Greg Monroe - MIL - C

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Draft2010 (Pick 7)
NBA Salary$17,145,838
Projection Updated4/28/2017
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Wait and see if he has 12 team value still or not?
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Beasley is most likely out for the season If you had to have one in a points league Khris Middleton or Greg Monroe for the next 4 weeks. Up middleton Down Monroe
Kidd being Kidd again or what?
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Monroe (UP) for Capela/Beverly (DOWN)?
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Would you drop George Hill for Monroe?
Revenge Game!!
Cheers man
No one knows. I'm a lifelong Bucks fan and I watch most games and I have no idea what Kidd is going to do. Everyone in Milwaukee knows Monroe should get the minutes. My prediction, with Money Middleton coming back, and based on tonights performance looking like in a few weeks he'll be rolling, the Bucks will eek into the 8th seed and Kidd will keep his job. Sucks, as he should be fired.
Is their much chance he carves out a 28+ minute role short term? Or even long term?
Played against his former team.
Someone much smarter than me explain this performance
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Monroe (UP) , Noel (Down)
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Monroe should be owned but that's not really changing much from his taus from the whole season. Who knows what Kidd is doing, he's moved Henson from starter to dNP multiple times already this season. The guy barely knows what time he's waking up tomorrow, let alone who is going to play
26 mins with a DNP - CD going to henson. anything to see here or jkidd being jkidd
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i know jason kidd sucks but Monroe (UP) or Tyreke (DOWN)
Averages: Last 8 Wins...26.5 minutes Last 12 Losses...19.5 minutes. Does Kidd read these comments?
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You can say what you want about his defense but all I know is they were winning when he was playing more and they are losing when he's not.
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Does this guy worth a risk? In deep league Ersan Iliyasova (up) Monroe (down) for rest of the season.
any trade rumors floating around out there about Monroe?
I feel like I can't drop him, but also can't ever start him in a weekly league. Just have to stash through the deadline I guess?
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Monroe+Eric Gordon (UP) or Melo+Tony Allen (DOWN)
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Monroe (UP) Harrell+Garry Harris (DOWN)
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Thad. Young(up) down for Monroe?
Kidd has started to kick the tires on Thon Maker a little lately, too. If he gets into the rotation regularly, he could end up taking minutes from Monroe.
He should get 25+ min in short term but the wheels could fall off at any moment. Ride while hot.
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He is getting minutes now by necessity because Henson is horrid at everything except blocks and next in line is someone known as miles plumlee.
tmfaherty -- We'll continue to monitor it, but Monroe played just 17 mpg in Nov. and 21 mpg in Dec. before jumping up to 29 mpg through 5 games in Jan. Coach Kidd is using this rotation now, but there's no guarantee it sticks.
Does he need a mpg projection boost? 23 seems kind of low. Kidd's given him 26.4 mpg in the last 10 and it seems to be on the rise. Not a guarantee to be traded anymore but if he does end up somewhere else he'd likely get over 30 mpg.
Traded my Rondo for Monroe days before the Kidd benching-didn't look great at the time, so I handcuffed him with Henson. Now with the Rondo situation it might be my most satisfactory trade ever. Loving the moose!
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over 30m the past 3 games. outside of 2 different 4 game stretches he's been really good this year. Glad i decided to hold him despite all the doom and gloom he's gotten around here. Even with very low 20 minutes he's been really effective.
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being from Milwaukee, i think he will be keep up around low 20 min per game just because bucks literally have nobody else who can play extended minutes at C. Monroe gets in this mode where he gets the ball and goes up with it regardless of the position of players around him. i think sometimes he just wants to get his shots knowing he might not get back in the game because kidd hates him. he will be frustrating to own in fantasy with minutes played and actual production.
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I hate watching Monroe play. He is completely indifferent towards playing defense. He guards nobody and uses it as 'rest time' to get get ready for offense.
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Is that really saying much? First time he exceeded 25 min a month. Greg Monroe has his fleas man...he's not a great real life NBA player and plays terrible defense.
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probably, at least we know he is better than john henson though
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Game was pretty much over mid way into the 3rd. High 20's just isn't gonna happen too often for him.
very nice line tonight and 27 mins.
