Derrick Favors - UTA - F

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Draft2010 (Pick 3)
NBA Salary$11,050,000
Projection Updated4/26/2017

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5.1d ago Open link
Off the Bench Off the Bench Sunday vs LAC
10.0d ago
Starting Starting Tuesday @LAC
16.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs SAS (knee)
17.2d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs SAS (knee)
19.1d ago Open link
Out Out Monday @GSW (knee)
19.9d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @GSW (rest)
21.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs MIN (bone bruise)
22.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs MIN (bone bruise)
24.4d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday vs POR (bone bruise)
27.2d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @SAS (bone bruise)
47.1d ago Open link
Injured Injured (bone bruise)
He will be reevaluated later in the week
84.4d ago Open link
Probable Probable Saturday vs CHA (rest)
He went through practice Friday and is expected to play Saturday.
87.3d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs MIL (rest)
He only participated in non-contact work at practice.
128.4d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs SAC (b2b)
Favors is expected to play Wednesday vs SAC after having sat out Tuesday at GSW for rest.
129.4d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday @GSW (b2b)
Favors is sitting out Tuesday at GSW for rest, but he will play Wednesday vs SAC.
133.4d ago Open link
Note Note (minutes restriction)
Favors will be on a minutes restriction of about 12-15 minutes again Friday vs DAL.
135.4d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs OKC (knee bone bruise)
Favors will be on a minutes limit in his return.
136.1d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs OKC (knee bone bruise)
Utah officially lists him as questionable, whereas Tim mcMahon reported that he will play. We are going with probable for now
136.2d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs OKC (knee bone bruise)
He'll have a minutes limit in his return.
136.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs OKC (knee bone bruise)
He practiced Tuesday.
137.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs OKC (knee bone bruise)
He went through most of Monday's short practice. The Jazz expect to know more about his status for Wednesday after they see how Favors' knee feels Tuesday.
163.1d ago Open link
Out Out Thursday vs CHI (knee bone bruise)
Favors is out Thursday vs CHI and his timetable is unknown at this point. The bone bruise diagnosis is a positive though.
163.4d ago Open link
Out Out Thursday vs CHI (knee soreness)
Favors is out Thursday vs CHI.
165.0d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Monday vs MEM (knee soreness)
Favors will not return Monday vs MEM.
165.1d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday vs MEM (knee soreness)
Favors is playing Monday vs MEM.
165.1d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs MEM (knee soreness)
Favors remains questionable Monday vs MEM. He is a game time decision
165.4d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs MEM (knee soreness)
Favors is questionable Monday vs MEM. He did participate in shootaround.
165.5d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs MEM (knee soreness)
Favors is questionable Monday vs MEM.
167.1d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Saturday @MIA (knee soreness)
Favors will not return Saturday at MIA.
178.5d ago Open link
Starting Starting Tuesday @SAS
Favors is expected to be the starting PF Tuesday at SAS, but he'll still be on a minutes restriction. Boris Diaw is out for rest. Coach Snyder said he is hopeful Favors will be off his minutes restriction sometime "over the course of the next week or two."
182.2d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs LAL (knee)
Favors is playing Friday vs LAL. He will come off the bench and have a minutes limit.
182.4d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs LAL (knee)
Favors is probable Friday vs LAL. Coach Snyder said that the team will see how Favors feels before the game but that he is expected to play. Favors will be on a minutes limit, but no specifics have been reported.
183.3d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs LAL (knee)
Favors is questionable Friday vs LAL. He did go through a full practice on Thursday which is a good sign.
185.4d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday @POR (knee)
Favors is out Tuesday at POR.
Might be back Friday. Anyone have a guess how many min/g rest of season?
100% (12) agree 
Im in a weekly league and playoffs start next week. Is it time to cut our season long collective losses and move on? (yes - up, no- down)
67% (3) agree 
Favors Up Dedmon Down
0% (2) agree 
Favors (Up) or willie cauley stein (Down). I owned him before then dropped him for wcs but no one has picked him up and he's having a good game today
19% (16) agree 
Still worth holding in a 14-team league? Who would you rather hold: UP for Favors or DOWN for Zeller
40% (10) agree 
Favors (Up) TJ Warren (Down). 12 team 9 cat h2h
80% (10) agree 
Favors (Up) Okafor (Down) 14 team 9 cat h2h
100% (3) agree 
Favors (Up) Faried (Down) - Points League
This is the guy I've been waiting all season for. Hopefully jumpstarts him
100% (5) agree 
Rock bottom.
