Patrick Beverley - HOU - G

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Draft2009 (Pick 42)
NBA Salary$6,000,000
Projection Updated1/16/2017

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10.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Thursday vs OKC (right wrist pain)
Beverley will warm up and see how his wrist feels.
10.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Thursday vs OKC (right wrist pain)
He was expected to play but is still experiencing pain in his wrist.
11.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Thursday vs OKC (right wrist pain)
Coach D'Antoni said he expects Beverley to play Thursday vs OKC.
16.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs LAC (bruised left thigh)
He won't have any restrictions.
59.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Thursday vs POR (knee surgery)
Beverley is playing Thursday vs POR and should play 20 to 25 minutes.
59.7d ago Open link
Playing Playing Thursday vs POR (knee surgery)
Beverley is playing Thursday vs POR.
60.8d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday @OKC (knee surgery)
Beverley is out Wednesday at OKC, but he'll start on Thursday.
62.6d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee surgery)
Beverley is on track to return for Thursday's game vs. POR.
63.8d ago Open link
Out Out Monday vs PHI (knee surgery)
Beverley is out Monday vs PHI.
64.5d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee surgery)
Beverley returned to practice Friday and is expected to return to games this week, possibly as early as Monday vs. PHI. He said that he won't have any restrictions when he returns.
65.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee surgery)
Beverley is on track to practice next week and return to games within "2 weeks at the latest" according to coach Mike D'Antoni.
89.3d ago Open link
Injured Injured (knee soreness)
Reports are coming out that Beverley may require knee surgery. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but if so, he is pretty much undraftable in standard leagues, Eric Gordon gets a bump, KJ McDaniels becomes a late round flier and Tyler Ennis gains appeal in deeper leagues.
I think he eould already be out if Gordon was healthy.
75% (4) agree 
Certainly seems like some time off is in order...
33% (3) agree 
Considering trading Leonard/Evans for Davis/Beverley. How bad is Beverley's wrist and can he play through it or might he need time off? Understand I'm taking injury risk here but in a punt 3, points build, deal makes a ton of sense.
Chris Smith
100% (1) agree 
Dude pick him up. Whoever dropped him screwed up royalty. I'm biased because I've been a fan of him for a few years but when he is healthy and given minutes he's good. And if you don't need him trade him or better yet trade someone else who's strong in the same categories and keep Beverley
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Beverley has been gold playing alonside Harden. His steals and assists numbers may be what you see, but he is the 6th best rebounding PG-eligible player in the league with 6.3 per game. The 5 other guys ahead of him? Westbrook, Giannis, Harden, Bradley, and Rondo. The guy will always get the minutes, since he will always be the primary defender on the opposing team's best guard. And he will always have those threes, since Harden just finds ways to create for everyone. I think he's going to maintain his production ROS, barring any major injuries,
I need some general fantasy advice here. Beverly just became available in my league, and I could drop a player putting up ~100th place value for him. Problem is, I'm already first in assists and steals, and that is where beverly is strongest. Should I pick him up anyways and hope that later in the season I can trade to shore up the other categories? Or am I best off waving goodby to Beverly, even though he has much better fantasy value? 8-cat btw.
50% (6) agree 
Goran Dragic and Bojan Bogdanovic For Patrick Beverley and Tony Allen... UP for Dragic, DOWN for Bev.
100% (1) agree 
Sure Brodon could have a higher upside than Bev, but Bev has a proven track record and his coach loves him. Everything is a gamble. Bev isn't going to get you a lot of asts, but he is pretty darn good in a lot of other areas.
11% (9) agree 
Brogdon could have better upside than Beverley? Up if you agree.
80% (5) agree 
Beverley (UP) vs Crowder (Down), H2H 11 CAT w/ DD/3%
89% (9) agree 
Beverly up vs lord Payton down in 8 cat?
100% (4) agree 
Beverley is more efficient than Covington. Better FG% and less turnovers. What makes him remarkable is the boards and blocks for a PG. The guy is a bulldog.
0% (8) agree 
He is Robert Covington with better assists and guard eligibility.
100% (1) agree 
This dude is a fucking beast. You guys really don't think he can maintain those rebounding numbers? He did avg. 6 rebs in college
89% (9) agree 
Owning this guy is like owning a blind goodie bag, never know what you're gonna get but you'll most likely be satisfied regardless.
75% (4) agree 
Beverley will win some owners championships this year. He's a glue guy who fits almost any build. Here's to the waiver wire gods like P-Bev & Plumlee.
70% (10) agree 
Here for no other reason than to say how happy I am to have snagged this young man off the wire this year. Woe to those who did not believe. Let us give thanks to The Patrick.
