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Draft2011 (Pick 20)
Projection Updated4/12/2017
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Playing Playing Saturday @BOS (recently signed)
He'll be limited to a few 6-minute stretches.
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Doubtful Doubtful Thursday vs ATL (recently signed)
Coach Gentry said Motiejunas will likely not play until Saturday.
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Questionable Questionable Thursday vs ATL (recently signed)
Coach Alvin Gentry said that there's a chance Motiejunas could play Thursday vs ATL.
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Note Note
Motiejunas said that he has been cleared medically by the Pelicans. It still isn't known when he'll get into game action, but he said that he hopes it doesn't take him too long to get into game shape.
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Note Note (signed with nor)
Motiejunas has officially signed with the New Orleans Pelicans.
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Note Note (signing with nor)
Motiejunas has agreed to a one-year deal with the Pelicans. He is expected to sign the deal Tuesday, putting him no track to be available Thursday vs ATL.
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Note Note (possible signining)
The Pelicans sound close to signing Motiejunas to a 1-year deal.
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Note Note (signing w/ hou)
Motiejunas has agreed to a new 4-year deal with the Rockets and is scheduled to undergo his physical to finalize the deal Friday.
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Note Note (contract dispute)
Motiejunas did not show up for his physical Tuesday, and his agent has said they aren't going to report to the Rockets. Motiejunas has two days to complete the physical before the Rockets have to decide whether or not to pull the offer sheet. This situation is fluid. We'll report on any big movements.
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Note Note (staying with hou)
Motiejunas will be staying with the Rockets after they matched the Nets' offer sheet Monday afternoon. Bobby Brown will be waived to create the roster spot needed for Motiejunas.
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Note Note (signed offersheet)
Motiejunas has signed a 4-year, $37 million offer sheet with the Nets. As he is a restricted free agent, the Rockets will have 3 days to decide whether or not to match the offer and retain Motiejunas or pass and allow him to sign with the Nets.
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Motiejunas (UP) vs Marvin Williams (DOWN)
dm0ney1016 -- I'd much rather take a flier on Motiejunas than Hamilton.
29% (7) agree 
Montiejunas (UP) vs. Justin Hamilton (DOWN) - 9 CAT - going for 3s/rebs/blks
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Dmo automatically becomes their second best big, no?
67% (3) agree 
20 mins on his first game seems pretty good, any chance he'll start or get 26+ mins going forward?
23% (13) agree 
Would any of you drop Saric (UP) for Motie (DOWN)?
I don't trust Gentry at all. Earlier in the season, he said that he will play Goodwin right away like they did with Ennis and then he was a dnp for a couple of games and never become a factor.
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Take this with the appropriate grain of salt, but Gentry said he wants to use DMo like Channing Frye. DMo shot 37% from 3 on HOU two seasons ago, hitting 0.7 on 1.9 3PAttempts per game. Frye had only taken 70 3PAttempts in his first 4 seasons, but in his first season with Gentry in PHO, Frye attempted 392 3-pointers.
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cfwcool555 -- There's definitely a chance. Gentry said he wants to use DMo mostly as a center next to Davis. If DMo excels, he could stumble into a lot of minutes on the Pelicans. There's no guarantee that DMo plays enough to be of use in 10- or 12-team leagues, but when he played 29 mpg for the Rockets two seasons ago, he was the 126th ranked player in 8-cat leagues on a per-game basis. DMo should be on watch lists in standard leagues, and if he looks good in early minutes, I'd be ready to take a flier on him.
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Chance of 12 or 14 team value on the Pelicans?
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If D-Mo signs with the Pelicans, would he worth an add in 14-team league?
How poor was the timing of his situation. Could have had a bit more leverage right now
jw9nine -- Everyone from the group you listed could be in for a slight reduction in minutes, and then it'll all depend on matchups, D-Mo's production. Nene and Harrell could pick up DNP-CDs, and on a given night, Capela and Anderson might get squeezed a lot if D-Mo is on fire. On most nights, though, we'll probably see matchups used, and there will be a three-big-man bench rotation where one or two of them barely play most nights. It's hard to find much of a positive light to look at the Motiejunas signing in beyond extremely deep leagues.
