John Wall - WAS - G

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Draft2010 (Pick 1)
NBA Salary$15,756,438
Projection Updated1/19/2017

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Note Note (possible suspension)
Wall may be suspended (he's playing Saturday) for his mini-fight with Jae Crowder last Wednesday.
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Questionable Questionable Saturday vs PHI (wrist)
An MRI on his wrist came back clean, but he did not practice on Friday.
7.8d ago
Note Note (wrist)
He is having an MRI on his wrist. He entered the game with a wrist issue so this wasn't a new injury
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Playing Playing Monday @BKN (thigh contusion)
Wall sat out part of practice on Sunday but will play Monday.
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Playing Playing Wednesday @OKC (knee)
Wall is playing Wednesday at OKC. He only went through part of shootaround, getting treatment for the rest of the time, but Wall said that he will play Wednesday.
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Probable Probable Wednesday @OKC (knee)
Wall is probable Wednesday at OKC. He hurt his knee in Monday's game, will likely sit out practice Tuesday but is expected to be fine for Wednesday's game.
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Playing Playing Wednesday @PHI (rest b2b)
Wall is playing Wednesday at PHI. Depending on how many minutes he plays, there's a good chance he'll play Thursday on the second night of the back-to-back set, too. Wall has been cleared to play on back-to-back nights, but they'll limit his minutes in one of the games if he does play both nights, so there's some risk in using him in DFS against the Sixers on Wednesday.
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Questionable Questionable Wednesday @PHI (rest b2b)
Since it's back-to-back, Wall with rest either Wednesday or Thursday this week. The Wizards will reevaluate this strategy after Thursday.
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Out Out Saturday @CHI (rest)
Wall is out Saturday at CHI. He isn't allowed to play in both games of a back-to-back set at this time.
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Playing Playing Friday vs CLE (b2b set)
Wall is playing Friday vs CLE. He is playing Friday but will sit out Saturday's game.
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Playing Playing Friday vs CLE (b2b set)
Wall is playing Friday vs CLE.
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Questionable Questionable Friday vs CLE (b2b set)
Wall is questionable Friday vs CLE. He will sit out one game of the Wizards' Fri/Sat back-to-back set, but coach Brooks isn't expected to announce which game until he meets with the media during pregame availability.
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Playing Playing Friday vs CLE (possible suspension)
Wall is playing Friday vs CLE. He will not be suspended after being ejected last game.
70.9d ago
Ejected Ejected Wednesday vs BOS (ejected after flagrant)
Wall is ejected Wednesday vs BOS after receiving a flagrant foul
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Playing Playing Wednesday vs BOS (possible suspension)
Wall is playing Wednesday vs BOS. He was fined and won't be suspended.
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Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs BOS (possible suspension)
Wall is questionable Wednesday vs BOS. He's participating in shootaround, and the early reports are that the "anticipation is that he plays." The league has yet to notify the Wizards of any additional punishment.
72.8d ago
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs BOS (possible suspension)
Wall is questionable Wednesday vs BOS. Wall bumped an official and got a tech that saw him get ejected. If the bump was considered deliberate, he will receive an automatic one game suspension
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Ejected Ejected Monday vs HOU (second techincal)
Wall is ejected Monday vs HOU.
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Out Out Friday vs ATL (rest)
Wall is out Saturday vs ORL - rest
That's true, but at that time, Satoransky was in the rotation and he is not at the moment. He is also ill and hasn't played in the last six games. Burke was third string back then when he is second string now.
Agreed that Satoransky may see more minutes. I also think Oubre may indirectly benefit. We might see a lot of Beal, Oubre, Porter, Markieff, and Gortat on the floor together with Beal initiating the offense.
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The last two times John Wall missed games; Satoransky played over 31 mins each game and Burke barely cracked 20mins. So keep an eye on Satoransky.
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I hate to say it, but Trey Burke. I believe it should be Satoransky, but I'm not coaching. Not a strong add though. Huge bump to Beal, Porter, Morris
having an MRI tomorrow maybe, IF anything was wrong, who would be a spec pickup?
