Evan Fournier - ORL - G

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Draft2012 (Pick 20)
NBA Salary$17,000,000
Projection Updated3/28/2017

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56.5d ago Open link
Off the Bench Off the Bench Monday @MIN (sore right foot)
Fournier will play off the bench in his return Monday at MIN, but he won't have any minutes restrictions.
58.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Sunday @TOR (sore right foot)
He went through all of Saturday's practice.
59.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday @BOS (sore right foot)
He went through parts of shootaround but remains questionable.
60.5d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Friday @BOS (sore right foot)
He did not participate in practice
63.7d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Tuesday vs CHI (sore right foot)
He did not practice Monday.
67.4d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Friday vs MIL (sore right foot)
His return is 'not imminent'
70.8d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Monday @DEN (sore right foot)
He is listed as questionable but is unlikely to play Monday at DEN.
72.3d ago Open link
Injured Injured (sore right foot)
He has no official timetable, but it's looking like he will miss the rest of the road trip.
82.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs ATL (right heel contusion)
He'll be a game-time decision.
84.5d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NYK (right heel contusion)
He remains a game-time decision.
84.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday @NYK (right heel contusion)
He'll be a game-time decision.
89.8d ago Open link
Doubtful Doubtful Wednesday vs CHA (bruised right heel)
A game-time decision but unlikely to play.
91.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs MEM (bruised right heel)
He remains a game-time decision.
91.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Monday vs MEM (bruised right heel)
He missed Monday's shootaround, and he'll be a game-time decision.
94.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs LAL (heel contusion)
He'll be a game-time decison.
94.7d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs LAL (heel contusion)
He'll be a game-time decision.
136.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Friday vs UTA (sore lower back)
Fournier is playing Friday vs UTA.
136.8d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Friday vs UTA (sore lower back)
Fournier is listed as questionable Friday vs UTA.
138.5d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs MIN (sore back)
Fournier is playing Wednesday vs MIN.
138.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Wednesday vs MIN (sore back)
Fournier is questionable Wednesday vs MIN.
138.8d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs MIN (sore back)
Fournier is playing Wednesday vs MIN.
100% (1) agree 
Its hard to be so terrible playing 35mpg.
11% (9) agree 
Fournier (up) or Middleton (down) ROS?
Projections show I should be dropping this guy for like Garret Temple, Iggy, Bebe, or E'Twaun Moore. Obviously I'm not going to, but is that really the projections / V values working right?
nostraduckus -- I shot you a personal message. You can find it under the Community tab up top and then Mailbox.
50% (12) agree 
Evan Fournier (up) or Markieff Morris (down) ROS
He shot 38% and had 6 TOs. Those are big negatives when you take that many shots.
In the Game Log stats particularly, how is the Value calculated? Fournier had a good game but his value was -0.14. Granted he played 43 mins and shot 38%, but whats the science/formula behind the calculation?
100% (5) agree 
Fournier looking like Top 60 Fournier again.
ganggreen89 -- The last report that came out said that Fournier's return is not imminent. I'd guess that means he misses another game or two at least, but it's just a guess. (http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/orlando-magic/magic-basketblog/os-sp-orlando-magic-jodie-meeks-0120-story.html)
0% (6) agree 
Warren (up) fournier (down)
What are we guessing for when he'll be back?
86% (7) agree 
UP Fournier - DOWN Gary Harris
71% (7) agree 
UP Fournier - DOWN Rose. Thanx.
We've set him to questionable. The box score last night incorrectly had him playing 11 seconds which cleared the injury.
This guy is injured, but BBM has no injury flag for his status when viewing weekly projections or team analysis. Would recommend maybe a blue flag or orange flag?
Ah cool. thanks!
Just a glitch man, as he received INJ status after the game. They will fix the box score...not a big deal.
Yahoo is telling me he played 11 seconds? WTF?! Any one see this?
NeonChaos -- I agree with @Donnie99 that you might do best by trading Fournier, but in general, yes, in a league with no IL, if you're outside of the playoffs and fighting to climb up the standings, I'd be ready to drop players that look like they're going to miss the entire week. I wouldn't want to outright suggest dropping Fournier without knowing more about your league (how many games out of the playoffs you are, and the size of the league), but I do think you're right in at least considering the possibility that you may have to drop a player of his caliber in order to compete.