22% (9) agree 
Favors (Up) Stream Spot (Down) - 8 team H2H - pretty shallow, is he worth owning? Punting FT, Points and 3s
75% (4) agree 
Favors (up) or Willy hernangomez (down). Favors is really getting hard to own
80% (5) agree 
Favors (Up) or T. Jones (Down)?
100% (4) agree 
Favors [up] or Saric [down]
80% (5) agree 
Favors (up) Wilson chandler (down) in a points league and I've locked playoffs. Playoffs start March 6th
I agree josh i had to dump him and just punt rebounds and blocks unfortunately i didnt want to though
100% (2) agree 
I drafted Favors myself and he's been terrible. Ive been on the hold Favors bandwagon, but the rotations of late have me believe that he is just not going to get back to 30 minutes, so in your spot, dropping may be the best move
That is fair to say. I thought I got a "value" pick by nabbing Favors and Parsons at round 6,8 in a H2H. Definitely not my year. Josh, if you were in seeding 8,9,10 would you drop Favors for another streaming spot?
On the flip side: John Wall had surgery on both knees - best season ever. Also i don't think Favors had surgery, he just had a sore knee in training camp that he had to sit out, and then suffered a bone bruise.
100% (1) agree 
Note to self: Never draft anyone who had any knee surgeries in the off-season. My biggest regret this year was drafting Favors and Parsons. Worst decisions ever.
75% (4) agree 
2 games this week, I'm thinking about dropping him for a streaming spot. With my team out of the playoff picture, doesn't make any sense waiting for this guy to come back to form.
0% (4) agree 
What do people think about Favors in a dynasty format? I'm considering a buy low offer for him. Is this still just a slow recovery from his knee problems or is this kind of rotation (i.e. fewer minutes) here to stay? Looking at his per 36 most of his numbers are not too far off last year when he was #29 per game.
40% (5) agree 
Favors(UP) E.Payton(DOWN)
67% (3) agree 
I've already cut him loose for Zeller. This rotation hasn't been friendly to Favors and his play hasn't given me any reason to be optimistic. And with Utah playing as well as they are, I don't envision much changing barring injury.
My team is already barely scraping by to make it into playoffs. If Favors actually plays per the BBM projects, he will literally change my team's outlook. Looks gloom though.
100% (1) agree 
Derrick pls... we've been very patient.
100% (1) agree 
I believe he is
100% (1) agree 
He is taking two less shots per 36, so that is likely the Hill effect, but the bigger issue is his effiency. If he hit his shots at the same rate, there'd be little worry
100% (1) agree 
is the addition of George Hill hurting his offense? Last year they didnt' really have a good PG. Hayward, Hill and now Gobert going offensively seems to have him in the backseat on the offensive side of things?
100% (1) agree 
All his numbers are the same from last year per minute with exception to his shooting percentage. He should be about the same when his shooting percentage comes to his career norm and the minutes restriction comes off
"Form is temporary, class is permanent." But I'm also wondering the same thing here. What are everyone's thoughts on whether or not Favors will return to form?
0% (6) agree 
What are the thoughts about him ever returning to form this season? Was offered Favors, Covington, Dirk (UP) for M. Gasol, Gary Harris, Smart (DOWN)
71% (14) agree 
ROS - Up for Favors, down for Tyler Johnson
100% (1) agree 
Seems to be gradually coming back to form. He ran into a bad matchup on the backside of a back-to-back, so I'm not worried about this one yet.
Can someone shed some light on what's happening with Favors? Thinking about trying to make a trade with his "star" value.
100% (4) agree 
Looks like the highest assist total of his career (7.) More importantly, 29 minutes played!
50% (8) agree 
Steven Adams (Up) or Favors (Down)
62% (8) agree 
Favors (UP) or Reggie Jackson (DOWN)?
100% (1) agree 
Starting tonight. Surely a good sign. Think he gets ~20 min for the few weeks? Averaging 14 MPG since his return.
100% (1) agree 
How'd he look tonight?
100% (1) agree 
Seems to be coming back this week or next at latest, according to utah newspapers
100% (1) agree 
Stash now if he's available!!