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Is this FG% sustainable? He's at .46 now, projected at .44 on the year, anyone worried he dips back into the .42 range like last year?
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7 is not close. 9 is close.
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Just as close to a quadruple double with TO's as well, unfortunately. Still an absolute beast right now, though!
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This guy close to having a triple double...with STEALS!! Insane
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If you are punting blocks and rebounds wall is easy choice over kp
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up wall down zinger ...... punt blk/reb
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Wall/Eric Gordon (Up), Love/Crowder (Down)
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Triple Double!!!
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I'm ready to ignore every time Scott Brooks says guys are on a minutes limit
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This year has been pretty bizarre for coaching decisions. As simply a fan of the game it seems silly to take your starters out in only 8 minutes of play when they are absolutely dominating. Now the raps have caught up. Doesn't make any sense to me.
I'd say both Kyrie and Jim are both more at risk of being injured than Wall. I'd be inclined to do it, he appears good to go now.
Chopper Dave
Any thoughts on Wall for Butler or Kyrie in standard 9 cat? Been offered both in a $100 Yahoo league (non-Pro). I like his upside but there's no IL spots so if he gets hurt it'll be a strain. I don't have much PG beside him, only Oladipo and Deron (and Jrue). Thanks
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He had procedures on both knees. "loose particles taken out of his right knee and calcium deposits removed from his left patella tendon by orthopedic surgeon Richard D. Parker at the Cleveland Clinic Marymount. The right knee procedure – known as an arthroscopic lavage – is considered routine and relatively minor, but the operation on the left knee would’ve sidelined Wall for months had he undergone it during the season." I don't imagine there is any rest issues or effect on his playing time. In fact, it may make him more explosive as he doesn't have to deal with pain this season
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What exactly was hin knee procedure? How likely is that going to affect his playing and resting time this season given the historical record of that procedure?
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I was worried, but he's back now, so I'm okay with him
Any fears due to his injury? His projection is quite high.
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160.40Projection 16-17WASSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
120.47NBA 16-17WAS3936.
90.84Last WeekWAS331.724.
270.40Last 2 WeeksWAS735.820.41.04.410.
220.29NBA 15-16WAS7736.
270.21NBA 14-15WAS7935.917.50.84.610.
270.22NBA 13-14WAS8236.319.
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240.14Projection 16-17WASSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
210.15NBA 16-17WAS3936.