100% (1) agree 
No, but try trading him first for a discounted value. He has no timetable so he can return within the road trip or way longer than the road trip
Currently in last place. I am in need of bodies to try and win weeks, and can't afford to wait out more injuries. :( No IL league. Is it desperate of me to drop this guy for someone who will actually play games?
100% (1) agree 
Same injury
Same foot - is it just a heel contusion issue? Or is there something more worrisome?
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Lineup shuffle. There is much less usage for him when he plays alongside Vucevic and Payton. Previously he was in the starting lineup with augustin and biyombo who are lower usage players which meant the the ball was in Fourniers hands more
Any reason for the low shot totals last couple games? Anyone watching the games?
interestingly enough, from a game flow POV, looks so much better w/o Vooch around. Ball actually comes back out when it does make its way into/around the paint.
Yes he is, handling it when DJ Augustin is playing
Another homey who's been on fire lately, and third game in a row with 6+ assists. To anyone that watches the Magic: is he handling the ball more now or something?
No, I don't think so. More from the CJs, Watson and Wilcox, Hezonja, and some of the minutes the PG have been playing.
Jodie Meeks minutes gonna have to come from Evan F., correct?
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tylerabc -- Fournier is a career 45% FG shooter, and he shot 46.2% FG last season with 49% FG after the all-star break. There is reason to believe he'll rebound. Playing between Payton and Gordon on the wing is likely the reason he's struggled so far this season. If the Magic were sticking with that lineup, there'd be an argument for docking Fournier some in his projection, but since his role just changed, and he'll have better space with Augustin in the starting lineup at PG, I'd expect him to be more efficient going forward.
100% (1) agree 
There's a big difference between his projected Fg% (46.3) and his actual Fg% so far (42.5). Do we actually think it'll get up that high or do the projections need to be adjusted?
After Sunday's game, Vogel said the move of Payton to the bench was to get the ball in Fournier's hands more in the 1Q and to play him with a spot-up PG (Augustin) who can shoot. While there's no guarantee that this situation sticks, Fournier may be in line for more scoring and assists if this new starting lineup leads to wins.
100% (2) agree 
Seems like Vogel is trying to find an offense that creates more spacing (more shooters like DJA) and puts the ball in Fournier's hands more. If the higher usage sticks, could be really good for him.
100% (1) agree 
do you think moving vucevic/payton to the bench helped fournier to rack up more stats and do you forsee coach vogel moving forward with this switch?
0% (1) agree 
I really hope you're wrong haha.
Hate to say it, but no way this guy averages 20 ppg for the season. He doesn't shoot enough and the magic's offense seems to be more of an equal opportunity disaster.
100% (1) agree 
Why not keep both? Do you HAVE to unload one of them? Klay is still 7.2 3PA per game and hitting just 19% so far this season. He should be fine.
100% (2) agree 
Pessimism around Klay I understand but Fournier has every opportunity to succeed
Would you rather keep Klay or Fournier? Obviously very similar players but kinda pessimistic about both of their situations...
80% (5) agree 
I'm heavily invested in him this year in Roto. He'll give you a good diet of 3s, PTs, with no % weaknesses. He just signed a new contract and there should be no reason they don't play him enough. No Oladipo and no threatening backup vying for minutes and he's probably the best shooter on this team.
100% (2) agree 
Could you see Evan making a jump this season? He's look pretty decent in Preseason and if given more minutes could be good? Top 50 ever?
Per Game
134-0.27Projection 16-17ORLSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
128-0.27Short-term (4/12)ORL833.
133-0.26NBA 16-17ORL6132.816.
830.00Last WeekORL328.
112-0.22Last 2 WeeksORL630.
115-0.21Last MonthORL1531.617.
175-0.36Last 2 MonthsORL2532.516.
206-0.42Last 3 MonthsORL3032.
68-0.04NBA 15-16ORL7932.515.
197-0.39NBA 14-15ORL5828.612.
278-0.59NBA 13-14DEN7619.
Per 36
214-0.38Projection 16-17ORLSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
201-0.36Short-term (4/12)ORL833.
191-0.31NBA 16-17ORL6132.818.
920.01Last WeekORL328.
142-0.25Last 2 WeeksORL630.
159-0.25Last MonthORL1531.619.
242-0.39Last 2 MonthsORL2532.518.