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Shots fired! Also agree completely with Kyle. The other issue with Monroe is who wants to trade for him with his current contract? Often one man's trash is another man's trash. He has very little value as a real life basketball player due to his complete indifference to defense. Giving him a bunch of money didn't appear to fix his flaws as a player
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deadmau -- If a trade is going to happen, I believe it's more likely that it will happen closer to the deadline in the middle of February. Also, I believe the latest Monroe report is from Gery Woelfel, who is considered by many to be kind of a negative, rumor-starting hack. Though it's widely believed Monroe is on the trade block. Unless the rumor/report comes from Stein, Wojnarowski, or another highly-regarded NBA writer, I'd be very skeptical of any trade rumors that get reported on.
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it says they are shopping him should i drop zeller in anticipation of a trade soon? or is a trade more likely to happen down the road?
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deadmau -- I honestly think he's their last option as a starter at center. If Henson and Plumlee were hurt, I think Thon Maker would get a look as the starting center before Monroe. Giannis can't play his game (going to the rack) as well when Monroe is in there clogging things up. The only way Monroe will get big minutes this season is if he gets traded.
is there any way this guy gets more than 20 mins per game this year?
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My Tyson chandler(up) for Monroe(down)? 10man 9 cat h2h
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Laguna -- I wouldn't drop Richardson or Harkless for Monroe in anticipation of a trade, but if you play in a league with weekly lineups or game limits, I'd be OK stashing Monroe as long as he isn't costing you active games played each week.
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FA in my league as well. Thinking of dropping harkless or Josh Richardson for him. He is gonna get traded, the question is when.
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Thoughts on Monroe getting traded before the deadline? Ive heard the Celtics and Blazers being possible suitors, but holding him until then isn't realistic for me even though he was just dropped in my league.
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Because we are assuming Kidd isn't playing him. He played last game a couple of minutes due to foul trouble, but I'm going off Kidd's statement of playing two centres and Monroe is clearly third in his mind.
In Daily Head to Head it give Monroe all 0's across the board for the week. Any idea why?
In Roto leagues with 3 bench slots, I'd trade a bencher for him in hope that he gets traded eventually. But in H2H it really depends on whether you can weather the storm and make it to the playoffs carrying a deadbeat.
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I think at this point.. only a trade saves his season.
It'd have to be a really deep league for me to be targeting Monroe in a trade right now, and I'd likely only take a flier on him right now if he were dropped in a deep league, to see if he climbs back into a role off the bench. I don't see much of a chance of Monroe ever stepping foot back into the starting lineup for the Bucks.
Is this a good time to buy low? He is the best center on the team and that does't really say a whole lot but when given minutes, he produces.
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I used to think Kidd was a good coach for how he scrapped together a playoff team in BRK, but he's been a disaster in MIL and clearly has too much freedom from the front office. How does a team spend $145 million dollars on 3 centers and allow their coach to completely botch their potential? Do we blame Kidd or the front office?
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Giving him 2 weeks to be traded in my 12 team league before he ends up on the wire.
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He must of done something to piss of Kidd!! He has played less than 18 minutes combined in the past 3 games!! grrrrr....
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He was dropped in my 16 teamer. Would you guys drop Patty Mills or Courtney Lee to stash him? He obviously hasn't helped much but I feel like i'm not losing much dropping those guys for some potential upside if he gets to play or is traded. Any hope for positive playing time in the future?
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Should I replace Mirotic with Monroe as a stash (from waivers)? I like the upside on Monroe, purely because he might get traded. There are still rumours floating around, and if he goes to a team where the coach doesn't despise him he could post some monster stats. Even now, he's a productive stash at 20min/g. What are people's thoughts?
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Just dropped in my league, worth the #1 waiver?
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Kidd said it was predetermined into to play Monroe because playing three centres wasn't allowing them to get into rhythm. Of course, he sits the best centre to play two garbage players and it's safe to say Monroe will play next time out against the Warriors, but I wouldn't be banking on over 22 minutes.
Monroe did look more motivated early but now seems to have fallen out of favor, which can happen quickly with Kidd at the helm. They are starting Henson so that has to tell you something at this point. Plumlee Monroe Henson all making double digit millions per year. it will Kidds whim on who plays more each game.
