sound serious.
Playing Achilles Open link
12/29/2015 3:17 PM
Jennings is active for Tuesday's game (Achilles). Coach Van Gundy said that Jennings is ready to play but that they are simply waiting to find a good time to get him into games since Steve Blake has done so well leading the second unit recently.
Injured Achilles Open link
12/26/2015 1:44 PM
Jennings is injured for Saturday's game (Achilles). He is not expected to make his season debut for another week or week and a half as coach Van Gundy wants him to get his legs under him. Jennings says he is ready to play.
Doubtful Achilles Open link
12/22/2015 10:52 AM
Jennings is active for Tuesday's game, but coach Van Gundy says Jennings is unlikely to play in the next 3 games.
Playing Achilles Open link
12/21/2015 1:25 PM
Jennings (Achilles) is expected to be available to make his season debut Tuesday against the Heat, but coach Van Gundy said that Steve Blake will hold the backup PG job until Jennings proves he is healthy and effective enough to lead the second unit behind Reggie Jackson.
Playing Achilles Open link
12/20/2015 10:27 AM
Jennings is active for Tuesday's game (Achilles).
Injured Achilles Open link
12/16/2015 1:02 PM
Jennings (Achilles) is planning on making his season debut December 29th against the Knicks. When he does return, Jennings will likely be in a limited bench role as he works his way into game shape. He should eventually settle into the backup PG role behind Reggie Jackson.
Injured Achilles, knee Open link
12/4/2015 1:27 PM
Jennings had a minor setback due to a Baker's cyst behind his knee. It is unknown just how much this may or may not remove Jennings from his projected return date around Christmas.
Injured Achilles
11/17/2015 7:59 PM
Jennings remains out rehabbing his surgically repaired Achilles, but he said on the Pistons broadcast Tuesday that he plans on returning around X-Mas. The Pistons play on Dec. 23 and 26.
Injured Achilles - doing contact work in practice Open link
11/13/2015 2:03 PM
Jennings has started doing some contact work in practice as he continues to work himself back from surgery to repair his torn Achilles. Even when he does return, Jennings will likely have a limited role off the bench as a backup point guard, limiting his ceiling in fantasy this season.
Per Game
197-0.44Projection 16-17NYKSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
293-0.58NBA 15-16ORL4818.
247-0.49Last MonthORL1319.
275-0.54Last 2 MonthsORL2518.
289-0.57Last 3 MonthsORL4018.
71-0.04NBA 14-15DET4128.615.
118-0.20NBA 13-14DET8034.
450.07NBA 12-13MIL8036.
190.25NBA 11-12MIL6635.319.
80-0.06NBA 10-11MIL6334.516.
268-0.45NBA Preseason 16NYK621.
Per 36
169-0.25Projection 16-17NYKSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
197-0.28NBA 15-16ORL4818.
195-0.24Last MonthORL1319.712.
193-0.23Last 2 MonthsORL2518.
206-0.26Last 3 MonthsORL4018.
320.04NBA 14-15DET4128.619.
216-0.31NBA 13-14DET8034.
63-0.01NBA 12-13MIL8036.
300.07NBA 11-12MIL6635.319.
170-0.23NBA 10-11MIL6334.516.
263-0.50NBA Preseason 16NYK621.
193-0.45Projection 16-17NYKSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
304-0.70NBA 15-16ORL48867:303325196171297.370303.7317857-1.74-0.44-1.74-0.31-1.38-1.02-0.74-0.121.20
237-0.52Last MonthORL13256:3988143163102.38880.6002016-1.52-0.23-1.330.67-0.66-0.92-0.72-0.610.61
236-0.54Last 2 MonthsORL25451:451752750100185.366161.7504035-1.37-0.11-1.450.35-0.72-0.84-1.05-0.110.43
228-0.54Last 3 MonthsORL40718:092724383141277.365255.7176047-1.31-0.01-1.400.28-0.70-0.90-1.19-0.210.60
193-0.43NBA 14-15DET411172:4963276104272444.401543.83914390-1.080.04-1.480.40-0.85-1.00-0.890.360.66
91-0.11NBA 13-14DET802728:081,2411542446091018.3731,135.7513212150.491.20-0.862.560.83-0.93-2.66-0.27-1.40
350.15NBA 12-13MIL802896:561,39717324652112511.3991,247.8192812031.091.61-0.821.821.46-0.89-2.210.48-1.17
110.42NBA 11-12MIL662331:171,26212922636410522.4191,122.8082391461.621.75-0.531.491.89-0.44-1.500.35-0.87
116-0.20NBA 10-11MIL632171:001,019982343059521.390926.809246146-0.090.58-0.850.430.74-0.63-1.990.23-0.21
198-0.40NBA Preseason 16NYK6127:10415232481.28346.7141412-1.11-0.20-