69% (13) agree 
Beverly UP TJ Warren DOWN
100% (2) agree 
kchung4388 -- I don't think there's any reason to question Beverley's overall production. He should continue to produce similarly as long as he's healthy. The rebounds he's been pulling down have been a bit absurd, but that's the only place I see a regression likely to happen for Beverley.
100% (1) agree 
Just wondering if it will last through the season, he has been very fun to own!
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Has Mike D'antoni's offensive system made Beverley's fantasy value rise up? I read an article the other day that D'antoni's sets allow him to be more of playmaker instead of being a spot up 3 shooter from years past.
62% (21) agree 
(Up) for Pat Bev, (Down) for Reggie Jackson
100% (1) agree 
@brendans, true say. Owning this Harden/Beverley combo has been fantastic. Thanks, Mike.
100% (2) agree 
I <3 MDA
100% (2) agree 
Once again is filling the statline this week, at a decent percentage too. Like clockwork almost.
100% (13) agree 
I Give up TT, Morrow, Cory Joseph. I Get Wes Matthews and Beverley. Up if I should do it and Down If I shouldn't.
100% (6) agree 
In a fantasy basketball world where everyone is obsessed with points and assists, this guy is underrated. Somehow he always seems to help out in 3s, boards, steals, and the occasional block. I LOVE him on my punt assists team.
100% (13) agree 
Pat Beverly is a very underrated fantasy asset. Nice line tonight and ranked 67 in 9 cat now
39% (31) agree 
Thoughts on who has better long term value; Beverley (up) or Josh Richardson (down)?
100% (2) agree 
Looks like Bev is gonna be top choice for D'Antoni. Love him right at his projections - fingers crossed.
100% (1) agree 
Just dropped Barnes for him. Hopefully the projections are spot on with him.
D-Will should be back before Beverley based on what we know now. Are there any good healthy players available?
50% (2) agree 
Drop Dwill for Beverley? I can take the assist drop since Rubio is expected to come back soon.
He replied to a tweet a few days ago saying he'll be back next week. Don't know if you guys think he warrants a hold
100% (1) agree 
got it, thanks.
Eric Gordon, if the Rockets decide to go with Harden/Gordon as the starting backcourt. It's unlikely, but it's not impossible
with whom is Bev considered to be in a position battle with?
Per Game
470.08Projection 16-17HOUSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
420.13NBA 16-17HOU2930.
770.04Last WeekHOU431.
440.23Last 2 WeeksHOU731.
81-0.10NBA 15-16HOU7128.
97-0.14NBA 14-15HOU5630.810.
74-0.05NBA 13-14HOU5631.310.
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59-0.05NBA 16-17HOU2930.910.
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80-0.10NBA 16-17HOU29895:34265481771294513.436227.826234113.4-1.170.03-0.350.250.50-0.55-0.390.060.68
270.26Last WeekHOU4125:31306201882.333331.0002513.5-0.640.580.271.052.26-0.01-1.510.280.04
310.24Last 2 WeeksHOU7220:0964123931133.444541.00041013.0-0.710.530.100.691.84-0.35-0.410.310.13
80-0.11NBA 15-16HOU712040:407001242512409426.434594.682889115.5-0.810.63-0.890.120.59-0.56-0.44-0.280.64
153-0.32NBA 14-15HOU561726:445681152361915923.383532.750608316.2-1.270.69-0.81-0.13-0.39-0.56-1.14-0.050.79
136-0.25NBA 13-14HOU561750:41573921961517723.414481.8141026615.3-1.300.24-1.09-0.480.08-0.57-0.630.151.31

Game Log