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Kidd doesn't like him. He is going to run with centreless lineups at times, despite having three on the roster. It's going to be like this all season. Unpredictable and bad a lot of the time
Not playing tonight and only 7 minutes last game but haven't heard anything about an injury. Anyone have some insight?
Monroe's density is prodigious. When he's out on the court, he's a liability on defense and a black hole on offense. Giannis didn't start to play like an All-Star last season until the Bucks started bringing Monroe off the bench. He clogs the lane on offense, which is where Giannis does damage. Monroe is now feasting on second units. He's a better fantasy player than real player.
His per 36 numbers are off the chart!! Why is he coming off the bench? I hope he gets more minutes soon..
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Game Log
4/12/2017@ BOSL 94 - 112-0.82MIL16:511006400.4297.80053131.8 
4/10/2017CHAW 89 - 79-0.08MIL25:421609310.53813.50040228.6 
4/8/2017@ PHIW 90 - 820.16MIL22:021705321.57114.50023337.9 
4/6/2017@ INDL 89 - 104-0.79MIL18:29402020.5004.00004121.7 
4/4/2017@ OKCL 79 - 110-0.82MIL16:13805000.6676.00003325.7 
4/2/2017DALL 105 - 109-0.46MIL23:526061101.0002.5004047.5 
3/31/2017DETW 108 - 105-1.32MIL21:54306400.1676.50022119.4 
3/29/2017@ BOSW 103 - 1000.14MIL26:421608310.66791.00044126.0 
3/28/2017@ CHAW 118 - 108-0.10MIL25:291308500.85771.00014223.0 
3/26/2017CHIL 94 - 109-0.28MIL26:071604200.538131.00021227.0 
3/24/2017ATLW 100 - 97-0.21MIL26:1514010300.46715.00000226.6 
3/22/2017@ SACW 116 - 98-0.35MIL20:231505100.8336.83363327.7 
3/21/2017@ PORW 93 - 90-0.81MIL22:20909201.33312.50021328.1 
3/18/2017@ GSWL 92 - 117-0.40MIL17:251207210.46213.00002239.9 
3/17/2017@ LALW 107 - 1031.03MIL16:1512063131.0006.00001119.1
3/15/2017@ LACW 97 - 96-0.32MIL27:061206420.50010.50042225.0 
3/13/2017@ MEML 93 - 113-0.35MIL26:261305120.500101.00035232.3 
3/11/2017MINW 102 - 95-0.54MIL33:081206210.42914.00002322.5 
3/10/2017INDW 99 - 850.50MIL27:181807211.8577.85773323.4 
3/8/2017NYKW 104 - 93-0.42MIL29:071708301.42914.71471428.1 
3/6/2017@ PHIW 112 - 98-0.79MIL22:281202000.500101.00022526.4 
3/4/2017TORW 101 - 94-0.35MIL21:31406212.2229.00000119.0 
3/3/2017LACW 112 - 1011.33MIL35:032405521.733151.00022525.0 
3/1/2017DENL 98 - 110-0.23MIL22:411109600.400101.00031224.8 
2/27/2017@ CLEL 95 - 102-0.29MIL19:061303400.7147.75041225.0 
2/26/2017PHOW 100 - 960.40MIL33:301408332.38513.80053324.8 
2/24/2017UTAL 95 - 109-0.97MIL21:27608200.25081.00022324.2 
2/15/2017@ BKNW 129 - 1250.85MIL33:512508320.75016.50023425.1 
2/13/2017DETW 102 - 891.88MIL31:1525013230.800151.00011126.3 
2/11/2017@ INDW 116 - 1000.81MIL26:191708412.7508.83362324.2 
