Will Barton - DEN - G

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Draft2012 (Pick 40)
NBA Salary$3,533,333
Projection Updated1/22/2017

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4.4d ago Open link
Starting Starting Tuesday @LAL
4.5d ago Open link
Note Note (likely starting)
He was battling an illness, but is likely to start in Harris' absence
4.8d ago Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday @LAL (illness)
49.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Saturday @UTA (left ankle)
Barton is playing Saturday at UTA.
49.9d ago Open link
Probable Probable Saturday @UTA (left ankle)
Barton is probable Saturday at UTA.
50.9d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs HOU (ankle)
Barton missed the past 3 games and is playing Friday vs HOU.
51.7d ago Open link
Probable Probable Friday vs HOU (ankle)
Barton missed the past 3 games and is probable Friday vs HOU.
52.7d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday vs MIA (ankle)
Barton missed the past 2 games and is out Wednesday vs MIA.
52.8d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday vs MIA (ankle)
Barton missed the past 2 games and is doubtful Wednesday vs MIA.
53.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs MIA (ankle)
Barton missed the past 2 games and is questionable Wednesday vs MIA. He practiced Tuesday.
55.8d ago Open link
Out Out Sunday @PHO (ankle)
Barton missed last game and is out Sunday at PHO.
56.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @PHO (ankle)
Barton missed last game and is questionable Sunday at PHO.
57.8d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs OKC (ankle)
Barton is out Friday vs OKC. He's still experiencing discomfort in his ankle and is day-to-day moving forward.
62.5d ago Open link
Starting Starting Sunday vs UTA (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 9 games and is starting Sunday vs UTA.
62.6d ago Open link
Playing Playing Sunday vs UTA (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 9 games and is playing Sunday vs UTA.
62.6d ago Open link
Probable Probable Sunday vs UTA (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 9 games and is probable Sunday vs UTA. Malone said he is hopeful he plays
63.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday vs UTA (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 9 games and is questionable Sunday vs UTA.
64.8d ago Open link
Out Out Friday vs TOR (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 8 games and is out Friday vs TOR.
65.6d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Friday vs TOR (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 8 games and is doubtful Friday vs TOR.
66.9d ago Open link
Out Out Wednesday vs PHO (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 7 games and is out Wednesday vs PHO.
67.5d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday vs PHO (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 7 games and is doubtful Wednesday vs PHO. He was pulled from practice due to soreness and the Nuggets went out signed Alonzo Gee for wing depth.
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Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs PHO (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 7 games and is questionable Wednesday vs PHO.
70.8d ago Open link
Injured Injured (ankle)
Barton will remain out for 4-6 weeks from when he originally sprained his ankle on October 31st. That puts his projected return somewhere from the end of November through the first couple weeks of December.
74.9d ago Open link
Injured Injured (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 3 games and will miss another week to 10 days.
75.7d ago Open link
Out Out Tuesday @MEM (sprained ankle)
Barton missed the past 3 games and is out Tuesday at MEM.
78.8d ago Open link
Out Out Saturday @DET (sprained ankle)
Barton missed last game and is out Saturday at DET.
80.9d ago Open link
Out Out Thursday @MIN (sprained ankle)
Barton is out Thursday at MIN.
82.0d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Thursday @MIN (sprained ankle)
Barton is questionable Thursday at MIN.
82.5d ago Open link
Will not return Will not return Monday @TOR (sprained ankle)
Barton will not return Monday at TOR. He sprained his ankle, X-rays negative, but could miss time.
82.5d ago
Questionable to return Questionable to return Monday @TOR (sprained ankle)
Barton is questionable to return Monday at TOR.
100% (1) agree 
It looks like when the Nuggets are healthy, Barton's minutes have taken a clear hit (21 mpg in 5 games before the one Harris just missed). Barton is good, but with Murray on board, how likely is it that he passes the 25 mpg barrier ROS?
ball_is_life -- Gary Harris is nearing a return, and you're right, that's why Barton's projection for this week is down.