100% (1) agree 
I remember it was quite annoying especially for DFS. He was even warming up pre game every night to test it out. No clue if it was bad injury reports or if he was actually seriously trying to play and just couldn't get loose enough. The Grizzlies have been notoriously poor at giving out injury info as well
100% (1) agree 
He was was with a back issue. Was no doubt very frustrating.
100% (1) agree 
Sucks this happened with Favors last year as well. I honk I remember him being listed as day to day for about a month if my memory serves correct
100% (2) agree 
stevenadamsismvp -- Nothing. Someone asked one of the Jazz beat writers on Twitter today if there have been any updates on Favors' return? His response: "No." - We're in the dark.
100% (4) agree 
Jazz's injury reporting, jeez.
Any updates at all can't find anything about an ETA.
100% (3) agree 
We've pushed him out another week since there is no news. The latest from UTA is "to be determined".
100% (1) agree 
What is the logic behind the December 5th projected return date? I am trying to find news and saw that he has yet to resume practicing as at November 30th?
100% (10) agree 
He got dropped in my league - should I drop Jamal Murray and hold him? 12 team H2H
He's still not traveling with the team, and they haven't released any updates. Doesn't look good for coming back this week. Hoping I'm wrong
I'm not saying he is healthy. But the projection has him playing 30 minutes a game. If he's getting that many minutes, he will easily outscore 13.4 ppg.
100% (1) agree 
Should we be worried about Favors in keeper formats?
100% (5) agree 
but he is NOT healthy, thats the thing.
Why are his per-game projections so low? He's gotten at least 16/8 his past two seasons and at 30 minutes/game if healthy he should easily get that again
Chandler Parsons has just been ruled out for at least two weeks with a knee bone bruise, basically the same injury, so I'd guess we are looking at at least two weeks.
How long does it usually take to heal a bone bruise?
He's absolutely worth picking up. He should be owned until we know more about what's going on with his knee.
100% (5) agree 
hes been dropped in my league, 10 team H2H, waiver #2, worth a pick up? consider i already picked up Jokic from Free agent
Knee soreness is starting to be annoying. Will he miss games or back to limit restriction?
67% (6) agree 
Trade my Jabari Parker for buy low Derrick Favors in a 10 team H2H 8 category? Thanks!
100% (1) agree 
The Jazz can be cagey about their injuries. There's not a lot of information. They called Favors a "game-time decision" for most of the month-long stretch he missed last season.
Any further updates here? Scoured Twitter, can't find anything substantial. Trying to get an idea if he's actually coming back in the near future.
33% (3) agree 
Knee soreness enough to bump him down a couple rounds on draft day?
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4/25/2017@ LACW 96 - 92-0.39UTA11:52402011.6673.00001415.7 
4/23/2017LACW 105 - 980.12UTA24:121706120.70010.50060026.3 
4/21/2017LACL 106 - 111Y-1.03UTA38:14206210.3333.0002156.6 
4/18/2017@ LACL 91 - 99Y-0.21UTA33:201307001.7147.60050214.3 
4/15/2017@ LACW 97 - 95-0.60UTA32:161506201.70010.25042420.4 
4/12/2017SASW 101 - 97-0.13UTA20:47805330.5008.00004026.8 
4/10/2017@ GSWW 105 - 99UTA               
4/8/2017@ PORL 86 - 101-1.08UTA13:53603000.4297.00010125.1 
4/7/2017MINW 120 - 113-0.05UTA16:411305110.6679.50020528.2 
4/4/2017PORW 106 - 87UTA               