2/10/2017LALL 114 - 122-0.50MIL19:00801310.50061.00022420.5 
2/8/2017MIAL 88 - 106-0.70MIL22:02607200.4005.66730214.3 
2/4/2017@ PHOW 137 - 1121.14MIL20:0613042311.00051.00031515.6 
2/3/2017@ DENL 117 - 121-1.05MIL12:50802100.5006.50040125.9 
2/1/2017@ UTAL 88 - 104-0.14MIL23:571303120.50012.50020325.5 
1/28/2017BOSL 108 - 1120.71MIL35:0614013133.40010.66791519.2 
1/27/2017@ TORL 86 - 102-0.42MIL17:28602111.6005.00002018.0 
1/25/2017PHIL 109 - 1140.50MIL29:502809210.64717.85774231.8 
1/23/2017HOUW 127 - 1140.49MIL27:1517010130.53813.75042326.9 
1/21/2017@ MIAL 97 - 109-0.97MIL17:13906000.4297.75042129.1 
1/20/2017@ ORLL 96 - 112-1.13MIL14:04705110.2867.50060230.9 
1/18/2017@ HOUL 92 - 111-1.21MIL17:30204201.2504.00004118.2 
1/16/2017PHIL 104 - 113-0.88MIL21:091406210.46213.50043136.3 
1/15/2017@ ATLL 98 - 111-1.05MIL20:231301100.50012.50022434.4 
1/13/2017MIAW 116 - 108-0.25MIL25:1916011000.385131.00061130.0 
1/10/2017@ SASW 109 - 107-0.39MIL28:051409400.53813.00003426.9 
1/8/2017WASL 101 - 1070.81MIL32:4112012341.417121.00023122.2 
1/6/2017NYKL 111 - 1160.38MIL27:401907421.54511.700101226.7 
1/4/2017@ NYKW 105 - 104-0.12MIL30:461809431.70010.400103126.0 
1/2/2017OKCW 98 - 94-0.16MIL27:021507211.70010.25041222.4 
12/31/2016@ CHIW 116 - 960.28MIL33:5815012320.46213.75041222.3 
12/30/2016@ MINL 99 - 116-0.98MIL14:18801000.40010.00000035.9 
12/28/2016@ DETW 119 - 940.50MIL26:371405621.70010.00012222.7 
12/26/2016@ WASL 102 - 107-0.32MIL22:261605110.70010.50042027.4 
12/23/2016WASW 123 - 960.57MIL20:5512011411.71471.00022121.8 
12/21/2016@ CLEL 102 - 113-0.91MIL17:57807001.4297.50041126.2 
12/20/2016CLEL 108 - 114-0.93MIL17:56604100.6005.00011116.5 
12/16/2016@ CHIW 95 - 69-0.72MIL23:2314012300.42914.66733238.5 
12/15/2016CHIW 108 - 970.24MIL21:35705321.42971.00010114.9 
12/12/2016@ TORL 100 - 1220.02MIL15:5111020101.00051.00011218.0 
12/10/2016@ WASL 105 - 110-0.58MIL22:34607500.40051.00022315.5 
12/9/2016ATLL 110 - 1140.28MIL22:331406520.462131.00021127.0 
12/7/2016PORW 115 - 1070.15MIL22:381504130.7147.62581023.3 
12/5/2016SASL 96 - 97-0.53MIL21:0510013200.5569.00012225.6 
12/3/2016BKNW 112 - 1030.90MIL21:151307141.500101.00032427.1 
12/1/2016@ BKNW 111 - 93-0.71MIL19:47206211.2504.00003215.1 
11/29/2016CLEW 118 - 1010.66MIL25:411406421.75081.00023219.5 
11/27/2016@ ORLW 104 - 960.00MIL16:341107110.6676.75040220.8 
11/25/2016TORL 99 - 105-0.49MIL18:598010100.5008.00001323.9 
11/21/2016ORLW 93 - 89-0.60MIL8:26202011.2504.00000122.0 
11/19/2016GSWL 121 - 124-0.93MIL2:05200100.5002.00000042.7 
11/17/2016@ MIAL 73 - 96MIL               
11/16/2016@ ATLL 100 - 107-0.88MIL7:22403000.25041.00020027.6 
11/12/2016MEMW 106 - 96-0.07MIL21:25707320.6673.75042315.8 
11/10/2016NORL 106 - 112-0.24MIL19:36803210.60051.00021114.6 
