Paul George - IND - F

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Draft2010 (Pick 10)
NBA Salary$18,100,000
Projection Updated3/29/2017

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32.2d ago Open link
Ejected Ejected Saturday @MIA (two technicals)
The was 8:49 left in the 3rd quarter.
116.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @LAC (sore back)
George missed the past 3 games and is listed as questionable Sunday at LAC.
124.2d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs BKN (sore back)
George is expected to miss the next 3 games including Friday's.
124.3d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs BKN (sore back)
George is out Friday vs BKN.
124.3d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs BKN (sore back)
George is questionable Friday vs BKN. He'll be a game-time decision.
124.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs BKN (sore back)
George is probable Friday vs BKN.
126.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs ATL (ankle)
George missed the past 3 games and is playing Wednesday vs ATL.
126.6d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs ATL (ankle)
George missed the past 3 games and is probable Wednesday vs ATL.
126.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs ATL (ankle)
George missed the past 3 games and is questionable Wednesday vs ATL.
129.3d ago Open link
Injured Injured (ankle)
George missed last game and is OUT Sunday and Monday
129.6d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @OKC (ankle)
George missed last game and is out Sunday at OKC.
129.7d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Sunday @OKC (ankle)
George missed last game and is doubtful Sunday at OKC. Officially questionable, but coach McMillan is not optimistic George will play.
130.5d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @OKC (ankle)
George missed last game and is questionable Sunday at OKC. He did not practice Saturday as the team awaits his MRI results.
130.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @OKC (ankle)
George missed last game and is questionable Sunday at OKC.
131.3d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs PHO (ankle)
George is out Friday vs PHO. He'll have an MRI taken on Saturday, and comments from coach McMillan made it sound like George will be doubtful to play Sunday at OKC.
135.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday vs ORL (left ankle)
George missed last game and is playing Monday vs ORL.
135.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs ORL (left ankle)
George missed last game and is questionable Monday vs ORL.
137.3d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday vs BOS (ankle)
George is out Saturday vs BOS.
137.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Saturday vs BOS (ankle)
George is questionable Saturday vs BOS. He'll be a game-time decision.
138.2d ago Open link
Available to return Available to return Friday @PHI (sprained left thumb)
George is available to return Friday at PHI.
138.3d ago Open link
Questionable to return Questionable to return Friday @PHI (sprained left thumb)
George is questionable to return Friday at PHI.
142.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday @CHA (possible suspension?)
George is playing Monday at CHA.
144.2d ago Open link
Ejected Ejected Saturday vs CHI
George is ejected Saturday vs CHI for kicking the ball into the stands.
25% (4) agree 
PG13 UP Kieff/Middleton DOWN
100% (1) agree 
if he lands at BOS is his value going to dip at all?
100% (3) agree 
George (up) or Hayward (down) ros?
0% (5) agree 
Is Jimmy B that much better than Paul George?
Eldar7 -- You shouldn't have to give up Paul George for Whiteside. Whiteside's value is down. He should come at a much lower price in trades right now.
0% (8) agree 
Trader P.George -----> H.Whiteside?
Looks pretty good to me, other than the turnovers.
67% (9) agree 
Paul George (UP), CJ McCollum (DOWN)
50% (2) agree 
Maybe. It wouldn't be surprising for George (26 years old) to improve his FG%, and with more scoring threats around him this season, there are reasons to believe George could post a career-high FG%. But, he did shoot just .429 in November (9 games). He hasn't been great consistently, but it's definitely possible he could outperform our projections in FG%.
Is this FG% sustainable? I drafted him and Wall expecting to punt FG% and am doing surprisingly well in that category. Just dropped Mudiay and if I can trade RoCo I could be above average but I'm wondering if PG13 and Wall are doomed to return to their usual poor %'s...
100% (1) agree 
@away0921 I drafted DJ, Howard and Davis with a view to punting FT% and going full big man strat but it's just not working. PG owner is willing and if I dump DJ and Howard then my FT%, assists, points and steals immediately jump to being competitive. So yeah, I accepted the trade.
@Snoosnoo it all depends on your strategy. If you are punt FT%, which is one of PG13's strongest categories, than you'd want DeAndre and Dwight. But if you are not punt FT% and don't want to be than you'd absolutely want PG and it's not close.
100% (3) agree 
George (up) or Jordan & Howard (down).