1/15/2017@ BKNW 137 - 112Y1.08HOU26:571647620.54511.00000216.6 
1/13/2017MEML 105 - 110Y0.29HOU32:55602331.4297.0000039.3 
1/11/2017@ MINL 105 - 119Y-0.53HOU33:32003431.0005.00003410.0 
1/10/2017CHAW 121 - 114Y-0.69HOU32:07828500.200101.00022418.1 
1/8/2017@ TORW 129 - 122Y-0.41HOU32:09602701.33361.00021410.1 
1/6/2017@ ORLW 100 - 93Y1.18HOU31:281739330.7789.00003117.3 
1/5/2017OKCW 118 - 116Y0.70HOU31:011138320.6676.0000159.9 
1/2/2017WASW 101 - 91HOU               
12/31/2016NYKW 129 - 122HOU               
12/30/2016LACW 140 - 116Y0.59HOU32:461527310.55691.00030413.3 
12/27/2016@ DALW 123 - 107HOU               
12/26/2016PHOW 131 - 115Y0.36HOU26:151137230.40010.00002417.6
Questionable to return
12/23/2016@ MEML 109 - 115Y0.34HOU33:201336120.364111.00020315.6 
12/21/2016@ PHOW 125 - 111Y0.85HOU33:071829901.636111.00022318.4 
12/20/2016SASL 100 - 102Y-0.19HOU32:04408121.2867.0000139.9 
12/17/2016@ MINW 111 - 109Y0.10HOU43:156010420.33361.0002158.0 
12/16/2016NORW 122 - 100Y0.28HOU34:0513311810.50010.00004417.0 
12/14/2016SACW 132 - 98Y-0.08HOU28:571024710.4449.00002316.9 
12/12/2016BKNW 122 - 118Y0.14HOU32:061135511.36411.00001214.9 
12/10/2016DALW 109 - 87Y0.47HOU28:311547210.7147.50021414.9 
12/9/2016@ OKCW 102 - 99Y-0.10HOU31:413112520.1258.00000510.0 
12/7/2016LALW 134 - 95Y0.43HOU31:4810271230.4449.00005317.0 
12/5/2016BOSW 107 - 106Y-0.10HOU32:26915410.5008.00001112.7 
12/2/2016@ DENW 128 - 110Y0.20HOU28:171123612.4449.50021216.5 
12/1/2016@ GSWW 132 - 127Y0.01HOU28:58317240.1676.00002211.3 
11/29/2016@ UTAL 101 - 120Y-0.42HOU21:54606300.40051.00020411.8 
11/27/2016@ PORW 130 - 114Y-0.89HOU34:54103402.0005.5002057.7 
11/25/2016@ SACW 117 - 104Y0.13HOU31:07727620.4005.5002139.8 
11/23/2016TORL 102 - 115Y0.04HOU35:0310210410.6676.00004512.3 
11/21/2016@ DETW 99 - 96Y-0.32HOU23:22911110.5717.00001315.5 
11/19/2016UTAW 111 - 102Y-0.06HOU26:56511630.3336.00002213.2 
11/17/2016PORW 126 - 109Y0.43HOU24:331112303.6258.00000313.0 
4/13/2016SACW 116 - 81Y1.66HOU32:519141260.5717.0000139.7 
4/11/2016@ MINW 129 - 105Y0.19HOU34:391115412.4297.66760211.4 
4/10/2016LALW 130 - 110Y0.90HOU33:261937610.636111.00022416.8 
4/7/2016PHOL 115 - 124Y-0.27HOU29:27923920.3339.50023320.0 
4/6/2016@ DALL 86 - 88Y-0.25HOU29:25915300.5008.00000512.9 
4/3/2016OKCW 118 - 110Y-0.53HOU26:241222200.38513.00000319.4 
3/31/2016CHIL 100 - 103Y1.10HOU37:092235700.692131.00010415.8 
3/29/2016@ CLEW 106 - 100Y0.51HOU31:111027621.40010.00001515.1 
3/27/2016@ INDL 101 - 104Y-0.97HOU26:09601300.3758.00001215.0 
3/25/2016TORW 112 - 109Y0.80HOU36:231754502.60010.00002314.1 
3/23/2016UTAL 87 - 89Y-0.84HOU32:26511610.2867.00003315.2 
3/22/2016@ OKCL 107 - 111Y0.27HOU33:261643210.50012.00001516.2 
3/19/2016@ ATLL 97 - 109Y-1.13HOU38:41403500.2229.00001310.8 
3/18/2016MINW 116 - 111Y0.90HOU35:3118551011.60010.50023517.1 
3/16/2016LACL 106 - 122Y0.32HOU25:30711230.6005.0000048.5 
3/14/2016MEMW 130 - 81Y0.74HOU25:481025631.5008.00002116.3 
3/12/2016@ CHAL 109 - 125Y-1.11HOU29:12002102.0005.0000158.7 
3/11/2016@ BOSW 102 - 98Y-0.63HOU39:258112410.2508.75044314.4 
3/9/2016@ PHIW 118 - 104Y0.65HOU31:491644530.42914.00002420.5 
3/6/2016@ TORW 113 - 107Y0.03HOU40:42728330.2508.50021511.0 
3/5/2016@ CHIL 100 - 108Y0.70HOU31:201022440.5008.00001311.7 
3/2/2016NORW 100 - 95Y0.09HOU34:341529211.46213.50022218.3 
2/29/2016@ MILL 121 - 128Y-0.61HOU37:501313320.30813.80053419.3 
2/27/2016SASL 94 - 104Y-0.62HOU24:50805100.42971.00021515.8 
