Terrence Jones - NOR - F

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Draft2012 (Pick 18)
NBA Salary$1,050,961
Projection Updated1/21/2017

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5.4d ago Open link
Not Starting Not Starting Monday @IND
He'll play off the bench with Dante Cunningham starting Monday at IND.
7.4d ago Open link
Starting Starting Saturday @CHI
Jones will start along with Davis, Holiday, Hill, and Hield.
27.3d ago Open link
Playing Playing Monday vs DAL (illness)
He isn't listed on the injury report
27.4d ago Open link
Probable Probable Monday vs DAL (illness)
He's currently not listed on the injury report for Monday's game vs DAL.
59.2d ago Open link
Playing Playing Wednesday vs MIN (illness)
Jones is playing Wednesday vs MIN.
59.2d ago
Probable Probable Wednesday vs MIN (illness)
Jones is probable Wednesday vs MIN. He is expected to play
59.5d ago Open link
Probable Probable Wednesday vs MIN (illness)
Jones is probable Wednesday vs MIN.
60.2d ago
Playing Playing Tuesday @ATL (illness)
Jones is playing Tuesday at ATL. There was a little doubt if he would actually play, but he is on the court
60.3d ago Open link
Probable Probable Tuesday @ATL (illness)
Jones is probable Tuesday at ATL.
60.6d ago Open link
Questionable Questionable Tuesday @ATL (illness)
Jones is questionable Tuesday at ATL.
66.3d ago Open link
Starting Starting Wednesday @ORL
Jones is starting Wednesday at ORL in place of Anthony Davis (quad) .
70.3d ago Open link
Not Starting Not Starting Saturday vs LAL
Jones will come off the bench Saturday vs LAL. Omer Asik is starting next to Davis.
72.2d ago Open link
Starting Starting Thursday @MIL (starting)
Jones is starting Thursday at MIL.Early lineup put out by the Bucks was WRONG
75.1d ago Open link
Not Starting Not Starting Monday @GSW (benched)
Jones is benched Monday at GSW.
75.1d ago
Not Starting Not Starting Monday @GSW (benched)
Jones is benched Monday at GSW. He moves to the bench with Omer Asik starting
78.3d ago Open link
Starting Starting Friday vs PHO
Jones is starting Friday vs PHO.
78.4d ago Open link
Note Note (expected starter)
Jones is the expected starter at PF Friday vs PHO with Dante Cunningham suspended.
80% (5) agree 
got fooled again....damn
50% (10) agree 
aminu (up) or TJones(down)?
100% (1) agree 
Starting today? With AD playing? What does this mean?
33% (3) agree 
TJones (UP) or Brandon Knight (DOWN) for ROS?
tunelandmonstars -- Both Jones and O'Quinn are likely going to continue to play limited roles going forward. Jones appears to have more secure minutes in some regards, so I'd probably stick with him. O'Quinn will really only become a must-own if Noah gets demoted or Hernangomez gets injured.
25% (4) agree 
Should I drop Jones for Kyle O'Quinn?
0% (7) agree 
Should I drop Tobias Harris for Jones?
100% (2) agree 
Looks like he is getting consistent minutes again around 30 and will be picked up by me for the 100th time over the past 3 seasons. Oh Terrence why can't I quit you?!?!
is Terrence jones a low-end replacement of capela? getting consistent minutes lately.
100% (8) agree 
@sell1010234 Thanks for posting. Thanks for posting. Thanks for posting.
33% (3) agree 
I have an opportunity to trade Dwight and my choice of (Terrence Jones, Henson, Carrol, Beverly) for Jokic and Rubio. Do I make the move?
His minutes are going to go up and down all year. Most of his big minute games have come in blowouts or when Davis was out/exited early
Anything to take away from tonight? Just a bad matchup? Have an offer for him. Is his 25ish minute role stable?
0% (6) agree 
After today's game, would you be more open to the idea of burning a #1 waiver and drop Marv Williams, Danny Green, or Marcus Smart for TJones?? It's always the potential but can he stick this time???
100% (1) agree 
As a Rockets fan I can confirm what Josh is saying. TJones has all the physical attributes but unfortunately he's a few sandwiches short of a picnic. He had plenty of chances with the Rockets but he's mentally weak. I think any coach finds it hard to really trust him.