267-0.44Last 3 MonthsORL3032.
108-0.13NBA 15-16ORL7932.517.
259-0.37NBA 14-15ORL5828.615.
263-0.41NBA 13-14DEN7619.815.
156-0.36Projection 16-17ORLSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
144-0.32Short-term (4/12)ORL8264:0013515272180.435107.798341623.10.210.59-0.97-0.28-0.34-1.32-0.780.13-0.11
143-0.30NBA 16-17ORL612000:351,033110196185603.438831.79624512823.40.160.41-0.95-0.11-0.22-1.11-0.730.07-0.21
90-0.16Last WeekORL383:535068630.52934.80010422.50.030.55-0.92-0.53-0.23-0.990.37-0.040.37
129-0.27Last 2 WeeksORL6180:1410613161160.47374.742311022.60.260.69-1.08-0.59-0.20-1.05-0.15-0.510.16
107-0.20Last MonthORL15474:31259354430160.450200.746592422.90.511.14-0.96-0.440.18-1.20-0.53-0.540.07
157-0.36Last 2 MonthsORL25811:39421488666231.431339.7571075423.50.310.62-0.81-0.22-0.21-1.17-0.89-0.40-0.42
218-0.53Last 3 MonthsORL30966:024805310478291.420400.7461226523.2-0.350.09-1.09-0.44-0.54-1.24-0.91-0.350.06
530.05NBA 15-16ORL792566:061,213156225213962.462929.83623813320.00.491.10-1.04-0.050.65-1.14-0.020.48-0.05
218-0.48NBA 14-15ORL581661:0969885153120402.440575.7281478219.9-0.870.19-1.23-0.60-0.97-1.05-0.33-0.240.81
232-0.55NBA 13-14DEN761503:2763889202112347.419544.75612310018.6-1.130.20-1.06-0.73-1.27-0.96-0.64-0.080.69

Game Log
3/27/2017@ TORL 112 - 131Y0.53ORL30:262021120.58312.80050220.2 
3/24/2017DETW 115 - 87Y-0.13ORL23:031513200.600101.00021023.1 
3/22/2017CHAL 102 - 109Y-0.40ORL30:241534310.41712.66733324.2 
3/20/2017PHIW 112 - 109Y-0.66ORL36:491914320.50012.600104222.3 
3/17/2017@ PHOW 109 - 103Y0.13ORL35:052533210.42119.85771326.8 
3/16/2017@ GSWL 92 - 122Y-0.82ORL24:271231000.3339.75041119.1 
3/13/2017@ SACL 115 - 120Y-0.07ORL30:042145010.444181.00013329.8 
3/11/2017CLEL 104 - 116Y0.13ORL31:471521220.40010.83360216.7 
3/10/2017@ CHAL 81 - 121Y-0.25ORL24:431421210.46213.00001327.8 
3/8/2017CHIW 98 - 91Y0.37ORL33:492039220.41217.75041225.8 
3/6/2017NYKL 105 - 113Y0.07ORL33:342542300.52917.75042227.0 
3/5/2017@ WASL 114 - 115Y-0.16ORL33:591832210.438161.00012123.2 
3/3/2017MIAW 110 - 99Y-0.33ORL33:391112510.40010.66730214.9 
3/1/2017NYKL 90 - 101Y-0.82ORL38:182222200.53315.57173325.2 
2/25/2017ATLW 105 - 86Y-0.68ORL34:24714120.200101.00022417.3 
2/23/2017PORL 103 - 112Y-0.78ORL37:572015210.41217.62582324.1 
2/15/2017SASL 79 - 107Y-1.05ORL33:50915510.27311.66734422.8 
2/13/2017@ MIAW 116 - 107Y-0.31ORL35:422422410.58817.40053225.2 
2/11/2017@ DALL 80 - 112Y-1.08ORL29:111402100.42914.50040424.8 
2/9/2017PHIL 111 - 112Y0.01ORL43:102439810.381211.00056328.2 
2/7/2017@ HOUL 104 - 128Y-0.13ORL36:492113301.438161.00063425.0 
2/4/2017@ ATLL 86 - 113Y-1.12ORL32:06904310.250121.00034024.9 
2/3/2017TORW 102 - 94Y-0.14ORL35:5420210400.41712.800102223.3 