80.62Last WeekWAS331.728.02.34.910.
370.13Last 2 WeeksWAS735.820.51.04.510.
430.03NBA 15-16WAS7736.
57-0.03NBA 14-15WAS7935.917.60.84.610.
51-0.02NBA 13-14WAS8236.319.
190.37Projection 16-17WASSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
170.47NBA 16-17WAS391413:34895441753958721.463711.82823316830.81.34-0.12-0.423.212.90-0.21-0.240.65-2.85
120.44Last WeekWAS395:00746132761.50052.941171133.21.160.40-0.492.011.11-0.530.111.41-1.18
150.42Last 2 WeeksWAS7250:4414373176133.448125.889272529.01.11-0.21-0.293.451.68-0.40-0.780.93-1.75
200.35NBA 15-16WAS772783:591,53111537879014559.4241,349.79134431828.51.290.50-0.203.532.130.23-1.370.17-3.08
200.34NBA 14-15WAS792836:321,3856536679113746.4451,165.78536230425.91.22-0.14-0.153.812.01-0.02-0.530.17-3.29
140.38NBA 13-14WAS822979:511,58310833372114939.4331,337.80539429527.41.410.49-0.423.302.34-0.18-1.100.46-2.86

Game Log
1/18/2017MEMW 104 - 101Y0.89WAS36:5925121321.389181.000104233.1 
1/16/2017PORW 120 - 101Y0.78WAS27:592424720.588171.00024034.4 
1/14/2017PHIW 109 - 93Y0.86WAS30:022537720.52917.80053132.2 
1/11/2017@ BOSL 108 - 117Y-0.55WAS38:439071031.19021.50021223.8 
1/10/2017CHIW 101 - 99Y0.58WAS40:1026161411.52421.75045230.9 
1/8/2017@ MILW 107 - 101Y-0.46WAS36:481603710.467151.00025124.0 
1/6/2017MINW 112 - 105Y0.70WAS40:0318021820.500161.00023224.9 
1/3/2017@ DALL 105 - 113Y1.29WAS39:212714831.526191.00064029.2 
1/2/2017@ HOUL 91 - 101Y-0.15WAS37:0018051220.44418.66735228.8 
12/30/2016BKNW 118 - 95Y1.11WAS31:5319121441.500141.00046129.9 
12/28/2016INDW 111 - 105Y1.67WAS38:4536211920.57919.923135432.7 
12/26/2016MILW 107 - 102Y0.07WAS42:0218131622.42119.50027229.3 
12/23/2016@ MILL 96 - 123Y-0.11WAS31:5418031010.444181.00023032.2 
12/21/2016@ CHIW 107 - 97Y1.02WAS35:532306930.64314.71472224.6 
12/19/2016@ INDL 105 - 107Y0.18WAS37:5119051020.42914.87584323.9 
12/18/2016LACW 117 - 110Y-0.87WAS36:2418051111.43816.50085229.9 
12/16/2016DETW 122 - 108Y1.49WAS34:5329421130.57114.750121229.0 
12/14/2016CHAW 109 - 106Y1.29WAS36:1225061070.47419.87588237.4 
12/12/2016@ MIAL 101 - 112Y0.34WAS37:573016811.46226.83364137.9 
12/10/2016MILW 110 - 105Y0.44WAS38:4324141121.40020.87584330.7 
12/8/2016DENW 92 - 85Y-0.06WAS38:011507531.35714.83365226.1 
12/6/2016ORLL 116 - 124Y2.14WAS42:185254830.58131.786144340.7 
12/5/2016@ BKNW 118 - 113Y1.06WAS35:4625111330.526191.00044030.2 
12/2/2016@ SASL 105 - 107Y0.80WAS37:0917121530.50016.00003122.6 
11/30/2016@ OKCL 115 - 126Y-0.26WAS43:4115261511.30020.50023123.8 
11/28/2016SACW 101 - 95Y0.04WAS42:3219181131.375161.000611230.6 
11/26/2016SASL 100 - 112Y-0.52WAS37:072103510.50016.71474328.1 
11/25/2016@ ORLW 94 - 91Y1.09WAS38:4326171030.55618.83364229.2 
11/21/2016PHOW 106 - 101Y1.01WAS38:0318141543.250241.00052330.2 
11/19/2016MIAL 111 - 114Y0.25WAS37:033453800.52223.62583335.2 
11/17/2016NYKW 119 - 112Y0.92WAS31:1623321110.500141.00062327.6 
11/16/2016@ PHIL 102 - 109Y0.08WAS23:562714610.42119.833122246.5 
11/12/2016@ CHIL 95 - 106WAS               
11/11/2016CLEL 94 - 105Y-0.27WAS35:042812321.50024.60056340.2 
11/9/2016BOSW 118 - 93Y-0.37WAS30:551913711.37516.85775333.1
Wall is ejected Wednesday vs BOS after receiving a flagrant foul
11/7/2016HOUL 106 - 114Y0.34WAS35:152115820.563161.00026226.3
Wall is ejected Monday vs HOU.