100% (1) agree 
Both Lance and Wroten have had one season in the top 100 and yes, Jones had two top 60 seasons, both Lance and Wroten were must own players according to some for a stretch. Lance was 75 in 13/14 and Wroten was 100 in 14/15
That analyst must be out of the league by now for that 'legitimate' prediction. They may have had a hot month or so. Jones has finished in the 60s for 2 years, a lot more than either of them had achieved
Stephenson and wroten were never good fantasy players due to terrible efficiency.. Jones has actually had fantasy value. Apples and apples mate
Stephenson is not on an NBA roster, so he is out of the league. At some stage, both Stephenson and Wroten have been must-own players for many people. One fantasy analyst legitimately said he'd take Wroten over Kyrie at one stage a couple of years ago.
100% (1) agree 
Stephenson and wroten were never good fantasy players due to terrible efficiency.. Jones has actually had fantasy value. Apples and apples mate
100% (1) agree 
I have three guys who I have been insistent on aren't NBA level players at a rotation level, but when they play, they put up fantasy stats - Jones, Lance Stephenson, and Tony Wroten. Two are out of the league now, and Jones is close. In minutes, the stats are always great, but he is just a below average player that will find it hard to get the minutes because of his deficiencies. Also, Gentry is bad, no doubt about that.
100% (2) agree 
Hmm how long until gentry gets fired?? Nothing to do with the Jones thing. More to do with Dante Cunningham continuing to get huge run.... I'm so lost watching them play.
Very true gehrenberg, but if a trend shows that every single coach treats Jones like this, then Gentry's "badness" is irrelevant to this specific case
100% (4) agree 
Fwiw we don't need to pick sides. Both Terrence Jones and Alvin Gentry can be bad
Every single year, this happens with T Jones. No matter who his coach is. Literally every year. When do we stop blaming the coach? I picked this dude up again and I'm dropping asap. If he has a great season from now on, go ahead, but I'm tired of dealing with it.
80% (5) agree 
And now T.Jones is back to reality... Im starting to believe Josh Lloyd is right about this guy.. he is not good as an NBA player.
100% (7) agree 
As much as we want to blame Gentry, Terrence Jones has 2 fouls and 2 turn overs in less than 6 minutes of playing time.
50% (2) agree 
Gentry will be out of a job soon, Asik is barely an NBA player.
67% (3) agree 
Alvin Gentry is having some Sam Mitchell moment by benching TJones for Asik. Doesn't make sense to me...
Does Jones get a bump given his last performance and latest Gentry PT comments?
100% (7) agree 
Still rolling.... but only a matter of days before he has an eye contusion....
100% (1) agree 
Killing it in the first half. Wow.
0% (3) agree 
Drop Redick for him is Jones has a great game tonight?
100% (3) agree 
Time to drop him?
Agree, one guy has a consistent 30+ minute role, although I'm not sure how many 20 & 10 games he has the rest of the way
You gotta pick up MKG, no brainer
100% (1) agree 
Drop Terence Jones to pickup Kidd Gilchrist? Thoughts?
100% (3) agree 
Drop in 12 team leagues? I know today was all about AD, but still not sold on TJ's role on the team..
Noel a significantly higher upside. I'd take Noel
Terrence jones or Nerlens Noel. 12 team h2h 9 cat punting fg% and to
I think top 80 is too high as you mentioned he benefits a lot from low TO. May be able to able to crack top 100, but I'm not sold on him as a player
0% (1) agree 
How high is Jones' upside in a 8-cat? Top 100? Top 80? A lot of his value seems to come from his low TOs.
Per Game
186-0.42Projection 16-17NORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
173-0.37NBA 16-17NOR4224.
115-0.16Last WeekNOR322.
111-0.15Last 2 WeeksNOR625.313.
185-0.40Last MonthNOR1222.410.
204-0.45Last 2 MonthsNOR2924.
173-0.37Last 3 MonthsNOR4224.
232-0.48NBA 15-16HOU5020.
68-0.03NBA 14-15HOU3327.
630.01NBA 13-14HOU7627.312.
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216-0.37Projection 16-17NORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
181-0.32NBA 16-17NOR4224.
620.06Last WeekNOR322.
93-0.10Last 2 WeeksNOR625.318.70.710.