100% (5) agree 
George (UP), Gallinari, Valanciunas, Danny Green (DOWN)
100% (3) agree 
just got PG13 for zings in a punt REB/BLK team. lets goo
20% (10) agree 
Would you trade P.George + K.Lowry -----> S.Curry + R.Gay?
40% (5) agree 
I was Offered M Gasol for my PG. 8 cat h2h. Worried PG is never gonna really take off this year and need boards blocks fg Up yes. Down no.
0% (1) agree 
just about on his way to three straight without a triple. what a player this guy is
100% (7) agree 
give up steve adams and wilson chandler for paul george!? have porzigod, brolo, freak, lord robert, dennis, lin, cp3, pat, deng, marvin and gharris - would add kanter / thabo / tucker / rhj thks josh for the hard work, a german fan
kylemckeown16, the draft round goes up two each year and I can keep him until he becomes a first rounder.(So, next year 7, then 5, then 3 after that.)
unbigote -- I'd probably want Myles Turner going into next season, but for the rest of this season, it's kind of up in the air who will finish with the better fantasy production. How long do you get to continue keeping them in the round that they were drafted?
0% (4) agree 
Give up George (rd 11) for Miles Turner (rd 9) in a five player keeper league?
well of course he's taking some threes lol
I'll mediate this. Yes he's taking less threes this year, but it's a slight exaggeration to say he isn't taking any threes. You both have correct points
0% (6) agree 
Simple answer: overrated
50% (2) agree 
a whole three a game is a lot less in 24 games played. that's not a small sample size
No, they aren't. He took 7 a game last year...6.1 is not way down. He is making 2.3 per game compared to 2.6 last year.
0% (3) agree 
no. his threes in general are way down this year
75% (4) agree 
Seems like you're overreacting to him taking 3 last game and 1 so far this game. He's averaging 6.1 attempts for the season and 5.7 for the month.
wtf is up with this dude. attempting no threes
Part of it is lower usage with more ball handler in the pacers offense. Part of it has been poor health. And part could also be because he has only played in 13 games, so it might be a sample sizing issue. I think he goes to the line more 3 times a game this year, but probably not as often as last year
100% (1) agree 
I tend to think it was his injury. He also mentioned that he wanted to be aggressive after this lengthy recovery period. Hopefully we can see some change in the next week or two.
100% (3) agree 
Why isn't he getting to the line as much this season? Has the emergence of Myles Turner affected the spacing in the lane? I just don't get it.
He's not getting to the line at all and that's impacting his scoring and subsequently his ranking. I wouldn't be too worried about him, but yes his play does usually decline.
100% (2) agree 
What is going on with him this year. Numbers are all well below projections. Is this just a slow start and we should expect him to get better? Josh said he actually declines usually as the season progress in his pre season notes, should we be concerned?
His first injury was the ankle, but when he came back, he then missed a game with a sore back. The Pacers then said he was missing time with the ankle again, so it's likely a combination of both
Yahoo says "sore left ankle" - am I missing something?
54% (13) agree 
Trade P.George + B.Lopez -------> H.Whiteside + V.Oladipo?
as a follow up of previous question, PG13 or RoCo or nurkic for this week?
100% (1) agree 
Start PG13 in weekly locking? Or roll with Marvin Williams that has 4 games this week?
100% (2) agree 
Worth trading for? Is M. Turner and Dragic too much?
Well now cj miles is also hurt.
100% (1) agree 
In the theoretical scenario that his injury ends up being serious.......drop Danny Green for CJ Miles???
MRI's will often be taken as a precautionary measure. There's no reason to panic at this time. We should hear about the results by sometime Sunday, I'd guess.
100% (1) agree 
Can someone tell me if MRI is normal for a sprained ankle? I'm worried...
0% (7) agree 
Is trading him for Isiah Thomas a good idea? Im pretty good with rebounds currently
Per Game
230.36Projection 16-17INDSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
240.35Short-term (4/12)IND735.
210.37NBA 16-17IND6835.522.
90.94Last WeekIND436.
130.60Last 2 WeeksIND736.425.
80.66Last MonthIND1635.826.
260.31Last 2 MonthsIND2935.
250.36Last 3 MonthsIND4235.
140.41NBA 15-16IND8134.823.
308-0.60NBA 14-15IND615.
110.42NBA 13-14IND8036.
