Ty Lawson

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Draft2009 (Pick 18)
Projection Updated2/4/2016
Starting starting Open link
1/22/2016 6:14 PM
Lawson is starting Friday vs MIL with Beverley (ankle) out.
Playing STARTING Open link
1/20/2016 5:16 PM
Lawson is playing Wednesday vs DET and starting at PG with Patrick Beverley (ankle) out.
Injured suspension Open link
1/12/2016 12:40 PM
Lawson missed the past 3 games and is out Tuesday for the final game of his suspension, but coach Bickerstaff said Lawson's ankle has healed and that he will be part of the rotation Wednesday.
Suspended DUI Open link
1/7/2016 2:03 PM
Lawson is suspended the next 3 games for a DUI from 2015.
Questionable illness/ankle Open link
1/7/2016 10:59 AM
Lawson missed last game and is questionable for Thursday. He left today's shootaround because he wasn't feeling well.
Questionable ankle Open link
1/6/2016 1:27 PM
Lawson missed last game and is questionable for Thursday (ankle). He didn't practice Wednesday.
Out ankle Open link
1/4/2016 6:54 PM
Lawson is out for Monday's game (ankle). He'll be day-to-day moving forward and is not playing Monday.
Playing suspension Open link
12/23/2015 4:38 PM
Lawson missed the past 2 games and is active Wednesday (suspension). He is back, but he's not guaranteed his usual bench minutes.
Injured suspension Open link
12/18/2015 12:01 PM
Lawson has been suspended for the Rockets' next two games. He will be out Saturday against the Clippers and Monday against the Hornets. Lawson's suspension is punishment for his 2014 DUI charges.
Playing illness Open link
12/12/2015 6:51 PM
Lawson is active for Saturday's game (illness).
Questionable illness Open link
12/12/2015 10:45 AM
Lawson is questionable for Saturday's game.
Playing out of rotation? Open link
11/30/2015 1:28 PM
Coach Bickerstaff told the media after Sunday's game that Terry is a better fit next to Harden than Lawson. So, if the Rockets are playing Harden big minutes, Terry should play on a given night. If Harden gets an opportunity to rest, Lawson might get some run in those games, but more than anything, it seems Lawson is out of the rotation for the foreseeable future.
Playing possible suspension coming Open link
11/19/2015 6:36 PM
Lawson plead guilty Thursday to two lesser charges stemming from his arrest last January. His sentencing won't happen until Jan. 14th, when it will be determined if he will need to serve any time or if he'll be put on probation. With Lawson admitting to driving while his ability was impaired, it's possible the NBA could levy a suspension against him as they have other players and coaches who have dealt with similar legal issues.
Probable court Open link
11/19/2015 1:39 PM
Lawson is probable for Friday's game (court). He missed Thursday's practice to attend his court date (DUI) in Denver. He'll likely make it to Memphis in time for Friday's game.
Playing McHale has considered moving Lawson to bench Open link
11/17/2015 12:59 PM
McHale admitted that he's considered moving Lawson to a bench role as he's looked at ways to get the Rockets out of their early funk. This is far from definitive, but given the ebbs and flows the Rockets have had already, it's worth monitoring and acknowledging that Lawson's fantasy value has some uncertainty going forward if the Rockets struggle. With that said, theres also room for upside if the current group figures things out.
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298-0.64Projection 15-16HOUSubscribe now to view 2015-16 Projection.
278-0.58NBA 15-16HOU4623.
274-0.75Last WeekHOU320.
294-0.71Last 2 WeeksHOU719.
255-0.55Last MonthHOU1421.
251-0.50Last 2 MonthsHOU2521.
281-0.59Last 3 MonthsHOU3921.
67-0.02NBA 14-15DEN7535.515.
430.09NBA 13-14DEN6235.817.
620.02NBA 12-13DEN7334.416.
240.23NBA 11-12DEN6134.816.
112-0.16NBA 10-11DEN8026.311.
620.00NBA Preseason 15HOU522.610.
Per 36
272-0.51Projection 15-16HOUSubscribe now to view 2015-16 Projection.
279-0.52NBA 15-16HOU4623.
227-0.67Last WeekHOU320.311.
248-0.62Last 2 WeeksHOU719.
246-0.47Last MonthHOU1421.911.
231-0.37Last 2 MonthsHOU2521.
272-0.48Last 3 MonthsHOU3921.
114-0.16NBA 14-15DEN7535.515.
93-0.09NBA 13-14DEN6235.817.
68-0.02NBA 12-13DEN7334.417.
310.06NBA 11-12DEN6134.816.
81-0.05NBA 10-11DEN8026.315.
49-0.05NBA Preseason 15HOU522.616.
282-0.64Projection 15-16HOUSubscribe now to view 2015-16 Projection.
241-0.58NBA 15-16HOU461099:203003184173396.398269.7057876-1.39-0.45-1.580.35-0.39-0.96-0.71-0.270.23
262-0.63Last WeekHOU360:571944810.43816.50026-1.47-0.04-1.61-0.26-1.03-0.90-0.22-0.260.07
264-0.65Last 2 WeeksHOU7139:3636691731.39328.667128-1.66-0.29-1.51-0.22-1.06-0.85-0.41-0.450.63
237-0.56Last MonthHOU14307:119411243782.47272.7142119-1.35-0.37-1.60-0.16-0.88-0.940.02-0.220.49
236-0.54Last 2 MonthsHOU25529:45155173982182.460126.7592931-1.54-0.54-1.680.00-0.72-1.06-0.04-0.050.72
252-0.61Last 3 MonthsHOU39829:452242355133305.413201.7294856-1.59-0.61-1.730.12-0.64-0.96-0.47-0.130.54
530.04NBA 14-15DEN752665:251,14370234720929.436926.7303631850.48-0.06-0.823.350.62-0.88-0.63-0.57-1.09
70-0.05NBA 13-14DEN622221:331,0907221554310010.431806.7984062000.09-0.07-
600.03NBA 12-13DEN732512:391,216851985001088.461971.7563111820.570.24-1.071.690.94-0.96-0.13-0.17-0.80
210.30NBA 11-12DEN612124:0099773227399826.488765.8242161490.690.47-0.531.770.97-0.880.680.48-0.94
83-0.08NBA 10-11DEN802107:0093369209377804.503688.764225137-0.320.05-0.970.850.26-1.030.63-0.16-0.05
83-0.10NBA Preseason 15HOU5112:57516141560.51435.818116-0.730.00-0.990.240.12-0.960.450.220.77