Any update on Harris? B/c Barton is listed at under 27 min this week which is obviously out of line with his recent playing time. Thx
100% (3) agree 
We've got him at 33mpg until Harris returns. Also, with the additions of Murray and Chandler, we don't believe Barton will get the same run as last year.
I just don't quite understand why he is only projected at 24 m/g and 10 p/g when he was at 29/14.4 last year and 30/14.6 across games played so far this season. Even temporarily, he's only projected over the next week at 26/11, which is below those averages, despite Harris not being projected back until the end of next week?
75% (4) agree 
What about them Jayde? We think that when Gary Harris returns, Barton goes back to a much lesser role
Not sure I understand the projections here?
first came fluke or now that his ankle is better he will produce similar numbers? Of course UTAH on a back to back might help answer this
Based on what I've read, it sounds like the Nuggets simply jumped the gun on calling Barton questionable, and he's likely going to miss a couple more games while his ankle improves.
Suffered a setback? Anyone know any details about that?
And the Nuggets sign yet another wing https://twitter.com/ShamsCharania/status/798684019751874560
75% (4) agree 
Should I pick up Barton or keep Ilyasova?
I'm going to stash Barton because Jrue is about to open up my IR slot, but I wouldn't pick him up otherwise. Very uncertain future with both Harris (he may be injured again) and Chandler back
I would not drop MKG for Barton. Barton is not playing at the moment either and his role is far from secure. In fact, he is likely to play significantly less than what he was pre injury
joshllyod 48 - Any advice? Should I pick up Barton and drop MKG who is inconsistent and missing games, or just keep him instead?
I prefer Smart to Barton, but we have no info on Barton and he could play next game. It's a bit of a needs based situation and I don't think the injury should dplay a huge factor in your decision
Any advice?
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Should I still hold on to Barton considering his injury and the return of Harris soon? Marcus Smart is available on waivers.
Per Game
155-0.34Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
94-0.16NBA 16-17DEN3028.914.
400.29Last WeekDEN430.818.
480.19Last 2 WeeksDEN529.516.
650.01Last MonthDEN1326.713.
106-0.17Last 2 MonthsDEN2628.613.
94-0.16Last 3 MonthsDEN3028.914.
83-0.11NBA 15-16DEN8228.714.
252-0.50NBA 14-15DEN5817.
361-0.74NBA 13-14POR419.
Per 36
143-0.22Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
115-0.18NBA 16-17DEN3028.917.
370.20Last WeekDEN430.821.
320.16Last 2 WeeksDEN529.520.
370.07Last MonthDEN1326.718.
114-0.18Last 2 MonthsDEN2628.617.
115-0.18Last 3 MonthsDEN3028.917.
79-0.08NBA 15-16DEN8228.718.
131-0.18NBA 14-15DEN5817.
DNQ-0.22NBA 13-14POR419.415.
146-0.33Projection 16-17DENSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
156-0.35NBA 16-17DEN30868:0842244134882612.456329.7651024620.5-0.64-0.16-0.84-0.34-0.79-0.65-0.24-0.140.65
280.25Last WeekDEN4123:09739102122.54050.83312520.30.740.99-0.891.11-0.73-0.160.780.110.26