11/5/2016@ ORLL 86 - 88WAS               
11/4/2016ATLW 95 - 92Y0.21WAS32:5221110620.41217.75082328.8 
11/2/2016TORL 103 - 113Y1.05WAS37:1833051131.68419.77899339.9 
10/30/2016@ MEML 103 - 112Y0.28WAS36:4622131311.421191.00055433.9 
10/27/2016@ ATLL 99 - 114Y-0.21WAS30:1712031041.20015.85775230.5 
4/13/2016ATLW 109 - 98WAS               
4/11/2016@ BKNW 120 - 111WAS               
4/10/2016CHAW 113 - 98WAS               
4/8/2016@ DETL 99 - 112WAS               
4/6/2016BKNW 121 - 103WAS               
4/3/2016@ LACL 109 - 114Y0.09WAS31:4515321310.357141.00023322.9 
4/1/2016@ PHOW 106 - 99Y0.34WAS41:0422281020.450201.00026428.9 
3/30/2016@ SACL 111 - 120Y-0.40WAS40:1014271311.25016.80055123.5 
3/29/2016@ GSWL 94 - 102Y-0.25WAS34:138051114.28614.00022220.8 
3/27/2016@ LALW 101 - 88Y0.36WAS33:2822251310.563161.00027233.7 
3/25/2016MINL 129 - 132Y0.47WAS48:4222331620.364221.00034325.4 
3/23/2016ATLL 101 - 122Y-0.61WAS36:5513131021.35317.00007226.9 
3/21/2016@ ATLW 117 - 102Y0.84WAS35:5727331420.47621.80054233.3 
3/19/2016NYKW 99 - 89Y1.06WAS39:1224221011.471171.00061124.3 
3/17/2016@ PHIW 99 - 94Y-0.39WAS36:38160131420.235171.00089331.6 
3/16/2016CHIW 117 - 96Y1.36WAS39:03292101231.57919.83368032.1 
3/14/2016DETW 124 - 81Y0.55WAS27:4715051210.500121.00031222.8 
3/12/2016@ DENL 100 - 116Y-0.36WAS40:3319151101.40015.85776023.6 
3/11/2016@ UTAL 93 - 114Y0.21WAS34:152414910.50018.83364233.6 
3/8/2016@ PORL 109 - 116Y0.19WAS40:1620351123.32025.25041430.5 
3/5/2016INDL 99 - 100Y-0.41WAS39:2025161220.37524.75087336.5 
3/4/2016@ CLEL 83 - 108Y-0.03WAS27:581708700.57114.50022227.0 
3/2/2016@ MINW 104 - 98Y-0.46WAS37:4914041220.333181.00025028.4 
2/29/2016PHIW 116 - 108Y1.37WAS41:553724731.50026.750122131.7 
2/28/2016CLEW 113 - 99Y0.78WAS29:2221171300.72711.80053325.1 
2/26/2016@ PHIW 103 - 94Y0.66WAS38:5623081111.474191.00054227.1 
2/24/2016@ CHIL 104 - 109Y0.19WAS31:401614730.40015.60051324.3 
2/23/2016NORW 109 - 89Y0.26WAS31:37163121121.29417.60053328.7 
2/20/2016@ MIAL 94 - 114Y-0.93WAS33:211204401.294171.00022125.5 
2/19/2016DETW 98 - 86Y0.93WAS34:532228811.471171.00042228.7 
2/18/2016UTAW 103 - 89Y0.85WAS34:0117261140.41217.50022125.9 
2/11/2016@ MILL 92 - 99Y-0.37WAS41:4715341022.263191.00027027.3 
2/9/2016@ NYKW 111 - 108Y1.03WAS43:1128351710.41724.83361131.3 
2/6/2016@ CHAL 104 - 108Y0.79WAS39:3823261020.41217.87582325.1 
2/5/2016PHIW 106 - 94Y1.20WAS33:03183131021.53813.50023122.8 
2/3/2016GSWL 121 - 134Y1.95WAS34:4441331020.68025.66763435.7 
2/1/2016@ OKCL 98 - 114Y0.00WAS40:581704823.41217.75046127.3 
1/30/2016@ HOUW 123 - 122Y0.00WAS35:4219181312.31822.80054433.5 
1/28/2016DENL 113 - 117Y0.87WAS40:581727942.29417.83363322.7 
1/26/2016@ TORL 89 - 106Y-0.68WAS35:3318121400.35317.83365232.7 