4/2/2017@ SASL 103 - 109UTA               
3/31/2017WASW 95 - 88UTA               
3/29/2017@ SACW 112 - 82UTA               
3/27/2017NORW 108 - 100UTA               
3/25/2017@ LACL 95 - 108UTA               
3/22/2017NYKW 108 - 101UTA               
3/20/2017@ INDL 100 - 107UTA               
3/18/2017@ CHIL 86 - 95UTA               
3/16/2017@ CLEL 83 - 91UTA               
3/15/2017@ DETW 97 - 83UTA               
3/13/2017LACW 114 - 108UTA               
3/11/2017@ OKCL 104 - 112UTA               
3/8/2017@ HOUW 115 - 108UTA               
3/6/2017NORW 88 - 83Y-1.00UTA32:00705110.30010.50021016.6 
3/5/2017@ SACW 110 - 109Y-0.63UTA26:00902200.8005.50021012.1 
3/3/2017BKNW 112 - 97Y0.93UTA33:3419112310.8899.66731415.5 
3/1/2017MINL 80 - 107Y-0.32UTA26:5110012011.38513.00002424.5 
2/28/2017@ OKCL 106 - 109Y-1.12UTA27:28804200.4449.00020116.5 
2/26/2017@ WASW 102 - 92Y0.19UTA23:531007004.5569.00002319.7 
2/24/2017@ MILW 109 - 95Y0.45UTA26:001907202.643141.00012129.4 
2/15/2017PORW 111 - 88Y-0.33UTA25:30206120.3333.0000127.1 
2/13/2017LACL 72 - 88Y-0.17UTA23:351303122.45511.50060225.8 
2/11/2017BOSL 104 - 112Y-0.25UTA25:47606010.6005.0000008.4 
2/9/2017@ DALL 105 - 112Y-0.39UTA32:386010220.2229.66730414.6 
2/8/2017@ NORW 127 - 94Y0.05UTA25:111206210.71471.00022318.0 
2/6/2017@ ATLW 120 - 95Y1.85UTA26:1420010132.83312.00001223.9 
2/4/2017CHAW 105 - 98-0.76UTA10:13204100.5002.0000009.1 
2/1/2017MILW 104 - 88UTA               
1/28/2017MEML 95 - 102UTA               
1/26/2017LALW 96 - 88Y-0.73UTA21:32806300.33391.00021223.4 
1/24/2017@ DENL 93 - 103Y0.77UTA24:401805111.727111.00020221.6 
1/23/2017OKCL 95 - 97Y-0.24UTA26:4410010020.41712.00002323.9 
1/21/2017INDW 109 - 100Y-0.72UTA24:18807311.4297.50043120.9 
1/20/2017@ DALW 112 - 107Y-1.05UTA26:02504001.4005.50022413.7 
1/16/2017@ PHOW 106 - 101Y-0.68UTA24:281104111.45511.33331124.7 
1/14/2017ORLW 114 - 107Y-0.32UTA31:491706100.583121.00033122.2 
1/13/2017DETW 110 - 77Y-0.53UTA27:09908111.40010.33330120.4 
1/10/2017CLEW 100 - 92Y-0.41UTA25:131205211.50010.50041422.6 
1/8/2017@ MEML 79 - 88Y-1.14UTA24:37403110.2867.00003119.3 
1/7/2017@ MINW 94 - 92Y1.22UTA34:261516132.58312.00000217.1 
1/5/2017@ TORL 93 - 101Y-0.88UTA26:00908110.40010.50023125.4 
1/3/2017@ BOSL 104 - 115Y-0.14UTA29:011206700.500101.00021419.2 
1/2/2017@ BKNW 101 - 89Y-0.85UTA18:19603000.4297.00000316.9 
12/31/2016PHOW 91 - 86Y-1.00UTA23:51908301.5008.25042024.3 
12/29/2016PHIW 100 - 83Y-1.38UTA24:394012101.1437.50043322.6 
12/27/2016@ LALW 102 - 100Y-0.24UTA21:58806110.40051.00041316.1 
12/23/2016TORL 98 - 104-0.77UTA15:07607001.25081.00021429.8 
12/21/2016SACL 93 - 94-0.46UTA16:11404011.3336.00000119.0 
12/20/2016@ GSWL 74 - 104UTA               
12/18/2016@ MEMW 82 - 73-0.20UTA13:30501004.5004.50020018.0 
12/16/2016DALW 103 - 100-0.66UTA13:30702001.6673.75041221.3 
12/14/2016OKCW 109 - 89-0.38UTA12:40404011.33331.00021319.5 
12/10/2016SACW 104 - 84UTA               
12/8/2016GSWL 99 - 106UTA               
12/6/2016PHOW 112 - 105UTA               
12/5/2016@ LALW 107 - 101UTA               
12/3/2016DENW 105 - 98UTA               
12/1/2016MIAL 110 - 111UTA               
11/29/2016HOUW 120 - 101UTA               
11/28/2016@ MINW 112 - 103UTA               
11/25/2016ATLW 95 - 68UTA               
11/23/2016DENW 108 - 83UTA               
11/20/2016@ DENL 91 - 105UTA               
11/19/2016@ HOUL 102 - 111UTA               
11/17/2016CHIL 77 - 85UTA               
11/14/2016MEML 96 - 102Y-0.44UTA21:29602020.33361.00021319.6
Will not return
Favors will not return Monday vs MEM.