Where do you think the majority of the mins will be coming from RyNo, Harrell, Nene or Capela? I'm assuming he plays only 2-3 mins at C?
Best case? I would guess he becomes a rotation regular and gets 20 or so minutes a game. But that isn't a guarantee nor is it in the immediate future
with D-Mo signing a new contract w/ Houston today, what's his best case scenario?
They said that if the rockets failed him in his physicals, he would return to the nets.
Thanks all! Just making sure
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Correct...not sure how they could have explained it any clearer. Let's put this rest please.
So Booker owners need not worry, he cant go to the nets this year, right?
Correct, any other team can sign him to a RFA if the Rockets pull the deal, just not the Nets
He could become a free agent and be eligible to sign with anybody other than the nets
Thanks for the insight brendans, so the only way he plays this year is they either pull the offer sheet or joins the rockets?
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Can't sign or be traded to the Nets for a year...
If he doesn't sign the offer sheet of Houston, what happens? Is there a penalty since he's a restricted free agent or does he go to the nets?
I don't think he's a standard league player nor do I think there is a ton of excitement about him. I think most were actually concerned him going to the nets would hurt bookers value, which was a real possibility. If he were to play I think of him as just being viable in 16 team leagues
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Yes I see he was decent 2 years ago. But, that's been it. Already 26 and only had one decent year where he's been healthy. Even in the good year he was 234th in per 36. Just don't think the excitement for him is warranted...but we shall see.
He has a bunch of talent and he did play almost 30 minutes a game two years ago, so it is possible for him to play extended minutes. The back issues are a real concern though. The problem may have been fixed with the surgery, but we don't really know. And since he won't take a physical that Rockets might not know either
Just curious what's the interest with this guy? Has never been able to play big minutes and has chronic back issues. Just seeing lots of previous comments showing interest...and just don't get it.
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Look like he's trying to block the deal to the rockets
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I agree with Kyle, he's not likely to be a standard league guy and may struggle to get to 20 minutes. It hurts everyone to a small degree
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nadertime78 -- It's hard to know exactly how coach D'Antoni will split up the minutes, but everyone in the frontcourt could take a hit. I'd think the Rockets will take their time integrating Motiejunas, and he'll likely end up playing a limited bench role all season unless someone else gets injured.
Thoughts on this from a Houston side of things now that he is staying. Was looking for more run for Dekker who plays the 3 & 4. His minutes may slip some if Dmo takes the mins at the 4 backing up Anderson
Guys, what stats should we expect from D-Mo if he ends up with the Nets ?
Just grabbed him in a 16 teamer. Giving it a whirl!
Also any news if he's in game shape and how long would it take for him to be if he's not?
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His skill set seems similiar to Justin Hamilton as a big who shoots 3s and now brook, think he'll take hamiltons spot backing up pf/c rather then develop Hamilton?
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The four years almost seems more significant, although last two yrs non-guaranteed. Still, quite a bit bigger contract than HOU was willing to give him. Agreed if he goes to BKN he should get minutes.
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Assuming he goes to the nets now I would have to think he plays. That's a decent offer sheet they signed him to. I wouldn't think they gave him $40 million and than not play him
Any impact would probably be on Booker. Might be worth a flier in deep leagues if he ends up there.
67% (3) agree 
Do we care? What impact will he have on brolo if any?