Per 36
240.11Projection 16-17INDSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
230.14Short-term (4/12)IND735.
220.12NBA 16-17IND6835.523.
140.43Last WeekIND436.
290.20Last 2 WeeksIND736.425.
110.29Last MonthIND1635.826.
310.07Last 2 MonthsIND2935.
220.13Last 3 MonthsIND4235.
160.19NBA 15-16IND8134.823.
153-0.20NBA 14-15IND615.
210.14NBA 13-14IND8036.
150.37Projection 16-17INDSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
270.27Short-term (4/12)IND7245:00168184724102.438130.897392230.91.321.330.240.010.84-0.68-0.931.65-1.35
210.40NBA 16-17IND682412:021,55016643722110724.4511,192.90634020028.81.361.270.310.111.46-0.51-0.581.52-1.35
40.76Last WeekIND4144:5110712271293.50773.80826928.12.211.970.650.082.030.320.420.05-0.86
140.48Last 2 WeeksIND7254:49181204421156.459133.796492030.21.911.600.33-
70.69Last MonthIND16573:204165011651278.478299.879915130.
180.45Last 2 MonthsIND291019:5866575204933914.450518.8791419029.91.821.680.810.221.15-0.17-0.711.18-1.96
150.46Last 3 MonthsIND421475:009821052611336017.456741.89722412429.71.741.490.400.141.29-0.38-0.521.52-1.52
140.55NBA 15-16IND812818:551,87421056232915229.4181,448.86052826530.32.151.890.800.672.34-0.49-1.701.49-2.22
431-0.92NBA 14-15IND690:5553922651.36749.727111232.7-2.84-1.06-1.90-1.34-2.05-1.07-0.13-0.022.10
110.54NBA 13-14IND802898:191,73718254228315122.4241,362.86446422428.31.831.640.620.402.40-0.59-1.451.57-1.57

Game Log
3/29/2017@ MEML 97 - 110Y0.63IND36:082233422.47117.75043327.9 
3/28/2017MINL 114 - 115Y2.52IND39:293747240.571211.00091228.7 
3/26/2017PHIW 107 - 94Y-0.70IND34:412118300.41217.75083128.6 
3/24/2017DENL 117 - 125Y1.32IND34:332749331.55618.60052527.1 
3/22/2017@ BOSL 100 - 109Y0.67IND42:203755231.42326.769135338.7 
3/20/2017UTAW 107 - 100Y0.38IND36:111928522.300201.00053432.0 
3/19/2017@ TORL 91 - 116Y-0.59IND31:271814210.50014.60053528.1 
3/15/2017CHAW 98 - 77Y2.48IND33:043965330.714211.00033340.0 
3/14/2017@ NYKL 81 - 87Y-0.70IND38:2322310200.409221.00016232.5 
3/12/2017MIAW 102 - 98Y0.90IND37:1528110111.474191.00092230.7 
3/10/2017@ MILL 85 - 99Y0.70IND42:2318011630.357141.00083422.8 
3/8/2017DETW 115 - 98Y0.57IND29:042138200.583121.00041224.2 
3/6/2017@ CHAL 88 - 100Y0.95IND36:2736610500.60025.00006442.0 
3/5/2017@ ATLW 97 - 96Y1.03IND38:263465410.63219.80055332.4 
3/1/2017@ SASL 99 - 100Y-0.20IND33:392226210.278181.000103432.7 
2/27/2017@ HOUW 117 - 108Y0.57IND29:501537531.313161.00022525.7 
2/25/2017@ MIAL 95 - 113Y-1.16IND19:141001100.37581.00044331.1
The was 8:49 left in the 3rd quarter.