11/12/2016@ MIAW 102 - 91Y-0.68UTA5:556010001.0003.00001032.4
Will not return
Favors will not return Saturday at MIA.
11/11/2016@ ORLW 87 - 74Y0.79UTA36:281819132.50014.75043124.1 
11/9/2016@ CHAL 98 - 104Y0.60UTA34:5816010002.66712.00000315.8 
11/7/2016@ PHIW 109 - 84Y0.19UTA29:1116014113.54511.50081324.7 
11/6/2016@ NYKW 114 - 109Y-0.92UTA27:011306000.60010.33332523.5 
11/4/2016SASL 86 - 100Y-0.61UTA27:03607021.23113.00001124.2 
11/2/2016DALW 97 - 81Y-1.33UTA23:03801000.3758.50040320.3 
11/1/2016@ SASW 106 - 91Y-0.39UTA15:37603301.5006.00000119.0 
10/30/2016@ LACL 75 - 88-0.80UTA22:475011010.1258.75040221.1 
10/28/2016LALW 96 - 89-0.32UTA20:041509122.5717.636115337.9 
4/13/2016@ LALL 96 - 101UTA               
4/11/2016DALL 92 - 101-0.50UTA28:101103011.45511.50021023.3 
4/10/2016@ DENW 100 - 84UTA               
4/8/2016LACL 99 - 102Y0.39UTA36:5411011024.50010.50024219.3 
4/5/2016SASL 86 - 88Y-0.02UTA26:57804111.60051.00021213.0 
4/3/2016@ PHOW 101 - 86Y0.44UTA28:111702320.72711.50021322.4 
4/1/2016MINW 98 - 85UTA               
3/30/2016GSWL 96 - 103Y-0.29UTA18:371507010.63611.25040129.7 
3/28/2016LALW 123 - 75Y0.09UTA26:371409110.500121.00021223.7 
3/26/2016@ MINW 93 - 84Y0.52UTA34:231905202.533151.00030223.0 
3/24/2016@ OKCL 91 - 113Y-0.75UTA21:59702020.37581.00013224.7 
3/23/2016@ HOUW 89 - 87Y0.40UTA36:0917015403.46715.75043224.3 
3/20/2016@ MILW 94 - 85Y-0.12UTA32:011209011.385131.00021320.8 
3/19/2016@ CHIL 85 - 92Y0.16UTA35:472406212.61118.40053330.7 
3/17/2016PHOW 103 - 69Y0.15UTA26:331205021.455111.00021321.3 
3/14/2016CLEW 94 - 84Y-0.06UTA31:581905013.46715.71473135.1 
3/13/2016@ SACW 108 - 99Y1.88UTA37:3028014431.62516.800101225.1 
3/11/2016WASW 114 - 93Y0.04UTA31:451409120.4449.75081219.9 
3/9/2016@ GSWL 94 - 115Y0.09UTA26:481104212.417121.00010019.7 
3/8/2016ATLL 84 - 91Y0.14UTA36:001608123.46715.50043322.7 
3/5/2016@ NORW 106 - 94Y2.08UTA35:2528011316.579191.00063132.1 
3/4/2016@ MEML 88 - 94Y-1.03UTA28:311403000.41217.00002030.1 
3/2/2016@ TORL 94 - 104Y0.14UTA35:181507101.538131.00010318.6 
2/29/2016@ BOSL 95 - 100Y0.27UTA37:1811016213.333151.00012119.1 
2/27/2016BKNL 96 - 98Y-0.55UTA32:4013011012.35714.60053323.1 
2/25/2016SASL 78 - 96Y1.05UTA36:302506320.70617.50021227.0 
2/23/2016HOUW 117 - 114Y1.25UTA39:4119012223.538131.00053421.4 
2/21/2016@ PORL 111 - 115Y0.52UTA33:542208101.563161.00041524.7 
2/19/2016BOSW 111 - 93Y1.39UTA33:1323010603.643141.00052425.6 
2/18/2016@ WASL 89 - 103Y-0.72UTA21:391105102.4449.75044428.7 
2/10/2016@ NORL 96 - 100Y0.21UTA39:292906210.73315.700105330.0 
2/9/2016@ DALW 121 - 119Y-0.20UTA35:011608610.50014.50042323.2 
2/6/2016@ PHOW 98 - 89Y-0.44UTA30:221107110.40010.75041519.8 