89-0.13Last 2 WeeksDEN5147:198210172432.50060.85714520.0-0.310.21-0.940.21-1.03-0.570.180.290.82
77-0.10Last MonthDEN13346:33179215448104.481133.833361419.8-0.300.18-0.630.14-0.61-0.720.080.210.73
115-0.23Last 2 MonthsDEN26743:3536139116792610.455288.732824320.9-0.260.11-0.51-0.09-0.15-0.51-0.33-0.470.19
156-0.35Last 3 MonthsDEN30868:0842244134882612.456329.7651024620.5-0.64-0.16-0.84-0.34-0.79-0.65-0.24-0.140.65
590.01NBA 15-16DEN822353:221,1801124772047139.433984.80626813922.80.400.450.34-0.10-0.11-0.25-0.770.27-0.15
256-0.57NBA 14-15DEN58983:5239723162814819.425353.787946119.8-1.79-0.83-1.19-0.85-0.73-0.65-0.350.051.20
347-0.82NBA 13-14POR41386:3616610743397.417156.813321823.2-2.39-1.02-1.70-1.26-2.05-0.96-

Game Log
1/21/2017LACW 123 - 98Y0.52DEN28:391823310.61513.00000119.8 
1/19/2017@ SASL 104 - 118Y0.28DEN35:351813702.417121.00073320.6 
1/17/2017@ LALW 127 - 121Y0.56DEN35:082654800.56316.60051322.6 
1/16/2017ORLW 125 - 112-0.21DEN23:471110310.5569.00001218.1 
1/12/2017INDW 140 - 112-0.21DEN24:10917310.300101.00020118.7 
1/7/2017@ OKCL 106 - 121Y0.68DEN28:192137110.545111.00062322.1 
1/5/2017SASL 99 - 127-0.02DEN14:40701230.33361.00031124.9 
1/3/2017SACL 113 - 120-0.68DEN16:01315010.3333.00002114.5 
1/2/2017@ GSWL 119 - 127-0.08DEN26:461427400.54511.00002218.7 
12/30/2016PHIL 122 - 124-0.45DEN28:061115411.30813.66731123.2 
12/28/2016MINW 105 - 103-0.60DEN19:14600210.5006.00001117.2 
12/26/2016@ LACW 106 - 1020.74DEN32:032338600.57114.80050422.0 
12/23/2016ATLL 108 - 109-0.37DEN34:051214501.4449.60050314.6 
12/20/2016@ LACL 102 - 1190.66DEN32:272225220.60015.66731223.2 
12/19/2016DALW 117 - 107-0.28DEN23:571112300.57171.00021018.0 
12/17/2016NYKW 127 - 1140.45DEN31:521728221.60010.60052119.0 
12/15/2016PORW 132 - 1200.25DEN23:011531211.37581.00062123.0 
12/12/2016@ DALL 92 - 112Y-1.32DEN32:48513110.16712.00002019.0 
12/10/2016@ ORLW 121 - 113Y-0.40DEN24:261604200.6258.75081423.6 
12/8/2016@ WASL 85 - 92Y0.03DEN42:461112330.38513.00001513.5 
12/7/2016@ BKNL 111 - 116Y-0.22DEN39:131519221.400151.00026420.4 
12/5/2016@ PHIW 106 - 98Y-0.12DEN35:482218322.52917.42974329.3 
12/3/2016@ UTAL 98 - 105Y0.40DEN33:432035421.53315.50024227.2 
12/2/2016HOUL 110 - 128Y-0.70DEN33:291717510.43816.40052223.4 
11/30/2016MIAL 98 - 106DEN               
11/27/2016@ PHOW 120 - 114DEN               
11/25/2016OKCL 129 - 132DEN               
11/23/2016@ UTAL 83 - 108Y-2.13DEN17:05105000.0006.25041022.2 
11/22/2016CHIW 110 - 107Y-1.09DEN26:271023200.231131.00022024.9 
11/20/2016UTAW 105 - 91Y-1.05DEN19:02713100.3339.00010222.0 
11/18/2016TORL 111 - 113DEN               
11/16/2016PHOW 120 - 104DEN               
11/13/2016@ PORL 105 - 112DEN               
11/12/2016DETL 95 - 106DEN               
11/10/2016GSWL 101 - 125DEN               
11/8/2016@ MEML 107 - 108DEN               
11/6/2016@ BOSW 123 - 107DEN               
11/5/2016@ DETL 86 - 103DEN               
11/3/2016@ MINW 102 - 99DEN               
10/31/2016@ TORL 102 - 105Y0.43DEN29:481624301.7147.80050014.1
Will not return
Barton will not return Monday at TOR. He sprained his ankle, X-rays negative, but could miss time.