176-0.29Last MonthNOR1222.416.
230-0.40Last 2 MonthsNOR2924.
181-0.32Last 3 MonthsNOR4224.
237-0.32NBA 15-16HOU5020.915.
109-0.15NBA 14-15HOU3327.
370.05NBA 13-14HOU7627.316.
202-0.48Projection 16-17NORSubscribe now to view 2016-17 Projection
143-0.31NBA 16-17NOR421016:5644914250492746.473374.5961364320.6-0.53-0.950.18-0.77-0.730.860.03-1.640.73
144-0.29Last WeekNOR366:0735221625.41931.63611223.5-0.79-0.780.14-0.63-0.731.09-0.62-1.180.91
118-0.24Last 2 WeeksNOR6152:0579344949.51760.53826421.6-0.38-0.840.42-0.73-0.761.240.36-2.400.95
197-0.46Last MonthNOR12269:1512137115715.466103.564391021.2-0.94-1.10-0.22-0.87-1.070.78-0.11-1.611.01
173-0.42Last 2 MonthsNOR29702:023168178301429.481260.5741012820.6-0.52-1.030.27-0.85-1.150.690.11-2.080.76
143-0.31Last 3 MonthsNOR421016:5644914250492746.473374.5961364320.6-0.53-0.950.18-0.77-0.730.860.03-1.640.73
263-0.62NBA 15-16HOU501044:1443425211412338.452367.6641164918.8-1.48-0.82-1.11-1.11-1.56-0.28-0.10-0.441.33
231-0.51NBA 14-15HOU33889:2838613220361859.528299.606943718.3-1.83-1.00-0.89-1.15-1.650.290.55-0.581.64
490.06NBA 13-14HOU762078:0592131528875399.542712.6051957118.1-0.37-0.700.55-0.90-0.671.281.36-1.221.22

Game Log
1/20/2017BKNL 114 - 143-0.13NOR21:521308012.33312.83361227.5 
1/18/2017ORLW 118 - 980.12NOR18:28715311.5006.00000114.7 
1/16/2017@ INDL 95 - 98-0.46NOR25:471518302.46213.40051328.4 
1/14/2017@ CHIL 99 - 107Y0.27NOR34:27908203.6676.5002029.3 
1/12/2017@ BKNW 104 - 95Y-0.72NOR37:5624112110.58817.33392224.5 
1/9/2017@ NYKW 110 - 96-0.01NOR13:351103011.6676.75040025.3 
1/7/2017@ BOSL 108 - 117-0.75NOR15:54401001.4005.00000013.9 
1/5/2017ATLL 94 - 990.05NOR29:5712011113.50012.00013021.6 
1/2/2017@ CLEL 82 - 90-0.46NOR18:12603210.40051.00021017.4 
12/30/2016NYKW 104 - 92-0.71NOR18:04504101.33361.00011018.8 
12/28/2016LACW 102 - 98-1.16NOR22:381005210.33312.40050228.7 
12/26/2016DALW 111 - 104-0.84NOR12:25503001.3333.75041024.5 
12/23/2016MIAW 91 - 87NOR               
12/21/2016OKCL 110 - 121-0.21NOR33:362102111.52917.60051026.8 
12/20/2016@ PHIW 108 - 93-0.89NOR29:5517010300.42914.62582226.9 
12/18/2016@ SASL 100 - 113-0.48NOR17:22902012.6005.50060220.2 
12/16/2016@ HOUL 100 - 122-1.00NOR28:571608101.50014.33361224.8 
12/15/2016INDW 102 - 95-0.17NOR25:3510011112.4449.50041018.9 
12/13/2016GSWL 109 - 1130.08NOR21:268010002.6676.00001014.8 
12/11/2016@ PHOW 120 - 119-0.92NOR25:04616301.2229.50021018.5 
12/10/2016@ LACL 105 - 133Y-0.38NOR25:431825000.7789.50043423.1 
12/8/2016PHIL 88 - 99-1.22NOR18:40603000.5004.50041116.2 
12/5/2016MEML 108 - 110-0.37NOR31:411008101.400101.00021117.7 
12/4/2016@ OKCL 92 - 101-0.53NOR25:02907001.6676.50022214.5 
12/2/2016LACL 96 - 114-0.55NOR29:141409101.5569.57171220.1 
11/29/2016LALW 105 - 88-0.81NOR25:32608000.28671.00021215.2 