2/5/2016MILW 84 - 81Y0.09UTA32:1811015125.26715.50062328.2 
2/3/2016DENW 85 - 81Y0.38UTA34:4016011006.50014.50043226.4 
2/1/2016CHIW 105 - 96Y-0.73UTA37:331308004.28614.62582323.9 
1/29/2016MINW 103 - 90Y0.18UTA34:532009101.56316.66731425.9 
1/27/2016CHAW 102 - 73-0.30UTA20:491203210.6679.00020123.2 
1/25/2016DETL 92 - 95-0.39UTA19:341405100.6258.80052327.6 
1/22/2016@ BKNW 108 - 86UTA               
1/20/2016@ NYKL 111 - 118UTA               
1/18/2016@ CHAL 119 - 124UTA               
1/16/2016LALW 109 - 82UTA               
1/14/2016SACL 101 - 103UTA               
1/13/2016@ PORL 85 - 99UTA               
1/10/2016@ LALW 86 - 74UTA               
1/9/2016MIAW 98 - 83UTA               
1/7/2016@ HOUL 94 - 103UTA               
1/6/2016@ SASL 98 - 123UTA               
1/4/2016HOUL 91 - 93UTA               
1/2/2016MEMW 92 - 87UTA               
12/31/2015PORW 109 - 96UTA               
12/30/2015@ MINL 80 - 94UTA               
12/28/2015PHIW 95 - 91UTA               
12/26/2015LACL 104 - 109UTA               
12/23/2015@ GSWL 85 - 103Y-0.46UTA33:101709102.43816.75044529.7 
12/21/2015PHOW 110 - 89Y-0.10UTA32:371809202.50012.75083325.5 
12/18/2015DENW 97 - 88Y-0.92UTA35:27709010.2508.60051415.5 
12/16/2015NORL 94 - 104Y1.25UTA35:202207511.667151.00020123.5 
12/14/2015@ SASL 81 - 118Y-0.50UTA24:031603011.42914.66761235.7 
12/13/2015@ OKCL 98 - 104Y-0.44UTA41:3314010000.41217.00000318.5 
12/11/2015OKCL 90 - 94Y0.44UTA36:271307123.46213.50021219.8 
12/9/2015NYKW 106 - 85Y0.45UTA28:072008000.615131.00040323.7 
12/8/2015@ SACL 106 - 114Y-0.67UTA34:4514010410.38513.57172421.8 
12/5/2015INDW 122 - 119Y1.18UTA43:3235013111.58324.77892329.2 
12/3/2015ORLL 94 - 103Y0.10UTA38:0012010211.5717.66761013.0 
11/30/2015GSWL 103 - 106Y1.30UTA34:0823010220.600151.00050322.6 
11/28/2015NORW 101 - 87UTA               
11/25/2015@ LACW 102 - 91Y1.10UTA32:452203230.667151.00021323.5 
11/23/2015OKCL 89 - 111Y-0.10UTA29:321107222.40010.60052120.4 
11/20/2015@ DALL 93 - 102Y-0.08UTA35:431807200.64314.00003121.3 
11/18/2015TORW 93 - 89Y0.40UTA31:3418011110.7789.57170018.3 
11/15/2015@ ATLW 97 - 96Y0.31UTA32:212309302.550201.00014235.3 
11/13/2015@ ORLL 93 - 102Y0.25UTA19:26507131.50041.00012214.3 
11/12/2015@ MIAL 91 - 92Y2.39UTA39:4525012237.55618.71471324.2 
11/10/2015@ CLEL 114 - 118Y0.20UTA35:211709420.58312.50061319.4 
11/7/2015MEMW 89 - 79Y0.51UTA39:3412016031.455111.00024218.5 
11/5/2015@ DENW 96 - 84Y-0.93UTA15:08603000.4297.00001124.6 
11/4/2015PORL 92 - 108Y-0.09UTA24:366010142.2867.33361418.2 
10/31/2015@ INDW 97 - 76Y0.75UTA31:111807231.56316.00011323.9 
10/30/2015@ PHIW 99 - 71Y0.85UTA29:1720012132.35317.800100233.2 
10/28/2015@ DETL 87 - 92Y0.64UTA34:422606111.66715.75082329.0