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123-0.24NBA 14-15HOU712036:54855494201295634.505699.60216612319.2-0.40-0.400.13-0.54-0.48-0.300.84-1.050.05
299-0.72NBA 13-14HOU62952:1234121225342021.443296.604964918.2-1.92-0.85-0.95-1.25-1.71-0.62-0.17-0.601.62

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4/12/2017@ PORW 103 - 100-0.66NOR16:51602030.27311.00010229.4 
4/11/2017@ LALL 96 - 108-0.62NOR23:42804301.28671.00042120.5 
4/8/2017@ GSWL 101 - 123-0.64NOR19:13811201.4297.50020119.4 
4/7/2017@ DENL 106 - 122-0.58NOR16:21401120.2504.66730013.7 
4/4/2017DENL 131 - 134NOR               
4/2/2017CHIL 110 - 117NOR               
3/31/2017SACW 117 - 89-1.26NOR3:15000000.0001.00001027.9 
3/29/2017DALW 121 - 118NOR               
3/27/2017@ UTAL 100 - 108NOR               
3/26/2017@ DENW 115 - 90-0.61NOR18:551318000.50012.00011230.5 
3/24/2017@ HOUL 107 - 117NOR               
3/21/2017MEMW 95 - 82-1.13NOR4:49000000.0001.0000008.8 
3/19/2017MINW 123 - 109-1.09NOR6:04400001.6673.00020127.6 
3/17/2017HOUW 128 - 112NOR               
3/15/2017@ MIAL 112 - 120NOR               
3/14/2017PORW 100 - 77-0.99NOR2:14001000.0000.000000  
3/11/2017@ CHAW 125 - 122NOR               
3/8/2017TORL 87 - 94-0.90NOR6:19005001.0003.00000124.0 
3/6/2017@ UTAL 83 - 88-1.03NOR4:17000000.0000.000000  
3/5/2017@ LALW 105 - 97NOR               
3/3/2017SASL 98 - 101NOR               
3/1/2017DETW 109 - 86-1.14NOR5:35005000.0002.00001023.5 
2/26/2017@ OKCL 110 - 118-1.44NOR22:59604010.3336.33360216.9
Available to return
2/25/2017@ DALL 83 - 96NOR               
2/23/2017HOUL 99 - 129-0.79NOR10:02612000.66731.00012322.2 
2/15/2017@ MEMW 95 - 91-0.71NOR22:05601210.6673.50040410.7 
2/13/2017@ PHOW 110 - 108-0.91NOR17:31407100.3336.00001217.0 
2/12/2017@ SACL 99 - 105-0.56NOR21:56708211.3336.75043221.4 
2/10/2017@ MINW 122 - 106-0.96NOR19:01204110.3333.00003414.1 
2/8/2017UTAL 94 - 127-0.63NOR19:40305210.3333.5002039.2 
2/6/2017PHOW 111 - 106-1.34NOR5:31001000.0001.00002120.9 
2/4/2017@ WASL 91 - 105-1.03NOR5:08000200.0001.0000008.8 
2/1/2017@ DETL 98 - 118-1.03NOR12:07003000.0000.0000113.9 
1/31/2017@ TORL 106 - 108-0.93NOR24:38404010.3336.00002414.7 
1/29/2017WASL 94 - 107-1.21NOR22:211004200.8336.00033221.1 
1/27/2017SASW 119 - 1030.78NOR22:181017412.66761.00010412.3 
1/25/2017OKCL 105 - 114-0.74NOR16:511014000.6676.50022521.5 
1/23/2017CLEW 124 - 122-0.15NOR23:401424111.6258.50042221.7 
1/20/2017BKNL 114 - 143-0.45NOR11:32622001.4005.00000116.1 
1/18/2017ORLW 118 - 98-1.06NOR3:26201000.0000.66730019.4 
1/16/2017@ INDL 95 - 98-0.60NOR7:49002111.0002.00000111.4 
1/14/2017@ CHIL 99 - 107-1.03NOR6:58202000.5002.00001019.7 
1/12/2017@ BKNW 104 - 95-1.21NOR18:52103311.0007.50021118.9 
1/9/2017@ NYKW 110 - 96-0.21NOR16:21314320.5002.00002211.4 
1/7/2017@ BOSL 108 - 117-0.01NOR20:211115410.8005.50040315.1 
4/13/2016SACW 116 - 81Y-1.07HOU14:57304201.2504.50022018.4 
4/11/2016@ MINW 129 - 105Y-0.21HOU19:10714320.4297.00002219.6 
4/10/2016LALW 130 - 110Y-0.67HOU19:14805200.37581.00021120.8 
4/7/2016PHOL 115 - 124Y-0.06HOU12:00600120.66731.00020214.5 