2/24/2017MEMW 102 - 92Y-0.80IND33:56919410.250121.00024224.0 
2/16/2017WASL 98 - 111Y-0.31IND37:121717320.316191.00043130.7 
2/15/2017@ CLEL 104 - 113Y-0.98IND36:001337300.211191.00021026.7 
2/13/2017SASL 106 - 110Y0.51IND37:282746300.53315.87582525.9 
2/11/2017MILL 100 - 116Y-0.74IND37:321328300.364111.00035622.5 
2/10/2017@ WASL 107 - 112Y0.24IND35:363124201.52223.71471233.1 
2/8/2017CLEL 117 - 132Y0.56IND37:492228621.47419.66733228.2 
2/6/2017OKCW 93 - 90Y-0.07IND33:112128430.35020.83365336.6 
2/4/2017DETW 105 - 84Y0.47IND32:062133410.64314.00011222.5 
2/3/2017@ BKNW 106 - 97Y1.01IND36:3724111323.409221.00053230.3 
2/1/2017@ ORLW 98 - 88Y-1.61IND33:27817300.214141.00015228.7 
1/29/2017HOUW 120 - 101Y1.42IND36:303339311.565231.00042233.0 
1/27/2017SACW 115 - 111Y0.75IND44:553314320.44418.941174233.7 
1/26/2017@ MINW 109 - 103Y0.67IND36:363234510.54522.83363433.5 
1/23/2017NYKL 103 - 109Y0.34IND38:353137310.45824.85773334.3 
1/21/2017@ UTAL 100 - 109Y0.06IND29:071934200.50016.00000626.3
1/20/2017@ LALL 96 - 108Y0.66IND36:122136221.533151.00024023.6 
1/18/2017@ SACW 106 - 100Y0.32IND41:402424310.533151.00064124.5 
1/16/2017NORW 98 - 95Y0.16IND34:211925620.353171.00053330.2 
1/12/2017@ DENL 112 - 140Y0.09IND31:181024340.167121.00042121.0 
1/7/2017NYKW 123 - 109Y0.25IND28:161913430.438161.00044331.5 
1/5/2017BKNW 121 - 109Y0.83IND30:512621330.55618.66760029.8 
1/3/2017@ DETW 121 - 116Y1.37IND35:463226202.588171.000102031.8 
1/1/2017ORLW 117 - 104Y-0.16IND30:541935300.38513.85771324.6 
12/30/2016CHIW 111 - 101Y0.89IND36:313234120.500201.00094434.5 
12/28/2016@ WASL 105 - 111Y1.56IND36:583463410.500201.00080529.1 
12/26/2016@ CHIL 85 - 90Y-0.40IND39:291413810.429141.00014222.3 
12/22/2016BOSL 102 - 109Y-0.35IND41:071908520.31316.900105426.1 
12/20/2016@ NYKL 111 - 118Y-0.25IND36:171605320.375161.00043224.1 
12/19/2016WASW 107 - 105Y0.08IND40:022729210.47621.83364429.9 
12/17/2016@ DETW 105 - 90Y0.99IND33:442627221.52421.66730230.6 
12/15/2016@ NORL 95 - 102Y0.07IND36:231824420.462131.00045523.9 
12/14/2016@ MIAL 89 - 95Y-0.29IND38:292247300.364221.00022229.8 
12/12/2016CHAW 110 - 94Y0.15IND36:082235310.529171.00014127.6 
12/10/2016PORW 118 - 111Y1.41IND35:573755330.48127.85772239.7 
12/9/2016@ DALL 103 - 111Y0.50IND39:572237020.500161.00033526.0 
12/7/2016@ PHOW 109 - 94Y0.55IND37:5025113130.44418.800103328.0 
12/5/2016@ GSWL 106 - 142Y0.44IND31:2021010310.333121.000132226.9 
12/4/2016@ LACW 111 - 102Y0.80IND33:551637530.462131.00012520.6 
11/30/2016@ PORL 109 - 131IND               
11/27/2016LACW 91 - 70IND               
11/25/2016BKNW 118 - 97IND               
11/23/2016ATLL 85 - 96Y-0.23IND37:351826330.273221.00043230.7 
11/21/2016GSWL 83 - 120IND               
11/20/2016@ OKCW 115 - 111IND               
11/18/2016PHOL 96 - 116IND               
11/16/2016CLEW 103 - 93Y0.86IND36:4421311521.444181.00023127.9 
11/14/2016ORLW 88 - 69Y-0.03IND34:101316521.313161.00022125.7 
11/12/2016BOSL 99 - 105IND               
11/11/2016@ PHIL 105 - 109Y0.95IND40:292619420.450201.00071528.6
Available to return
George is available to return Friday at PHI.
11/9/2016PHIW 122 - 115Y0.66IND31:392828311.56523.00004339.0 
11/7/2016@ CHAL 100 - 122Y-0.47IND32:571017620.333121.00015221.5 
11/5/2016CHIW 111 - 94Y0.52IND28:481337320.50010.00001317.7
George is ejected Saturday vs CHI for kicking the ball into the stands.