10/29/2016PORL 113 - 115Y-0.13DEN40:571606301.308131.00081316.9 
10/26/2016@ NORW 107 - 102Y0.38DEN34:462225200.583121.00062218.6 
4/13/2016@ PORL 99 - 107-0.56DEN25:26813200.37581.00010013.3 
4/10/2016UTAL 84 - 1000.26DEN34:291017332.40010.50023119.6 
4/8/2016SASW 102 - 98-0.34DEN32:341102220.41712.50020417.9 
4/5/2016OKCL 102 - 124-0.90DEN30:24814410.25012.50021219.8 
4/2/2016SACL 106 - 115-1.08DEN20:51201311.00091.00020020.0 
3/31/2016@ NORL 95 - 101-1.12DEN30:16603411.0008.85773221.9 
3/30/2016@ MEMW 109 - 1050.51DEN32:562546301.50012.750121325.4 
3/28/2016DALL 88 - 970.78DEN31:402358200.500141.00041125.4 
3/27/2016@ LACL 90 - 1050.16DEN30:161313312.54511.00011217.4 
3/25/2016@ LALW 116 - 105-0.10DEN27:381615400.58312.50021221.0 
3/23/2016PHIW 104 - 103-1.48DEN25:49204300.00031.00025114.9 
3/21/2016@ CLEL 91 - 1241.08DEN25:422744120.75012.83364231.7 
3/19/2016@ CHAW 101 - 93-0.30DEN22:371216210.45511.50021124.3 
3/17/2016@ ATLL 98 - 116-0.61DEN30:38626610.2867.00004315.7 
3/15/2016@ ORLL 110 - 116-0.41DEN31:371504000.6258.83362117.9 
3/14/2016@ MIAL 119 - 124-1.55DEN20:12004000.0006.00001214.4 
3/12/2016WASW 116 - 1000.09DEN29:5614110211.50012.50022120.8 
3/10/2016PHOW 116 - 980.57DEN30:121718311.50012.80050120.4 
3/8/2016NYKW 110 - 94-0.56DEN20:49605320.3758.00020218.0 
3/6/2016DALW 116 - 1140.05DEN30:142008000.50014.85770423.5 
3/4/2016BKNL 120 - 121-0.96DEN33:30912311.23517.00001123.0 
3/2/2016LALW 117 - 107-1.31DEN24:031127301.2508.55694030.2 
2/29/2016MEML 96 - 103-1.02DEN34:02906400.3339.75043219.5 
2/26/2016@ DALL 116 - 122-0.93DEN43:052209300.37524.80054130.7 
2/24/2016@ LACW 87 - 81-0.77DEN25:36406221.16761.00025219.1 
2/23/2016SACL 110 - 114-0.58DEN26:481826400.33318.66760330.3 
2/21/2016BOSL 101 - 121-0.86DEN31:081015321.16712.71473224.9 
2/19/2016@ SACL 110 - 1160.01DEN31:181719310.53813.66733522.5 
2/10/2016@ DETW 103 - 920.84DEN21:382015221.58312.83361032.3 
2/8/2016@ BKNL 104 - 105-0.19DEN20:55913301.5717.00001116.9 
2/7/2016@ NYKW 101 - 961.01DEN28:3719011511.58312.83360223.1 
2/5/2016CHIW 115 - 110-0.02DEN29:401825101.47117.00001324.9 
2/3/2016@ UTAL 81 - 850.24DEN23:2510010021.6258.00003023.3 
2/1/2016TORW 112 - 930.17DEN33:152027301.500161.00023326.5 
1/30/2016@ INDL 105 - 109-1.20DEN17:19602100.4297.00003226.5 
1/28/2016@ WASW 117 - 1130.31DEN25:531503021.455111.00051323.7 
1/27/2016@ BOSL 103 - 1110.40DEN26:152335401.66712.66763327.5 
1/25/2016ATLL 105 - 1190.63DEN34:282118220.40015.88990123.2 
1/23/2016DETW 104 - 101-1.03DEN19:07712100.200101.00020127.7 
1/21/2016MEML 101 - 1020.02DEN29:131416220.500101.00034225.1 