11/27/2016@ DALL 81 - 91-0.85NOR12:54002020.0005.00000218.9 
11/25/2016@ PORL 104 - 119-0.76NOR30:281123200.40010.50021018.6 
11/23/2016MINW 117 - 960.42NOR23:371707111.70010.75041123.4 
11/22/2016@ ATLW 112 - 940.22NOR28:011706111.53813.75040224.7 
11/19/2016CHAW 121 - 116-0.71NOR20:28704111.2508.75041323.5 
11/18/2016PORW 113 - 1011.09NOR30:591527224.60010.50022019.9 
11/16/2016@ ORLL 82 - 89Y0.35NOR37:312629201.45020.85771228.2 
11/14/2016BOSW 106 - 1050.27NOR29:3215010112.58312.33330219.0 
11/12/2016LALL 99 - 126-1.17NOR21:25604100.2867.66731119.7 
11/10/2016@ MILW 112 - 106Y-0.10NOR33:301007001.33361.00060211.0 
11/8/2016@ SACL 94 - 1020.33NOR25:56705132.5006.50021314.2 
11/7/2016@ GSWL 106 - 116-1.06NOR14:53401010.4005.00003222.9 
11/4/2016PHOL 111 - 112Y0.54NOR28:011917614.64314.00041027.6 
11/2/2016@ MEML 83 - 89-0.53NOR28:19719202.3758.00004120.6 
11/1/2016MILL 113 - 117NOR               
10/29/2016@ SASL 79 - 98-0.87NOR13:58404010.2867.00001026.8 
10/28/2016GSWL 114 - 122-0.72NOR12:38702200.6005.50020117.4 
10/26/2016DENL 102 - 1070.06NOR17:44603130.33361.00020016.1 
4/13/2016SACW 116 - 81HOU               
4/11/2016@ MINW 129 - 105-0.99HOU5:29202000.5002.00001324.8 
4/10/2016LALW 130 - 110HOU               
4/7/2016PHOL 115 - 124HOU               
4/6/2016@ DALL 86 - 88HOU               
4/3/2016OKCW 118 - 110HOU               
3/31/2016CHIL 100 - 103HOU               
3/29/2016@ CLEW 106 - 100HOU               
3/27/2016@ INDL 101 - 104HOU               
3/25/2016TORW 112 - 109HOU               
3/23/2016UTAL 87 - 89HOU               
3/22/2016@ OKCL 107 - 111HOU               
3/19/2016@ ATLL 97 - 109HOU               
3/18/2016MINW 116 - 111HOU               
3/16/2016LACL 106 - 122HOU               
3/14/2016MEMW 130 - 81HOU               
3/12/2016@ CHAL 109 - 125HOU               
3/11/2016@ BOSW 102 - 98HOU               
3/9/2016@ PHIW 118 - 104HOU               
3/6/2016@ TORW 113 - 107HOU               
3/5/2016@ CHIL 100 - 108HOU               
3/2/2016NORW 100 - 95HOU               
2/29/2016@ MILL 121 - 128-0.75HOU12:26403000.5004.00000013.4 
2/27/2016SASL 94 - 104-0.85HOU2:332000001.0001.00000014.9 
2/25/2016@ PORW 119 - 105-1.08HOU8:52301001.3333.50021122.6 
2/23/2016@ UTAL 114 - 117-0.78HOU11:31301010.5002.50020110.6 
2/19/2016@ PHOW 116 - 100HOU               
2/10/2016@ PORL 103 - 116HOU               
2/9/2016@ GSWL 110 - 123HOU               
2/6/2016PORL 79 - 96HOU               
2/4/2016@ PHOW 111 - 105HOU               
2/2/2016MIAW 115 - 102-0.21HOU29:241107110.4449.75040417.5 
1/30/2016WASL 122 - 123-1.15HOU5:44200000.2504.00000029.1 
1/29/2016@ OKCL 108 - 116-0.93HOU13:36402000.33331.00021013.3 
1/27/2016@ SASL 99 - 130-0.63HOU16:471103010.30010.83360032.3 