11/6/2016@ DALL 75 - 860.31MIL28:5514012130.500101.00045226.7 
11/5/2016SACW 117 - 91-0.18MIL13:52603211.50041.00021318.2 
11/3/2016INDW 125 - 1070.48MIL25:3916016601.60010.80052223.1 
11/1/2016@ NORW 117 - 113-0.20MIL17:346012601.33361.00022420.4 
10/30/2016@ DETL 83 - 98-0.03MIL17:461105020.44491.00031228.8 
10/29/2016BKNW 110 - 1080.59MIL18:591103340.42971.00052125.1 
10/26/2016CHAL 96 - 1070.07MIL29:2014010312.35714.80051025.9 
4/13/2016INDL 92 - 97Y-0.28MIL12:33702110.66731.00031018.2 
4/11/2016@ ORLL 98 - 107Y1.13MIL27:012307231.60015.83362232.1 
4/10/2016@ PHIW 109 - 108MIL               
4/8/2016@ BOSL 109 - 124Y-0.68MIL28:011008400.6676.50043315.7 
4/5/2016CLEL 80 - 109Y-0.62MIL24:47805210.36411.00001122.5 
4/3/2016CHIL 98 - 102Y-0.60MIL23:101105301.36411.75041126.6 
4/1/2016ORLW 113 - 110Y0.34MIL31:041806321.64314.00022123.1 
3/30/2016PHOW 105 - 94Y0.61MIL27:241405422.417121.00041324.8 
3/26/2016CHAL 91 - 115Y-0.53MIL22:421206100.4297.75080222.0 
3/25/2016@ ATLL 90 - 101Y-1.42MIL24:23703300.2867.50061219.1 
3/23/2016@ CLEL 104 - 113Y-0.21MIL25:421402110.66791.00023223.7 
3/21/2016@ DETL 91 - 92Y0.94MIL33:3418010122.60015.00002126.2 
3/20/2016UTAL 85 - 94Y-0.52MIL22:24804201.37581.00021024.9 
3/17/2016MEMW 96 - 86Y0.10MIL26:3414010001.8336.66761017.4 
3/15/2016TORL 89 - 107Y-0.57MIL28:35809000.5008.00010114.6 
3/13/2016@ BKNW 109 - 100Y-0.35MIL27:151405300.462131.00021224.0 
3/12/2016NORW 103 - 92Y0.93MIL27:1216011211.600101.00040319.8 
3/9/2016MIAW 114 - 108Y-0.15MIL23:181008410.44491.00022222.7 
3/7/2016@ CHIL 90 - 100-0.25MIL29:0011014301.35714.50020422.3 
3/6/2016OKCL 96 - 104-0.16MIL30:299010220.40010.50021116.8 
3/4/2016MINW 116 - 1010.04MIL31:3414094031.0006.50046218.5 
3/2/2016INDL 99 - 104-0.10MIL28:511607010.5569.75081121.7 
2/29/2016HOUW 128 - 121-0.29MIL19:411006100.5569.00000519.0 
2/27/2016DETL 91 - 102-0.34MIL26:551007311.50010.00004323.9 
2/25/2016@ BOSL 107 - 1121.17MIL34:112008412.69213.66730317.9 
2/22/2016LALW 108 - 1010.54MIL27:251208121.55691.00021118.2 
2/20/2016@ ATLW 117 - 1090.47MIL36:0624012411.50020.57170227.1 
2/19/2016CHAL 95 - 98-0.21MIL29:32406213.00021.00044311.1 
2/11/2016WASW 99 - 92-0.43MIL33:011209120.38513.50041420.0 
2/9/2016BOSW 112 - 1110.78MIL29:3229012312.61921.50063138.0 
2/5/2016@ UTAL 81 - 84Y-0.12MIL33:291409011.5569.66762119.8 
2/2/2016@ PORL 95 - 107Y-0.49MIL29:501708300.46715.60051326.4 
2/1/2016@ SACL 104 - 111Y1.19MIL34:3824012311.68816.66731123.5 
1/29/2016MIAL 103 - 107Y0.49MIL34:072405101.50014.909110223.4 
1/28/2016@ MEML 83 - 103Y-0.30MIL25:102107200.61513.83365137.3 
1/26/2016ORLW 107 - 100Y0.01MIL31:2121011200.46715.87582230.8 
1/23/2016@ NORL 99 - 116Y0.78MIL30:2622011201.615131.00062328.2 
1/22/2016@ HOUL 98 - 102Y0.72MIL29:462109304.58817.33331328.3 