1/19/2016OKCL 104 - 110-0.85DEN18:57603201.16761.00042121.1 
1/17/2016INDW 129 - 1260.44DEN31:272136301.471171.00021323.4 
1/15/2016MIAL 95 - 98-0.37DEN27:29918301.25081.00042220.2 
1/13/2016GSWW 112 - 1100.42DEN26:022126200.63611.83361123.1 
1/10/2016CHAW 95 - 92-0.76DEN29:441028300.273111.00023323.3 
1/8/2016@ MEML 84 - 91-0.91DEN20:38609000.27311.00000222.3 
1/6/2016@ MINW 78 - 74-0.86DEN25:38716100.33361.00023318.3 
1/3/2016PORL 106 - 112-1.28DEN25:06512200.20010.00001319.2 
1/2/2016@ GSWL 108 - 111-0.80DEN49:3021113720.32025.57175327.4 
12/30/2015@ PORL 103 - 1101.05DEN36:053145410.54522.75041330.2 
12/29/2015CLEL 87 - 930.94DEN34:172937102.550201.00043031.1 
12/27/2015@ OKCL 112 - 1220.04DEN34:401915500.50016.66730221.6 
12/26/2015@ SASL 86 - 1010.19DEN28:001625310.50014.00001124.8 
12/23/2015@ PHOW 104 - 960.03DEN34:331739510.46715.00013322.3 
12/22/2015LALL 107 - 1110.54DEN38:162528201.476211.00031326.6 
12/20/2015NORL 125 - 1301.31DEN36:1132710600.480251.00011231.6 
12/18/2015@ UTAL 88 - 97-0.44DEN23:191613210.38513.83362235.1 
12/15/2015@ MINW 112 - 100-0.47DEN30:311417500.45511.75043324.5 
12/14/2015HOUW 114 - 1081.03DEN33:072329330.444181.00052129.1 
12/11/2015MINW 111 - 1080.10DEN34:341319320.42914.00002221.6 
12/8/2015ORLL 74 - 850.51DEN37:322334141.39123.50041329.1 
12/5/2015@ PHIW 108 - 105-0.02DEN33:241619110.45511.83362019.8 
12/3/2015@ TORW 106 - 1050.56DEN31:182234401.462131.00072428.0 
12/2/2015@ CHIL 90 - 99-0.01DEN26:561618200.50012.75040222.3 
11/30/2015@ MILL 74 - 92-0.43DEN29:321026100.5008.00002215.2 
11/28/2015@ DALL 81 - 920.22DEN30:151448411.308131.00022124.2 
11/27/2015SASL 80 - 91-0.36DEN29:281219220.50010.50025026.0 
11/24/2015LACL 94 - 111-1.86DEN19:37103000.0006.50022320.0 
11/22/2015GSWL 105 - 1180.54DEN27:291906311.700101.00054023.6 
11/20/2015PHOL 107 - 1140.47DEN25:311414220.500101.00030218.5 
11/18/2015@ SASL 98 - 109-0.22DEN21:40904511.40010.50020121.2 
11/17/2015@ NORW 115 - 980.95DEN37:161737212.58312.00001116.1 
11/14/2015@ PHOL 81 - 1051.21DEN36:3519312421.50016.00001119.3 
11/13/2015HOUW 107 - 981.04DEN30:432645120.57114.85772025.9 
11/11/2015MILW 103 - 102-0.73DEN17:06602100.6005.00001216.3 
11/9/2015PORW 108 - 104-0.32DEN23:021113100.57171.00021117.5 
11/6/2015@ GSWL 104 - 119Y0.66DEN39:091928521.438161.00033220.7 
11/5/2015UTAL 84 - 960.25DEN20:161204111.42971.00060123.0 
11/3/2015@ LALW 120 - 1090.18DEN21:281004111.50061.00040215.6 
11/1/2015@ OKCL 93 - 1170.14DEN24:151513120.50012.66730023.4 
10/30/2015MINL 78 - 95-0.08DEN29:411414121.28614.83360422.3 
10/28/2015@ HOUW 105 - 85-0.13DEN19:341114010.50010.00000022.2