Larry Sanders

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Draft2010 (Pick 15)
InjuryOut for season - Fractured right orbital bone
Projected Return 9/1/2014  Out for season - Fractured right orbital bone - Projected Return 9/1/2014
4/4/2014 8:03 PM
Out for season Five-game suspension Open link
Sanders has been suspended for five games without pay by the league for violating the terms of the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program. Sanders said in a statement released by the Bucks that he was suspended for using marijuana, and according to the league's drug policy, a player isn't suspended for marijuana use until his third failed test. Sanders will serve his suspension during the current season, however, by being away from the team for their final five games. This caps off a disastrous season where he missed over six weeks due to a torn thumb ligament suffered in a fight at a night club and was later ruled out for the season due to a orbital bone fracture.

Season Stats

   154-0.30Current SeasonMIL2325.
   290.22NBA 12-13MIL7127.
   228-0.47NBA 11-12MIL5212.
   272-0.51NBA Preseason 13MIL623.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment4/9/2014 7:40 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Sanders will serve his suspension during the current season by remaining away from the team for the final five games, meaning nothing for the start of next season.
 Comment2/15/2014 9:38 AMdanzim01 100% (1)the projections changed Sanders games played remaining but made no adjustments to his production - really think he'll come back and block 2.1 shots again immediately?
 Comment2/14/2014 7:32 PMcoffeelover665 0% (0)RIP Larry Sanders 2014. Bought me nothing but grief. Look at my roster and I can tell you which big man will be out next.
 Comment2/14/2014 2:26 PMphilzilla 100% (1)Dead to me. Forever. Added to the list.
 Comment2/14/2014 5:34 AMliam4 0% (0)Up to you. He had the surgery, so he's prob out til March. I dropped him
 Comment2/14/2014 4:00 AMLuissanchez10 100% (8)Is he a drop at this point?
 Comment2/11/2014 6:48 PMliam4 0% (0)I am guessing it's surgery. Seeing specialist today, he wrote wow smh on twitter this afternoon
 Comment2/11/2014 8:10 AMrockchalk 100% (3)According to previous orbital bone injuries, surgery = 23 games missed; no surgery = 3.5 games missed.
 Comment2/11/2014 4:44 AM#13887 0% (0)Broken right orbital bone? Damn.. (fox sports)
 Injured2/10/2014 8:13 PMcircatbs 100% (7)What a mess.
 Comment2/7/2014 9:39 AMBishman 50% (4)Bucks aren't interested in trading Sanders! Get him now!
 Underrated2/6/2014 4:58 PMterryalj 64% (11)ALL ABOARD!
 Comment2/1/2014 12:41 PMjkcartel 50% (8)larry has 44 million reasons not to worry about henson at all
 Comment1/31/2014 11:09 PMbechteljay 33% (3)Larry should be worried about Henson taking his spot, hopefully he does Awaken
 Comment1/31/2014 8:05 PMslamey115 100% (4)Has LARRY SANDERS!!! been awaken?
 Comment1/29/2014 11:03 AMjohnd2442 56% (9)I must be out of my mind thinking this, but I *still* think he is a buy-low guy as long as you adjust expectations. The guy who drafted him is still probably upset, and if you have 60-70 range hope...
 Overrated1/27/2014 12:18 PM#14370 89% (9)Last year's fantasy waiver wire pickup of the year -> contract extension -> this year's biggest fantasy bust of the year.
 Comment1/25/2014 1:44 PMsautah 33% (9)Larry Sanders and JaVale McGee the same player?
 Comment1/13/2014 3:10 PMteamd 0% (0)No suspension
 Comment1/13/2014 9:12 AMJJBOODA 0% (0)Any word on suspension potential?
 Comment1/11/2014 11:51 PMGoyle 100% (2)Wish the dude would stop getting himself thrown out of games so we can get a better view of what he looks like right now.
 Comment1/11/2014 12:27 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 43% (7)(People are sick of waiting for numbers, and it's understandable.) Adjusted some peripherals and dropped him -1 mpg.
 Comment1/11/2014 12:14 PMhalpink31 67% (6)Hes only played 10 total games this season, give it time.
 Comment1/11/2014 10:03 AMherseyhawkins 50% (8)projections appear to be grossly optimistic at this point.
 Comment1/11/2014 12:18 AMPeter Porker 33% (9)Seriously thinking of dropping him for Blatche or Humphries at this point. And no, I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.
 Overrated1/10/2014 2:03 AM#14370 33% (6)his track record isn't THAT proven at this point, overrated.
 Comment1/9/2014 8:00 PMDfish 0% (0)Need rebounds...
 Comment1/2/2014 11:56 PMantbanks 100% (10)That's the LARRY we've been waiting all year to see...
 Comment12/27/2013 3:54 PMmeximon 100% (3)just give me some blocks!
 Comment12/26/2013 6:13 PMliam4 50% (2)I have a big question mark around Sanders, don't know if he'll get 29 min/g per projection