2/25/2016@ PORW 119 - 105Y0.76HOU24:221426120.6679.00000415.7 
2/23/2016@ UTAL 114 - 117Y0.50HOU37:211423430.33391.00062416.3 
2/19/2016@ PHOW 116 - 100Y0.69HOU28:071826221.70010.40050417.0 
2/10/2016@ PORL 103 - 116Y-0.81HOU31:41711400.4297.00002512.1 
2/9/2016@ GSWL 110 - 123Y-0.37HOU32:11704720.2867.75042314.0 
2/6/2016PORL 79 - 96Y-1.68HOU27:54401101.20010.00012318.9 
2/4/2016@ PHOW 111 - 105Y0.13HOU25:39615621.4005.50021310.9 
2/2/2016MIAW 115 - 102Y0.31HOU28:421433201.7147.50020312.8 
1/30/2016WASL 122 - 123Y0.87HOU34:491533520.60010.00000412.5 
1/29/2016@ OKCL 108 - 116Y0.20HOU28:31925341.25012.50021318.2 
1/27/2016@ SASL 99 - 130Y-0.22HOU26:10902111.5717.50020213.2 
1/25/2016@ NORW 112 - 111Y0.54HOU34:561137320.4449.00000411.6 
1/24/2016DALW 115 - 104Y-0.41HOU30:38719401.30010.00001115.9 
1/22/2016MILW 102 - 98HOU               
1/20/2016DETL 114 - 123HOU               
1/18/2016@ LACL 132 - 140Y-1.30HOU16:19001000.0002.0000147.9 
1/17/2016@ LALW 112 - 95HOU               
1/15/2016CLEL 77 - 91Y0.18HOU27:331333310.6258.00002416.1 
1/13/2016MINW 107 - 104HOU               
1/12/2016@ MEMW 107 - 91Y-0.19HOU29:08934210.3758.00001114.1 
1/10/2016INDW 107 - 103Y0.48HOU38:461645620.364111.00043317.7 
1/7/2016UTAW 103 - 94Y0.52HOU27:139114201.0004.0000046.9 
1/4/2016@ UTAW 93 - 91Y-0.11HOU23:291021310.6676.00002317.9 
1/2/2016@ SASL 103 - 121Y-0.43HOU30:581015710.3758.50060315.7 
12/31/2015GSWL 110 - 114Y0.13HOU30:161514410.500101.00042120.8 
12/29/2015ATLL 115 - 121Y-0.52HOU20:30910100.6676.00001215.3 
12/26/2015@ NORL 108 - 110Y0.07HOU21:121640200.60010.00001224.3 
12/25/2015SASW 88 - 84Y-0.77HOU22:06312320.1258.00001219.2 
12/23/2015@ ORLL 101 - 104Y-0.87HOU29:50711201.22291.00021217.2 
12/21/2015CHAW 102 - 95Y-0.99HOU27:211127100.3339.50061520.7 
12/19/2015LACW 107 - 97Y-1.27HOU30:42725111.2867.25044416.9 
12/17/2015@ LALW 107 - 87Y0.13HOU29:181334120.41712.00001217.9 
12/15/2015@ SACL 97 - 107Y0.11HOU35:151420130.45511.66731415.8 
12/14/2015@ DENL 108 - 114Y0.18HOU34:001421800.54511.00000415.2 
12/12/2015LALW 126 - 97Y-0.70HOU22:11715300.30010.00000318.4 
12/9/2015@ WASW 109 - 103Y-0.64HOU37:251444400.41712.00005219.6 
12/8/2015@ BKNL 105 - 110Y0.48HOU28:241020350.40010.00002418.1 
12/5/2015SACW 120 - 113Y0.38HOU30:141433210.6676.75040310.8 
12/4/2015@ DALW 100 - 96Y0.58HOU28:171443120.7147.00002314.0 
12/2/2015NORW 108 - 101Y0.36HOU26:131022521.40010.00000516.2 
11/30/2015@ DETL 105 - 116Y-0.23HOU28:131020312.33312.00001619.2 
11/29/2015@ NYKW 116 - 111Y0.65HOU34:04703250.40051.0003159.6 
11/27/2015PHIW 116 - 114Y0.24HOU32:05512413.5004.0000126.7 
11/25/2015MEML 93 - 102-0.93HOU18:52402200.4005.00001114.7 
11/21/2015NYKL 102 - 107HOU               
11/20/2015@ MEML 84 - 96HOU               
11/18/2015PORW 108 - 103HOU               
11/16/2015BOSL 95 - 111HOU               
11/14/2015DALL 98 - 110HOU               
11/13/2015@ DENL 98 - 107-1.29HOU7:50000100.0002.00001216.3 
11/11/2015BKNL 98 - 106-0.67HOU8:53313201.2005.00000324.2 
11/7/2015@ LACW 109 - 105HOU               
11/6/2015@ SACW 116 - 110HOU               
11/4/2015ORLW 119 - 114-0.65HOU12:01312010.2504.00000214.3 
11/2/2015OKCW 110 - 105-0.27HOU20:56622220.4005.00002414.1 
11/1/2015@ MIAL 89 - 109-0.81HOU19:47913000.5717.00003322.8 
10/30/2015GSWL 92 - 112-0.94HOU20:54404200.3336.00001513.9 
10/28/2015DENL 85 - 105-0.32HOU21:16828120.3339.00003223.7