11/3/2016@ MILL 107 - 125Y-0.16IND37:192344122.45020.33336331.3 
11/1/2016LALW 115 - 108Y1.53IND37:153027141.500161.000126230.4 
10/29/2016@ CHIL 101 - 118Y0.40IND23:372041310.66712.00003428.9 
10/28/2016@ BKNL 94 - 103Y0.31IND36:072229220.364221.00041227.7 
10/26/2016DALW 130 - 121Y0.60IND42:462548600.50014.87582219.4 
4/13/2016@ MILW 97 - 92IND               
4/12/2016NYKW 102 - 90Y0.50IND28:401914620.50012.85772027.6 
4/10/2016BKNW 129 - 105Y-0.03IND22:281515610.55691.00045329.2 
4/8/2016@ TORL 98 - 111Y-0.01IND27:521424311.36411.80051424.0 
4/6/2016CLEW 123 - 109Y0.77IND31:322945110.58817.83363132.8 
4/3/2016@ NYKW 92 - 87Y0.43IND28:302029111.467151.00043131.7 
4/2/2016@ PHIW 115 - 102Y0.11IND33:412028710.33315.88993228.7 
3/31/2016ORLL 94 - 114Y1.54IND33:522718350.478231.00042132.9 
3/29/2016CHIL 96 - 98Y1.30IND36:302029541.438161.00043225.3 
3/27/2016HOUW 104 - 101Y1.22IND37:3925411111.471171.00051323.5 
3/26/2016@ BKNL 110 - 120Y0.10IND34:312734130.38121.800104236.6 
3/24/2016NORW 92 - 84Y0.33IND19:541514211.6679.66731027.3 
3/21/2016PHIW 91 - 75Y-0.11IND34:501516320.250161.00061326.5 
3/19/2016OKCL 111 - 115Y1.70IND40:514547420.48329.867152240.5 
3/17/2016TORL 94 - 101Y-1.05IND42:131819421.29224.50064433.3 
3/15/2016BOSW 103 - 98Y1.54IND34:552527441.56316.83363426.9 
3/13/2016@ ATLL 75 - 104Y-0.80IND25:11712620.20015.00001128.8 
3/12/2016@ DALW 112 - 105Y0.73IND36:3120310620.37516.83361123.6 
3/7/2016SASW 99 - 91Y0.32IND36:452325211.350201.00071231.3 
3/5/2016@ WASW 100 - 99Y1.60IND38:103846210.591221.00083334.9 
3/4/2016@ CHAL 101 - 108Y2.66IND36:243547751.47823.900101434.5 
3/2/2016@ MILW 104 - 99Y-1.28IND33:471549501.33315.25047431.1 
2/29/2016@ CLEL 96 - 100Y1.11IND35:312348620.438161.00052227.4 
2/28/2016PORL 102 - 111Y-0.82IND29:411104220.267151.00033327.5 
2/26/2016CHAL 95 - 96Y1.40IND35:023226431.500261.00043538.0 
2/24/2016NYKW 108 - 105Y0.26IND36:292707610.43523.87582335.9 
2/22/2016@ MIAL 93 - 101Y1.07IND42:0031411430.45824.71473333.0 
2/21/2016@ ORLW 105 - 102Y-0.61IND36:252024600.36819.80053528.7 
2/19/2016@ OKCW 101 - 98Y0.61IND34:1522251010.42914.88992425.2 
2/10/2016CHAL 95 - 117Y0.20IND32:482228601.444181.00044331.4 
2/8/2016LALW 89 - 87Y-0.33IND34:492129212.33318.77895334.2 
2/6/2016DETW 112 - 104Y1.11IND29:593028310.53813.933153434.4 
2/5/2016@ ATLL 96 - 102Y1.48IND37:373179600.524211.00021325.2 
2/3/2016@ BKNW 114 - 100Y0.49IND32:561724651.33318.75044331.4 
2/1/2016CLEL 106 - 111Y-0.77IND39:521115820.200151.00045423.4 
1/30/2016DENW 109 - 105Y-0.16IND39:241933700.467151.00024522.1 
1/28/2016ATLW 111 - 92Y-0.72IND30:321103310.182111.00072422.9 
1/26/2016LACL 89 - 91Y1.25IND38:1831211311.52223.83361330.4 
1/23/2016@ SACL 97 - 108Y0.81IND34:303444102.45020.857142336.8 