2/1/2017INDL 88 - 98Y-0.17ORL29:341221420.37581.00044621.0 
1/30/2017@ MINL 105 - 111-1.08ORL22:55911200.36411.00002325.9 
1/29/2017@ TORW 114 - 113ORL               
1/27/2017@ BOSL 98 - 128ORL               
1/24/2017CHIL 92 - 100ORL               
1/22/2017GSWL 98 - 118ORL               
1/20/2017MILW 112 - 96ORL               
1/18/2017@ NORL 98 - 118ORL               
1/16/2017@ DENL 112 - 125ORL               
1/14/2017@ UTAL 107 - 114ORL               
1/13/2017@ PORW 115 - 109Y-0.60ORL30:27811420.30010.50021117.4 
1/11/2017@ LACL 96 - 105Y-1.20ORL25:29802200.3758.66732519.2 
1/8/2017@ LALL 95 - 111Y-0.48ORL33:451925320.37516.71474227.1 
1/6/2017HOUL 93 - 100Y-0.87ORL35:111009210.30813.66732220.0 
1/4/2017ATLL 92 - 111-0.52ORL29:311421110.42914.00002223.8 
1/2/2017@ NYKW 115 - 103ORL               
1/1/2017@ INDL 104 - 117ORL               
12/28/2016CHAL 101 - 120ORL               
12/26/2016MEMW 112 - 102ORL               
12/23/2016LALW 109 - 90ORL               
12/22/2016@ NYKL 95 - 106Y0.19ORL35:362115401.529171.00022223.5 
12/20/2016@ MIAW 136 - 130Y0.07ORL43:512635400.50022.50021424.3 
12/18/2016TORL 79 - 109Y-0.12ORL25:471503310.600101.00033524.7 
12/16/2016BKNW 118 - 111Y-0.33ORL31:172134100.33315.88991225.3 
12/14/2016LACL 108 - 113Y0.44ORL33:212421800.529171.00041527.1 
12/13/2016@ ATLW 131 - 120Y1.17ORL32:542310621.73315.00010221.5 
12/10/2016DENL 113 - 121Y0.44ORL38:232424610.47419.80050325.9 
12/9/2016@ CHAL 88 - 109Y-0.27ORL24:201422000.54511.00000220.8 
12/7/2016BOSL 87 - 117Y-0.43ORL28:431413510.28614.83360226.2 
12/6/2016@ WASW 124 - 116Y-1.19ORL28:071023100.40010.00005522.9 
12/4/2016@ DETW 98 - 92Y-0.56ORL32:10511230.14371.00023217.0 
12/2/2016@ PHIW 105 - 88Y0.11ORL30:191614320.36411.87581124.4 
12/1/2016@ MEML 94 - 95Y0.54ORL35:572830400.78614.75043223.7 
11/29/2016@ SASW 95 - 83Y-0.18ORL32:421313720.44491.00046323.6 
11/27/2016MILL 96 - 104Y1.00ORL37:302736720.52421.66731427.5 
11/25/2016WASL 91 - 94Y-0.47ORL32:291112410.22291.00062418.9 
11/23/2016PHOL 87 - 92Y0.61ORL35:202534230.45020.66760227.5 
11/21/2016@ MILL 89 - 93Y-0.54ORL36:501825200.462131.00045122.7 
11/19/2016DALW 95 - 87Y-0.58ORL31:351127220.231131.00034225.5 
11/16/2016NORW 89 - 82Y-0.58ORL33:471621310.38513.66761221.8 
11/14/2016@ INDL 69 - 88Y-0.62ORL32:371412210.267151.00051224.9 
11/13/2016@ OKCW 119 - 117Y0.41ORL36:332132500.700101.00043218.4 
11/11/2016UTAL 74 - 87Y0.40ORL38:212124430.43816.83363427.8 
11/9/2016MINL 107 - 123Y-0.62ORL28:221323200.364111.00032222.8 
11/7/2016@ CHIL 80 - 112Y-0.55ORL29:481312110.50012.00003223.6 
11/5/2016WASW 88 - 86Y-0.76ORL30:191322200.2508.87582621.8 
