Gustavo Ayon

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InjuryOut for season - Shoulder surgery
Projected Return 6/1/2014  Out for season - Shoulder surgery - Projected Return 6/1/2014
StatusRestricted Free Agent  Restricted Free Agent -
2/28/2014 9:27 AM
Out for season Right shoulder surgery Open link
The Hawks announced Friday that Ayon underwent season-ending surgery on his right shoulder. He originally injured his shoulder in the preseason, and a recent aggravation that has sidelined him for the past five games led to the surgery. The Hawks will move forward with a combination of Elton Brand, Pero Antic (when healthy), and newly-signed Mike Muscala at center.
2/25/2014 11:24 AM
Out Strained right shoulder Open link
Ayon is out for a fourth consecutive game on Tuesday, leaving the Hawks extremely thin in the frontcourt with Paul Millsap (knee) and Pero Antic (ankle) also sidelined. Elton Brand and DeMarre Carroll will be the starters vs. the Bulls (Shelvin Mack at shooting guard), with Mike Scott and the newly-signed Dexter Pittman to see the reserve FC minutes.
2/22/2014 5:39 PM
Out Strained right shoulder Open link
Ayon has been sidelined with a strained right shoulder for the past two games (soon to be three), the same injury he suffered at the start of the season, and is trying for a Tuesday return vs. the Bulls. Elton Brand will continue to be pressed into big minutes as the Hawks' starting center with Pero Antic (ankle) also sidelined, while Mike Scott will see a few more reserve minutes as well.

Season Stats

   247-0.52Current SeasonATL2616.
   329-0.72NBA 12-13MIL5413.
   132-0.23NBA 11-12NOR5420.
   476-0.95NBA Preseason 13ATL13.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment12/27/2013 5:54 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Standard league relevance is a stretch, it's hard to see him emerging with consistent minutes at that level. Brand/Antic will play.
 Comment12/27/2013 5:36 PMranma08 0% (3)Worth a pickup in 12 team leagues?
 Comment12/27/2013 5:28 PMSonglo11 100% (2)Time to take a flier with the news of horford injury in deep leagues?
 Comment11/17/2013 12:12 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)His minutes are going to come exclusively at center, with Horford/Millsap at PF. He's always been a per-minute producer and should be on deep-league radars.
 Comment11/17/2013 10:29 AMmkmk 0% (0)Only a small sample of 2 games, but might worth a pickup for a deep league. Did he played C against Knicks?
 Comment12/21/2012 1:22 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 33% (3)Hard to know exactly how Vaughn will deal with it, but the reasonable solution is Nicholson starting and Ayon getting a boost as the primary FC backup.
 Comment12/21/2012 12:46 PMzedblack 67% (3)Beneficiary of the Davis injury?
 Comment11/10/2012 4:57 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)Thanks. Minutes have been shuffled for ORL for rest-of-season. We'll see what happens when Al/Turk get back.
 Overrated11/10/2012 2:34 PMBortseb 100% (3)Needs short term projections adjusted, he's still projected to play 22 minutes next week.
 Overrated11/8/2012 10:02 AMolric 79% (14)Overrated

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/14/2014CHA ATL             
4/12/2014MIA ATL             
4/11/2014@ BKN ATL             
4/9/2014BOS ATL             
4/8/2014DET ATL             
4/6/2014@ IND ATL             
4/4/2014CLE ATL             
4/2/2014CHI ATL             
3/31/2014PHI ATL             
3/29/2014@ WAS ATL             
3/27/2014POR ATL             
3/26/2014@ MIN ATL             
3/24/2014PHO ATL             
3/23/2014@ TOR ATL             
3/21/2014NOR ATL             
3/18/2014TOR ATL             
3/17/2014@ CHA ATL             
3/15/2014DEN ATL             
3/13/2014MIL ATL             
3/10/2014@ UTA ATL             
3/8/2014@ LAC ATL             
3/7/2014@ GSW ATL             
3/5/2014@ POR ATL             
3/2/2014@ PHO ATL             
2/26/2014@ BOS ATL             
2/25/2014CHI ATL             
2/22/2014NYK ATL             
2/21/2014@ DET ATL             
2/19/2014WAS ATL             
2/18/2014@ IND98 - 108 (-10)Y-0.74ATL6:530010210.00040.000011
2/12/2014@ TOR83 - 104 (-21)Y0.73ATL30:32180103100.818110.000023
2/11/2014@ CHI85 - 100 (-15)Y-0.62ATL19:144082310.16760.500432
2/8/2014MEM76 - 79 (-3)Y-0.30ATL21:186080001.00021.000211
2/5/2014@ NOR100 - 105 (-5)Y-0.81ATL17:054040110.40050.000200
2/4/2014IND85 - 89 (-4)Y-1.27ATL18:326002000.42970.000201
2/1/2014MIN120 - 113 (+7)Y-0.92ATL20:262041100.25040.000024
1/31/2014@ PHI125 - 99 (+26)Y-0.19ATL22:487073210.75040.500243
1/27/2014@ OKC109 - 111 (-2)Y-0.12ATL25:4560104100.60050.000021
1/25/2014@ MIL112 - 87 (+25)Y-0.61ATL28:158042200.80050.000235
1/24/2014SAS79 - 105 (-26)Y0.39ATL26:378072420.57170.000223
1/22/2014@ ORL ATL             
1/20/2014MIA ATL             
1/16/2014BKN110 - 127 (-17)-0.70ATL8:014030001.00020.000011
1/12/2014@ MEM101 - 108 (-7)Y-0.87ATL13:530071000.00010.000010
1/10/2014HOU ATL             
1/8/2014IND ATL             
1/6/2014@ BKN ATL             
1/4/2014@ CHI ATL             
1/3/2014GSW ATL             
12/31/2013@ BOS92 - 91 (+1)-1.00ATL6:520071000.00040.000000
12/29/2013@ ORL102 - 109 (-7)-0.99ATL5:390020000.00010.000001
12/28/2013CHA118 - 116 (+2)-0.82ATL4:200020100.00020.000000
12/26/2013@ CLE127 - 125 (+2)-0.98ATL8:010030100.00010.000022
12/23/2013@ MIA ATL             
12/20/2013UTA ATL             
12/18/2013SAC ATL             
12/16/2013LAL ATL             
12/14/2013@ NYK ATL             
12/13/2013WAS ATL             
12/10/2013OKC ATL             
12/6/2013CLE108 - 89 (+19)-0.08ATL20:276073001.00030.000002
12/4/2013LAC ATL             
12/2/2013@ SAS ATL             
11/30/2013@ WAS ATL             
11/29/2013DAL88 - 87 (+1)-0.87ATL3:380000010.00010.000000
11/27/2013@ HOU84 - 113 (-29)-0.60ATL9:224040000.66730.000005
11/26/2013ORL92 - 109 (-17)-0.53ATL20:072050200.00051.000201
11/23/2013BOS ATL             
11/22/2013@ DET96 - 89 (+7)-0.25ATL15:240042110.00000.000002
11/20/2013DET93 - 85 (+8)-0.53ATL17:247030100.75040.500211
11/19/2013@ MIA88 - 104 (-16)Y-1.05ATL22:044060000.50040.000032
11/16/2013@ NYK110 - 90 (+20)0.51ATL19:5110051210.83360.000011
11/15/2013PHI113 - 103 (+10)Y-0.29ATL16:476041010.60050.000005