1/22/2016@ GSWL 110 - 122Y-0.55IND31:111212130.33315.50022523.1 
1/19/2016@ PHOW 97 - 94Y1.01IND32:321918440.41712.88992423.3 
1/17/2016@ DENL 126 - 129Y0.72IND36:001933530.500121.00044321.6 
1/15/2016WASL 104 - 118Y0.33IND33:492115731.316191.00085336.3 
1/13/2016@ BOSL 94 - 103Y-0.54IND37:032338410.35020.75085230.8 
1/12/2016PHOW 116 - 97Y1.01IND26:452117122.500121.00083431.0 
1/10/2016@ HOUL 103 - 107Y1.90IND40:272036472.412171.00034126.5 
1/8/2016@ NORW 91 - 86Y-0.34IND32:041317430.23113.85774326.4 
1/6/2016@ ORLW 95 - 86Y0.19IND35:412017320.385131.00095327.9 
1/4/2016@ MIAL 100 - 103Y0.75IND41:303257220.41429.75041334.6 
1/2/2016DETW 94 - 82Y0.60IND32:3632414310.50018.833127344.3 
12/31/2015MILL 116 - 120Y1.59IND33:363156520.61513.909114627.2 
12/30/2015@ CHIL 100 - 102Y-0.03IND42:011935440.35020.66735327.4 
12/28/2015ATLW 93 - 87Y-0.84IND33:06925320.21414.50022522.3 
12/26/2015@ MINW 102 - 88Y-0.31IND32:121844310.43816.00005129.0 
12/23/2015SACL 106 - 108Y-0.68IND40:1612110540.26319.25043326.2 
12/21/2015@ SASL 92 - 106Y-1.54IND34:42717620.07114.80056127.5 
12/19/2015@ MEML 84 - 96Y-0.08IND39:142946220.36422.900107039.3 
12/18/2015BKNW 104 - 97Y-0.13IND35:4423210310.46715.87587430.5 
12/16/2015DALW 107 - 81Y0.06IND32:081927311.389181.00033231.9 
12/14/2015TORW 106 - 90Y-0.27IND23:501643310.385131.00024533.4 
12/12/2015@ DETL 96 - 118Y-1.43IND34:171306310.25016.71474230.8 
12/11/2015MIAW 96 - 83Y0.28IND37:012318310.412171.00083228.6 
12/8/2015GSWL 123 - 131Y1.37IND35:393358631.40727.85773334.6 
12/5/2015@ UTAL 119 - 122Y2.52IND42:054888330.55627.769132435.5 
12/3/2015@ PORL 111 - 123Y-1.83IND34:131107300.23517.75045230.2 
12/2/2015@ LACW 103 - 91Y1.61IND40:3831510431.39123.800100329.7 
11/29/2015@ LALW 107 - 103Y1.11IND36:493954121.47621.824174136.4 
11/27/2015CHIW 104 - 92Y0.38IND38:303348200.458241.00075436.1 
11/24/2015@ WASW 123 - 106Y2.43IND36:354078420.73719.83364130.2 
11/21/2015MILW 123 - 86Y0.27IND29:062037720.35317.83363332.6 
11/18/2015@ PHIW 112 - 85Y2.07IND31:583458540.54224.75042334.8 
11/16/2015@ CHIL 95 - 96Y-0.17IND38:312647500.45020.66764329.7 
11/13/2015MINW 107 - 103Y1.21IND38:302949410.47117.900101226.3 
11/11/2015@ BOSW 102 - 91Y-0.16IND36:5626210310.45522.80056435.2 
11/9/2015ORLW 97 - 84Y0.13IND36:202734710.41217.909116235.3 
11/8/2015@ CLEL 97 - 101Y0.80IND38:5832311600.52421.87584533.2 
11/6/2015MIAW 90 - 87Y1.39IND37:5336212331.51927.75084042.5 
11/4/2015BOSW 100 - 98Y1.04IND31:1126510320.44418.83362429.6 
11/3/2015@ DETW 94 - 82Y-0.10IND37:321629620.294171.00044226.1 
10/31/2015UTAL 76 - 97Y-0.62IND33:371603110.54511.66763322.8 
10/29/2015MEML 103 - 112Y0.11IND34:401828511.333151.00064327.5 
10/28/2015@ TORL 99 - 106Y0.20IND36:3517012830.23517.900103328.2