1/25/2016@ NORW 112 - 111-0.42HOU14:18001012.0001.0000003.2 
1/24/2016DALW 115 - 104-1.09HOU10:06100100.0000.5002024.0 
1/22/2016MILW 102 - 980.45HOU31:571408104.50014.00001320.0 
1/20/2016DETL 114 - 1230.42HOU25:241822002.8899.00012318.9 
1/18/2016@ LACL 132 - 140-1.48HOU19:391008102.40010.28673234.0 
1/17/2016@ LALW 112 - 95-1.31HOU21:41202110.1437.00002516.9 
1/15/2016CLEL 77 - 91-1.27HOU22:26304201.1676.50022318.2 
1/13/2016MINW 107 - 1040.16HOU34:051619110.63611.50022318.2 
1/12/2016@ MEMW 107 - 911.20HOU29:522034331.60010.83362222.1 
1/10/2016INDW 107 - 103-0.59HOU18:36403111.3336.00001116.1 
1/7/2016UTAW 103 - 94Y0.17HOU32:071408200.600101.00020015.8 
1/4/2016@ UTAW 93 - 91-0.77HOU15:16201010.00011.0002109.9 
1/2/2016@ SASL 103 - 121-0.93HOU26:32802300.42971.00023418.4 
12/31/2015GSWL 110 - 114-0.80HOU14:34202011.1676.00000318.2 
12/29/2015ATLL 115 - 121HOU               
12/26/2015@ NORL 108 - 110-0.46HOU21:401315120.33312.66761233.0 
12/25/2015SASW 88 - 840.14HOU22:061406010.545111.00020025.3 
12/23/2015@ ORLL 101 - 104-0.47HOU11:45813000.50061.00010025.5 
12/21/2015CHAW 102 - 950.17HOU24:051706002.63611.60050224.3 
12/19/2015LACW 107 - 97-0.60HOU21:13826000.3758.00001117.6 
12/17/2015@ LALW 107 - 870.26HOU20:351614201.7147.83361020.2 
12/15/2015@ SACL 97 - 107-1.09HOU12:40104000.0000.5002136.0 
12/14/2015@ DENL 108 - 114Y-0.90HOU12:35002110.0003.00000110.8 
12/12/2015LALW 126 - 97-0.22HOU23:26919103.30813.00001124.6 
12/9/2015@ WASW 109 - 103-0.79HOU20:02403001.25041.00021112.5 
12/8/2015@ BKNL 105 - 110-0.35HOU16:11513210.4005.00000213.2 
12/5/2015SACW 120 - 1130.23HOU25:401615101.66791.00032219.8 
12/4/2015@ DALW 100 - 96Y-0.37HOU32:181709100.583121.00035425.0 
12/2/2015NORW 108 - 1010.10HOU24:421514112.50012.50040023.1 
11/30/2015@ DETL 105 - 116-1.24HOU15:06303000.2005.50020016.2 
11/29/2015@ NYKW 116 - 111-0.68HOU24:59814101.2508.75040217.3 
11/27/2015PHIW 116 - 114-0.37HOU24:05518101.4005.00001310.7 
11/25/2015MEML 93 - 102Y-1.08HOU19:25314101.2005.00003019.6 
11/21/2015NYKL 102 - 107Y-0.27HOU36:511819010.35714.77891423.4 
11/20/2015@ MEML 84 - 96Y-1.23HOU28:451014110.33312.25041221.7 
11/18/2015PORW 108 - 103Y-0.56HOU30:12812201.4005.75041310.9 
11/16/2015BOSL 95 - 111Y-0.47HOU27:571508410.50014.25041224.6 
11/14/2015DALL 98 - 110Y0.83HOU41:392316113.66715.50042419.1 
11/13/2015@ DENL 98 - 1071.51HOU20:512337004.750121.00022130.9 
11/11/2015BKNL 98 - 106-1.44HOU15:50004200.0003.00020210.6 
11/7/2015@ LACW 109 - 105HOU               
11/6/2015@ SACW 116 - 110HOU               
11/4/2015ORLW 119 - 114HOU               
11/2/2015OKCW 110 - 105HOU               
11/1/2015@ MIAL 89 - 109HOU               
10/30/2015GSWL 92 - 112Y-0.76HOU18:09404101.2867.00000016.3 
10/28/2015DENL 85 - 105Y-0.48HOU28:321506011.46213.60052424.6