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Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014ATL MIL             
4/14/2014@ TOR MIL             
4/12/2014@ WAS MIL             
4/11/2014CLE MIL             
4/9/2014IND MIL             
4/5/2014TOR MIL             
4/4/2014@ CHI MIL             
4/2/2014@ MIA MIL             
3/31/2014@ DET MIL             
3/29/2014MIA MIL             
3/27/2014LAL MIL             
3/24/2014@ LAC MIL             
3/23/2014@ SAC MIL             
3/20/2014@ GSW MIL             
3/18/2014@ POR MIL             
3/16/2014CHA MIL             
3/15/2014@ NYK MIL             
3/13/2014@ ATL MIL             
3/11/2014@ MIN MIL             
3/10/2014ORL MIL             
3/8/2014WAS MIL             
3/7/2014@ NOR MIL             
3/5/2014SAC MIL             
3/3/2014UTA MIL             
3/1/2014BKN MIL             
2/27/2014@ IND MIL             
2/24/2014@ PHI MIL             
2/22/2014IND MIL             
2/20/2014DEN MIL             
2/18/2014ORL MIL             
2/12/2014NOR MIL             
2/10/2014BOS MIL             
2/8/2014HOU95 - 101 (-6)Y-1.00MIL4:232040000.33330.000010
2/5/2014@ DEN100 - 110 (-10)Y0.21MIL33:40250152110.632190.200521
2/3/2014NYK101 - 98 (+3)Y0.22MIL29:3580110010.75041.000206
2/1/2014@ MEM90 - 99 (-9)Y0.12MIL29:3310080020.57171.000213
1/31/2014@ ORL102 - 113 (-11)Y0.69MIL33:0910092440.364110.500423
1/29/2014PHO117 - 126 (-9)0.49MIL33:2814090020.636110.000005
1/27/2014LAC MIL             
1/25/2014ATL87 - 112 (-25)Y-1.72MIL20:411040000.00050.500222
1/24/2014@ CLE78 - 93 (-15)-0.05MIL20:517050030.60050.500201
1/22/2014DET MIL             
1/19/2014@ SAS82 - 110 (-28)Y0.47MIL20:3610070410.50080.500402
1/18/2014@ HOU104 - 114 (-10)Y0.49MIL30:4512051250.62580.333604
1/15/2014MEM77 - 82 (-5)Y0.08MIL37:19100121030.333121.000213
1/13/2014@ TOR94 - 116 (-22)Y-1.58MIL27:296081000.25080.500433
1/11/2014@ OKC85 - 101 (-16)Y-0.85MIL6:300040010.00010.000013
1/10/2014CHI72 - 81 (-9)Y-0.68MIL22:551090020.00020.500216
1/7/2014GSW80 - 101 (-21)Y-1.36MIL29:515062000.200100.500213
1/4/2014@ PHO100 - 116 (-16)Y-1.02MIL26:287020010.60050.500234
1/2/2014@ UTA87 - 96 (-9)Y1.46MIL34:3716082221.00071.000213
12/31/2013@ LAL94 - 79 (+15)Y0.41MIL34:3270115240.37580.250404
12/28/2013MIN95 - 117 (-22)Y-0.80MIL33:3190100200.57170.250433
12/27/2013@ BKN93 - 104 (-11)-0.40MIL22:1110071120.80050.333616
12/23/2013@ CHA MIL             
12/21/2013PHI MIL             
12/20/2013@ CLE MIL             
12/18/2013NYK MIL             
12/14/2013@ DAL MIL             
12/13/2013CHI MIL             
12/11/2013SAS MIL             
12/10/2013@ CHI MIL             
12/7/2013BKN MIL             
12/6/2013@ WAS MIL             
12/4/2013DET MIL             
12/3/2013@ BOS MIL             
11/30/2013BOS MIL             
11/29/2013@ CHA MIL             
11/27/2013WAS MIL             
11/25/2013@ DET MIL             
11/23/2013CHA MIL             
11/22/2013@ PHI MIL             
11/20/2013POR MIL             
11/16/2013OKC MIL             
11/15/2013@ IND MIL             
11/13/2013@ ORL MIL             
11/12/2013@ MIA MIL             
11/9/2013DAL MIL             
11/6/2013CLE MIL             
11/2/2013TOR90 - 97 (-7)Y-0.81MIL21:374041010.25080.000002
11/1/2013@ BOS105 - 98 (+7)Y-0.12MIL18:244031040.40050.000012
10/30/2013@ NYK83 - 90 (-7)Y-1.18MIL12:210040010.00030.000025