11/3/2016SACW 102 - 94Y0.34ORL35:582931100.66715.85773026.2 
11/1/2016@ PHIW 103 - 101Y-0.14ORL37:131735510.353171.00022223.2 
10/29/2016@ CLEL 99 - 105Y0.01ORL37:432222500.563161.00023521.7 
10/28/2016@ DETL 82 - 108Y-0.83ORL27:18802220.33312.00011321.8 
10/26/2016MIAL 96 - 108Y-0.45ORL39:232024420.36819.57171325.5 
4/13/2016@ CHAL 103 - 117Y0.88ORL33:302242320.571141.00022321.9 
4/11/2016MILW 107 - 98Y-0.28ORL37:421315410.385131.00022018.9 
4/10/2016@ MIAL 96 - 118Y0.41ORL31:322122510.563161.00012126.0 
4/8/2016MIAW 112 - 109Y0.77ORL46:132827710.58312.800153521.4 
4/6/2016DETL 104 - 108Y-0.59ORL31:461903200.467151.00054428.2 
4/3/2016MEMW 119 - 107Y0.15ORL39:142232310.400151.00073523.0 
4/1/2016@ MILL 110 - 113Y-0.54ORL32:521413210.429141.00013323.0 
3/31/2016@ INDW 114 - 94Y0.78ORL36:072530120.714141.00024422.6 
3/29/2016BKNW 139 - 105Y0.03ORL23:151531300.60010.00001121.0 
3/26/2016CHIW 111 - 89Y-0.45ORL25:481201110.5569.66731319.5 
3/25/2016@ MIAL 97 - 108Y-0.48ORL36:062017200.35317.87582327.0 
3/23/2016@ DETL 102 - 118Y-0.19ORL29:241411110.50010.75040217.3 
3/21/2016@ BOSL 96 - 107Y-0.85ORL33:031310220.33315.50041223.0 
3/20/2016@ TORL 100 - 105Y0.43ORL37:152131100.600101.00061116.9 
3/18/2016CLEL 103 - 109Y0.33ORL36:021824220.400151.00041622.4 
3/16/2016@ CHAL 99 - 107Y-0.89ORL27:45903110.36411.50021221.5 
3/15/2016DENW 116 - 110Y0.82ORL42:193053310.57919.75043225.8 
3/12/2016@ PORL 84 - 121Y-0.75ORL26:241514200.500121.00025129.0 
3/11/2016@ SACW 107 - 100Y0.03ORL38:101627610.40015.66731419.4 
3/8/2016@ LALL 98 - 107Y0.58ORL39:472314300.72711.85771318.4 
3/7/2016@ GSWL 113 - 119Y0.53ORL35:052021320.46213.85770418.5 
3/4/2016PHOL 84 - 102Y-0.51ORL25:481222020.4449.50042419.6 
3/2/2016CHIW 102 - 89ORL               
3/1/2016@ DALL 108 - 121ORL               
2/28/2016PHIW 130 - 116ORL               
2/26/2016@ NYKL 95 - 108Y-0.88ORL24:31822200.30010.00001618.8 
2/25/2016GSWL 114 - 130Y1.14ORL38:372031340.500121.00052117.1 
2/23/2016@ PHIW 124 - 115Y1.07ORL42:432133420.615131.00021614.4 
2/21/2016INDL 102 - 105Y0.47ORL34:112331210.57114.80051520.4 
2/19/2016DALW 110 - 104Y-0.38ORL42:12916800.36411.00001212.5 
2/10/2016SASL 96 - 98Y0.63ORL41:502832500.500201.00051323.6 
2/8/2016@ ATLW 117 - 110Y0.79ORL42:161633430.545111.00012414.5 
2/7/2016ATLW 96 - 94Y0.55ORL42:502135120.500141.00043219.3 
2/5/2016LACL 93 - 107-0.32ORL32:071626310.46213.50042322.5 
2/3/2016@ OKCL 114 - 117-0.84ORL18:53711200.50041.00023118.2 
2/1/2016@ SASL 92 - 107-1.21ORL17:49511000.4005.00003118.0 
1/31/2016BOSW 119 - 1140.54ORL22:592443220.7508.727114331.4 
1/29/2016@ BOSL 94 - 113-0.83ORL18:24802310.4297.50041324.2 
1/26/2016@ MILL 100 - 107-0.23ORL25:281541200.45511.50020021.9 