4/6/2016@ DALL 86 - 88HOU               
4/3/2016OKCW 118 - 110Y-0.65HOU18:32204310.2005.00000110.2 
3/31/2016CHIL 100 - 103Y-1.40HOU12:28201000.1437.00000225.4 
3/29/2016@ CLEW 106 - 100Y-1.11HOU9:42602000.4297.00002438.4 
3/27/2016@ INDL 101 - 104Y-0.76HOU15:40813010.3758.50021226.8 
3/25/2016TORW 112 - 109Y-0.19HOU14:591113100.6258.00000022.6 
3/23/2016UTAL 87 - 89Y-1.19HOU18:08923110.30010.25041234.5 
3/22/2016@ OKCL 107 - 111Y-0.69HOU21:131115100.44491.00023325.2 
3/19/2016@ ATLL 97 - 109Y-0.09HOU21:231306110.4449.83360323.3 
3/18/2016MINW 116 - 111Y0.96HOU26:121719112.66712.00001322.2 
3/16/2016LACL 106 - 122Y-1.15HOU7:35000100.0002.00000111.1 
3/14/2016MEMW 130 - 81Y0.00HOU20:351816210.50014.60050232.8 
3/12/2016@ CHAL 109 - 125Y-0.70HOU4:58402000.6673.00000025.2 
3/11/2016@ BOSW 102 - 98Y-0.81HOU10:15204100.3333.00000012.3 
3/9/2016@ PHIW 118 - 104Y-1.06HOU6:45001000.0001.0000035.9 
3/6/2016@ TORW 113 - 107Y-1.54HOU20:04404100.2005.50042220.1 
3/5/2016@ CHIL 100 - 108Y-0.54HOU14:12603100.50041.00020414.1 
3/2/2016NORW 100 - 95Y-1.25HOU22:04703200.4297.25040216.1 
2/29/2016@ MILL 121 - 128-0.55HOU19:22615210.3333.75042214.3 
2/27/2016SASL 94 - 104-1.32HOU8:53201100.2504.00002329.7 
2/25/2016@ PORW 119 - 105HOU               
2/23/2016@ UTAL 114 - 117HOU               
2/19/2016@ PHOW 116 - 100HOU               
2/10/2016@ PORL 103 - 116HOU               
2/9/2016@ GSWL 110 - 123HOU               
2/6/2016PORL 79 - 96HOU               
2/4/2016@ PHOW 111 - 105HOU               
2/2/2016MIAW 115 - 102HOU               
1/30/2016WASL 122 - 123HOU               
1/29/2016@ OKCL 108 - 116HOU               
1/27/2016@ SASL 99 - 130HOU               
1/25/2016@ NORW 112 - 111HOU               
1/24/2016DALW 115 - 104HOU               
1/22/2016MILW 102 - 98HOU               
1/20/2016DETL 114 - 123HOU               
1/18/2016@ LACL 132 - 140HOU               
1/17/2016@ LALW 112 - 95HOU               
1/15/2016CLEL 77 - 91HOU               
1/13/2016MINW 107 - 104HOU               
1/12/2016@ MEMW 107 - 91HOU               
1/10/2016INDW 107 - 103HOU               
1/7/2016UTAW 103 - 94HOU               
1/4/2016@ UTAW 93 - 91HOU               
1/2/2016@ SASL 103 - 121HOU               
12/31/2015GSWL 110 - 114-0.95HOU6:15200000.5002.00000115.1 
12/29/2015ATLL 115 - 121-0.01HOU27:26627211.5004.0000229.7 
12/26/2015@ NORL 108 - 110-0.93HOU6:37400000.6673.00001026.5 
12/25/2015SASW 88 - 84-0.89HOU6:00400000.5004.00000031.2 
12/23/2015@ ORLL 101 - 104-1.13HOU7:41201100.5002.00002023.7 
12/21/2015CHAW 102 - 95-0.77HOU22:43604400.28671.00021117.1 
12/19/2015LACW 107 - 97-0.01HOU20:061003110.80051.00021514.1 
12/17/2015@ LALW 107 - 87-1.47HOU19:09814200.4297.25043224.7 
12/15/2015@ SACL 97 - 107Y-0.50HOU14:28403031.2867.00003229.7 
12/14/2015@ DENL 108 - 1140.35HOU21:461932200.636111.00021527.4 
12/12/2015LALW 126 - 97-0.69HOU14:4211111101.0004.50044126.3 
12/9/2015@ WASW 109 - 103-1.22HOU8:32203000.5002.00003523.7 
12/8/2015@ BKNL 105 - 110-1.18HOU6:45001100.0000.00002012.1 
12/5/2015SACW 120 - 113-1.63HOU6:10001000.0004.00002141.8