1/19/2016@ MIAW 91 - 79Y-0.08MIL29:5515010101.462131.00032126.6 
1/16/2016@ CHAW 105 - 92Y0.49MIL26:3819010301.7789.83363326.7 
1/15/2016ATLW 108 - 101Y-1.23MIL27:1815012401.25016.583121033.4 
1/13/2016@ WASL 101 - 106Y0.02MIL31:0021012120.61513.55693127.1 
1/12/2016CHIW 106 - 101Y0.80MIL37:0017012111.538131.00030116.9 
1/10/2016@ NYKL 88 - 100Y0.99MIL33:2028010201.68816.85772229.0 
1/8/2016DALW 96 - 95Y-1.00MIL27:439012010.30010.60053324.2 
1/5/2016@ CHIL 106 - 117Y-1.05MIL28:3613012310.27818.75044233.0 
1/4/2016SASL 98 - 123Y0.06MIL27:561508221.5569.62582123.4 
1/2/2016@ MINW 95 - 85Y1.04MIL26:5919010320.538131.00050126.9 
12/31/2015@ INDW 120 - 116Y0.84MIL29:452303011.83312.75041221.7 
12/29/2015@ OKCL 123 - 131Y-0.89MIL19:534010110.2229.00002221.4 
12/28/2015@ DALL 93 - 103Y-0.20MIL32:528011202.300101.00021216.7 
12/26/2015TORL 90 - 111Y0.79MIL33:0419011301.700101.00052120.3 
12/23/2015PHIW 113 - 100Y0.29MIL24:511106122.40010.75040321.6 
12/20/2015@ PHOW 101 - 95Y-0.44MIL25:581302400.60010.50021421.2 
12/18/2015@ GSWL 112 - 121Y0.44MIL26:4010013721.45511.00003520.9 
12/16/2015@ LACL 90 - 103MIL               
12/15/2015@ LALL 95 - 113MIL               
12/12/2015GSWW 108 - 95Y0.72MIL35:3228011500.68816.85774426.2 
12/11/2015@ TORL 83 - 90Y0.56MIL32:591307230.6679.50021015.5 
12/9/2015LACL 95 - 109Y0.14MIL36:2016010210.50016.00001121.0 
12/7/2015PORW 90 - 88Y0.29MIL27:0916012300.636111.00022123.6 
12/5/2015NYKW 106 - 91Y0.74MIL33:1418014011.615131.00022320.5 
12/4/2015@ DETL 95 - 102Y0.71MIL33:1714013122.46715.00001221.7 
12/2/2015@ SASL 70 - 95Y0.04MIL27:441407011.462131.00021224.9 
11/30/2015DENW 92 - 74Y1.08MIL24:581805212.727111.00020123.0 
11/29/2015@ CHAL 82 - 87Y-0.02MIL30:1417010320.46715.60052530.1 
11/27/2015@ ORLL 90 - 114Y-1.15MIL19:09908000.25012.75041135.3 
11/25/2015SACL 118 - 129Y0.16MIL28:431107304.45511.50021419.2 
11/23/2015DETW 109 - 88Y0.61MIL31:2020013120.474191.00021331.3 
11/21/2015@ INDL 86 - 123Y0.04MIL23:5111014311.40010.75042224.8 
11/19/2015@ CLEL 100 - 115Y-0.54MIL33:391708120.50014.42972028.3 
11/17/2015@ WASL 86 - 115Y-1.39MIL25:34405401.1676.50043219.6 
11/14/2015CLEW 108 - 105Y0.21MIL43:2816017301.47117.00002320.6 
11/11/2015@ DENL 102 - 103Y0.55MIL32:3618010210.69213.00002221.7 
11/10/2015BOSL 83 - 99Y0.54MIL32:5117014411.63611.60052221.9 
11/7/2015BKNW 94 - 86Y0.67MIL35:082008222.50016.80052026.1 
11/6/2015@ NYKW 99 - 92Y-1.00MIL22:43807301.250121.00023231.5 
11/4/2015PHIW 91 - 87Y0.59MIL36:161808430.50014.80052323.2 
11/2/2015@ BKNW 103 - 96Y1.02MIL39:2523013111.71414.75042422.2 
11/1/2015@ TORL 87 - 106Y0.81MIL28:241406512.71471.00042519.0 
10/30/2015WASL 113 - 118Y0.74MIL34:562205320.71414.66732221.6 
10/28/2015NYKL 97 - 122Y1.09MIL34:3122014422.41217.800100324.9