1/25/2016@ MEML 102 - 1080.52ORL35:281643510.54511.00001116.2 
1/22/2016CHAL 116 - 120-0.30ORL32:411512201.429141.00021221.5 
1/20/2016PHIL 87 - 96Y-0.26ORL37:24923150.21414.50022219.9 
1/18/2016@ ATLL 81 - 98Y-0.89ORL24:05621210.18211.00000320.4 
1/14/2016TORL 103 - 106Y0.62ORL34:262123310.727111.00033520.5 
1/9/2016WASL 99 - 105Y-0.60ORL36:561111400.50010.00002115.7 
1/8/2016@ BKNW 83 - 77Y0.35ORL32:381331320.6258.00002014.6 
1/6/2016INDL 86 - 95Y0.04ORL35:361313430.357141.00022621.7 
1/4/2016@ DETL 89 - 115Y-1.03ORL25:36002220.0006.00001213.3 
1/2/2016@ CLEL 79 - 104Y-0.77ORL27:57911200.40051.00043317.2 
1/1/2016@ WASL 91 - 103Y-0.70ORL27:371112300.45511.00002421.3 
12/30/2015BKNW 100 - 93Y0.48ORL40:271733520.417121.00042217.4 
12/28/2015NORW 104 - 89Y0.95ORL32:532032420.583121.00031021.4 
12/26/2015MIAL 101 - 108Y0.04ORL36:271221710.364111.00020316.7 
12/23/2015HOUW 104 - 101Y0.39ORL35:061725410.545111.00032519.0 
12/21/2015@ NYKW 107 - 99Y0.41ORL31:371636130.42914.50021323.7 
12/20/2015ATLL 100 - 103Y0.98ORL35:031713420.62581.00060114.0 
12/18/2015PORW 102 - 94Y-0.68ORL25:22201420.1437.00000012.1 
12/16/2015CHAW 113 - 98Y0.62ORL24:291533320.57171.00042021.4 
12/14/2015@ BKNW 105 - 82Y-1.19ORL23:34311200.1676.00001113.9 
12/11/2015CLEL 76 - 111Y-0.44ORL17:14501120.5002.75041213.3 
12/9/2015@ PHOL 104 - 107Y-0.82ORL34:561432110.35714.50023122.8 
12/8/2015@ DENW 85 - 74Y-1.29ORL25:58312100.1437.00001513.1 
12/5/2015@ LACL 101 - 103Y-0.51ORL16:33710011.40051.00022419.9 
12/3/2015@ UTAW 103 - 94Y0.38ORL29:411426310.55691.00021516.3 
12/1/2015@ MINW 96 - 93Y-0.18ORL27:561211310.5717.75041315.5 
11/29/2015BOSW 110 - 91Y-0.48ORL20:00903110.44491.00011121.6 
11/27/2015MILW 114 - 90Y-0.18ORL28:071735110.41712.66761324.2 
11/25/2015NYKW 100 - 91Y-1.40ORL21:07312000.1119.00000219.0 
11/23/2015@ CLEL 103 - 117Y0.20ORL23:001331110.80051.00022416.4 
11/21/2015SACL 91 - 97Y-0.06ORL35:101734330.35020.00003428.1 
11/18/2015MINW 104 - 101Y1.06ORL42:562654330.52917.75043120.9 
11/14/2015@ WASL 99 - 108Y0.33ORL36:381816610.412171.00030121.7 
11/13/2015UTAW 102 - 93Y0.46ORL36:572125210.467151.00051321.1 
11/11/2015LALW 101 - 99Y-0.29ORL42:071625610.37516.66732419.4 
11/9/2015@ INDL 84 - 97Y0.49ORL39:332142120.53813.75042418.7 
11/7/2015@ PHIW 105 - 97Y-0.16ORL39:471733210.58312.00005519.1 
11/6/2015TORW 92 - 87Y-0.89ORL27:461111100.273111.00041123.7 
11/4/2015@ HOUL 114 - 119Y0.88ORL45:452936410.52421.80051524.2 
11/3/2015@ NORW 103 - 94Y1.49ORL42:453045420.600201.00022222.5 
11/1/2015@ CHIL 87 - 92Y-0.09ORL35:101925200.53315.50021320.1 
10/30/2015OKCL 136 - 139Y-0.22ORL44:422225320.38121.66762323.5 
10/28/2015WASL 87 - 88Y-0.96ORL26:59304120.1437.50021113.0