1/25/2016BOSL 91 - 116Y-0.89WAS32:468021012.27311.50044222.3 
1/20/2016MIAW 106 - 87Y0.07WAS31:4618141000.500141.00033526.9 
1/18/2016PORL 98 - 108Y-0.46WAS35:329141030.23517.00003328.1 
1/16/2016BOSL 117 - 119Y2.38WAS43:5636171371.48025.846136333.7 
1/15/2016@ INDW 118 - 104Y0.53WAS31:232817810.57121.60053134.6 
1/13/2016MILW 106 - 101Y-0.37WAS37:281915811.42914.75086327.1 
1/11/2016@ CHIW 114 - 100Y0.70WAS34:4417251031.368191.00012325.8 
1/9/2016@ ORLW 105 - 99Y1.19WAS35:1024351040.588171.00017235.0 
1/8/2016TORL 88 - 97Y-0.49WAS36:342122403.400201.00037133.2 
1/6/2016CLEL 115 - 121Y-0.64WAS40:2320431210.42119.00027231.8 
1/3/2016MIAL 75 - 97Y-0.84WAS34:021414510.28621.50020328.7 
1/1/2016ORLW 103 - 91Y0.78WAS38:5824021321.526191.00045129.9 
12/30/2015@ TORL 91 - 94Y0.89WAS40:4819071151.34823.75042330.1 
12/28/2015LACL 91 - 108Y-0.21WAS36:0623151111.43523.66736135.1 
12/26/2015@ BKNW 111 - 96Y0.93WAS34:1422241312.52917.66733128.2 
12/23/2015MEMW 100 - 91Y-0.20WAS37:2314251411.278181.00024127.8 
12/21/2015SACW 113 - 99Y0.33WAS39:2012121940.267151.00035325.9 
12/19/2015CHAW 109 - 101Y0.63WAS41:4427241231.47621.83368134.9 
12/16/2015@ SASL 95 - 114Y-0.37WAS38:0520151110.33318.87585131.3 
12/14/2015@ MEML 95 - 112Y-1.29WAS28:28622900.18211.00004023.5 
12/12/2015@ DALW 114 - 111Y1.62WAS38:2526351612.526191.00033228.0 
12/11/2015@ NORL 105 - 107Y0.53WAS36:3726371210.55618.60055232.6 
12/9/2015HOUL 103 - 109Y1.30WAS39:2726091231.500241.00024330.0 
12/7/2015@ MIAW 114 - 103Y1.12WAS38:202611710.692131.00072020.4 
12/6/2015DALL 104 - 116Y1.92WAS40:0828041050.545221.00042229.4 
12/4/2015PHOW 109 - 106Y-0.27WAS37:021725920.38513.83367325.2 
12/2/2015LALL 104 - 108Y1.18WAS36:1934371120.57919.750125133.8 
12/1/2015@ CLEW 97 - 85Y2.04WAS40:5635341050.58324.80055335.7 
11/28/2015TORL 82 - 84Y-1.26WAS39:091813530.24025.62583235.6 
11/27/2015@ BOSL 78 - 111Y-1.04WAS29:161004600.36411.66733121.8 
11/25/2015@ CHAL 87 - 101Y0.43WAS35:331425660.33318.00005228.2 
11/24/2015INDL 106 - 123Y-0.42WAS30:321834500.55691.00058326.2 
11/21/2015@ DETW 97 - 95Y-0.38WAS27:04802720.36411.00002323.2 
11/17/2015MILW 115 - 86Y-0.26WAS31:171926900.70010.50065127.3 
11/14/2015ORLW 108 - 99Y-0.46WAS34:3115131111.35714.66764227.0 
11/10/2015OKCL 101 - 125Y-0.32WAS25:04902520.308131.00010222.2 
11/7/2015@ ATLL 99 - 114Y0.10WAS36:1619221221.375161.00057230.1 
11/6/2015@ BOSL 98 - 118Y-0.18WAS28:281305833.353171.00018436.0 
11/4/2015SASW 102 - 99Y1.05WAS35:2017121341.37516.80051325.5 
10/31/2015NYKL 110 - 117Y-0.05WAS35:452523412.47117.636113326.8 
10/30/2015@ MILW 118 - 113Y0.58WAS33:5319111021.400101.000105125.2 
10/28/2015@ ORLW 88 - 87Y0.65WAS39:232227635.50018.33366329.0